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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Everydobby, Please check the past volume to hear from Rock, and Jole !!

    Bringing more hot cocoa with whipped cream this time along with my warm choc. chip cookies. It is damp and starting to rain out now. BRRR ! It was in the low 70's this morning buat is getting damp and chilly now and I can't take that, I'm sorry to say.

    Jole - It seldom snows here. They got or get it up north in the panhandle and other areas of TX. If we get a bit of snow like 1 " or less everyone gets all ecited and no one knows how to drive in it other than people from out west or up north. They donpt have the stuff and the machinery used for areas that get lots of snow and ice. They close the schools for ice and maybe a little snow here but it doesn;t happen to often !

    Everyone keep warm and have wonderful Christmas and days leading up to it. Do pop in if you get the chance to in yiur very busy and achey lives. Will try and get bac soon again.

    Love you all,
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The phlebotomist just left. Wouldn't you think a phlebotomist would be
    someone who studies botany? Anyhoo it is for a research project by
    John Hopkins. They are looking for a genetic tie to obsessive compulsive
    disease. They've already obtained samples from my sister in MN.

    Such a lot of to do to make all the arrangements. My sister gave the
    folks in MN my name. They called me, but didn't have the right phone
    number. So I wrote to them.

    I got a call from somebody somewhere telling me someone would come
    draw my blood. Then I got a mysterious package which I thought looked
    suspicious, so I was in the process of throwing it out. To make a long
    story short (too late for that), the package was from a doctor in MN
    connected to the project.

    Then I got a call scheduling the appointment, but Little Debbie got
    confusiated and missed same. Finally she got here today and proved to
    be efficient and painless. Whew!

    Oh yeah! We get paid. My sister gets something like $110 and I get
    $35 which I will send to her 'cause she don't gots no permanent job,
    just temps.

    Granni, Gordon is not doing anything special for Xmas. Last weekend
    he made won ton dumplings, roast beef, and some spicy dish he's taking
    to work for lunch.

    He also used his new baking sheets to make sniggerdoodles. The cookies
    burned. And the flexible silicon material bulges in the middle when it gets
    hot so some of cookies are misshapen.

    You know, cocoa sounds good. Haven't had any for ages. We had those
    powder-in-envelopes at the office, but they were pretty terrible.

    Jole, I never heard of sniggerdoodles till Gordon made them. We did have
    sugar cookies when I was a kid which are pretty much the same thing w/o
    the simmnamen on top.

    "Elderly". Yes, there was a story in the news yesterday about a poor old
    man whose wife died. And then it came to me. He's my age. So we're
    both poor old men. SOL

    I think Clinton was the first President who was younger than I.

    Yup, those teeth are a problem all right. So are the plates that replace
    them. Took mine out in Oct and threw them. Now my plates are really

    Oops! Just realized I'm typing on the board and not in my e mail box.
    I'd better quit before all goes Poof!

    (Punctured, but still trudging on. Like all of us here.)
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - phlebotomist sounds to me like someone who would check
    sputum, lol. dunno why.

    i wish i could offer myself up as a sample. for ocd. i daydream too much.

    Jole - so good to read your post. its true we never think of ourselves as
    elderly etc the first time a young girl called me 'aunty' i was so mortified.
    now, i just try and make sure no one has a reason to call me 'grandma'
    before my time.

    Granni - tks for always stepping up to the plate and opening the porch.
    at least most of the time.

    dont tire yourself over Christmas now, with all your dos and performances.

    the food all of you are preparing sounds yummmmmmmm!

    yesterday had a energy slump but in afternoon forced myself to get up
    have that body and hair bath and go to this temple a ways off in another
    city. well its an hours journey by bus, but its a different city.

    felt happy i achieved that.

    felt angry comng back, night fell down.hahahaha the son disturbed me when i was typing and i wrote night fell down.

    well the night fell and it was dark on way back. i like to get back home by 5pm because thats the time the help comes and does the dishes and all. if im late she gets late too. so i feel grumpy and irritated.

    teh daughter sent me my lip plumper ive been using it and pouting. she also sent my son a batch of guitar picks with my sons face printed on them. never knew one could do that. son is thrilled. teh dh is less thrilled with his calvin klein bought at a sale tie. because he likes loud and its sober. black and white and traditional. but refused to give it to his younger brother when i suggested it.

    right the fingers are getting numb.

    take care all

    God Bless.

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH will be home soon and then he will need the puter again.

    Julie - So sorry to hear that the hospital staff now think your dad is ready for hsopice. Of course, like they say maybe he will imporove after some one on one care. Glad you got to relax at least by rocking your babies :)!! Wish I has some to rock. They are all to big !!

    Hi SW and Rock !! I have finished my singing obligations so can do some more relaxing and just help with Christmas dinner at daughters house. I just need to write an occasional card from someone who has written to me and I didn;t/. I need to go write to them. Trying to cut down on my cards. Most I will or may never see again or for some time. We had our Christmas luncheon Party yesterday afternoon ( our small group). We had a good time and wonderful food.

    DH is home so I need to pop out again. Hope to talk to you all later.

    Teacher - where are you and hope you are doing OK ! You too Elaine !!

    Love everydobby,

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Had a quiet day. Well, all my days are quiet. At least for the last several years.
    Gordon took potato salad to work for the Xmas potluck. He added lemon juice
    to the mayo and purposelessly left out the mustard. It was still good; not too tart. I was glad to see he brought some home for me.

    Julie, "The night fell down" made me think of "The Night the Bed Fell" by
    James Thurber. I read it when I was a teen and have reread it every now
    and then since. Never fails to make me laugh.

    Did the Amish sing the usual carols? Any in German? The Amish moved into
    my old neighborhood, but it was after I moved away so I have not had any
    contact with them. But in my MN hometown one can sign up for a tour and
    buy Amish made gifts at the old depot, now a gift shop.

    Is your singing tour over, Granni? I only do 4 Christmas cards now. I sent
    3 Christmas e mails last night. My aunt has no computer, so she will get
    an actual card once I get up the energy to send it.

    Springwater, the reason phlebotomist suggests "sputum" is because
    phlebotomist also suggests "phlegm". As someone who reviewed thousands
    of medical reports and records, I can authoritatively tell you that "phlegm" is
    the most misspelled word in medicine.

    Have to go out and bring Zippy in. He is in the backyard, and the temp is in
    the low 40s. He has velvet to lie on and a velvet blanket, but I'm not letting him stay out there even if he does want to. He seems to think he's a husky.

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - sorry you haven't head anymore about your cousin but hope that he is getting better. Would love to see your projects that you are doing. Yes, the Old Victorian homes should look so beautiful all decorated up.

    Julie - How nice that someone will be there with your dad and mom as they eat dinner together. I am wondering about that to about taking away all those meds that were trying to help his memory. Of course it coule be that once they (the meds) get to a certain point they may not help any more. However, it would be good to ask the doctor or nurse.

    Rock -

    Went to the Verizon store this morning to update my CP. It is just a plain flip top one. It does take pics and can text and e-mail but that is extra money to pay every month so did not sign up for that. I just mainly need it for phone calls in and out. This one is really updated so trying to check everything out on it. I tried to put a new ring tone on it but they didn't have the ones from the other phone. I had a hard time making a decision. I finally found one that was pretty good called - LULLABY !!! Hope I can hear it when someone calls :)!!

    Spring Water - Hope you are feeling OK and have at least a little bit of NRG. I am thinking about all the food and dumplings someone was making for an occasion. They sounded so good to me.

    Rock - Speaking of food , with Gordon there you both will not have a problem not having enough food !!! Hope you, and Gordon are feeling well and that your computer behaves itself so you can use it when you want it, so we wonpt worry :)!!! Computers are like cats- they can be rather finicky :)!!

    I just love to get Christmas cards with notes and sometimes pictures in them too. That makes all the card writing all worthwhile. I just finsihed reading some that came today.

    Thinking about everydobby and hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas. It doesn;t seem like Thursday alreay. This is the first time Christmas actually comes on a Sunday, in a long time that I can remember.

    Hope to hear from Carla, Linda, Teacher, Jole, Elaine and all the other MIA Porchies. Hope that Elaine is doing better in all ways.

    I'm finished with as much as I am going to do for Christmas, other than perhapp a card or two from someone I didnt send to before. I also have to make two dishes to bring to our daughters and will go to 7 PM Mass on Christmas Eve. It always feels so weird when I am not singing in the choir. Our choir will not be singing for it. They will be singing for the Midnight Mass. I had to tell our director last year why I couldn't do so. He has been very understanding. Maybe some more later if I get the chance to.

    Love and many blessings to you awl,

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    It felt like Christmas just now, logging in as soon as the lights came on and
    finding a bunch of posts from all of you, including Linda who has been MIA
    for a while.


    I hope Teacher, Elaine, Mr. Bill C, Joanie, & all of our lovely porch
    people are fine.

    Cant stay just now because got some errands to do. Will pop in back later.
    Probably tonight.

    Love you all

    God Bless
  8. jole

    jole Member

    Thanks for the cocoa and cookies, Granni. Glad you're finishing up and taking a day or two to relax a bit before Christmas.

    Rock, I had no idea OCD was genetic in any way. It must be exciting to be part of a study though and feel like you might make a difference down the road for someone else.
    Was happy to hear about those baking sheets. I saw them advertised and thought about ordering them. Sounds like I saved myself some money.

    Spring, 'night fell down' reminds me of performances when they drop the curtain at the end.......lol. Funny how each of us picture different things from three little words! Sounds like your DD has a gift for finding wonderful presents. Well, other than the tie.

    Julie, my mother was also in Hospice a few years ago, and I know how difficult this all is. I stayed with her the last 4 months, and it was the most emotional time of my life. You will always question your judgement/decisions later, no matter how well intentioned they are now. Just know you're doing your best, as is everyone else, and put the rest in the Lord's hands. As for the medications, sometimes once they're in Hospice, they tend to take away all but life-sustaining drugs, so you might question them on that also. If I remember right, it's still your choice to keep them on whatever you wish them to have.

    Georgia, your knitting sounds so relaxing. I did some crocheting for Christmas gifts, and forgot how enjoyable it was. For a few years I couldn't concentrate enough to do it, so found out my cognition has improved somewhat.

    Lin, good to see you again. Sounds like you've been through some rough times also with family members. We are now (many of us) the older generation...hard to accept how quickly that happened.

    I'm looking forward to Christmas with 4 out of 5 of our kids/spouses/grands. Will be much more relaxing this year, so hopefully I'll actually remember some of the conversation, and get some good pics of the kids.

    Wishing you all (present or momentarily missing) a Beautiful Holiday Season, and a wonderful New Year! Hugs...Jole
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  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello folks here I am again. Its 12 midnight here and I just got up from
    A snooze I took at 8pm.

    Linda – good good good to see you pop in! Sending out prayers for your
    Dear mum. We all deal with our parents and their ups and downs don’t we?
    And our kids. Life seems to be on long journey of sharing the goods and bads.

    Jole – your Christmas is not going to be a quiet one by any means, lol, with
    Most of your kids with you. Sounds so lovely. Are you grands coming too?
    Its going to be uproarious then!

    Julie - wish i could see master Urkel strutting his stuff in that smart jacket of his!

    About your father, in these situations, all we can do is make the decision that seems most right to us given the options, pray hard that we are guided to do the right thing, and then leave it in Gods hands.
    Please try not to stress too much.

    Im sure wrapping keiras and Raines presents must be fun!

    Rock - A velvet blanket and mat for Zippy! that boy lives in luxury and what with Gordons cooking and your care, he lives on the fat of the land and lives like a king. Id trade places with him anytime!

    Gail - how are you? Are your children going to be with you and your dh this Christmas?

    I know you must be caring for your dear mother right now.
    Try not to get too stressed out. you and dear Julie both.

    Well, I hope i didnt forget anyone. These brain cellsdont work too well at past midnight. shud really be in bed.

    Today i got up ugh. I crashed after going to dinner at friends and have been sluggish all through. Too many things coming at once. Got to make daughters clothes, some repair on her dress zipper and stitching of a saree blouse and some such and the person taking it leaves so soon.
    Then my cousin from Tibet has arrived and have to start making preparations to meet him. he is a high monk. Then one of Chinese friends guest couples at the dinnerwanted to give a return dinner outside and called us but i made an excuse; I am really shot with the entertaining and socializing thing.

    This nmorning after feeling horrible on energy all morning, picked myself up in mid morning and rushed out,bought ingreediments and hurriiedly cooked two dishes to take to chinese friends ma inlaw
    by way of treat.

    made marinated chicken salad and prawn curry. i blessed the supermarket nearby where i could get most of the ingredients.

    i was in such a rush to get the cooking done and delivered that my kitchen looked like a tornado had rushed thru it.

    didnt bother. just left it as it was and rushed out to their home.
    my friend tasted a little and told me both dishes had turned out delish.

    was so relieved. ive neve4r made prawn before. took the recipe out from the internet.

    a frustrated computer gremlin is giving me some trouble or trying to so forgive if it turns up.

    stupid nuisance.

    her ma in law was napping but came up and was nice. she is an A type personality and has little patience for unhealthy sickly people, but i could sense good vibes this time. maybe she read up on cfs depression or something.

    my friend too. she was so happy i brought the dishes. didnt seem to mind i hadnt called themover.

    anyways, im really happy i achieved this much. needless to say i was popped and slept when i got home after washing some of the dishes and restoring my kitchen counter to some order. the help made the dinner so i was ok.

    Everybody, merry christmas, wishing you all joy,love, health and a right good ole time!

    God Bless

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  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I've been gone all day visiting a friend whose husband had been very ill and pased away yesterday I believe at home. I got a call from her daughter in law who were going to the funeral parlor to make all the arrangements. She said she might need a friend to talk to so i called and then went over. It is a VERY long story and ended up with a heart attack. Some of the problems were caused we believe by bad decisions made by at least one of the doctors. I just went over and chatted with her and let her talk about whatever she wanted to. I had heard many of the stories before but that's OK. The funeral will be next Friday morning.

    I feel very strange aboaaut not having to sing for Christmas this year due to its late hour, Last year I sang with the Lifeteen Mass I think it was called.

    This year we will just go to the 7 pm Mass. Not sure if DH will get into the ushering, etc. like he usualy does but they might have that already taken care of.

    Going to eldest daughters for Christmas day and bringing two dishes. So I will have to put some of it together tomorrow and bake one Christmas day before we leave. The other is a dalad I had never made. Hope i have enough stuff. It is also a new recipe I had never tried. My daughter mentioned she wanted a fancy salad with walnuts, apples, cranberries, etc. Also possibly feta cheese - not a cheap salad :)!! Will get to see two of our grandsons, the grandauaghter is off in Australia visiting a friend of hers - wow what a trip !! She is sr. and will graduate this coming year from High School. Then on to college.

    How nice to see Jole and Linda. Hope some more Porchies pop by. I miss so many of them. Hope to pop in some tomorrow but if I don't, I hope everydobby has a wonderful Christmas- peaceful, happy and healthy.

    Hi also to Rock, and Spring Water. Glad things are going pretty well for you both. Keep it up my dear friends !!!

    Julie - Hope all goes well for you and the family at Christmas. So much responsibility is on you !

    Teacher- Hope you are feeling OK andjust busy this time of year. Haven't heard from you in SOOO long it seems.

    Love to awl,

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Wow, I can't believe it is almost Christmas Eve. I've been getting food ready to bring to daughter's house for Christmas dinner or lunch tomorrow and realized i did not have the apples to put in the salad. Well, it is to late and raining and I am not going to fight the crowds to get two apples. I probably would be on line forever and having to park in the boonies in the rain with the crowds.

    I fixed the cranberry vinegarette for the greens tomorrow and roasted some of the walnuts like the recipe said to do. I have mixed greens and spinach salad greens. DH says he doesn't like the mixed greens as much and not sure they had them in Sams when he went. I picked up some in WM also.

    Then, I fixed the potato casserole that calls for frozen hashed browns or Obrien potatotes, cr of chicken soup, sour cream, grated cheddar and melted butter. The butter I am using is really Smart Balance which is mixed with olive oil. I will bake it tomorrow before leaving.. That is a pretty rich dish so I substituted low or reduced fat sour cream and low fat cr of chicken soup so it should not be as heavy and better for you. We will see how it tastes tomorrow. DH has been trying to cut down on his bad cholesterol and up the good. Not to sure how to do that. I did regular grated cheese, not low fat.

    (Lowering the bad and upping the good) I know not so much red meat . He loves meat and used to always have two of everything unless the steak was really large. Then he would probably eat off it anyway . He usually eats 2 pork chops or whatever we are eating so now I have tried to cut back to one each.

    It is cold and rainy. I wish I did not have to get all dressed up for church with the rain and cold (in the 40's). I will wear a dressy sweater and black pants, better than I feel like right now in my jeans and sweat shirt.

    Have to eat dinner early so we can get a seat in church. So many people go on these Holy Days that do not go at other times so have to go early. Usually I do not have to worry as I sit in the choir but not doing the Midnight Mass thing, cant do it.

    Will probably get back later either later tomorrow or Monday. It is weird having Christmas on a Sunday. It is going to be rainy all weekend they say and maybe monday too. We do need it but hope now it doesnpt rain to hard. Have to drive into the big crowded city tomorrow. Oh well, it will be a nice time I know.

    Thinking of you all on this blessed night and day tomorrow !!

    Love to everydobby,

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Bit hectic, lights just came on.

    Ive got my daughter's clothes from the boutique, got repairs and stitching of her saree stuff done and so relieved! her friend is leaving today so i was doubting whether they would be able to do it in time. now i just have to pack them up and my dh will take it to the boy.

    now off for some lunch before i leave to drop off the stuff at dhs office.

    Julie - truly exciting about your new house! i too felt suffocated in my ma in laws place. and value my freedom here. good luck with the building and all.

    Granni - looks like a busy ole time coming up. i wouldnt be ale to be at midnight mass myself. seems like you have got all the cooking under control. yummy.

    Everybody, take care and have a good time

    God Bless
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Zippy and and I up. We just had a snack. Am trying Zippy on some new kibble
    for senior dogs. I had a zucchini sauteed in Blue Bonnet margarine w/
    Parmesan cheese. A gourmet treat.

    Gordon made two cakes y-day for his brother to take to a potluck. They were
    the kind you make w/ white cake mix and pistachio pudding in a bundt pan.
    I sorta figured bundt pans were from the old world, but I read some years ago that the inventor had died. He was from Minnesota.

    Julie, Dennis was really polite to stand on the porch in Iowa winter weather. I
    woulda gone back in for warm clothes. How does Urkle feel about his Xmas
    coat? I suspect Zippy would be trying to squirm outta one.

    That's exciting news about the new house. Hope all goes well. Will Dennis
    be doing most of the work? Personally I have trouble installing a battery.

    Granni, your potato casserole sounds good. My ancestors were Irish and
    German and Norwegian. All those folks eat lots of potatoes. The Norskies even
    make liquor from potatoes. Called aquavit; similar to vodka.

    Your salad sounds kinds like Waldorf salad, named after the Waldorf hotel and featured in a "Fawlty Towers" episode.

    Jole, I don't know if they've found a genetic connection to OCD or if they are
    still looking. I didn't even know my sister was OCD until last month. Sounds
    like you'll be having a nice family get together. I'd be doing the same thing except my family lives far away and they're not very nice. SOL (Smilin' out loud.)

    Always good to hear from you, Linda. I was looking at old e mails and
    what not recently. Had several from Mr. Dad 1-2 years ago. I wrote to him
    that I'd found a book about the painted ladies in San Francisco at a garage sale. He said his son lived just around the corner from them.

    Yes, you're right. The cycle of life goes on. Of course, it eventually goes on w/o us. But that's OK. Be kinda teejus if it just went on and on.

    Springwater, sounds like you are struggling to keep up with things as you always
    do. I could never cope w/ all those festival and family visits and obligations. Wouldn't even try. Give your DH a paint set. Let him decorate his tie hizownself.

    Well, in the languages of some of my ancestors: Merry Christmas, God Jul,
    Frohliche Weihnachten, Nollaig Shona Dhuit!

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    whether you are really celebrating anything or not. I am just waiting for it to be time to leave to go to my eldest daughters in the big city :)!! My casserole finished baking and my salad awaits. I bought way to much salad stuff but will will eat a lot of it when we get home. I only doubled the recipe for the vinegarette made with cranberries too. Hope everyone likes it. I had to blend the cranberries with onion salad oil basalmic vinegar, a little sugar and mustard. I got to use my small mixer/blender or whatever you call it. I never use my big one anymore or very rarely.

    Almost time to go but wanted to sy hi and Merry Christmas to all celebrating and my love to those not doing so anyway :)!!

    Rock - thanks for your post which inspired me to pop in for a quickie hello. Sorry, I have to go now. We have been having lots of rain on and off. i hope it is off, at least till we get there & then return.

    Hugs and love to everydobby,

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    so that is a good thing. If it had been raining DH would have been complaining about it the whole way. I do understand and hate to drive in rain too and or bad traffic but sometimes he does tend to go on and on. We did have a wonderful time at eldest daughters home. The middle daughter was even able to make it which I am glad of.

    Daughter's in laws were there too who are a lot of fun. The grandkids too but the boys are so grown up now - 13 they just go and do their own thing. Grandaughter is in Australia visiting her good friend. What a lucky kid and brave to go so far away by herself. We got some cute coasters with pictures of the kids inside , very cute and funny of their first day of school this year. No smiles except for the granddaughter. Then one had them all smiling. A very cute idea and gift. I gave almost everyone gift cards.

    Not sure if it is going to rain tomorrow or now. We'll see, if not we will be working outside raking leaves - yuck.

    Our grandson called his mother today and gave the date for his bootcamp graduation and run which we will go up for. It is close to the time when we were going to go to the Hill Country wine trail so DH says he will not go to both. So, we will just go to the graduation. We promised we would go so we need to do that for him and we look forwards to seeing him.

    Julie - How biog is the shop you were talking about and how much room will Den be having to make for you guys? Sounds like you will be in a small area, is that true? My DH can't make much of anything much with his hands. You are lucky that Den is so handy !! How far along is Lindsey? How much time does Den have to fix a room or so for you?? Are you going to make just a room or keep adding on what you need from the shop? I guess you have enough land to build on. Hope you have a great day with your parents tomorrow, Julie. Yes, you are truly blessed. You are all a loving family.

    It is getting late and I need to go take a shower and wind down from the day. Hope everyone had a wonderful day and felt well enough to enjoy it with family and friends.

    Thinking of all my dear Porchie friends, inc those who have not posted in some time.

    Love to all,

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Short post to say hi.

    Did everyone have a good Christmas?

    Im swamped by social obligations. coming out of the blue.

    one cousin and his family ffrom Tibet; one cousin bro monk of dhs

    come from India.

    yet to meet both.

    son was invited to the usual dinner at a hotel by dhs cousin monk. he

    didnt want to go but i asked him to.

    went all right im guessing. he had his other cousins there so.

    and my BIL.

    my MIL had told me to come see the new washing machine her son had

    installed and she said if i liked, she would make him buy another one for us.

    (meaning just help to go out and buy, not the payments, :) )

    but ive been too run off my feet.

    and rather have the dh repair stuff here than spend on a washing machine

    when i have a help who i pay to wash.

    im just wondering why she made the offer at all. fishy.

    spoke to daughter and let her know her stuff is on its way. couldnt hear above

    the din her friends were making. she was at boston at her friends dorm in

    friends university.

    ive been feeling very weepy. m,aybe i need magnesium.

    right lights bout to go.

    take care all

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hope everydobby had a nice Christmas. If not, hope it was at least

    Here are a couple of jokes I came across; might be suitable for Teacher's
    kids. Of course, some kids are afraid of Santa. They have Claustrophobia.

    What happened to the kid who ate some decorations from the Xmas tree?
    He got tinselitis.

    Your hot dish and salad sound delish, Granni. Gordon bought some
    dried cranberries the other day. I forgot what he was gonna do with them.

    I did something new y-day. I planted two scallions. Reminds me of when I
    was a Boy Scout. The scouts planted lots of trees. Hundreds of them.
    Maybe thousands. They (the trees) were a few inches tall. Now they'd be over half a century old.

    Springwater, hope you can get your washing machine fixed. I read on the net
    a few months ago that the scrub board was the earliest washing machine.
    Of course that's not true. A machine has to have moving parts. But that
    definition may be modified now that we have machines that move electrons

    Hope you get some energy. I sure couldn't keep up w/ all your social
    and family obligations. Ha! I wouldn't even try.

    Well, I think it's time for Zippy and me to have our mid-night snack. He
    can have some of his new kibble. I'll finish the hash Gordon made y-day.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Even though some days I think I am talking to myself here :)!!

    Rock - Hope all is well with you.

    Spring Water - so you need a new washing machine. Wish I could help you with that. Hope you are feeling a little better than you were, less weepy and more NRG !! I know in my life time there have been many things we have just had to live with and keep fixing so as not to have to keep buying. Yep, money surely doesn't grow on trees, as they say.

    Georgia - Thanks for stopping by. Glad things are going fine for you and Gpa.
    I'm not sure I know what a pazole is. Could you explain it? It sounds Italian. Is it a dissert or a main dish choice? Glad you cousin is out of the hospital but sorry he has to be in the nursing home. Sometimes people are in there for just awhile to ge their strength and coordination back again . So they can go home again but unfortunatly, many times I know they discharge them faster than they should be, do to insurance companies many times. Sounds like you are ver busy with your knoitting. That is wonderful to keep busy doing that.

    Julie - Hope you are doing OK with your parents and Den's dad and all. Hope everyone is feeling well right now, no more sicknesses, etc. Miss hearing from you but I know you really have your hands full right now or should I say most of the time.

    Haven't put away any of the Christmas stuff as we will be having a small gathering on Thursday.

    Missing so many Porchies - Elaine, Carla, Linda, Mickey, Teacher, Jole and many others.

    Love to you all,

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Sorry to hear that Linds is still having morning sickness. However, if she is doing a little better that is good. Somehow, I never had any morning sickness with my 5 kids, lucky I guess. I did have a tummy problem at one time but I think it was more viral than morning sickness. I know that my MIL was sick every day she was pregnant, when she was having my DH. That surely is NO fun at all. Maybe she will be lucky and it will stop at 3 months, which is a few weeks away.

    Your new home sounds like you will have plenty of room. The sounds pretty good without the add ons you will be doing. You are so lucky Den is so handy with stuff like that. You save so much money !!!! When does Den think he will be done, by the time the new baby comes for Lindsay?

    Glad things are going OK for your dad right now and getting more help. Maybe with more help (one on one) he can get to a point where he needs less help. One can always hope !!

    Not much else going on here. The Christmas stuff is done but can't put away yet since a few friends are coming oover tomorrow ight for dinner. Everyone eill bring something. So, that is good. Afterr that we cna start putting stuff away. Then my DH will be happy and things back in order :)!! Thawing a small turkey breast that we had in the freezer. We will also have shrimp and small meatballs. There should also be salad, a green veggie ( I think she said), baked veggies that sounds really good, and a dessert. I may also make a frozen apple pie that I have on hand.

    Need to start vacuuming the house and making some order for tomorrow evening.

    Love to everydobby,

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Lights just came on..yay!

    Rock - i love scrub boards; takes me back to my childhood when we
    had one and a wooden 'beater'. i remember beating the heck out of
    our clothes. and crushing a few buttons here and there. I and my mum
    both used to sing out loud when washng. I wonder if that also got passed
    down the genes like ocd and the inability to form enough serotonin in the
    brain/gut. like most houses then, we used to wash our clothes outside the main
    house, and lots of neighbours could hear but we didnt care. i had the one
    school uniform dress and used to come back, take off my socks and wash
    them and my dress collar every day after getting back from school. our
    town was not called 'windiest place in district ' for nothing. Both clothing
    items used to be dry by next morn.

    Julie - your excitement about your new house is catching. i just love that
    you can plan from scratch and have it just the way you like. my dh doesnt
    share my enthusiasm for house designing or whatever, our sink in the kitchen
    is 20 years old and is in throes of falling to pieces but i can see he doesnt want to replace it. he would rather have a washing machine just because MIL has
    one i suppose.

    Granni - good to hear you had a splendid time with family and g kids and all.
    Like your dh Im nervous of driving in rain too. Im nervous in a car, period.
    rain or shine. and everyone in the family knows.

    Georgia - i wish there were some way sick elderly people didnt have to go
    and have to be cared for in hospices/nursing homes. But the care there is better
    than the overworked people at home rushing around going to work and llooking after their relatives.

    The model of old age hospices has not yet caught on here, due to the joinnt family structure and there always being non working relatives on hand to help out, but with the economy the way it is, and more and more couples working,
    Im sure there must be some here and there. Its inevitable.

    stayed home yesterday and got in some cleaning. n ot enough but some.

    well, off to face the day.

    God Bless[This Message was Edited on 12/28/2011]

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