Turning on Porchlight Volume #552

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    Please go check on the last volume to see Gail, Julie, Spring, Rock and others. zi figured that I had better do this before our other porchlight went out and no one could find the thread anymore :)!!

    Have to go do my hair now and it is already late so no time to make extra goodies for you all.

    I am so frustrated with FB- can't get on it anymore or for now anyway. My acct. may have been hacked and I tried to change my PW. That was bad enough and now they want me to chanage my e-mail PW which I don't know how to do. So, I may never get back on for some time, if ever.

    If anyone has any idea let me know. I can't believe that FB has no contact e-mails or phone numbers for it users- it really stinks. There is alot of nice pics others have put on for me which I will hate to lose.

    Love to everydobby,
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    I tried to post here this morning. No workee. I got the same little "on" that
    Springwater mentioned. I'm going to moves her posts and mine here:


    10/15/11 11:53 PM Porchlight #552 opened by Granni

    Julie - nice to see you check in inspite of
    so much going on; b day parties are fun but
    they do take a lot out of one esp when one is
    out of battery!

    Granni - thanks for opening up. your upcoming
    holiday sounds exciting. i hv never ever been
    on the sea except for a two hour sailing trip
    years ago.

    Gail - here normally people live in joint
    families so the finances are normally shared
    by everyone. however the daughter goes out
    to her husbands house and it is not normal
    for her to contribute except for a present
    at the most. problem is all my bros are
    unemployed, nieces mom thinks she has done
    enuf for the kids and since her husband is
    my brother and my husband has a business
    going, i will foot the bill. generally
    even tho theyall live separately, the other
    brothers would have contributed to a family
    members marriage expenses but our family is
    inb this mess. and my dh is fed up of being
    the cash cow. and i am ashamed of my family.
    like Rock says, this is gone over the limits
    of decency and i need to say NO.

    Georgia - my dh would be encouraged by your
    weight loss; he is trying to lose some extra
    kilos too, actually he needs to lose a lot.
    he has been sweating it out at the gym almost
    every day now.

    Rock - how many books can one take out from
    a library at a time? here its just two.
    i meant to tell u about this beautiful purple
    and white orchid which i bought (cut flowers)
    when we gave our daughters farewell party
    (a month and half ago and guess what, some
    of it is still here, stil blooming! good
    lord. i never knew they lasted that long.

    well i found i was pms ing so that must
    have contributed to my anger lately.
    to day my energy returned a little and
    have been running around cleaning the
    kitchen of old edibles in backs of cupboards
    and things. also fed the dogs the older
    stuff in the fridge. curries and all.
    some of my chickpeas and al are so old
    they are disintegrating when i take out
    the packet! gaaaah!

    all take care

    God Bless
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    10/16/11 2:13 AM Hi Springwater

    Do you want me to move your post over to the thread Granni started? I will cut
    and paste (old newspaper term) if you like.

    This is a test, so I will keep it short. The computer has been on the warpath for the
    last 3 days. Gordon told me he ran a virus scan and the computer was OK. Well, it
    hasn't been OK. I've had it turned off for a day and a half. Maybe it has healed up.

    Wouldn't it be funny if cars were repaired that way. "Ok, folks, everybody get out.
    We'll just stand here by the side of the road for an hour or two and see if the
    Toyota heals up."

    Some years back there was a long joke about the differences between cars and
    computers. I think that was one of them.

    In response to your question, I don't know how many books one can take out. We
    have about a dozen right now. I'll have to look it up. I know one is allowed to
    put 30 on hold. Gordon and I have joint cards. So, if we didn't have any checked out,
    I could use either card and take out 60. At the price of today's books, that would
    be somewhere around $1500 worth of books. Yikes!!!

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    10/16/11 8:11 AM Rock

    Thanks you, pls do.

    I found myself on the health board after posting; tried to post
    again and found a little 'on' where my supposed to be

    can u answer Grannis query aboiut FB? Maybe Gordon knows
    i havent been to FB in a long time esp becuase of nieces
    issues her mom is on my friends list and it was awkward

    god bless

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    The brain has disappeared.

    Rock - BTW, sosrry to hear about your computer having problems again ! They are finicky that way, aren't they? If you can cut and paste there is nothing wrong with your brain. I still can't do it but then no one really everysat down and showed me. I do not always do that great at following writtendirections or trying to do what others are trying to explain. Thanks for moving the post over, at least I think you did.

    Got up super early this morning so I would be organized for the lady who comes to help clean once a month? Does that make sense? I am not cleaning up after or before her just trying to get my cleaners out before hand and remove things from areas I want her to clean. I also finished a wash and got one started. DH had to get up early to to bring the care down to get serviced, the usual checkup, oil chanage and alla that stuff.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK. Can't remember all that you said before. All kinds of things happening this week and we are supposed to be getting ready to bo on a cruise next weekend . Was also suppsoed to go to a luncheon and arts and crafts show on Wed. but I have to cancel the lunch as we both have to go to a funeral. Not a fun thing but I guess it has to be done. DH will be a pallbearer It was one of the K of C who has been ill for some time. Very sad to see ones loved ones getting worse like that on an almost daily basis.

    Gail - Hope you are feeling a little better and the pain lessens some with time; I know you will always love and think about your mom. Some little things will just pop up out of the blue and you will remember her and all the wonderful things she did for you and all.

    Well, I think I had better hop off for now and see whatelse I can do and the lady probably needs to get in here to clean too.

    Thniking of everydobby, all the regulars and MIA's too !

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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You're right, Granni. All that moving of posts was confusiatin'. Especially where I
    said, "It's me again." It was me at the start of the post but that was followed by SW's post. I'd go back and try to fix it, but now I can't see the place to click for "edit".

    Between the computer and my brain, we make a pretty poor pair.

    Yesterday was kinda busy. I did the laundry and helped Gordon shred papers,
    mostly old bank and medical clutter from his mother. She got to be a real pack
    rat in her old age. Gordon never realized how bad it was until he started sorting
    and tossing and donating and shredding.

    And then the insurance man came and signed me up for another year with Anthem.
    That's the Blue Cross medical insurance for folks on Soc Sec. I told him Anthem
    was a dumb name. Maybe next year they'll start a program called Hymn. I also
    told him their advertising brochure was ridiculous. Shows old people who
    just radiate health and beauty and happiness frolicking in meadows and at beaches.
    Bah! Humbug! Where do you find these people outside of Fantasyland?

    Teacher, you around? Here's a riddle for your kids. Why was the skunk thrown
    outta the meeting? 'Cause he was out of odor.

    Just had half a dozen fresh-picked tomatoes for breakfast. The gray long-haired
    cat came by so I gave her somthing. Now gotta feed Mr Zipp A Dee Doo Dah.

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Long rtime passing

    where have all the flowers gone

    Young girls have come have come and picked them all

    when will they ever learn when will they ever learn

    well, that just popped into my head

    as i was thinking

    where hav all the porchies gone?

    did all the shenninigans with the opening porch
    frighten everydobby off

    missing teacher, joan, jole

    so many

    good to see georgias post she and rocky make two heck of lively cousins

    rock - 20 books good lord, your library must be huge, it must be book heaven

    ive been rereading Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett and finding my heartbeating
    fast even now when i know what all happens, i saw the movie too long time

    im going to try and get somemore ken follett books from the library i saw at
    least one or two there.

    Granni - glad you have someone in to help it really is a boon when one is feeling
    really tired i havent finished cleaning out the old foodstuff i dont know where
    where they have been stuffed in corners and shelves and backs of cupboards
    gaaaaaaah once again i wil try finish throwing old stuff out today


    take care all

    God Bless

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee, I just remembered it is my birthday. However, maybe I should just forget it :)! I've been going backwards for some time anyways. Maybe I am under 29 now :)!!

    Rock - Now, I am the same age as you. As I remember you are older than I by a few months. Hope all is well at your house, It feels like fall today and a cold front is going to come by today , tonight and tomorrow I think. It will be in the 70's today and not sure what it is now, 60's probably. Tomorrow morning it should hit the 40's can you believe that ?

    DH is off to get a hair cut. May have to get stuck doing outside work for awhile and to the gym for the treadmill, etc. In the afternoon DH will pick up our patches for our cruise and then I need to go to our singing group practice.

    Whoops, just thought of something I need to do right way . So, I will close ande come back later, hopefully .

    Spring Water - you are right about the missing Porchies and I am getting worried about Elaine. Haven't heard from her in some time. I even sent her an e-mail sometime ago with no answer. She was having such problems. Hope you are feeling better and getting more NRG to tackle the refrig. etc to get rid of old food, etc. That is alwasy an unpleasant project.

    Bye for now.

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here it is, the second half of October, and we still have tomatoes on the vine.
    It just goes to show ya:______________________________________.
    (Fill in whatever you think it shows.)

    I'm dealing w/ a serial question this morning. What happened to 3 and half hours
    last night. I was awake most of the night. At 2:30 AM I fixed Zippy something to
    eat, did the dishes, put Zippy to bed outside and put his old sweater over him as
    a blankie. When I looked at the clock it was just minutes to 6 AM.

    What happened to those missing hours? Twilight Zone? Alien Abduction?
    Outta body experience? Eisenhower's Disease? Enquiring minds want to know. Well,
    at least mine does.

    Granni, Many Happy Returns! I looked it up a long time ago. I read it means, may
    you have many more birthdays. Anyhoo, I may be a few months older than you, but
    I'm pretty sure I'm much more immature. SOL

    Regardless of birthdays, we all get older one day at a time. (Except for those poor kids
    born w/ progeria, the fast aging disease.)

    What kinda patches are you guys getting? For seasickness? For hobo costumes?
    Are they having a costume ball on the cruise? Mikie posted on another thread that
    hobo bags and now considered chic. Hard to believe anything associated w/ hobos
    is chic.

    Springwater, I haven't heard the song "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" for decades.
    It came out when I was in college. It was relatively recently that someone pointed
    out to me that the song is about mortality and recycling. I had never realized that.

    You can read about the song (and also "ubi sunt") on Wikipedia. When I was a yute
    (that's how my uncle spelled it and pronounced it) I saw the Kingston Trio preform
    it at the University of Minnesota. FREE! {I was an usher.}

    Yes, our library has mucho books. Over 6,000,000. There are over 70 branches.
    Most of them have 50,000 to 70,000 books. The main library has many more. The
    nice thing is that w/ a computer, one can put books from any branch on hold. The
    library trucks deliver them to whatever branch you like. Nifty, huh?

    I think I read Eye of the Needle decades ago. For some reason I get Ken Follet
    and Frederick Forsyth confusiated. (Forsyth wrote "Day of the Jackal".) Now don't
    push yourself w/ all that cleaning. Save some for tomorrow. You don't want to
    have all your fun on one day.

    Better go look at my list of chores. Has 9 item. I made it last week and have done
    4. Shoot! In my yute I coulda done 'em all in one day. Guess we all coulda, huh?

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I hope you had a good one and wish you
    all joy good health and abundance.

    well, its really late and decided to pop in.

    Rock - i love the song where hav all the flowers gone
    i was just in kindergarten or someting when i first
    heard it, but it struck a chord within me. our school
    senior boys sang it.

    Granni - yes, its really been long since hearing from
    Elaine. And quite a few Porchies actually.

    Praying everyone is fine and will pop in when they

    Today at 8am got a summons from dhs uncle to
    go to monastery at top of hill since it was
    prayer meeting for deceased guru.

    so i hurriedly just bathed the top part of
    my hair and had a bath then scooted off
    to another part of town to buy scarf
    (to offer at prayer ceremony)

    our gurus body has not been cremated as
    is custom but embalmed and kept for
    devotees to offer their prayers.

    i had a good day. all of us went
    dhs uncle aunt my mil and some of her

    today has been such a strangely good
    day health and mood wise; i feel
    completely normal even tho its past
    1 am ful of energy inspite of all
    the errands and having to go off to
    the monastery.

    i even managed to make a realy good
    dinner for dh and son.

    if every day could be like today, wow
    i could achieve wonders.

    but i better get to bed

    take care all

    God Bless
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just time for a shout out. Went to a funeral Mass today and visitation and all yesterday evening. Have choir tonight and am trying to figure out what to pack for our trip.

    Thinking about you all but really no time to type. Hope all is well with everyone.

    Julie - How are you doing. Remember I cannot get on FB. I changed my PW but then they said I had to chanage my e-mail PW which I haven't a clue what to do. So, I haven't been on in about a week . Who knows if I will ever get back on.

    Whoops sorry DH need the puter.

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in to say hi. To many interuuptions going on and have to go out tonight too.

    Hope everydobby is doing well. Thinking of you all especially Gail, Julie, SW , Rock, Joan and all not mentioned.

    Have to get back packing and washing. If I do not get on again, we will get back home a in week. It is a 7 day cruise.

    This voloume is so quiet, hope all are well and their families too. Missing all our MIA's too.

    Love to you awl,
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Not much going on here. I am happy to report I got all my chores done except
    one which I can do as soon as I'm done here. Have to order some gifts for
    my siblings. Just made a chicken hot dish. Here are the keys; add peas and cheese.

    I see the drought is continuing in Texas, Granni. News says 90% of the state is
    affected. Yikes. Could another dust bowl be on its way?

    Hope you have a great cruise w/ no seasickness.

    Springwater, glad to hear you had a good day. I feel a little better today too.
    More clear headed. I think I forgot to take some pills yesterday. LOL The
    side effect of fewer pills may be better health. Wouldn't that be a hoot.

    Gordon will be home late. Has an orchid meeting at the LA Arboretum.
    A nice place to visit. You can enjoy the plants while strolling w/ the peafowl.
    Only the male is a peacock. The female is the peahen.

    Here's some celebrity news from the net. Ted Danson is going to be on a new
    show with lots of guests from the movies and TV. The title will be:

    Ted Danson With the Stars!

    And a rhetorical question: If Will Smith committed some crime, would he leave
    Fresh Prints?


  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - have a wonderful trip and try come on
    if there is internet where you are going

    Rock - wonderful when the energy ups a bit isnt it? if only it
    would stay stable like normal folks.

    I have seen one peacock with its feathers fanned out in full - that
    was in our city zoo now of course it is no longer there i dont even know what animals a
    re there.

    havent been since kiddies grew up.

    I got this book from library called The inheritance of Loss
    its located in the place i grew up in.

    But the time slot is when we had left for here. And the insurgency
    took grip. we left just in time because there was so much scary violence
    after that. only in recent years peace coming back and kind of prevailing.
    altho there is still agitation going on for a separate state.

    i hardly recognized the dear place i grew up in. the author wrote about the mist
    and gloom and rain and nothing about spring flowers and sunsine and beautiful warm breeses
    and cozy charcoal fire evenings where neighbours dropped in on each other and gossipped while
    snacking on roasted gram and boiled and curried potato.

    well those were her memories, and her perceptions of the place,i have my own and
    so do most people who live there.

    the book was profoundly depressing for me. i guess it had to, dealing
    with the subject it dealt with.

    anyways, ive got another Dan brown book. The
    same author who wrote The da Vinci code. dont know what to
    expect; but the reviews said 'unputdownable'
    so i went
    for it.

    Im taking a break between cleaning windows. this year we wont
    be celebrating festival of lights and lighting little oil lamps or anything
    but cleaning out the home and wil be cooking for ourselves and the help.

    yesterday was quiet. stayed in. surfed the net most part of morn and generally just relaxed.

    take care all

    God Bless

    LEFTYGG Member

    granni im jealous! i want to run away and go on a cruise. im feeling very irresposible since mom died.my bills are so messed up. some i didnt pay some i overpaid. tomorrow im gonna get it straightened out. HAVE LOTS OF FUN!

    Rock i have 2 library books that ive only read a few pages so i called and renewed due date. i only read non fiction. 1 is on the civil was and the other is tom brokaws book.

    springwater i dont get the custom of all money is used for everyone. it sounds like your dh is successful hardworking.but i guess its you custom. does you dh get angry? does he support his side too? thats a big responsibility.

    im so tired i cant think. ill be back. love gail
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hoipe all are doing well.

    Gail - I can imagine with all you were going through with your mother how messed up your bills might be. You were so worried about her. It's a wonder that you are still sane. That is a terrible situation. I just got back form a little shopping and as well as getting my nails done. I even got a pedicure. I don't do either very often an they were a mess, especially my feet. Hope things are settling down some for you and family. I know it is so hard for you and everyone.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK. Yes, it sounds like it might be your sutom to help out everyone in your family. Some of us do it anyway if we have lots of money to share. I dont have that much but do help out one daughter once in awhile. She is always so low in money.

    Georgia - Hope you are doing well, inc. TEACHER and all the MIA's.

    Julie - thinking about you too. Remember, I cannot access FB. Maybe I will be able to later on after I change my e-mail PW. What a pain is that !!?? Hope you and your parents are doing well or at least as much as can be expected.

    Not sure if I will gaet back tomorrow or not with all the packing still left to do.

    Love to all,


  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I've done my usual chores. Took Zippy for an early
    walk. If I can summon up the energy I'll take him for another
    one later.

    Springwater, I thought the DaVinci Code was a great book.
    Innovative and compelling. Only problem was the rather weak
    ending. I read another one by Dan Brown but didn't think too
    much of that one.

    Granni, I guess you're all gussied up for your trip w/ your
    nail treatments. Personally I'd hate to have anydobby poking
    at my nails and cuticles.

    Never been on a cruise. I remember about 20 years ago
    Gordon and I were playing in a bridge tournament in Sacramento.
    There was a brochure describing a bridge cruise. Lessons and
    games, etc. Anyhoo, it was a 90 day cruise. Cost: $1,000 a
    day. We did not sign up.

    Well, Zippy got his second walk. He really should have a
    teen age owner who would have the pep to walk him and
    romp in the meadows and what not.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gail, I've read a lot about the Civil War and Lincoln over the
    years. In the last couple years I found out that two of my
    relatives were involved in a minor way with the assassination.

    I'm posting this separately because I've posted some of it

    The 4 Merrick brothers came to the New World from Wales
    225 years before the Civil War. (Now 12 generations ago.) My
    particular forefather was Thomas Merrick who was a teen
    at the time.

    Henry Merrick was a clerk at the Nation Hotel located about
    a block from Ford's theatre. On the day of the assassination
    John Wilkes Booth, who was staying at the hotel, obtained pen
    and paper from Henry.

    Wilkes wrote a letter to be opened if something happened to him.
    He gave it to a fellow actor. When the actor subsequently learned
    that Booth was wanted for Lincoln's murder, he became terrified and
    tore up the letter.

    Henry later was a witness in the trial of Edman Spangler, the guy
    who held Wilkes' horse outside the theater of the night in question.
    (This info I just found on the net tonight.)

    And Robert T Merrick came from a family of attorneys, judges and
    Congressmen. He was a defense attorney in the trial of John Surratt,
    the son of Mary Surratt. Mary was the owner of the
    boarding house where the conspirators met. She took an active
    role in the conspiracy and became the first woman ever
    executed by the Federal Government.

    Her son was outta town when the assassination took place.
    When he heard the news, he fled to Canada and later to
    Europe. He was eventually discovered working as a guard
    for the Pope at the Vatican. He was extradited to the USA
    and tried.

    The jury couldn't reach a verdict, and the government never
    retried the case. I am not even bothering to send this
    fascinating history (fascinating to me anyhoo) to my siblings
    because when I do send stuff like this, they just ignore it.

    Yes, I'm not surprised you are exhausted after the physical
    and emotional strain of late. I think you should just be very
    kind to yourself and postpone any big projects.

    I know we have a grief board here. Have you visited it?
    I hope you can find some help.


    LEFTYGG Member

    i find your family history very interesting. the book im reading is from the poor whites perspective. something i never realized the goverment was even corrupt back then.

    how did you find all that info? im not that informed on the civil war but a friend of mine is and she visits the battlefields when traveling. we are 3rd generation friends. im studying up on it so i can throw out some trivia. lol

    i know im jumping around here but your relatives were attorneys too?

    there was an article in enquirer about mom. evidently the funeral people called the newspaper and said they should do an article because we were so unique.hahaha

    i havent told this but at the gravesite several spoke then my husband said he wanted to say something. he started singing!!! accapella a david allen coe song that my mom loved hearing him sing when we had parties. i about fell off my chair.we were laughing and crying.she would have loved it. he loved her like his own mother.

    so now if im sad i think of him singing and it brings a smile to my face.

    thx for more info for me to throw out to my friend. she collects civil war stuff, knows who in her family served in the war so im gonna try to impress her lol. love gail
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - i remember one winter when you made so many
    shawls; i guess you will be this winter too, i need
    to start getting out the winter stuff now; dh said
    it was time to wear a warmer quilt; it is nippy in
    the nights and mornings now

    Granni - how i wish i was there too; dont know how
    good a sailor i am; never been on the water for
    really long but the idea of being on holiday and
    stopping in at various ports, aaaaah.

    Rock - i saw the movie da vinci code; it comes often
    on satellite channels, but i never got around to
    seeing the whole thing; yesterday the Blair Witch project
    was on, another movie i havent watched in full and
    didnt fully understand or get freaked out on, its
    supposed to be really scary if u understand it

    walk zippy in the meadows? i'll do it; we'll frolic
    and skip and roll around the grass and down the
    slopes; oops i forgot i am not that agile anymore
    and neither is Zippy if i recall what u said about
    the cat chasing zippy and both of them walking,haha.

    Gail - ive never paid bills and stuff since getting married
    i remember i used to sometimes pay elec bills way back
    no internet then mum used to pay some tax connected to
    the house back in my old hometown; afterwards there
    was no income so no tax haha

    about the sharing expenses stuff its an asian thing
    i think most people still living altogether in joint
    families. its considered very bad to go off and
    run a house on ones own leaving the parents and my
    dh got a lot of flak when we left but i was not
    getting along with his parents and i figured 9 years
    was enough of tension and strain; his parents
    had the years old ladyhousekeeper and a gardener
    to look after them but they too left soon after
    so i guess my inlaws sharp tongue and dictatorial
    manner didnt go down well with anyone. they got
    someone else later on. of course the ecxpenses
    came out of the joint account my inlaws had with
    dh and his brothers. my fil built up the family
    wealth from scratch he was just a refugee fleed
    from tibet with nothing, and his broters and my
    dh added on to it with businesses of their own.
    so sharingf is kind of not that surprising.

    here there is no such thing as social security
    so it is not possible for the old folks to live
    on their own. children are expected to be responsible
    for their parents till the day they die.

    now dhs uncles run their own businesses and
    have thier own accounts while my dh takes care
    of his step mother step brother and me/kids.

    dh didnt mind helping out my family when we
    had a good business going but that is defunct
    \now and his patience has worn thin with
    my brothers. none of his friends or our relatives
    are married to women who have needy relatives
    like mine.

    This erodes my selfesteem; having to rely on
    dhs family to help my family. just another
    of the things karma threw my way.

    but then i have to be grateful i am looked
    after otherwise with my state of health
    being whatit is; I dont know what would have
    happened if id have had to go out and get a

    God Bless