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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It has gotten so cold here and its not going to get much better for the week they said (the weather people).

    Go back in the old volume and check to see Gail, Jole, Rock, Julie, Georgia and others if you haven't already.

    Lots of hot cocoa, coffes and teas here to warm up with as well as nice and warm choc. chip cookies - - - - MMMMMM GOOD !!

    See you all later. The water is still dripping in the bathroom from the ceiling but into the bucket. Still trying to ascertain whether it is coming from the roof or pipe. Will know more when it all dries up outside and ther eis no more rain. It is rainling a lot less than it was last night, alomost not at all. Hope we don't have to get a plumber but we still may have to GROAN !

    What a crazy, cold and awful weekend with that leak ! Good thing I noticed it before the ceiling fell down. It is in a bathroom we rarely used and I just happened to need to go in there before church.

    Spring - so sorry to hear about poor Hobbs, and hope they can take care of it soon and it is not malignant.

    More later on !

    Love, Granni
  2. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Granni, the leak sounds awful! I had a similar leak several years ago in my ceiling--the washer drain pipe was the culprit. A big mess, and almost lost the entire living room ceiling.

    Very cold out here--got down to 27 last night. Today it is crisp and sunny.

    Am working on socks. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to knitting for others, so have to rip out when I find a split stitch, etc. So far the socks are coming along well. I feel like I'm actually working again, so am just out of retirement to do my sheep stuff.

    SW, hope Hobbs will be OK. So sad when out furry friends become old and ill.

    Rottie has been quite active with her counter surfing, stealing, etc. The vet suggested I booby trap some food with hot sauce, and put it where she can easily find. She found it all right, and enjoyed the chili sauce very much!


  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just love that idea of booby trapping some of the food left out so she can taste it. Crazy doggie likes it sounds like :)!!

    They found the leak in the seal of upstairs toilet. Hope it is fixed. Then comes the ceiling. Just got back from the store. It is freezing out there.

    Sorry have to run !! DH needs the puter now !!!!

    TTY again later I hope !

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Got a cold in the head. sniff sniff. got a pile of dishwashing to do too.
    eugh. ive just put on our kerosene heater to warm the kitchen. and waiting for the pressure cooker
    to cool off before i take the white beans out to cook into a tomato spicy gravy.its cold this evening.

    Georgia- your doggie made me laugh, imagine liking the booby trap.

    Granni - tks for opening up new porch. glad you got the leak fixed. what a season for somethng to spring a leak!

    havent washed clothes for some days have a huge pile!

    hobbes blood report says the lump isnt cancerous; theyve given some meds
    to shrink the lump but they did that before too; me thinks maybe surgery wil
    have to be done. he seemed limber today and still went chasing after the ball.

    well, take care all

    i hope Teacher and all are well long time no hear

    God Bless

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear that Hobbs' tumor or growth is not cancerous. Hope they can fix it soon so he doesn't feel so badly. Guess he is having a god day if he is chasing after the ball today. Hope the meds will help so he doesn't have to have surgery.

    Sorry you have a cold. Hope it passes soon. Just what you donpt need, I know.

    That dish you are making sounds wonderful with the beans. What else do you add? Do you actually have a recipe. Sounds good for a cold day. How cold is it out today where you live?

    Sounds ike you have lots to do today. Drop by again soon if you can. I am running around in circles to with much to do.

    Hope all is well with everyone and all out many MIA's. I miss them all ! It would take to long to mention them ALL !!

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Still trying to get my Christmas letter copied to send out. So, I am so behind in Christmas stuff. My desk is a big mess. DH is a heat freak and so that bothers him. It does bother me too but I can only do one thing at a time after this is done.

    Once the copies are done I can finish the cards. I also have some music I am trying to learn on it. Gee, to much going on this time of year. I am also waiting for my SS check can come so I can finish my gift cards.

    Hi to everydobby. Thinking of you all. Please do stop by when you can. Miss hearing from everyone.

    Love to awl,
  7. jole

    jole Member

    What a suprise to find the entire site so changed! But I have to admit I really do like it. I remember in the past not feeling so favorable about the changes. To me, this is much easier to navigate!

    I'm moving so slowly these days...today my big accomplishment was cleaning out the fridge, but at least it was something. I got out the Christmas cards and was going to send out a few. Put them on the table, looked at them...and went for a nap. So Granni, at least yours aren't sitting in the middle of your table!

    We're doing recipe exchanges for Christmas. I have a date cake recipe that my mother use to make. I remember it, and always liked it but had never made it. So while I was deciding whether to add it.....thinking it would be something special since it was hers......I decided to make it. Yes, just as good as I remembered, but definitely better the second day!

    Cold here too. Been in the 20-30 range, and down to 16 for the low the other night. My body does NOT like winter, and if we were rich, I sure wouldn't be here for the winter. Beautiful snow on the ground right now that I enjoy looking out the window at.

    DD/hubby and kids were here last weekend. Kids and I stayed inside, while parents trudged through the snowfields with gun in hand hunting deer in the storm. The deer were of course smarter than the humans, and stayed in shelter. Lol....

    Hope you're all staying warm and healthy....people and pets! Hugs...Jole
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - i boil the white kidney beans with salt; then fry some onions, then garlic
    chilli powder, salt, cumin seeds. Add finely chopped tomatoes, coriander powder,
    cinnamon stick, cloves, make a thick gravy by adding water and add the bean last for two minutes.

    it might be too spicy for some.

    the cold - i think it might be 10 degrees celcius minimum these days. could go to
    zero degrees in jan in the nights.

    i see you are full swing preparing for christmas, sending out cards and all that.
    always such a busy time of year.

    Jole - lovely to see you. your date cake sounds delicious. its so nice when one
    tries out long forgotten recipes and finds out again how good somethng can taste.

    trudging thru snow? that was a pretty picture. i m wondering if i wil ever get
    the chance to actualy experience winter in a snowy place with banks and forests of snow. and a lovely warm wood fire blazing indoors. we have snowy
    places in india but the question of a winter vacation never came up somehow.

    pity. i grew up on looking and admiring christmas cards depicting snowy firs
    and sledges and people going to churches when i was a young kid. all colourful
    and glitter and all.

    i stil have my cold. just have to see it thru i guess. i took antibiotic one time
    and i detest it. so i didnt have any more. i dont like the way my stomach feels
    after taking it. yesterday i felt miserable and cold and forced myself to get up
    and go shopping to the supermarket. but the real motivation was to pop into the restaurant there and order some lovely steaming meat dumplings with hot sauce and a glass of hot lemon with honey. did wonders to cheer me up. they have a giant tv and an english league soccer game was going on. i was more engrossed in trying to read 'Conversations with God' one of three books i bought
    by the same author Neale Walsch. its a tad confusing but i enjoyed the bits and pieces i did read.

    at home i had enough energy to cook up some lentil soup and fresh green spinach curry and make tortillas for the dh.

    i am going to try not to go out until this horrid cold gets better.

    God Bless
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry you still have your cold. MMM, thse nice hot dumplings with spicy sauce sounds good. Maybe that also helped clear out your sinus' too :)!! Both hot steamy and spicy hot gets my nose to running. Hot tea and honey is a good thing too for your throat.

    MMM lentil soup too sounds great. I love it but am to lazy right now plus have to get ready to heat up leftovers and then go to our County Chorale Christmas Program. Then, that will be one thing down and two to go :)!!

    Hope you feel better soon. Hope to hear from some more Porchies soon - Rock, Joan, Julie, Carla, Gail, Elaine, Jole etc. etc. WHERE ARE YOU?? YOU ARE ALL MISSED. Stay well or get better if you are sick or should I say sicker !.


    LEFTYGG Member

    It makes me so sad to hear you dads declining so fast.i really think my mom was so sad at the care center her mind just went so fast.

    That's my only regret that I allowed her to be there at first, he mind just went,

    I miss her sweet face but I know she in a better place because she needed to be productive,it's so hard.
    Love gail
  11. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Julie, I'm so sorry that your Dad is not doing well. I know that dementia is a difficult situation, especially in a loved one. I feel for anyone who is caring for their elderly parents. Sending you a hug.

    Gail, I still have low times since Dad's death in February--it takes a long time to get over it. Mom died back in '97, and it is still difficult. I know you will always grieve for your Mom. She sounds like she was a very sweet lady.

    Cold and sunny out here, and no storms in sight. The cold has really been making my back worse--have been doing stretching--walked a bit yesterday, and really hurt last night. I also have periods when the back pain is fairly tolerable, so am waiting for that to happen again!

    Am having the knitting girls over today, and we'll have lunch. I baked some pumpkin pies last night, and one friend is bringing sandwiches, so will be simple.

    Thinking of all the MIAs--come back soon!

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I finally sat down to get on the computer since I went this morning to get my hair done. We will be going to our Ladies Associations Gala (with husbands and SO also). We will have dinner, some appetizers I think, main meal and also dessert. There will also be some music and entertainment I am sure too.
    I need to go and figure out for sure what I am wearing and need to put on makeup and such-ugh !! Wish I didn't have to fuss with makeup but I look so pale and blah when I don't. Gee, those lucky ones who do not have to fuss with makeup (and hair) and always look so nice .

    Gail - I know what you mean. You will alwys remember her and all the wonderful things she did when you were younger, as well as now. The holidays is always a hard thing after losing loved ones. I still miss my parents a lot even if they lived far away for many years after I married.

    Georgia - I'll bet your knitting ladies gathering will be a fun thing. Sandwiches and pumpkin pies sound great to me. If it is cold like you said, hot tea or coffee would be wonderful too. My hands are freezing right now.

    Julie - I am so sorry your dad is going down so quickly these days. It is so hard when you see them daily and see the changes, and those not so good are very hard on you and the rest of the family.

    Sorry you have been sick and I am glad you are cutting back on your working hours. You do enough work at home and with your parents, Lindsay and Raine and everydobby else !! So sorry to hear the lInds is not feeling well too. Is it a bug or morning sickness, do you think. Glad you got a little help when you were so sick. Of course you also didn;t want to pass along the germs either.

    Glad Den's dad had a great birthday at the hospital. Hope he is doing better and getting stronger.

    Spring Water - Hope you are feel more up than down lately with the cold weather. It is easy to feel blue and not so perky when the weather is cold, damp and no sun like yesterday. At least there is some sun today. Yesterday I couldn't get warm at all !!

    I need to go and start trying to figure out what to wear tonight and start the makeup routine, etc. - ugh ! It will be fun tonight I know but wish I could just wave a magic want and would be all dolled up :)!!! he he

    Jole, Carla, Rock, Linda, Elaine and the rest of you - you are sorely missed.

    Jole - glad you did pop in the other day.

    Love to everydobbys,


    Missing all my dear Porchies and MIA's as well as the regulars..

    LEFTYGG Member

    Im so bored and sick of myself. I guess it's depression what with all family issues.i. Need something g to occupy my mind.cant cost a lot of money. I've already screwed our money up. I want to help people in my town.

    The school levy fail so I thinking I'll go around and get apartment people to register to vote. It won't raise their taxes and usually have a couple kids.

    Our schools have cut music art and pay to play sports which many can't do. Also no buses for middle and high school. The next vote is inspiring. It lost by 4000 votes.maybe I could make a difference. Any thoughts appreciated. Love gail
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    The lights came on at 11am so i hurriedly came online and so pleased to see all the new posts and catch up. tho of course i wish all of it was good news.

    good news my help came back. they had gone for their festival (yes one of the innumerable ones) of their caste and they came not a moment too soon. im guessing some of my clothes in the wash were beginning to stink from being soaked too long.

    i had good intentions of washing everything but this dratted cold and cough came out of the blue, im normally immune to most colds but this must hav been a new strain caught out their in my dhs cousins premises during the wedding.

    anyways i think i am on way to recovery tho i feel very flaccid and exhausted even without haivng done anything.

    i did manage to cook proper food so thats a consolation. and today i cleaned out the bathroom and gave our rugs a proper brush off (big chunks of doggy hair
    came off).

    Georgia - your knitting party sounds fun; its always fun when theres lots of
    girls together, gossipping and what not, heh heh.

    i think ive gotten over my parents passing, well its been 10 years or so now.
    not so much sadness welling over me, and they were suffering so much i am so thankful its over.

    Julie - what a hectic time it has been for you and you as usual, still braving it out! i am so surprised to hear the party went through and it was wonderful!
    this teaches me never to assume anything. i had really thought it wasnt a good time.

    hearing all you are doing gives me courage to keep on trying to motivate myself not to give up and have me a laydown everytime i feel like it. but to keep resting and then keep myself moving any time i feel the energy come back in a bit.

    I wish your dear father wasnt deteriorating so fast, can understand how helpless you must feel but always know you are doing the best you can, and he couldnt have asked for a better daughter.

    Gail, i wish you were not feeling so low. And that the economy wasnt this bad. Its terrible that schools have to cut down on stuff like music and art and also bus service!

    i did not completely understand the voting etc but i hope you can help go around and make a difference as you intend to.

    i try to keep the low moods at bay by reading, and tv. i take books from the library. also play music and sometimes just dance by myself. its a great way to momentarily feel a lift.

    Granni - another busy busy lady! I wish i could see you all dressed up and made up etc. Ive seen you (on FB) so i know you dont need much doing up but im sure you must make such a smart pretty picture on the day of the party.

    well, its a cold afternon but i need to bathe and iron some while theres power and oh, cook the rice.

    Rock, where are you? Missing dear Teacher, Elaine, Jole, Joan, Mr Bill and everyone

    God Bless

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    so I decided I have better post at least a small one.

    I have to go get ready to sing at two more Sr. Homes this afternoon. Almost couldn't find our costumes the sparkley vests that we wear with all black. I finally did find it after a big search.

    Julie - you are surely going through the wring with everything going on with your parents and your not feeling well too. I hope that you feel much better soon. Glad that your FIL had a wonderful birthday party, thanks to you and everyone else helping.

    SW, Rock, Teacher, Jole, Joan, Carla, Linda,Elaine, Diane - hope to hear form some of you soon. I need to get ready to leave and change clothes now for the performances. Miss you AWL !!!

    Our Porch seems to be getting smaller and smaller each day. I know it is a busy time. So it is a hard time to post and if you don't feel well then that is something else again too !! Was busy all day yesterday writing cards. Still have a few more to go and those I have forgottenand will send to me first :)!!


  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yes, ive been peeking in and the Porch is rather deserted.

    Hope all you folks are all right or as could as can be.

    Julie- readng your posts reminds me of how difficult it was during my
    parents illnesses esp my fathers and how much my elder bro( main caregiver
    must have had to go thru) God Bless You

    Granni - iwsh you good luck with the two performances i think ive seen a
    pic of yu in one of your sparkly vests :) it was really neat

    its cold so i dont seem to be typing too well

    guess what? i visited a tarot card reader


    i had been going to sleep at night wishing i had answers fr why my life
    turned out the way it did, my depression and daily struggles with it and cfs
    and all and then last week as the supermarket saw this typed ad advertising
    tarot reading services purporting to tell you reasons why youre atthe place youre at and where u are in your life right now and answering specific questions

    didnt want to know anything else except why things are as they are for me

    but when i phoned the gentleman an American on a world tour and doing readings in between vacationing he convnced me that i should do the full reading

    so i went

    as i had anticipated it was kind of a very up in the air sort of predicitions
    but he had mademy charts and everything and explained to me by reading from a book how the stars aligned at particular times/houses caused me to be born to a mum who was a former enemy of mine in a past life and hence the strained relationship,also asked me ifmywork hadbeen very tedious indeed when i was doing a job because the stars said in my past life i had made those under me work at very tedious menial jobs while doing the best jobs myself so this time round it would be the opposite. i thought back to my days as a secretary when i had to type out lots of things and had periods of utter boredom but mor so now when faced with my household chores and how i cannot get up the enthusiasm and mostly strength to do them.
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    he pinpointed some points in my life age 7 (upheavals/change) age 15 flowering of romance (my first big crush which lasted me most of my life, a school mate, lol)
    age 17 again (romance; my first actual date with a college mate and proper relationship as in we dated exclusively fr three months) etc so he got some things

    he had made up a time line of events for me and will be mailing me the list so i can refer to it as i go along in my life (something i didnt actually want since i hate predictions) and then read out my tarot cards. some of which were good (it showed i had broken out of the sterotype religious mold and was exploring and and some not so good, showed i was presenting a calm cool exterior to the world while actually full of fear and insecurity

    the main card i pulled was not good it denoted that my relationship with God/Higher power was still not one of complete acceptance.

    i asked him what he th0ught of god/higher power from all his lifes experiences
    (he was coming out of a painful divorce and had had to introspect and look at his own flaws as a result) and he told me had he not had this strong belief that He was loved by God and that God was looking out for him he couldnt do the work he was doing because it threw up too much depressing stuff.

    All in all I am glad i went. It took 3 and a half hours ( the reader recorded the session and has given me two cds of it and my charts.)

    i wish i could have done the one hour reading much less expensive but it probably wouldnt have satisfied me. i had to spend around usD110/- for the entire reading and everything. which im thinking was expensive but very cheap for him considering it entailed working out of charts and and everything. and he said it cost a lot more in the US which im prepared to believe.

    if nothing else it convince me of the effects of our actions on our lives and it fit in with my own religious beliefs. of course this would not be for everyone.

    would i go again? no.

    its funny because this is exactly what the card i picked out at the end of the session threw up. he said it denoted what i felt about the entire session and he said the card denoted completion but also rigidity. i was satisfied to a point but wasnt at a point where i was going to explore the medium any more.

    so thats what ive been upto.

    i tried some distant healing also after a long time and got laid up again for two entire days. so frustrating.

    also spoke to daughter who was waiting to hear about my tarot adventure. she laughed a lot.

    especially when i told her the session went on for 3 and a half hours in the evening and the lights had gone off and there was only a small candle and i almost fell asleep. she had told me not to go alone but i had already done my reconnoitre the previous day' coincidentally the place was half an hour away walk from my place and i opted to go there opposed to his coming over, too many dogs barking at our place. the person seemed safe on the phone, the locality safe so
    the evening i actually went there i was already familiar with where i was going.

    a funny thing with my daughter. my dh had phoned her at our night and her morning and when he said hello she replied 'sponge cake'. so he asked her what she meant and she said it was the first cake that yu baked in the oven. he was perplexed so handed me the phone and she sounded so sleepy i told her we would phone another time.

    the next day when we spoke. it turns out she had slept very ;late hving stayed up doing a chart for her presentation for eco exams and also had to study for another exam. To take a break she had watched a little bit of a baking show and when she fell asleep she saw a dream in which she saw cakes etc. that was the time her daddy phoned and she had aut0matically picked the phone and said 'sponge cake' . she was talking in her dream!

    we both laughed so much.

    right better log off before lights go off.

    take care all

    God Bless

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    OMG, so many things going on at once around here. Thought I would stop by for a quick read and then a little post. So many things are double bookiing this season and we end up splitting up or going to only one. It's ridiculous.

    Our final practice for the choir concert is tonight and have to be there at 6 pm. Just got back from our ladies luncheon and had a nice program with a wonderful pianist doing Christms music, many old ones and then gave the history of the pieces and composers. This guy has been playing since he was 3 years old - amazing and doesn't even need music.

    The concert will be Friday and I will go to that and DH will go to the K of C party. He already missed one of them to go to my other performanace for the county choral society.

    Next Tuesday I just realized that I will go to our small group party and will leave early to go to another friends home for some couples gathering in the neighborhood. Why is everything just all together this Christmas? This seems like the busiest year with stuff falling on the same days. DH is getting a bit aggravated that we have missed going to some things together as well as feeling like he is being left when I go to practices, esp at night. When we are together at night he usually goes and wathes his TV and I go on the computer or go on our TV in the bedrooom for most of the evening.

    Julie - Glad you are finally being able to take a breath with your days off from work, to get a few other things done around the house. Glad you got a nice sleep last night or whenever it was :)!! Oh I remember the clutter with all the baby and little children's toys around. The grand kids are to big or I do not see them a lot.

    Our elsest Grandson, Daniel, left yesterday or day before to go to Lockland, AFB for Basics in San Antonio. That will be something for him. He has never been our of TX I am pretty sure. We will see after he graduates and he goes to school where he will be sent. I am sure it will be a bit scary for him. He is quiet kids anyway and was a bit antisocial but I think the working he did after H.S. school, I am sure has been helpful. He does talk a bit more than he used to others. This who experoience will help him to mature I am sure. Hope that God will keep him safe.

    Spring Water - Interesting to hear aboaut your tarot reading. I know I wouldn;t havae paid to have it done. Yes, $110 I agree is alot. Glad you are doing OK. I need to get off. DH needs the computer now. I will try and get back later.

    Granni[This Message was Edited on 12/15/2011]
  19. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Hope everyone is doing OK--

    My dear cousin is in hospital with pneumonia and other complications--he is 85, and one of the last of my mother's cousins. We've known each other since 1990, so is a bit hard. I don't want to have to deal with another death this year. Please keep him in your prayers.

    We had some rain last night, and is cold and overcast out here.

    Still busy knitting and spinning. Am getting ready to steek the vest I made, and this always makes me nervous.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - glad to hear from you and that are doing well, just busily spinning away. Sorry to hear about your cousin. Hope he will be well soon. I know that is hard to get over, especially when you are older. I have had to deal with that too and bronchitis. Luckily lately between supps and my flu shot I have been lucky lately. I used to get it almost every year.

    Julie - Hope the rest you have gotten is helping you to feel better and get things done. I know that is difficult to do (rest) with a schedul like yours. Glad you are working at the church school only part time not.

    Rock - We miss you. Hope all is well and that you are not sick or anything.

    SW - Hope you have gotten some NRG back. I know you have had a hard time lately too with so much to do and not feeling well. The weather has not also been a help to you , I think. I cannot stand the cold at all.

    Not much time right now but wanted to check in. I need to go and try and study parts of my music for the program tomorrow.

    Teacher - Missing you too. Hope you get off soon on Christmas break and get to pop in to tell us what all has been going on.

    Sorry no time to go one and mention everyone I am missing, including Elaine, Carla, Linda, Jole and everydobby else..

    i see that I also have to write a few more cards from those i didn't send to YET.

    Love to everyone,

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