Turning on Porchlight Volume #638 !!

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    Not much time to post right now either. However, I went to the chiro this morning, concentrating on my head and neck but using machines and gadgets up and down. He said I was using my neck stretching roll thingy correctly . He said to take it slower than usual and do it every other day and stay on 5 min. until I go back again on Thursday. Hope your chiro. fixes you up real good Julie so you feel better.

    That is the funniest thing JULIE about Lorraine and the kitties. Yes, she is one to watch :)!!! If she is quiet check her out :)!! Glad you are starting to get a few things done on your own for a change,

    Need to go fix dinner . We have to eat early tonight so I can go to chorale practice. Supposed to rain today and all we have had is a few sprinkles. Geez !! So dry here,

    Love to awl,
    Granni :) Back tomorrow I hope !
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    Hi Soul,

    Glad the hairstyle faux pax gave you a chuckle. Chuckles are good for us. I so envy you your garden. Before I got sick, I always had a garden. Even after I got sick, before I went back to work I had a garden. Since I've chosen to work, I have no time or energy left to tend to a garden.

    I miss those fresh veges and herbs. I used go grow all my own herbs. For my friends, I'd dry them, pack them in mason jars, garnish them with pretty bows and things. They loved getting those fresh herbs as gifts. My cats loved the fresh catnip too. :D

    Now I just don't have the umph to work and do anything but work. My job has it's rewards though. I enjoy the independence, not having to depend on other people so much. My friends and daughters still com-a-runnin when I need help with something. But I pay my own bills, own my own home, my car and truck are paid for. And, I can help my daughter, which is most paramount. I only have one Darci. You don't get two like that one!

    As sick as she is, she still has so much compassion and empathy for others. To sit and talk with her, you'd never know she had a problem in the world. She's that kind of person. She makes me so proud. Her humor is what I like most about her. I remember, every holiday when the girls were growing up, they would come bouncing into the living room and ask what I wanted for the holiday.

    I would always say, "The same thing I ask for every holiday", "Peace and quiet". One day, when they were around 12 and 14, Darci turned to younger sister, Danna, and said, "Okay, I'll be Peace and you be Quiet"! (Danna was the louder child--listening to her cluck was riot ). I 'bout fell off the couch laughing. Darci used to love the Tigger Song from Whinnie the Pooh. Every so often she would take a mood and bounce sideways from the dining room through the living room singing The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers! She's always been a really cool kid.

    I have been so blessed to have her, know her, and to have shared her life. She was truly a gift from God. All my children are loved, and loved equally. But that one, well, I hate to admit to a favorite, but if I had one....she'd be the one. I think it's because she was always the quiet one who would just silently sidle up beside me, when I was feeling down, and just lay an arm around my shoulder and whisper in my ear, "It'll be okay Mom", when I most needed to hear it. That's my Darci. She's the only one who could put others before herself. Such blessings have I been given!

    Good luck with the garden. Hope it produces more for you before the season's done.

    Feel the breeze, smell the fresh mown grass, listen to the neighborhood dogs bark, suck life in.

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    Yay Jello! Glad it turned out. Sorry to hear Daddy wasn't able to hack all the hubub, but it sounds like he got to enjoy some of the day despite the heat.

    I think the hair decision is, perhaps, a good one.

    Stay well Julie,

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    So sorry you're hurting the way you are. I can relate. No fun at all. I so hope they can get you on a better level. Long term pain is so hard to live with. My prayers for you.

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    Good Morning everydobby :)!!

    Just popping in for a bit before DH decides we need to go work out. My workout is mostly just treadmill plus a few other weight machines. They are also on pretty low weights.

    So much has been going on here with one of the daughters, the same divorced one who is now doing AA and hopefully sometime soon will get some kind of a job. The S ---T hit the fan as they say this weekend. Not going to get into it to much but she got all of her siblings and us really upset after not paying attention to any of us when we were telling her to get a job any job to pay her bills. We found out that she had bought a car (not sure if used or new) not to long ago on time . Not sure of when she bought it if it was while she had that long temporary job but she shouldn't have done that as now she has no job to make the payment. She had had an accident and I gave her the money or part of it to get out of the shop. However, we didn't know all this time the car had been repossessed.

    Good grief ! None of us wanted to give her money $ but a few of us decided we did need to give her one last bit of help as without a car in Houston it is hard to work or get any job. We figured we needed to help her get the car out of the place they bring the repossession. She did sent a note of thank you yesterday saying she put in an application at a restaurant nearby her apartment. The last child is now with the X who had been the one with the drinking problem but never went to AA. Don't know how much he drinks now. Seems like the roles have almost switched and we had no clue. Of course she had problems with an x boyfriend that she had been with for some time. Between that and no job and other stresses other problems have surfaced. Let us says he has gotten all of us very upset at her. The boys have been through so much between their dad and now her. Glad she is going to AA at least but she really hasn't listened to our advice. I guess it may have finally sinked in what she needs to do - I think and I HOPE. Our son has been taking care of this and talking to her. He is so mild mannered and he said at one point he was yelling at her. I understand too that many times one has to hit bottom before getting back up again. Just hope she doesn't get thrown out of her apartment. She is getting some assistance though.

    Need to run for now. Love t o you awl. Need to go run with DH for a bit.
    Granni :)
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    Dar - How nice that you have always had one of your special daughters to comfort you when needed or just give you a special hug. It is great to have one like that. I know you love all of yours just as I do. No matter what any of them do, and how stupid they may act sometimes you will always love them and be there for them. Even though there may be times when you might have to step back and let them do whatever they are going to do to themselves, like one of my daughters. She has always been loving but never did have a lot of common sense at times. She is also easily led.

    Julie - Glad you got to see your Dad and that he did stay outdoors for at least some of it. I know he enjoyed you being with him. Hope all the kittens survive little Lorraine :)!!! I know those little ones even though they love them can many times handle them a bit roughly and many times almost kill them with kindness. They try to PLAY with them, and sometimes even does some things like throwing one in the water bucket. Hope there wasn't much water in the bucket. Good thing the kittie was rescued by David :)!!!,

    Hi also to Rock, SW, Sun, Joan and awl . Hope you are all well.

    Granni :)
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    Poor little kittens......poor mom and dad! Me thinks they've got a handful in Lorraine. Lucky Grandma lives close by. Did she say if she was just trying to give it a bath? It's hard for the little ones to understand that they have to be very careful.

    Granni. Sorry for all your family upsets. Sometimes we feel like tearing our hair out over something one child has done. Been there, I understand.

    It's still HOT here and humid and I hate this weather. Enough said on that except I hate to see the electric bill. I'm in a terrible flare so running the air is something I NEED. I've been trying to design and sew decorator pillows using old vintage lace, etc. I used to be able to pump out at least 3 or 4 pillows a day and now my poor brain just doesn't seem to work the same and I'm feeling so frustrated.
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    OMG Porchies, I can't believe it is that time again at the end of 638. So I'll meet you all on the other side at 639

    So nice not to have to just talk to myself or Julie or SW :)!!! he he

    Granni :)