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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I had to hurry up the change the light bulb and then make some more choc chip cookies for B?C and who ever else wants some.

    Please check the last volume for the adventures of Teacher, SW and Joan.

    Hope everydobby has a good whatever is left of the weekend,. I really need to start thinking about what I ama going to pack for my trip for dauaghters on Tuesday.

    I've been busy trying to line up my meds, supps and vits. ow I have to figure out my clothes. What a pain ! The trip will be fun I know but I will be busy there I know inc. helping her wash and straightening up the house ! I'm no Suzy Homemaker but it seems that most of my girls do as little or as much as they can get away with , other than my eldest girl :) !!

    They all work though exscept for one so I know it is hard when you work have kids, and have to clean house, do laundry, etc,.etc.

    Gotta run for now. Hope to check in tomorrow before I leave on Tuesday. Just got back awhile ago to a nice soup and salad brunch after church. it was sooo good, shrimp and everything, great salads, lobster and shrimp bisque. Oh my it was soo good. I am so fu I can hardly move now but need to do something besides go fold clothes in the drier.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Granni's does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one. She's very capable.

    Woke up at 8. Did my blood sugar testing. Recorded that and the taking of
    my meds.

    Gordon has two pots of sphagnum moss soaking in the kitchen. he uses it
    for his orchids. So I thought I'd write him a silly e mail about that new pasta
    tastes pretty good.

    Heard a cat at the window. looked outside and it was dark. Finally dawned on
    me that it was Sun. night and not Mon morning. This kind of goofiness is getting
    more and more prevalent. Pretty soon they will have to cart me off to the Home
    for the Not Quit With it Anymore.

    HaHa! There was a radio program in the 30s and 40s. One episode featured
    the Home for the Tall. Was this a comedy program? Yup. Sometime later there
    was a reference to the Home for the Bald. They don't write programs........

    Don't know how you cope w/ all those family gatherings and festivals, Springwater.
    Years ago I reached the point where I wouldn't even make an effort.

    Julie, I'm sorry you have to go back to work so soon. This business of a special diet
    is for the pits. Or perhaps the pit of the stomach. I dunno. I want a coke and
    some fudge and some of Granni's choc chip cookies and etc. I am getting fed up
    so to speak w/ not eating what I want.

    Cat at the window again. Instead of saying, "Is that you, Mama?", I said
    "Is that you, Granni." Land O Goshen! I'm getting loonier by the day.

    Teacher, are your eyes better? There was a period where I used to wake up
    and have spots flashing for the first 5-10 minutes of the day. For some reason
    that went away. Maybe due to the grapeseed extract.

    Well, I've rattled along enough. Maybe more than enough. Big hugs for



    BILLCAMO New Member

    Humor is the best medicine/////\\\\\

    It takes 2 women & 1 man to change a light bulb....

    2 Women to hold the man up....& 1 man to screw the bulb out & in....;>0 lol.. (Now where the h*** did that ladder go......?) :>)

    Had some "excitement" today....a brush fire started just west & north of me.... it grew quickly..the wind made it "interesting"..Wasn't much help , but , I did what I could to help my friends & neighbors around me.

    None of my friends & neighbors I tried to help had any serious damage..other than nerves....

    From what I saw , when I got back , it is a good thing I put a sprinkler on my roof before I left......live sparks only landed on there.....

    Blessings ,


  4. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Cut the grass this morning so hands are shot. Won't be able to stay on long.

    Rocky, what kind of sauce did you put on your pasta?

    Bill, I think you need to give up the jokes. Have another cookie!

    Julie, I'm sorry your stomach is hurting. Colitis is downright annoying. I've watched my mother live with it all my life. She's got it under control now, for the most part. But I CAN tell you that most of her flares are caused by stress. Hmmm.............

    Spring, your social schedule wears me out. Seriously, do any married women work? It doesnt' sound like they'd be able to!

    Granni, try not to clean anything whlie you're gone. You're there to have fun NOT WERK!

    Goatie, keep on ignoring those non-compassionate people in your hospice class. They are not worth your energy. Get Elaine in there to handle them for you if they persist in bugging you.

    Joan, don't get upset with me. I dug out my old glasses and I could see the computer better. Imagine my embarassment when I realized that you WENT to a fair, not HAD an affair!

    Speaking of glasses.

    The dilation has gone away. I am seeling better through my bifocals. Still having trouble adjusting to the reading though.

    Can see pictures on the computer, but can't read the words yet. I'll have to ask about that. Until then, I'm keeping my old specs handy.

    Gonna go get a new batch of meds today. Woo hoo!

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Trying to finish washes, pack, make lunch for DH and whatever else I can think of. Might not be here this afternoon or evening but will try. Have to wash my hair, finish packing, etc., etc.
    Julie - take care of yourself and your family. I know you will do that !

    Rock - Thanks so much for your kind words. However, sometimes I do not feel so competent.

    Teacher - I will try not to work to hard., it is mostly washes and maybe some dusting, etc mostly. Trying to make some order :) ! I have enough of it in my house but try to hide it.

    Will try to check back but if I can;'t just remember I love ryou all and will be back at the end of the week.

    Hugs to everydobby and try and stay cool !!

  6. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Went to the dentist this a.m and he said that I really take good care of omy teeth! bUT i go in Wed. for cleaning----$250-----. Then later =coupkle monthes from now, I go for fillings---$275. then the paper said---crown-----$850!!!! I think he said I wouldn't have to do that. i'm not!!!!!!! Way too expensive.

    Of all things, I guess I told you I am going to theraphy for SPEECH!!!! My mouth gets dry and leips don't work well. Speech therapy is only for teens or kids! Didn't tell my friends that! Think I'm nuts anyway!

    i had several things that I needed to do medically so decided to get started. Nexr week, D and hubby wilil be here and take me 50 mi. to Audiologist. my hearing aids, which were Harley's aren't picking up things as well as they did so to have another hearing test. hope she can get them adjusted to so I can hear better.

    I have pain around my nose, of all places! tghought maybe teeth caused it. Nope, said he didn't know---Why do I hear those words so often??? Maybe sinus. Too embarasses to go to PCP. He'll think I am crazy too.

    Got to talk to friend. She said son got to go to chatauqua (they have a cottage there that has been in family 4 generagtions) and just sit on porch a bit. Then exhausted. I told her over and over that if she just wanted to talk, please call me! She said she would and would probablhy come over sometime. I am so happy that she trusts me to just listen, not talk.

    To those on FB. Maybe you have read that son and DIL afre h aving 2 orphans from the Phillipines arrive tomorrow. They will be there for a month, then go back and if all works out OK, S and DIL will adopt them. Look for "Chris Clark" and she has a blog that will tell about the nextr month. So excited. Could have 2 new grandchildren. They have always lived in the orphanage---mom took each there as soon as they were born. They are brother and sister, 9 and 8. Never seen a kitchen!!!!--- Never seen how food is prepared. Oh so many things that will be new. I pray that all goes well for the next month. i'm excited about their arrival tonight.

    Julie: Like Art Linkletter's old show said---"Kids say the darndest things". They come up so many cute sayings. I thought ketshup was a great answer tio many things.!!

    Granni: Now don't you work all the time!!! relaz---or have you forgotten how? remember------that means REST. Have a great time.

    Teacher; I laughed and laughed when you said "affair"! Yes, I went to the FAIR!! To old to have an affair----LOL Yes, I know about glasses! I can't see the comp. in the ones that I have. Oh yes, I have an appt. in Aug. with my eye Dr.! Think that takes care of me from head to toe. No, I guess I'm not going that far down!!

    Rock: I sometimes come in from sun to see these whitish spots floating around. Isn't there always something?

    Julie: I hope that your tummy begins to feel better soon! That's a shame. I remember when I was little hearking my dad say he had colitis. didn't know what it was! Now is a time when you want to feel especially well, don't you? enjoy your little baby and Keira---might take you mind, if possible, off that stomach ache.

    I am tired and so thirsty.May have storms this evenking. Hope not.

    Sorry if I missed talking to you----my mind gets tired! Now that is stupid! LOL Luv to all and to all you MIA's.

    Take care and where is Pippi?????????

    Gentle Hugs,


    BILLCAMO New Member

    if my last post offended anyone....

    Still can't find the cookies or my ladder....;>) I need an eye exam & new glasses. :>)

    Used a chair to put in a new light bulb.......LOL....

    Seriously now , the damage from the fire is still being accessed. Some "minor injuries" to people , one "abandoned" mobile home , some "out buildings" & 1 fire engine that broke down and got caught in the fire....All the personnel escaped the fire engine destruction with only minor problems. Could have been a lot worse.....

    Blessings ,

  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to imply that your last post was offensive. I was just trying to get to to stop telling bad jokes. ;) Didn't mean to stir you up.

    I'm glad your home is fine and that you had the energy to help out your neighbors. That was very kind of you.

    Sit down in this nice comfy rocker. Jerome will bring you a whole paper plate of cookies and a big glass of milk.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    I'm not stirred up.....I just can't find the cookies.....LOL

    [Now , THAT upsets me.........:>)]

    Sometimes , I feel , the only thing that keeps me "semi-sane" is my sense of humor. Some like it & some don't.....but.....no offense is meant !

    These DD's are TOTALLY unfair ! We all just do our best to survive our challenges....................

    Hugs back to y'all !

    Blessings ,

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Ive been trying to post since yesterday and the fatigue! I open up the board and stare at
    everybodys post but my fingers refuse to type.

    Earlier this evening I had such a frightening attack of the blues, zero energy and so so down
    it felt like i was wading thru thick mud just getting around, never mind trying to focus. I took
    some magnesium and now its sorta got a bit better, but...why Lord, why?

    anyways i ve been and gone on those two outings i had...the wedding and the dinner to
    DHs friend with my daughter. Both turned out good. I was all right, tho the feeling of anxiety
    at my depression is still there beneath all the smiling and socializing.

    My DH had to go out on a trip out of town so i had to attend a meeting of the locality
    and got late for the dinner. I met up with daughter at 7:15 outside a restaurant, because
    she was meeting friends after work, she gave me a dirty look because i was a full half an hour late and from there we walked to the restaurant where we'd been invited. There was another
    couple there who are settled in the USA and are back home to visit relatives, their little daughter is volunteering at a school here and there was another friend of DHs and the host. All three men and my DH did their college in India together so there was a lot of reminiscing and they were even threatening to take the mike after 10:30 pm when the band is allowed to rest.
    Apparently they used to sing back in college.

    The hosts wife works in the British Council here and the other lady also is a working lady and i was feeling a bit anxious especially since one of the gentlemen asked me what i was doing and
    it was funny answering that i stay home. nowadays i seem to be one of the disappearing species of ladies who dont hold jobs and earn their own money. But it was all right, my DHs friends wife is a lovely lovely lady who i know for years now since she attended our marriage and the other lady too was very sweet. When we were leaving, one of DHs friends gave my
    daughter a huge compliment saying she was really smart and gave me the thumbs up.

    I got an unexpected break today because the girls decided that the sleepover would be at
    another friends place instead of ours, because another of the group of five is arriving from
    out of the country this week and she has not been to our place for a sleepover whereas the
    other three have, and they want to do the sleepover next week when the other friend also is there. I had been trying to clean desperately and almost getting panic attacks looking at
    all the work piled up. Now i have another week to prepare.

    Elaine - you are absolutely right; its fun to have kids around BUT you need energy to cope
    too Good to hear you have been bonding with the kids and that your mum is happy to be
    with you little brother.

    Julie - i hope you are feeling good. it will be fun at that reunion!!! Do take pictures and try and
    post them.

    Georgia - I can understand your looking forward to gettng away from the Resort if those people werent nice. It will be nice to not have to worry about negative vibes and petty quarrells. Too much of those can pull a person under like nothing else can.

    Mr Bill C - I too think a sense of humour is really one of the things that keep us going. Being able to see a funny side to everything in life.

    Joan - how exciting about your son and DIL having two children over from Phillipines! What a different and wonderful experience it wil be for those two orphans. It is so good of your son and DIL to do what they are doing. Ill search for the blog.

    Granni - I hope youre enjoying your visit and looking foward to hearing all about it when u come
    back. You know we here on the Porch are waiting for you.

    Teacher - I hope your eyes are improved. What a headache! But i do enjoy all the posts you make. They are funny and keep us in splits. I was laughing so hard that you read Joan had an
    'affair' lol. The woman here are all working these days except for those of us of the older gen.
    I have very few friends who dont work. But my DHs relatives mostly are also housewives. Its a culture thing which is going to change in my daughters generation.

    Rock - Today i had such a bad spell thinking of the social obligations i have and so hopelessly
    out of energy and motivation, i almost ended up crumpling in a heap and blubbing. The thought of my daughter and son keeps me going. Trying. Even tho it feels like the end would be better.
    Than all this. its so cruel because if i werent sick and had mental issues my life would be almost heaven. I mean i have most everything people consider essential for a happy life. Isnt life a bitch?... and no one will understand who hasnt been thru it themselves.

    I hope I didnt sound like a grumpy lady today, just venting. I wish i didnt have a chemical
    imbalance which i have tried to treat and havent got complete control of.

    God Bless

  11. teacher

    teacher New Member

    sorry haven't been here. Anm getting tired.

    Mom went in this moring to have stent removed. Stone was already gone! Woo hoo!

    Got all the news from Baby. I set my alarm and then didn't hear it.

    Will be going to Mom's here in a bit.

    Brain just froze, so I'm gonna go.

    Hang in there everydobby. We can DO this!

    It's supposed to be 94 today with really high humidity which will cause it to feel like 105. So, hot hugs all aroudn!
  12. teacher

    teacher New Member


  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - you too seem all 'done in'. Oof. This CFS. But i am glad u are going to the reunion.I hope you will have a good time.

    Georgia - I hope your friend recovers soon. About the heat, i rather freeze than melt. Tho
    a lot of people with CFS/fibro do better in heat.

    Teacher - Suzanna dont u cry....lol! I love that song, Im going to Alabama, with my banjo
    on my knee, reminds me of long gone days, days filled with innocence, fun, carefree

    Today i made a big boo boo. its my Chinese friends b day and i thought today was 23rd when it is actually 24th!!! Luckily at 100 pm when daughter and i were listening to music the question of dates came up and she told me it was 24th. I froze in horror and daughter thot it was becoz 25th tomorrow is my DHs b day and i hadnt done anything. I hurriedly phoned my friend and luckily she knows im just on this side of sanity and didnt mind. we chatted a bit.

    Daughter had her sleepover at a friends place with some other girlfriends and i told her to
    come straight to her grandmoms, i made some pancakes, bought some KF chicken and went there where i waited til ma in law who was sleeping woke up. Later my daugher joined me and bro in law came back from his outing, we tried to phone our son to come join us but he had gone to a concert and didnt pick up up his mobile.

    We had dinner at ma in laws and since we were so full, declined bro in laws offer of a lift back
    preferring to walk it back.

    Yesterday was daughters last day of internship at the bank and she took a cake to say goodbye to her co workers there. Now she will be more free. Two more weeks and she will be heading back to college where she will undergo peer advisor training for one week and then help the freshmen with their first week orientation.

    Since there are so many people to invite back to a meal we have decided to have a catering
    service next week and call everybody in one go. Probably more than 50 people including relatives, and kids friends and im horribly panicky because it seems so long since i entertained.
    My Chinese friend was advising me on how to go about things. She is an old hand at entertaining, the lucky creature. I just hope i dont slip into the black hole. I would want to die if that happens when its time to give the party.

    Last night and today ive been frantically doing breathing and mind exercises and i think its helping some with the energy and keeping OCD thoughts at bay. When im too stressed and burdened i tend to lose myself in daydreams which start controlling me because they take over.

    Everybody hugs and waves

    hope all the MIAs are well, we are missing you guys

    God bless

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Everydobby,

    Not kuch time to write and I haveing computer problems. Gogt home late this afternoon so am pooped. Church and other stuff tomorrow morning . Hope to get back to say hi properly tomorrow. The evening is busy too. Haing work done on Monday the this week in our Master Bath walls. Hooray- more later. I hated that wall paper.

    Carla know about that lovely wallpaper I have been truying to get rid of or cover or something. Having it covered with faux painting in my colors.
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - welcome back! i guess changing the wall paper must be tedious but how lovely
    to get one in a colour/design you like

    Georgia - i loved your statement about 'working at the things you love'. I wish everyone in
    the world could be like that.

    Julie - aargh, i know about the flare when the body tries to tell you youve been and done too
    much. Hope you feel better real soon. Do you think some nutritious soups with chicken and
    veggie in them would help? When i am really really tired, im too tired to eat chunky stuff, so i feed myself lots of liquids, milk or soup. Goes down easier and better than carbs. My cousin used to advise me to eat chicken before going out, she said the crash wouldnt be that bad after i got back.

    Well, DHs b day went off okay. Daughter got horrible cramps so slept all day and we could
    go out only in evening to get DH something. Settled on a pair of cufflinks (which he really liked). I came back after buying the present and daughter went visiting her aunt and cousins,
    and also bought a cake. After 8pm we get fifty percent discount so she waited till that time.
    I had made roast chicken since its DHs fav meal. When i got back home, DH had and son had already eaten dinner chicken n all. Later when daughter came, we lit candles on the cake and
    surprised DH with it and his present.

    Not feeling very perky right now. How lucky for people who feel nice and light and energetic
    all the time. How very blessed for them. What kind of body is this where one can get up feeling like you've been up all night doing hard labour in a quarry? Even if you havent done anything? Huff.

    Lots of errands today. Lets see how many i finish.

    God Bless

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