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    Hi everyone. I just noticed it was time to turn on the next volumes porch ligt so I am hurrying to get that done so I can finish packing. Wanted everyone to remember that i would be gone for most of the week. Hope the storms they are predicting that seems to have popped up out of the blue don't cause us or anyone else any problems. Will be around Fredericks burg, TX , the beautiful Texas Hill Country . This time of the year there will be lots of beautiful wildflowers of many different colors.

    Also hope to do some wine drinking and find some good wines to replenish our dwindling stock :)!!

    Hope everyone is doing well - Julie and all her family and SW who seems to be a busy beaver also laterly. So glad to hear from Teacher and Rock lately and Elaine too sometime ago. Wonderful to hear from all.

    Still missing so many of our MIA's that we all love. TTYAL when we get back.

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You said you are trying to not overdue. Sounds like you have done an awful lot. You can come and help us do some cleaning. Gotta run and finish packing and wash my hair and do the curling project - ugh !!! Leaving bright and early in the morning to stop for breakfast first.

    Please Julie try not to wear yourself out so much !! I know you think you aren;t doing so but it seems like you might be. I know so much to do and so little time and others to help out . I know you don't want to have to ask others to hav eto help you clean your cars etc.

    See you on Fri or Sat.

    Love to everydobby,

  3. springwater

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    Granni - I looked up Fredericksburg n Texas hill country
    on google, it's beautiful!

    Enjoy your time there. And looking forward to hearing
    about it.

    Julie - glad you recovered and were able to those things
    with the family especially your father.

    What busy days you hv been having.

    Today I made myself do a little weeding in the cool
    early morning. And also went to meditation centre.

    After that went walking home, booked tickets to
    a movie and at six pm went with DH.

    Last evening I had told my son, that I would be going
    to watch a movie with my husband and son. And he replied
    "oh, that's nice, have a good time, all three of you"..

    Meaning, He wasn't coming. He doesn't like most Indian
    potboiler movies.

    The other evening we had somewhere to go and since he was
    leaving home earlier I asked him if he was coming back (I meant
    to change) . He replied "no. I'm not. I'm never coming back."
    I told him he mustn't joke like that and he said, "I'm going
    back to my home planet". Ha ha.

    I'm quite tired. The movie was a riot. Enjoyed. Although there
    Must hv been like twenty people in theatre.

    But I'm feeling calm and tranquil.

    God Bless

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to say that we are now home but not much time to write. We had a great week of eating drinking wine looking at lovely colorful flowers,etc. Also visiting with friends. We had a very nice time. I have a friends 90th birthday party at our club tomorrow morning sort of a brunch I think with lots of ladies. It should be fun and interesting. She is one of the newer ladies in our small singing group. So far she seems to be pretty healthy. She is a nice gal and sings in our small singing group. Need to go wash my hair and take a shower.

    Julie - So glad to hear about David's graduation. Now maybe you can get a little bit more rest now that he is done with his schooling..

    I didn't take any pics but there were two of them we went with who took lot of pics of us and the lovely colorful wildflowers. The bluebonnets were really beautiful. This year someof the other flowers were a bit late and haven;t come into full bloom yet if at all.

    Gotta run for now. Hope things will settle down some now that David has finished his classes. You have certainly earned a rest, Julie :)!!! More later.

    Love to you awl,
  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    And all.

    It's been raining steadily for three days now. Very happy.
    Temps gone down. Much easier to go around. If you don't
    mind slush that is.

    I have been to the meditation centre. Been firm about not
    being able to join their volunteers programme.

    Or going everyday for meditation. I try my hardest to go
    but know I should not say 'yes' when I know I cant manage.

    Julie - sorry to hear about your SILs cellulitis. Not sure what
    that that is but she sure didn't need it after the surgery.

    Granni - I've tried to avoid watching about the Boston bombing.
    Beyond knowing the basics.

    Prayed for the victims, and the two boys - what on earth drove
    them? And for their parents and relatives, the shock, the horror,
    the shame and pain.

    Oh you asked how much our money is in relation to us dollars.
    It's like rupees eight thousand is dollars 100.00
    So I found like 120.00 $ in the watch box and $ 100.00 in
    an envelope in my briefcase and almost $ 50.00 in change
    in various other places - under mattress, in books between
    pages, etc.

    It was weird because I had been saying out loud 'God, why
    am I so broke....' when I found the money in watch box.

    Most of it is going to tithing, but I did buy some lovely
    books, today. One by Doreen virtue, about angels. Another
    by Louis Hays about real life stories from readers about
    how affirmations and positive thinking brought changes into
    their lives, and one on metaphysical experiences by well known
    medium Lisa Williams whose tv show I hv watched. She came
    across as a wonderful compassionate lady and I was surprised
    to find she had had her share of problems mostly relationships.

    I've had issues with lack of energy and tiredness, but mood
    has been manageable.

    Still been working in garden. We've taken out our daisies
    and calendulas which are done blooming. Need to get
    some extra dahlias and gladioli in. And those feathery red
    flowers which look like roosters combs.

    God bless

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I will be gone till Tuesday sometime. So please do not worry. Have to go get ready and do my hair- what a pain ! Sorry no time to really chat now.

    Love to all,'Granni
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got back form our trip to the casino. it was fun and we even did faiarly well or at least broke even which is a great thing to do in the casino besides a BIG WIN !!!

    Julie - Glad that Keira is doing better. Hope she gets to go on her school trip. Nice you are helping Amy's with her spring cleaning. I could use some myself. However, for me it is not just SPRING CLEANING!!! I never feeling like doing much but end up doing what I have to do.

    Spring Water - I remember you posted but can't remember exactly what you said. Hope you and family are doing well. Oh yes, I remember you posted about your money that you found. Isn't what wonderful and just when you really needed it too ??

    I need to go and put some more things away from our trip. I already threw in a wash in the machine.

    Love to everyone. Thinking of all including those MIA and that have not posted in awhile !!

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - seven windows curtains! thats alot. even if it is the washing
    machine. all that lifting and taking down putting up. I do envy you
    the way you bulldoze your way thru your issues and manage to
    still help everyone around you.

    iv been so exhausted. well drained sort of. i have a pile of clothes to
    sort thru fold iron put away. but been too demotivated to do so.
    so it just sits there, looking at me accusingly while i skulk around
    trying not to meet its eye. lol! the prayer room needs a good dusting
    too and tidying up.

    Im sure you were just as elated as me when you found your little stash.

    unexpected money always comes in handy! i love surprises of that sort.

    Granni - oh, so you were off to the casino...hmm i was wondering if
    you went for a secret second honeymoon jaunt that way you suddenly
    upped and left...lol.

    glad you had a nice time.

    where is the casino?

    my energy crisis is still ongoing. and ive been mostly trying to
    shore myself up by walking in the garden and reading etc.

    also indulging in my good cravings. for hot spicy sour sweet stuff.

    i try to tone down the chilli but cannot resist the spicy stuff.
    i think it may have something to do with the moon again. its
    full moon soon.

    i have been eating at indian restaurants their south indian dishes.
    idli sambar.

    its steamed rice cakes with a soupy curry sour sweet hot taste with tamarind in it. and little pieces of veggies also in it. and side dish
    of hot tomato chutney with mint in it and a coconut dip. yummy.

    im supposed to avoid this kind of dish
    however the stomach has been behaving ittself for while now.

    yesterday i went on an errand to town and on way back ate and
    also bought on an impulse this gorgeous thick cotton bedspread
    with matching pillow cases. its colour and print was what just got
    my attention since i had the money on me i just went in and bought
    it. it was one of those 'finds'. you just fall in love with and its right
    in every way. been a long time since i had one of those moments.

    of course now i have to claim the money back from dh because i
    used my house expenses to make the purchase. luckily he didnt
    scold. probably because he knows i dont normally impulse shop.

    the sun is peeking out now and while im glad its cheery i hope it
    goes away by 10am because it will scorch otherwise.

    Well, take care my lovelies, and Gail, Rock, Georgia, Elaine, Joan and
    many more...thinking of you all, take care

    peek in when you can

    God Bless

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    and need to get dressed to go to the hair dresser and then to WM to pick up ingredients for two Mexican dips I have to make for Sundayy. We ( a bunch of us) are in charge of the dinner this time. Also need to go get dressed and ready to go.

    Just wanted to say hi to awll.

    Julie - You wear me our girl !!! Of course you are young, even though you do have your health issues. Sorry you had to blow at Den's sister but maye some of it will someday sink in with her and maybe it made you feel at least a little better getting some of it off your chest. Has that guy come to live with her yet, in her dad's house yet?

    Gotta run and get dressed. Hi to SW and everydobby. Missing so many of you all.

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    julie - its nice to hear of your busy day at
    davids graduation; and im happy to know david
    is back home, a respite for nana! make sure you
    take advantage of it.

    granni - i googled and saw those subonnets, my,
    what pretty flowers and the name itself, its so cute

    glad you are home.

    i went for a movie with my brother and SIL.
    on thursday.

    he is okay enough to go out at least.

    yesterday i wanted to set my house straight, so untidy
    but didnt make too much headway. so much work.

    in evening a bit of the exhaustion set in but made
    myself go out grocery shopping in the cool night
    air. no power. i saw ladies crowding in the dark
    around the public taps to gather water in their
    little tankers for the one hour two hour the water
    was sent by municipal.

    well, better than having to wait in line in scorching heat
    i thought. i wish we had a better water supply.

    i make my son throw out grain to the birds in the mornings
    and say a prayer while doing so...

    something on the lines of "thank you Lord for providing
    for all sentient beings....."

    but he is mostly always rushing..he is a boy of few words.
    the other day i caught him as he was hurrying off again.
    our conversation went like this:

    Me: have you fed the birds?

    Son: yes.

    Me: Did you say the prayer as you threw out the grain?

    Son: Yes.

    Me (going after him): What did you say?

    Son (Skipping down the steps):


    A boy of few words as i said.

    God Bless

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have been to the lovely 90th party - so nice today and then to store with DH. I am still so full fro the brunch I had and have to think of dinner. We are having hamburgers, being bad and having beef. We have got to get rid of some of the beef in our freezer taking up so much room. I guess it is OK to have once in a while.

    Have been doing lots of washes also. Trying to catch up. I finally folder the wash in the dryer that I washed yesterday.

    SW - There may be a flower called sunbonnets but the TX stare flower is the wildflower called bluebonnets. There are patches of them m all around along with ther other colorful flowers. The other colors especially were not as plentiful as they were last year. Those flowers are so confused with our crazy weather, just as we are :)!!!

    Julie - Now maybe you and Lindsay can get back into some sort of routine and Davide can help some too but I know it is hard when they have to get up the next morning for work, esp if it is bright and early. Hope the babies settle down some for her poor girl. The little ones are still so young and Lorraine isn't must more of a walking baby herself even if she is talking some.

    Well, back to my wash everyone.

    Hi to Freida, Rock, Diane, Elaine, Gail, Joan, Georgia and anyone else peeping in

    Love to awl,
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  12. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi All,

    Yes, I’m still recovering from my Lumbar Spine Surgery. I had it done on March 6 & with FMS & CFS …. You guys know our healing time for our body takes a lot longer.

    I am able to do more things now prior to having the Surgery, so that is the GOOD news & I’m going to keep getting better.

    Full recovery time will be 3 to 4 months. That’s OK because I plan on just …… waiting it out!

    Actually when I want in to the Pain Management Doctors Office on Thursday for pain I had in my mid & upper back, instead of going home & coming back to the office next week when the Prior Authorization from the Insurance Company would come in, I told the doctor I wasn’t in a hurry to get home & I’d just wait in the office.

    It was funny because they did come in and “check” on me a few times in the room. After 2 hours, the Authorization came through & I got the Injections in the middle of my back.

    Must have been about 15 to 20 injection sites.

    I had some files with me so that kept me busy updating all of the Doctor Appointment Notes I needed to transcribe. I can’t carry anything too heavy. I only bring what is absolutely necessary & I won’t leave the house without some medical files.

    I am able to sit up better now so I can get on the computer & I’ve been reading the PORCH Post Messages.

    Email accounts though ……. FORGET it! Nope, haven’t been able to do that yet & I tell my friends to just call me.

    Yes, I’m thrilled I had the surgery. I needed it 2 & ½ years ago, but the doctors just weren’t listening.

    I haven’t started Physical Therapy yet so I do my own & go out for walks. I try to keep busy around the house with just the things I am able to do.

    Anyway, that’s the full update on me. Oh, I had to give up working (my side job) at the end of January & I will go back to it when I can.

    So glad to see how all of you have been doing & I will drop back in when I can.

    HUGS to all,
    == Elaine
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Elaine - So happy to her from you and that you are convelescing (sp). Sorry to hear it took so long for you to have your surgery. Hope it won't take much to long to start feeling better. We sur4e have missed you but come back when you can.

    Julie - Still busy I see. Glad David is through with all his calasses and has finally graduated. Now working different shifts, that is crazy too but I guess that is what they all do especially when they start. I don;t know if seniority plays a roll or not in what shifts they work. Such an important job !! May God keep him safe. Hope things settle down some at home now that he is home most of the time except when not at home. Just remember the twins will soon be bigger and need less care all the time. Our twins are now 15. Unfortunatly donpt see them as often as I would like to, as well as the others.

    Spring Water - Hope you and family are doing OK.

    Gotta run and fix lunch.

    Love to everydobby,
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Elaine - good to hear from you again.

    Hope this fixes the pain for keeps. Surgery is such a
    Headache. All the preplanning and post care.

    But you seem to be handling it all pretty good.

    Julie - I looked up kalanchoe. I think I've seen them
    but haven't any with me right now. They seem so profuse
    Blooming with all their might and main.

    Granni - I meant blue bonnets instead of sun, haha.
    They're beautiful. The flowers which grow in northern
    hemishphere are so pretty. Our tropical ones are pretty
    but more sort of hardy. So as to stand the heat I guess.
    Marigolds, geraniums, calendulas etc.

    I shopped for blouses and got three I liked. My old ones
    are falling apart. But I'm horrified at prices.

    Usd 16 a piece which is kind of I/3 more than I am used
    To paying.


    They're slip on ones, I think in matte jersey, with one black
    One with colorful embroidery at neck, and another black
    With agate colored faux gemstones at neckline and another
    Taupe colour with same kind of beading. I hope they're
    Not to flashy for daytime, I just couldn't find plain but
    Pretty ones.

    I badly need trousers too but am out of cash for the moment.

    These days been trying to go early morning downstairs and
    weed our barren patch and mix some fertile soil from one part
    Of garden to another. And transplant some grass from other
    parts of garden. The soil is so hard, and needs lots of watering.

    And water is so precious these days. I've decided to not get
    new plants unless they're replacing older ones. Kind of weird
    to think of some people trekking hundreds of yards for drinking
    water which is what's happening and me watering flowers.

    There's this kind of white smallish butterfly with black spots
    Which skim the grass, I ve been noticing them since I keep
    Checking from window to see how my grass is doing. I have to
    cover the transplanted little tufts of grass, with dried leaves so
    That the scorching sun doesn't dry them and kil them. It's like
    90 degrees F nowadays.

    Well, take care, all.

    God bless

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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - glad that you live so close to your dad so you can visit him fairly often. I missed so much with my parents and brother and family too living in another state. Also not feeling well was also another major problem. Enjoy your dad while you can. Hope Lindsay and David can make up somekind of schedule tht will work with the babies. it is so had when they have to switch shifts. I know , my dad did so much shift work when he worked for a big bakery as well as other places. It was sometimes difficult, I am sure when we were younger trying to keep us quiet when dad ws sleeping. That is only part of that story but as a policeman that will be his life, I suppose. Hope everyone in your family is feeling OK, you too !!

    Spring Water - Glad that you found 3 blouses for yourself. Sometimes, esp when desperate you have to buy what you can even if what you bought is not perfect. Sounds like you got some of our really hot weather already. It will be there soon for us and then it will be there for some time. Thank God for a/c. I wonder about those who came before us and lived in this hot climate and all the heavy and long clothes they wore with no heat. Just go out on the porch, if you have onem drink something cold, not sur eif they had ice then either, and fan yourself with a fan or something :)!!! The butterfly you mentioned sounds so pretty.

    Also a bitg shout out to everyone who hass not posted recently and tho those who have finally come back to reasuure us that they are still there, even though working through their problems and or illnesses. So glad to hear from Elaine, Georgia, and Teacher. Everyone please come back when you all can.

    I need to get off here and do something productive around here. Hope to hear from any other MIA's such as Joan, hope you are OK in your new residence. Waiting for someone to come look at our disposal which is jammed. Not sure they can get the sposut out that got stuck in there. It fell off the soap dispenser bottle. Tried to remove it when I realized what at happened but think it is went to far for me to grab it and get it out. Will probably have to wait till late afternoon. That is what usually happeneds :)!!

    Listening to the newest info at the press conference about that awful Boston Bombing. Hope they find the person soon who are responsible for this horrific scene. May God bless all injured and innocently killed in the awful blasts.

    Love to awl,
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Pretty quiet Porch today. Hope all is well. I know that Julie is up at Amy's watching Kiera while Amy rests. Hope she doesn't come down with it too, both Kiera and Julie. Stay well you guys :)!!

    Hi to everyone, a fairly quiet day here . Did a bit of weeding outside while DH was gone. That is the excitement aroundhere but I think I need to go and switch the laundery to the drier before it takes a week to do oe load :)!!

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK and your family not to upsetting as your neice andher situation. Pop in when you can.

    Rock - Missing you dear with your wit and knowledge.

    Elaine - So glad to hear that you are doing better and trying to get stronger day by day. Drop in again when you can.

    Georgia - Missing you too, as well as Teacher, Joan and so many others...

    I'm off to change the wash and try and get something productive accompllished around here :)!! It won;t be too much I tell you.

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    granni - i too hv been weeding fairly regularly; more because
    it unfailingly makes me feel better to be out in the fresh morning
    air, and only then because the yard will start to look green. we
    had taken out a large patch of cement so that rain water can be absorbed
    for the well but the soil is hard and ive been trying to change soils bit by bit.

    yesterday and day before the rain gods smiled on us and we had downpours.

    so there is more electricity too.

    julie - suddenly you have so many little ones. i remember the time it
    was just keira. im sorry to hear amy is down with the bad cold and
    the others.

    i too hope you get some lovely spring.

    my days hv been up n down. big brother came and he had to rest
    for a while - it gave me a pang...to see this once active person
    lying on the sofa. i tried to give him some healing.

    but next day i felt very drained.

    missed some days of meditation.

    our daisies and shoe flowers are done blooming but now its
    the wild roses turn and they are making a pretty show in pink.

    one of the cacti too are blooming nice white flowers. its a very
    tall plant like 6 ft. im always intrigued when cacti bloom.

    birds are coming to feed on the mulberry tree, squawking mynahs
    crows sparrows pigeons plover type birds with a plume, and tiny
    little greenish birds. also, soft brown wood doves. theyre so
    gentle, even the dogs dont harm them mostly.

    yesterday, i was thinking 'oh dear, im so behind in my tithing
    i owe 3000 rs. to this lady whom i asked to take care of a stray pup
    then 2000 to the dog centre, and i hvnt donated to the orphanage
    for ages now.; i wonder why im broke when im meditating and trying
    to live life in a more wholesome manner and given up meat; what
    does God mean for me to do? what lesson is he making me learn?
    and as i said this i was scrimmaging through my cupboard, trying
    to find money to do grocery shopping and i saw this watch box and
    opened it and bam! there was 10, 000 rs. yes, ten thousand!

    extra money which dh had given me some months back before
    going on a business trip. but which i hadnt been able to find before
    when arranging my cupboard.

    it felt good to to have a good thing happen in the midst of all my
    ups and downs when i have to even struggle to keep the faith.

    God Bless

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Hope Amy is feeling better or a little bit anyway. Sounds like you and Kiera are getting alot done :)!!! Busy, busy !! How far do you live from Amy and how long does it take you get there by car? You are so brave doing the driving you do back and forth. DH is getting so he doesn't lke to do it, esp going into the city with more traffic, crazy driving, etc. If he doesn't want to go I just end up not going. I know if the kids lived much closer like yours, at least Lindsey and family that I would be helping out more, even when I feel like NOT doing much of anything. I know I do more than I feel like at home cause no one else is going to do it, esp. the cooking :)!! I finally did get a young lady who comes about every 4-6 weeks to help me on the heavier parts of cleaning, floors, bathrooms, and vacuuming.

    Spring Water - Sorry you are a bit down after seeing your brother. Hopefully he will be doing better soon and have more NRG - you too. When you were talking about the money problems, etc. how much is a rs (what do the letters mean) in American money. I am so glad that you did find that extra money in your cupboard. You must have been so happy when you found it. Sounds also like also that you are being very generous and giving with your money. You said tht you found 10,000 rs. Curious as to how much that was in USD?

    Looks like some rain is in the forcast and it is very dark. We may get some this afternoon and evening. We surely do need it !!!! Things getting so dry again. On our trip last week we passed areas in Bastrop where they had awful wildfires where numerous trees and acreage were burned and ruined including many homes too. People were also busy there trying to rebuild some of their homes.

    Hi to everydobby including so many MIA inc. Elaine, Teacher, Joan, Georgia, Diane, Carla and SO many others. Gotta run and try and get something done around here- ugh ! My body is so achy !

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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I hope you get to rest at least a little and don't catch what Amy had. Please try and take it easy and rest so you can stay healthy. You are wearing me out with all your comings and goings :)!!

    How cute that Kiera wants to be a big girl and give away her Dora stuff. However, I think 5 is not to old for that but if she wants to give to her little cousin that is very commendable. Perhaps she thinks she is getting something more grown up :)!! That was funny about you finding your money under the car floorboard and SW's money in her kitchen cabinets.

    It is a beautiful sunny, but windy and chilly day. Winter was trying to come back but in the 60's this afternoon they supposedly has said. Did some weeding and clearing our of some brush in back yard, after we worked out a bit and then to the grocery store for a few things. I was going to go to WM but haven't made it yet. It may be tomorrow.

    The place we went to was new and doesn[t have everything you want. Has anyone heard of the ALDI food market? It is only cash and I think Debit card. Not sure about checks. They have only smaller quantaities of products and not all things. I have been looking for 2% swiss or American Cheese. Have only found 2% swiss at WM and I am sure they have it in other places too but not have been able to find 2% American. The no fat does not melt and doesn't taste to great. Not sure it is that good for you any way. Trying to get our cholesterol down esp DH, and his bad cholesterol down.

    Hope Den's dad likes his new bed. Is it a hospital type bed that goes in all kinds of directions, sitting, etc?

    Who is bringing Den's sister to the hospital for 2x a day treatments? I hope not you. You are so busy already .

    I have also been sitting here watching the goings on about the Boston Bombers, Very interesting and the father seemed to think they were framed by special servives. The aunt wanted a lot more evidence to believe that her nephews were involved in such a thing. Of course no one wants to believe someone you love is capabe of such things although some may also want to cover up what they may know or suspect. Hope they will catch this second , younger guy. Maybve they can actually learn something from him, if he doesn't blow himself up or get the others to shoot him. It is all just terrible sad.

    Love to everydobby,