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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there Gang,

    Not to much time to post right now but needed to start up the new volume. Hope all is well with everyone. I brought some baked frozen choc chip cookies - not bad all things considered. MMM good when they are warm from the oven.


    Rock - Bactrim is an antibiotic in case you were really wondering. I go for my first chiro appt. tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

    Julie - Hope you got in some little bit of rest today or do you know what that is :)?? You are just helping everyone, even Den . No wonder you are so achy ):!! I know there are some things one cannot do by yourself and I am sure you were a big help to him. How is David feeling? Hope he feels better so he can help Lindsey.

    See Ya Later Alligators !!!!

    Love you ALL,
  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    julie - im okay. up n down.. actually. i got my 'eve's curse' yet again and along
    with it feeling hormonal n all tht. its over tho, the horrible chemicals fighting
    in the brain' feeling. i thot the curse was gone for good when i stopped fr 5 months.

    then i find im absolutely broke this month. scratching my head. havent done
    anything that extra. and i know its cause everything is so expensive nowadays.

    brother finished yet another chemo...he came for lunch yesterday, igot SO
    sleepy and tired all of a sudden, and tried not to show it and when he afterwards
    asked me what he should do when he feels sleepy n exhausted, i knew without
    a doubt i was soaking up his energy when he walked in thru the door.
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    he went to monastery later, and i gave him money to do prayers for my
    family too. wasnt having good dreams about us. i guess im also worried
    about how long brother will tolerate chemo and about the expenses.

    i did hv a wonderful meditation at the center tho;made myself go
    and hadto walk back in rain. felt peaceful -ler and less anxious and
    teary after meditation.

    Granni - hope your struggle with the rash ends soon. ty for opening
    new porch.
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Eating breakfast as I type, sound familiar :)!! DH is at the store He likes to go very early so as to beat the crowds for one thing. It will be a busy day today.

    Chiro this morning, still got the itches , crazy rash but I think it is either nerves/ or allergy or sensitivity to the Prednisone after the poison ivy or whatever it was..

    Julie - So sorry you are still in a funk. I know what you mean. Still worrying about my daughter who isn't working. With someone like your SIL you never know what is going to happen when and you are just to busy to have to have to worry about her and Grandpa but you will , I know. Wow that is some run on sentence. To in a rush to change it.

    Thinking of so many of you. I need to go and get dressed and ready for the chiro today. Tonight starts Chorale practice for the year, again.

    Spring Water - Have missed you sweetie. Glad to see you back and sorry you are not feeling that well.

    Joan - How are you? Hope you are doing OK too.

    Hi to everyone inc. Windy, Sunflower, Rock, Diane, Mikie, Elaine and all the MIA's. More later hopefully.

    Granni :)

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - Gordons sisters were over to get cooking lessons! usually
    its sisters who are better cooks. Ijust love the sound of your Gordon.

    nowadays on tv we get to watchAlfred Hitchcock presents'
    a crime series. i love the black n white and feel of the old days.

    Mikie- i am seriously wanting a BOSU ball.

    Windytalker - i love your name...

    Sunflower - you too....i love nature...

    my computer is acting up, better send this....

    Joan , Linda, Georgia, Elaine, Dar,Teacher and all of you

    love u all, loom forward to seeing ur posts

    God Bless
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang, Granni, what were you having for breakfast while typing? Have you ever tried the
    products that sponsor The Prairie Home Companion? Like Powdermilk Biscuits, or Raw Bits Breakfast

    My favorite is Bebop-A-Reebop Rhubarb Pie (and Frozen Rhubarb Pie Filling). ("One little thing can revive a guy, and that is a piece of rhubarb pie / Serve it up, nice and hot / Maybe things aren't as bad as you thought. Momma's little baby loves rhubarb rhubarb, Be-Bop-A-Re-Bop Rhubarb Pie" — to the tune of "Shortnin' Bread". This is usually sung following a sound-effect-enhanced tale of woe and immediately followed by "Wouldn't this be a great time for a piece of rhubarb pie? Yes, nothing gets the taste of shame and humiliation out of your mouth quite like Bebop-A-Reebop Rhubarb Pie.")

    Rebar reminds me of this commercial, Julie. I bet Keira is excited about being a big girl and going to school.
    I have a couple of vague kindergarden memories. I remember we took little rugs to school to nap on.

    When you were walking in the rain, Springwater, did you hum this old tune?

    Just walking in the rain
    Getting soaking wet
    Torturing my heart
    By trying to forget

    Just walking in the rain
    So alone and blue
    All because my heart
    Still remembers you

    Johnnie Ray was the singer. It was a big hit the year I was in tenth grade. According to Wikipedia,
    the guy who wrote it was an illiterate prisoner. His sentence was commuted, and he lived another
    half century of so.

    Hi to everydobby else: Barry and Diane and Dar and Joan and Georgia and those my poor
    failing mind can't remember.

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Awl,

    Rock - I LOVE Rhubarb pie but I have never made it and have not eaten it for many years. I think my mom made it every once in awhile.

    In answer to your question I was eating my usual exciting breakfast of cheerios, with blueberries (when we can get them) some yogurt and greet tea with fruit in it ( in the tea leaves I guess some way. I did not put fruit in it :)!!! Remember good old CHEERIOS, they were there for me as a kid and my kids and their kids they are still there. Sometimes I mix them with some multigrain cheerios of Honeynut Cheerios. Tastes pretty good to me. We don't have anything exciting Sometimes DH has oatmeal. I never could get into hot cereals even as a kid.

    Our old pastor died today but he has been retired for some time. So, not sure if I have to change my chiro ago. There is always something happening that can cause a problem. I just changed it to Frday as DH needed the car but now with the funeral who knows. Don't know the time yet. Think it will be Friday.

    Went to the chiro today. Was surprised how quick it was. Not a lot of change for now but my neck may be turning a bit better. Time will tell.

    Julie - Hope that you are getting to rest some s you feel a little better with so much to do around you.

    DAR - How are you sweetie? Miss seeing or hearing from you.

    Hi to Georgia, Spring Water, Sunflower, Mikie, Joan, Elaine and so many others, old and new.

    Love to everyone,
    :) Granni
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    OMG..how cute. So she didn't have you in a special classification of a woman. You need to persue that a bit more and ask who's a woman. And I guess in her opinion only men do things like work the crames. Maybe you've got her flumixted by all the "men" work you do around there.

    A few weeks ago my daughter and grandkids were over. I asked my daughter what happened to the $ I gave her a couple of months ago for the Disneyland tickets because now they're saving for it. My 5 year granddaughter came over and whispered to me......"don't give mom $, she doesn't need it" then outloud she said, in front of my daughter, don't tell mom I said that! Then she ran outside to play. My daughter realized she's out of a loop here. LOL
  9. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi awl!

    Sorry I haven't been on in a bit. Hurt myself at work. The extra pain set off the ususal pain harder and with more of a vengence. Wasn't able to sleep well, felt like crud. Still not sleeping well. My shoulder's some better. I'm out of the sling. But not going to be like it was. That was the same side I had the surgery on a year ago, underneath the arm. This is just another injury waiting for re-injury now. I'll recover. I always do. Just gonna have to stop trying to lift stuff with that arm.

    Been finding it harder to get up and get going in the morning. Fibro fog is raging. Cognitive thinking is difficult right now.

    You know how Fibro works. Once you screw it up, it screws up every time you turn around. However, I'm back on. I feel some better enough to hang on the boards again. Thanks for askin after me Granni. I appreciate it. I missed you all too. Granni, we share a love of cheerios. My favorite also. But I like mine with bananas. Or the occasional strawberries.

    Blueberries are sacred fruit for me. In muffins, pancakes, I am never without blueberry preserves or blueberry syrup. I even found, last Christmas, instead of a box of chocolate covered cherries, a box of chocolate coverred blueberries! I just wanted to open the box and roll around in it!

    I actually found a cereal I will eat right out of the box, no milk no nothin. And I am not a dry cereal eater! But Gluten Free Cinnamon Rice Chex are the bomb! I eat them dry as a snack. Good stuff Maynard!

    Well, sleepy time for me.

    Loves to all!

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'll never be able to catch on everyone so am just popping in to wish everyone a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi awl,

    Dar - So sorry that you hurt yourself like that ! Hope it gets better real soon. Just what none of us needs, more pain and aggravation. That Cinnamon Rice Chex sounds good. May have to get myself a box one of these days. Does it have sugar in it? DH esp. has to watch his sugar and it wouldn't hurt me either, for sure. He was sort of DX as bprder line diabetic. Haven't had choc covered blueberries either but sounds good. I have always liked blueberries but they are not always in season or easy to get but now getting a big carton from Sams. Occasionally as a treat we would have a bowl of blueberries with some 1/2 and 1/2, I think it was. Didn't know then how good they were for you - yummy !!

    Mikie - Don't know how you catch up with all you need to read being a moderator :)!! Hope you are feeling better, UTI and everything else.

    Julie - That was hysterical what Lorraine had to say about you not being a woman just a Grandma.. Let me tell you these little ones are exposed to so much more than we were growing up. Smart little one. That is to funny that she wants to ride the "crame":)!!! LOL Hope you are feeling a little better with your flare. Drop by when you can and have a minute ( if you ever do) :)!!! LOL Hope you can get in some good naps !!!!! BTW, do you lie down or sit up when you have your adjustments at the chiro?

    Sun - That was so cute about what your DGD had to say about her mom and money. Very funny - another smart kid :)!!

    Diane - Thinking o you. I know you are usually on the Lounge or Chit Chat doing your games. Glad you have the NRG to be able to do that. It is also good for all our brains if we can take the time to look them up. Hope you are feeling better than you were.

    This week is going to be crazy between a funeral mass for x pastor, Rosary to go to , my chiro visits and trying to fit stuff in and change the times for other things and have the car available for DH or drop him off to go whever he needs to go.. So far the chiro has been pretty fast and uses instruments instead of his hands. I know he can use either or both. . Don't know if I felt any difference yet but maybe my neck was a little bit loser than usual. I have two more this week and then a week off as he is on vacation. No more pain than the usual but he told me that I really shouldn't have that much pain afterwards, other than I might after a workout ( not that I do much of them) but I have a lot of pain anyway.

    Hi also to Rock and Spring Water ! Glad to see you back SW and Rock too who seems to have gotten his second wind even though his back is giving him fits. Hope you both feel better and was glad to see you both back.

    Hope to see Windy, Joan, Georgia, Elaine and everydobby else I forgot to mention and are MIA !!

    Love to awl,
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - You are right about that. Children are quick to sense how their parents are feeling towards different situations. All my kids were excited ( at least in the beginning LOL) as I tried to get them excited and not fearful. Keira might be a little fearful but hope Amy won't show her that she might be fearful of the new situation, especially if she tends to be that way . After a few days should be great - both MOM and Keira :) !!

    Got a message from my chiro wanting to know how I feel after the first adjustment. Sounds like he cares and is concerned. Figure I will talk to him tomorrow since I am not having any problems.

    Glad you having some time to do your own stuff, for a change.

    Hi again to all. Need to fix lunch. Sometimes DH is so hopeless when it comes to fixing his own stuff. What can I say of an only child :) LOL !!

    More later.

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  13. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    I have had an awful time getting on the porch!:mad: The first time about 2 weeks ago, I just could not get the password right, try as I might.Then time seemed to slip away from me------ I don't know how. Now remember you oldies, I am the one that makes lots of typose and frequently don't correct them!

    I have been having lots of therapy, 3 sessions of 1 hour each week on my arms and shoulders. Then I also have 3 sessions a week of 1/2 hour ewach on my legs. But that dear sweetie is doing something else that i love :) She puts mooist heat on my neck and shoulders until I get too hot, then she deep massages my shoulder4s, upper arms and neck :);)!!!! Oh, it is so wonderful. kShe is always afraid that she is massaging too deep but thaat is what I love. I feel so relaxed when she is finished that I could just melt!!! And it doers help that pain some, at least for a while.
    My shoulder is my mail problem right now. (along with the others) The therapist keeps asking if I had trauma to it. I said no and she looks so quizzical. You know that "swinging' part of your arm? Well it sometimes is so swollen. I guess therapy does take it down some. and it goes up my neck some too.

    I am realizing thtat one of the saddest things about living in assisted living is the age and health! Yes, I guess that I knew that you came tyo live here if you weren't well enojgh to take care of yourself. Two of my table mates are 94 and 95. The one that is 94 just gets around without assitance of cane of walker. The 95 yr. old just has a walker and is as sweet a lady that you could ever meet. But she says she has short term memory loss and she really does.! She lauighs about it when we help her but whatever we help with doesn't stay in her memory more than a minute. I try to stay cheerful and I am for the most part. Then you can see others just failing in health. I try not to think about my future.:oops:

    I miss Maggie so very much. In case you missed reading about it, after 12 days on not eating and getting weaker and weaker and my crying buckets and huggiing and hugging her, DIL and I took her tio the vet. He said what I had been dreading for all those days. No hope:( I stayed with her and pette4d and cried as she left me for her trip to Heaven . I do miss her so much. I haven't dfecided on another cat. I know my son doesn't want me to have on and the other 2, I don't know. I stop and think that it will be more work - not a lot but I can't do a lot - but I do get soooo lonesome without a cat. Maggie went thru so many sad things with me so it won't be the same-----I know that she really loved me and was "my cat and friend". So----------?? i would be very picky~~~~~~!a spayed, declawed, adult female. I couldn't take a younger cat the runs and plays, etc.

    i have 2 granddaughter-in-laws who have begun their 4 week of teaching in the all-year-round schedule. Two of my great-grandchildren are also in that type and are in school. They all seem to like the year-round school.

    i am getting warm. I don't have the air on when I am on the comp as it blows right on me. then I leave here and gturn it on high. I know just how to set it to sleep though. i don't know what all of your weather has been but we have had one week of summero_O It was up to 90 and upper 80's but rest of the weeks are all 78,79,80! The nights get cool, upper 50's amd ;ower 60's. That is no our typical summer. But I do thank the good Lord that we have had not terrible floods, fires and all of the other dramatic weather events that the country has had. It has been so awful in so many places. If any of my friends have erxperienced something, I do sympathize! It has to be so difficult to recover from all of those things, maybe losing homes, etc.

    Some please explain the tings at the bottom of the page------( 3 people here, general chat, new chat) I haven't tried to find out so can someone explain. Thanks.

    Ii have talked on and on and not said much. i am getting warmer and warmer so will turn on the AC, put on my gown and robe and SIT:D

    Gentle Hugs to all of you,
    Sorry that I didn't mention any of you. I do love you all,

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi dear Joan and who ever peaking in. I need to get off and do my hair and give DH the computer. So glad to see you. Sorry for your PT but hope it is helping you. Tomorrow will be a very busy day will try and get back here. Sprry you had such a bad time getting on to the Porch.

    More later hon !!

    Love to you and everyone,
    Granni :)
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Joan, Glad you felt up to posting. I'd explain the stuff at the bottom of the page if I could,
    but it's a mystery to me too. I suspect it's like a chat room. I can tell you how to have a
    bigger font though. Above the box where you type your message it says "Font Size". Click on the
    arrow pointing down. It will let you select a bigger font.

    Oops! Gordon just got home. He's a little early. Will have to go and come back later. I can
    understand missing Maggie. I still miss a feral cat I used to feed 10 years ago. She was smart
    and affectionate.

  16. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Granni, Julie, Spring, Rock, Mikie, Windy, Sun, Joan and anybody I missed.

    Granni, I'm not sure about the Rice Chex sugar content. I've never had to think much about sugar. I'm hypoglycemic. Only thing I have to worry about is remembering to eat. And to do small meals frequently. Since I had the gastric bypass years ago, I forget to eat. I don't get hungry like normal people do. I just eat because I know it's time and I need to. My daughter says she cannot fathom, the way I eat, how it is I have a butt at all. I chalk it up to age.

    Thank you all for the well wishes regarding my shoulder injury. It's better. It's never going to be perfect, but it's better. I've been just "not doing" what I feel I shouldn't and devil take the hind side! I refuse to hurt myself any further. I missed ya all!

    Julie, I really admire the relationship you and Den have. I love that you back each other up and that he really understands your health issues and takes such good care of you. Take it easy though. Don't want you to be next on the Oops I hurt myself list.

    Spring, Hope you feel better soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your brother too.

    Sun, That is so funny. Kids are much more perceptive than we often think.

    Joan, Have missed you. Sorry you're still missing Maggie so. I understand though. I'm a cat person. Glad you felt up to coming to the board for a bit. You go through so much. Loves and hugs.

    Love to all,

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids Granni, I love rhubarb pie too. Probably been half a century since I had any. We grew rhubarb in
    the garden. Mom made great pie as well as rhubarb sauce. My aunt always put strawberries in w/ her
    rhubarb pie.

    We weren't much for cold cereals in our house, but my mother did make Bolts and Nuts which is
    sometimes called Party Mix. Cereal and pretzels and nuts and butter w/ garlic, etc. Bake. It was
    new when I was a kid like the green bean casserole and diet soda.

    Julie, does Lorraine have "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel" I used to read that to my son.
    Yes, the sky's the limit for women now. One of the gals in my class was from the Stork family.
    (That was the surname.) I think they had 5 girls. Anyhoo the one in my class was pretty and
    perky and a cheerleader. She became a water engineer. Last time I talked to her she was working
    in Arizona. About as far as you can get from Minnesota.

    Dar, have you ever tried marionberries? They are deluxe blackberries. They have marionberry jam
    at some supermarkets. Costs more, but worth it. I encountered them when I went to visit my
    brother in Oregon about 25 years ago. They had berry stands everywhere. And they also had
    something else I've never seen in a supermarket. Tayberries. A cross of the raspberry and blackberry.
    Almost worth making a trip to Oregon. Course I don't fly anymore, and I'd have to put up w/
    my brother. LOL The last time we were there he invited us for lunch. He never actually fixed lunch,
    but he did give Gordon a cup of coffee. You can see why I call my family dysfunctional.

    Time to go lie down. I am reading a biography of Mary Ingalls. Does her name sound familiar?
    She was a sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder. After losing her sight due to scarlet fever, she went to the
    Iowa school for the blind. The school is still there, but was severely damaged in a storm 2 years ago.
    Apparently it is now an administrative building and no longer has resident students. It is in Vinton,
    Iowa. Anywhere near you, Julie?

  18. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Just bopping in to tell you "I'm reading"... Soooo many newsy posts.

    BTW...It's great to know others like rhubarb besides myself. I found some not long ago, cooked up a nice batch of sauce...and ate it all by myself (but not all at once)! My DH won't eat it. I doubt very much of the younger generation has ever even heard of rhubarb...they don't sell it at McDonald's.:)

    Warm hugs to all,
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi to awl,

    Getting ready soon to start my crazy day. Have to drop DH off to his meeting and then I go to the chiro later on. After the RX they will be having like a seminar or workshop. Will see how that is. After that I will probably go home and try and figure out diner. Then we leave to go to a Holy Day Mass. There will be practice after that but I won't be staying for that. I already told the director that I was cutting back due to the chiro's Rx and pain. DH doesn't want me to go for awhile, at least.

    How wonderful to see so many of my dear Porchies popping in. You are all MY Porchies :)!! Love everyone, old and new.
    Julie -
    I am so sorry that you have such a bad history with Den's sis and had with his mother.

    Gotta run now and drop DH off.

    Love to all,
    Granni I'll be back later sometime.
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi again everydobby,

    Just got back not to long ago from my chiro appt. and then after wards we were given a sandwich to eat, more like a burritto but tasted more middle eastern I guess. I was very good and they had a short video and a workshop taught but the chiropractor. It was very interesting about the human body and how it is "the Greatest Drugstore in the World" and about Natural Healing. I have known some of the information before and about what some of the drugs can do to your body, esp if misused and taken wrong. He, of course does not prescribe meds but I am sure later on there may be more info on supps and vits. That should be very interesting. They may also be into herbs too which will be interesting. I know about some but I have gotten off some of them including my cinnamon for not due to my rash. Starting to think it isn't that sine it is still around. I really like the chiro. He and the staff are so nice. He even tried to call me after my first adjustment and today I got a thank you card and said call him any time.

    I would probably just go to him full time but it is not to cheap. I probably will continue in some fashion but certainly not as often as I have been going. I don't feel any more uncomfortable than usual with possibly some more flexibility on my neck muscles and I think so far a little less cracking we will see. Unfortunately he is off next week so hope that doesn't set me back any. He also will give me a cervical type pillow for exercising. They gave it to me and then decided due to the talk he would give it to me tomorrow, probably due to the workshop going to happen.

    They should a movie at the end of the workshop of this dear little baby about 6 months I guess who was given Amoxicillin due to a cough and to make a very long story short it along with steroids when he started to get really bad, I think destroyed his liver. He was also put on the list for liver transplant and was denied even though he was at the top of the list. I forget the stupid reason. He was denied and by the time they decided to OK him for a transplant he died and had brain damage. It was so very sad. Sorry for that sad tail but it just stays with y9u.
    Julie - Glad you are feeling better and ready to tackle to world. Hope that stays with you. Thar Rhubard story is so funny. I never did hear of that week you mentioned.

    Spring Water - Somehow I keep missing your post. Someone mentioned you weren't feeling well. Was that your cold or what? Hope you start to feel better soon and hope your brother is doing OK with his chemo., etc.

    Joan - I was so happy to see you yesterday on the Porch. Do you have your own computer or do you have to go into a room that has computers at your place? You shouldn't have to sign in every time or log in. There might also be a place that says to keep signed in or something like that, and click on that. I may have done that. However, if you have problems maybe ask one of the Moderators could help you. Do you have a computer or an I pad like device, that might make a difference.

    I am sure you miss your dear Maggie ! You had her for so long. I am so sorry you are hurting so and missing her. That is just normal. I am sure it is a hard decision as to whether to get another kitty or not. I know you would love her or him bit you do have to clean up some after them even tho cats are very independent , as you know. Hope you get to feeling better to with your aches and pains. Hope you find your way here again real soon. Miss you when you are gone.

    Hi also to Dar, Windy, Rock ,Diane , Elaine and everydobby else I didn't mention before as well as MIA's.

    Love to you awl,
    Granni .:)