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    Everyone, I saw it was about that time again so I started up a new post after reading Julie's on the last Porch thread!

    Please go back and read the last posts. Julie posted that while she probably dozed off and Lorraine was quietly watching TV close by Lorraine cut her hair, all on one side. You can imagine how lovely she looks. She thought she didn't need to go to the hairdresser any more

    Julie - I know you must feel guilty but try not to feel to bad. Many little kids do that including one of mine, many years ago. Hope Lindsey and David don't get to upset at her and you. Kids do the craziest things sometimes. In fact a cousin of my DH mentioned on Facebook that her 3 year old, I think just cute her really long blonde hair. Of course she had to bring her to get it all straightened out to the hair dresser. Yep, just make sure next time the scissors are way up someplace where she cannot reach. At least no one had gotten hurt, just cut hair which will grow.

    Don't know if I missed anyone else before that or not but I was just chuckling at Julie's post at Lorraine and her antics. I think with her you, Julie will need eyes in the back of your head, and mommy too :)!!!

    I am sitting here reading and eating ice cream with sugar free choc syrup. It is pretty good. The ice cream is Blue Bell vanilla with no extra sugar or fat. It tastes really good but some of you may not be able to get Blue Bell since it is made in TX.

    SW, Rock, Soul, Joan, Sun, Windy hoe to see you over here. Think I forgot to mention it over on the other side. Please post HERE !

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Bumping up again. Please post here. Dummy me forgot to post on the old volume first.

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    Julie....no you're not a bad grandma, just tired and who would have thought this little precocious child could move so swiftly and quietly! I've heard of some kids cutting off their eyelashes. That would definitely hurt but hair on the head will grow back, no problem. You'll just laugh about this down the road.

    My granddaughter got a little of her hair cut this past week for kindergarten. Well, I saw a pic and I would say at least 2 l/2". The next morning she told my daughter to braid it! Nope.....it will be awhile before she can have her braids. She looked cute with her new hair (but I miss her braids)
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for getting us started again, Granni. Nope, never had Blue Bell ice cream. You know the song
    "Bluebells of Scotland"? It's the one that goes, "Where, tell me where, has your Highland Laddie gone?"

    Julie, I was reading another message board where people were posting about things going awry. One
    gal posted that she woke up from a nap because something was happening with her hair. It was her
    younger sister cutting it "so she'd look pretty". Yikes!

    Well, Gordon is busy cooking and Zippy is busy napping on the sofa. He has to get his 14 hours of
    sleep in, you know. Cats sleep even more. I am busy testing my new lumbar support. I wonder if
    this is what it's like to wear a girdle. Do women still wear those things?

    Saw a bumper sticker that might discourage tailgaters. Sorry for driving so close in front of you.

  5. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    Don't feel like "bad grandma". Get this......When my oldest daughter was sitting at the dining room table one day having dinner with the rest of the family, I noticed something about her looked really wrong. I couldn't put my finger on what it was that looked so wrong on my 10 year old child.

    I kept looking at her and looking at her. Finally it hit me! The child's eyebrows were gone. I looked over at her and I asked her, "Darci, where are your eyebrows"? She said to me, "I don't know". I said, "Were they with you when you left the house this morning"? She replied, "Yes". I said, "What happened to them"? She said, "I shaved them off". I asked her, "Why"? She said, "I don't know". I asked her, "Is the small alien the look you were going for"? She said, "No". I asked her, "Do you like the way you look"? She said "No".

    For the next week and a half, I drew her eyebrows on her face before school each morning until they grew back. We are discussing children here. God gives children parents because they are not yet bright enough to make it on their own. So, that being said. Don't beat yourself up. LOL.

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi all!

    Couldn't help laughing at Lorraine cutting her own hair.
    The things kids do! And say! 'I don't need to go to the

    Julie - don't be hard on yourself, with all on yr plate,
    I am not surprised you dozed off. You are the sweetest,
    Kindest, most hardworking grandma alive.

    Mikie- it's very tempting to stop resting and try and
    get going like normal when one has been in a flare
    for long...it happens with my gastritis and colds.
    I immediately start eating stuff I shouldn't and going
    out, only to fall back again.

    I hope you soon get rid of the UTI completely.
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well Good Nightshirt, Dar. Did you ever get more information? Where was this
    operation carried out, and who was present? Did you daughter have an accomplice?
    Was this a group operation? Was anyone else debrowed? What instrument did the child use?
    Was she rueful or insouciant? Were there any further episodes of depilation? Was
    her childhood otherwise normal? Why does my font keep changing?

    Inquiring minds want to know. Also pictures would be helpful.


    PS Tell your daughter you won an award for the funniest post on the board.
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Soul - I think it's great that you make personalized birthday cards for
    Birthdays etc. the last one I made was for a friend of my daughters,
    I 'helped out' daughter by jazzing up her handmade card by pasting
    some leftover beads n glass stuff. The friend was very surprised
    , my daughter is not known for handy crafting.

    I felt some tears coming up, thinking about how long it's been since
    I did those things. Was a time I sketched for fun, and embroidered
    My clothes etc...haven't felt the urge in a long long time..just been
    trying to keep up with necessary housework and the business of

    Granni - yum. That Blue Bell ice cream sounded yum. Here
    We are far behind in ice creams...they're mostly basic
    Flavored. In my daughters college hometown, we went
    to this ice cream/yoghurt outlet and it was heaven.
    Wonderful, wonderful flavours and a bewildering variety of
    toppings!!! Swoon.

    How is your rash now? Is it better?

    Rock - I would love to read tht curry book u mentioned,
    I hv not cooked a special meal in a while, now. Curry
    Or anything else. Just the usual. Basic meals involving
    as less cutting chopping as possible.

    Hahaha, zippy naps 14 hrs at a time!!! Sounds
    exactly like my dear Poopsie. I just went and gave
    her her cuddle, yr post reminded me I hadn't done it today
    - she is blind and deaf and sleeps a lot so if I don't
    remember then she isn't interacting much with anyone.
    I had to wake her up but she don't mind. I love her so.

    Sunflower - I went to this temple of Lord Buddha on other
    Side of town, the other day. On Full Moon. This was where
    I had an experience a year ago.As I was perambulating, chanting
    prayers silently, a sudden burst of exquisite bliss just hit
    me in the solar plexus area. It was so profound, lasted
    few seconds and then disappeared. I've Had that feeling
    Just once before when receiving energy healing. And when I
    asked the healer, what he just did he replied instead of
    Ordinary healing he got this voice telling him to try divine
    healing and he did just that! Exhilarating.

    My brother has liver cancer which metastized to the stomach.
    We caught it late. Stage four or something when he vomited
    blood. I guess the doctor thinks every week my brother
    Stays alive is a miracle. He said as much. Tho not to my
    brother. This is his 20th chemo or something. 15 months
    Of chemo. And stil going.Just speaks of his will to live.
    I'm pooped. Draining, emotionally, financially.
  9. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    My goodness Julie, if this makes you a bad grandma then many many many people failed in parenting as well ;)
    Even if you are wide awake those little ones will get away with things. Like Granni said, hair will grow back and all in all like she said herself, she didn't need it :rolleyes:
    She didn't get hurt she just lost some hair and exactly the way she wanted it. So you are super granny in my book!
    Even parents can't stop things from happening to their children and it wouldn't be fair to expect that from yourself. You can be more sure that more events WILL occur then that they won't anymore no matter how much attention you pay to it. I hope you made pictures of her new haircut she gave herself, that for sure will be fun memories to look back at later :)

    Spring don't feel bad about having times where time just passes, I have lot's of that too and the personalized cards are mainly cutting and pasting in photoshop after having found some pictures that the kids are in to that time, since I can do that from my bed. I 'lost' so many hobbies to this illness but on the other side I also gained so many because of it. It always is a challenge to find things I still CAN do when others just are to much to handle. Sometimes all I do is spice up an email by using different colors and large print and such. It's isn't about the 'what' it's simply about letting someone know they matter and that can be in any form and shape. Sometimes I can't even call them up and is an email all I can handle, they don't love me less for it and neither should we love ourselves less for it!
    Take good care of yourself, seems you are going trough extra rough times. Doctor's don't always have all the answers, I remember in my teens a friends grandfather was given a few months and lived on for over 10 years.
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Dar - lol, the small alien look! I hope your flare burns itself out
    soon. I do admire the way you and Granni carry on inspite of
    all the aches n pains and low moods. You seem to be a good
    organizer. Planning well. I'm not good at keeping to a time table.
    Most cases, the energy drain does me in.

    Still a bit tired. Couple of things like locks on my doors
    Getting spoilt. Then our next door neighbor the
    Father suddenly expired after sudden illness, he
    was asthmatic, and alcoholic. A shock! Had to rush
    for his cremation on banks of river. After that I had to
    attend the opening of a friends sisters clothing store.

    I was really proud of myself for being assertive and
    not buying anything. I tried to buy a shirt for my coz's b day
    n almost collapsed at the price! I got up enough gumption
    to tell friend I couldn't afford the price..yay, assertive me!
    I couldn't hv summoned up guts to do this, few years back.
    esp since the other pranic healer friends were trying on

    I bought TWO items, a dress for myself and a shirt for
    Coz at another store at almost two thirds of the price
    The sis was quoting, that too, AFTER 15 % opening
    discount. Boy, I can't afford such splurging! For
    an ordinary shirt.

    Joan, Georgia, Elaine, Linda, ISweetie, and other MIAs
    Thinking of you

    God bless
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    Mikie Moderator

    I had started a new Porch but guess no one saw it so will copy and past it here:

    There are 31 posts on 637 so thought I'd start a new one. I'll go check out the last posts and edit this.

    I started a new thread but have to post here on the old thread in order to see what everyone else has had to say. I'll post it, copy & paste it on the new thread and come back and delete it. So if anyone is reading this, go to the new Porch.

    Granni, I'm also impressed you go to the gym to work out. Also thanks for your good wishes for my UTI, which is already better, and for finding my earrings. I hope when I feel better to be able to work out on the BOSU. I think there is a lot which can be done to work out more than just one thing. No matter what I do, it helps with balance.

    Soul, I agree that something is going on with all the losing of posts, bolding, colors, etc. As you can see, I've developed a couple of methods to try not to lose any more posts. It's sooooo discouraging when that happens.

    Julie, I don't like the sound of "growing pains." I know docs say growing pains are real but as I look back to early childhood, I had way too many of them and, I think, they were an omen of things to come. Of course, I can look back and see other things. Prayers going up.

    Dar, I think I may have mentioned it before, but I wonder whether developing a physical tolerance to Lyrica may be the culprit. So often that happens with our meds. It seems cruel for us to find something which helps only to have it stop helping. Have yourself a nice relaxing home spa weekend. That's what I was gonna do but got a second wind and ended up doing some badly needed organizing in closets. Nothing too fatiguing but very satisfying. I had already done my pedicure and put some self-tanning lotion on my pasty bod, so I did get some home spa benefits. Hope your weekend is restful.

    Sunflower Girl, about three years ago, I got severe bronchitis/probably pneumonia. A woman at work came to a mtg. and hacked all over everyone. I ended up having to go to the walk-in clinic. I had Klebsiella Pneumonia. After that cleared up, I got a Klebsiella UTI. The doc thinks the infection in my lungs went systemic. I had the same thought as you; could the Kleb been latent in my bod all this time? On the other hand, it's not unusual, if you have a UTI, for it to turn out to be Kleb. Eat your chocolate; you deserve it.

    Rock, hope your back is better. I like the old saying from "The Life of Riley:" "Ain't this a revoltin' development. Remember that show with William Bendix? One of my early favorites.

    OK, kids, gonna try to transfer this to the new thread. Crossing my fingers.

    Love, Mikie
    Seeing isn't believing; believing is seeing
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Getting ready to go to church and first warm up of the season before Mass today. Glad all seem to be doing pretty well here. I just love you awl, OLD and NEW Porchies alike. Hope to get back later today. I am so glad to see the Porch up and running again . Still grinning about Lorraine giving herself that haircut.

    Julie - What did Linds and David have to say about her new "do"?

    Big Hugx to all,
    Granni :)
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids, Just gave Zipper his breakfast. Got him tucked up in his blankie again.
    Found two tomatoes ready to eat. It's pretty much the end of the season now.
    Too late to catch up.

    Mikie, I didn't see your earlier new porch post. Guess it got postponed. (Anybody notice the pun
    in the first paragraph? (Computer put in the bold print.) If I live to be 70 I'll never understand

    Anyhoo, Yes, I remember Mama and I remember The Life of Riley. Listened to Riley on radio and then
    watched it on TV. Peg Riley was played on both venues by Rosemary DeCamp who did lotsa radio work
    and lots of movies. She was Mrs George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy. Remember the
    big final? That's Rosemary wearing the Statue of Liberty costume. Nobody wore it

    Springwater, when you were visiting America, did you do much shopping? Any stores you especially
    liked? When your friend said she was surprised about the handcrafted birthday card from your
    daughter, did you say, "Oh, she gets it from her mother."?

    Granni, what are you singing in church? Chants from the Middle Ages? The only time I went to a
    Catholic Mass we sang "Ein Feste Burg ist unser Gott" aka Martin Luther's hymn
    "A Mighty Fortress is our God". Struck me as kinda ironic. After all, Luther was excommunicated.

    I'm having a glass of V8 juice. It's high in fiber. I'm also having a glass of apple juice.
    Forgot I already had one poured. Sigh. I do stuff like that all day long.

    As I can't see you earlier, Dear Friends, I will see you later.
  14. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to show of my carrots :p They are starting to look like actual carrots this year. The previous year I only had nano carrots, smaller then a nail, this time they are still short but a good chubby finger thick so quite an improvement. Sometimes comparison is good, my crop at least hundred folded this year no matter how little the total might be :D
    These where the previous crop size o_O
    Was wondering about something else too. I cleaned and stored away the kiddie pool for the season and am aching all over (as expected so no biggie). But this is the normal 'healthy' kind of muscle pain. Do you all experience the difference too. When I have the normal muscle pains though stiff and hard to move around like any normal person it seems to sooth the muscles and warm them in a way that almost makes it 'comfortable' in that it seems to do good to the CFS pain and nervesystem symptoms. Whilst the CFS/ME pain seems to be a cold pain that is much harder to handle. I wonder how you all experience this.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Soul - Glad that your carrots are actually growing this year. How many of them to make a meal :)??? Good luck with your carrot growing this year. Is that the only thing you are growing? I wish we had a place to grow veggies, etc. but we don't. Where we were before we had a great place for tomatoes. Lots of wonderful sun .

    I can't actually say about the pain for sure since I have pain all the time. However, I do supposed that if you stuff that is fun to do and then have pain that is a different type of pain than you will have all the time or most of the time. Speaking of pain, I go back toe chiropractor tomorrow and hope that the pain will go away sometime , at least in my neck. That is just one part for me. I've only gone 4 times and then he was gone on a vacation so we will see. Then perhaps he can tell me what I may have done wrong to make the pain crop up after lying on the Donneroll. I did it this afternoon and so far OK. We will see.

    Hi also to Rock, Dar, Spring Water Mikie, Sun and everydobby else.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    those are petite carrots, the kind that chi chi restaurants serve on the side of your plate and charge and arm and a leg. So bon appetite! It's my understanding that the size of carrots depends on the amount of rocks in the soil. Since you like to recycle do you have a compost pile for your veggie cuttings, leaves, etc.? I bought a cylinder type of composter a couple of years ago. All my vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, lawn clippings when I beg them from the neighbor's gardener, wood shavings from the local lumber yard, etc. go into it. It's been hot so back in the early part of the summer I lost a lot of earth worms. Usually all fall, winter and spring I get a good "crop" of earthworms living in my composter. Every so often I clean it out, leaving some worms to propagate and the remainder goes around plants.

    I get different types of pain. I mainly have FM though at times the fatigue is really bad. For me the FM pain is like an all over aching everywhere like a bad flu. When I do something I shouldn't have the bad myofascial pain sets in and that's when I have to take a pain pill. That's when I just wish I could fly away to Heaven. I'm very stiff and achy in the mornings for at least 2-3 hrs all the time. When I was having PT the therapist told me the only way to deal with FM pain is to move every muscle until things loosen up. I try to walk no matter how bad I feel. And I hate to admit this but I quite often make myself a cup of caffeinated coffee at 2 or 3 in the morning because of bad pain. It kinda boosts the ibuprofen or pain pill to act quicker of course that means I'll be awake for at least 2 hrs.

    Granni. I was going thru neck traction at the PT place until it was put in the wrong place when my regular PT person was on vacation. It made the TMJ flare badly two months ago and I'm still have troubles. (this whole #@$%^ started about 20 years ago when a dental assistant trainee glued my mouth shut) Last night I was sitting reading on my bed, with my head down and my jaw loudly popped......scary as I spent the night anticipating a lot of pain. I've also read that some people are given a gadget to do neck traction to stretch your neck at home. I'm thinking that this is a type of "stretching" for your neck.

    My family came over for lunch at a local restaurant and then the grandkids played in the pool. Tomorrow kindergarden and 5th grade starts for them. I told my daughter to be sure to take some pics. and movies as she starts to kindergarden. I always took pics. of my children each year as they started school again.
  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Rock,
    Re: inquiring minds

    Actually, my daughter did have an accomplice. A boy of the same age. He talked her into it. Apparently they were looking for a new "fashion statement". They used a safety razor he brought to school. Actually, nothing I could have said to her would have made her feel worse than she already felt. She was not happy with the results and felt terrible.
    Hence, my making light of the subject. She's like that. Very sensitive. She was already in tears when I asked where her eyebrows went. LOL

    As for her having a "normal" childhood, well, she was her mother's daughter. Of my four children she was the most quiet, sweet, obedient and well mannered child. But, also the most like her mother, quite the free spirit. She's darkly funny, artistic and musical. And, yes, there was further depilitation down the road.

    When she was in high school, she decided to shave both sides of her head and left the center long. Long enough to reach her shoulders. This was during her "grunge" period. I was very open about letting my children express their individuality as long as I was not able to view their underwear, no inappropriate skin was exposed, nor have to pull up their pants from round their knees.

    The down side to the head shaving was that she did it right before my mother had organized a "family picture" to be taken with the entire family in it. I wish you could've seen my mother's face in that pic. She smiled, but it was the tightest smile I'd ever seen upon her countenance. LOL Whole family got a kick out of that one. (My mother had no sense of humor that particular day). Though, oddly enough, my mother was pretty much the same about allowing us to explore our own individuality.

    I, however never shaved anything that didn't need shaving.

    Thanks for the Humor award!

    P.S. Sometime I will have to tell you about her first driving lesson. You think the eyebrows were a hoot, this is even better!

    Hope I brought a smile to your day.



    Glad you enjoyed the eyebrow story. Spent the weekend soaking, watching movies and staying flat. This will pass. I just have to get through it. Thanks for your caring words. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. That's so sad. My prayers go out to you and for your brother.


    Hi Mikie,

    I think you're right about the cumulative effects of the Lyrica. I figure it's just another one of God's little jokes. I have spent the weekend in soaks, watching movies, and flat on my back. This will get better. I just have to wait it out.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement.


    Nice Carrots!



    Feel better.

    loves Dar

    Julie and everyone else, find a happy place and wallow in it! Good for the body, mind and soul.

    loves and hugs,
  18. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Granni, I haven't weighed them yet I just ate them raw :)
    Will find out next time I harvest some, there are plenty still in the ground, I'm hoping they will grow a bit more. I have sown all kinds of vegetables but not all have sprouted or have produced crops. Different kinds of lettuce, tomatoes (first tiny ones are showing only now so might already be too late to grow out), broccoli (only leafs), cauliflower (didn't show up), peas, beans, sweet peas (only got a handful off of those three). Some herbs (not much showed up), zucchini (didn't show up) pumpkin (only two plants survived the snails but no fruits yet), eggplant, spelt, quinoa, cosmos, marigolds (only a single one showed up), potatoes (only those left over from last year showed up with big plants o_O ), caraway, fennel and probably some more things I forgot. I keep trying, even if not all works out being able to eat of the garden every now and then saves quite some money and is fun to see what works and I no for sure no chemicals are involved. I can't tend to it like I should so it has to work on it's own mostly.

    I hope you get some relief from your pain. I know what you mean about being in pain 24/7. I used to have that too for quite a few years and that pain is nothing like 'normal' muscle pain that healthy people have too when they overdo. It's a completely different ball game. I don't have fibro so I don't know what that must be like but for CFS it are two very different pains. I still wonder why sometimes I get the normal one and at other times it turns into a CFS flare. It isn't about if something was fun to do or not, it can happen in any situation so I'm still quite puzzled about it myself. Hence the question. I'm guessing that it has to do with how well I have been pacing myself beforehand that sometimes I get the normal muscle pains. They are way easier to handle.

    Sun never heard of chichi restaurants. Chichi in Hindi is dirty I believe :p I guess they play dirty games asking humongous prices. ;)
    I don't have many rocks in the soil I think, it probably just has to do with the ground still catching up for 30 years mall nutrition. Yes I do have a compost heap and I had such nice compost from it this year. It was a joy to see garbage transform into gold. I felt like a gold digger sifting the seeds and branches out of it :) It was my physical therapy to try and strengthen my arms a bit every now and then.
    I just have an open pile in the back of my garden though. Works well if I just cover up the new scraps a bit and leave it. I don't really have the strength or energy to turn it and such but time does wonders.

    Wow, coffee helps for you. To me that does the opposite, coffee goes straight to my muscles and gives me a lot of pain. I don't drink it. At some points FM and CFS are soo different.
    I used to keep the pain killers for when I had to go out but when my doctor had to change the prescription I kept getting 24/7 stomach pains. I'm doing better without now then I do with them and just gave in to pacing myself more and that has payed of in feeling better more and being able to stay happy more easily. With CFS exercising does the opposite it does to FM it seems. When I have the normal muscle pains moving a bit does help but not with CFS pains.

    Dar, oh my gosh, I had to chuckle on your daughter shaving her head just before the family picture and your mother's face, I can only imagine :D I'm with you that it is probably best to let kids experiment to a certain extent with their looks if it harms no one. I'm glad I only have to enjoy other peoples kids though and am not in charge of their upbringing :p. Best choice I ever made in my life. I once burned of part of my eyebrow above the stove. Took me a while to find out what the smell was couldn't find any burned hair until I looked in the mirror later that day. I have so much respect for the parents in this world, not a small accomplishment to steer kids to adulthood without getting into too much trouble.

    Julie good to hear about Lorraine, sensible parents! Noone got hurt so this will just be a fun memory I bet! It's so hard with these little ones, sometimes doctors overreact sometimes they don't take enough notice. My mom has been scared by the docs so much both during her pregnancy of me (was told I was twins, was told I was like a cork about to explode from the bottle) and being told I would end up in a wheel chair since I didn't walk until I was 26 months old. I walked normally for most of my life until CFS kicked in and I only used a wheel chair when I still traveled but that was nearly 30 years later. All in all I guess the best measure is the parental instinct that tells if something is really wrong or just 'part of the game'.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hey, Rock, just found the pun which was actually a typo. I try to proofread my posts but something always gets past me.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning everydobby,

    Not to much time right now to post. Trying to get ready to go to the chiro. and DH just told me that he needs the computer-great ! Sounds typical - I get on and he needs it ):!!! I can't complain since he is trying to make us some $.

    Hi to all, no time to mention.

    Julie - Happy Linds and David weren't to upset at Lorraine's haircut.

    Mikie - I have my own problems with typos. I usuallyl type to fast and don't check. Then, when I do who knows what a mess I have created. Also, for some reason sometimes some words get typed into the wrong lines and really make no sense.

    More later.