Turning on the new Porch Light # 622!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Granniluvsu

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    Hi everyone,

    Please read Julie 's new post on the old volume. She sure is a busy one. Have a b-day for the twins and everyone else it seems. I think I need a nap after I read her post.

    Please do not get your fingers caught in the door when it shuts :)!!!

    Brought some nice warm and yummy choc chip cookies to all straight from the oven. Hope to hear from everyone on this thread- Elaine, Spring, Joan, Julie and Rock of course. You too Diane :)!!!

    I love you all. I am going to lie down for a short while before dinner. Hope to read some more posts on her soon. Hope Gail, Teacher, Jole and others find their way back here soon. I am missing so many but was glad to see Elaine and Joan in the last thread.

  2. Mikie

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    Hi, Granni. You're over here baking cookies. Mmmmm, smell good. I think our Lounge has lost most everyone. I'm gonna go read the last Porch to see how everyone's doing.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie et al - I should have mentioned you too on my last post. We have lost so many not sure who goes where, not that that matters just as long as they are here at PH someplace :)!! Guess we have to be happy with whoever shows up. We love them old and new anyway. A couple of newbies stopped by a few volumes ago and then didn't return. I am guessing, especially if one doesn't feel well in a strange and new place, it can be a bit intimidating and some may be afraid they will have to drop by all the time. That, of course , is not true but nice if they can :)!! None of us can be here ALL the time even though some of us try, even if it is just to pop in for a few minutes to see if anything was going on .

    Hope to see some of our Porchies soon . I know how tied up Julie is this week and maybe some f next week. ROCK comes and goes when he can including JOAN and DIANE too. DIANE is busy with her What In The World games and such. I even tried to play it. She's a busy gal trying to find puzzles for us to solve.

    Have to run for now and check to see if I won that last game :)!!!

    Love to you and awl,
  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    Granni - tks for openng up the new porch...it feels good to return and find
    a nice new porch light on with oven warm cookies to boot!

    Mikie - haven't been to peek in the lounge, sorry to hear most members
    are MIA. I did post something in Windblades thread for Leah.

    Julie - Happy first birthday to the twins....wow. Time has flown.

    Rock - yes, Madagascar, the animated film. One of my all time favorites.
    King Julian is one of the most entertaining characters ever sketched! He
    is so infuriating he is too funny. The term,' so bad, it's good,' must be
    coined for him.

    Yesterday went to see dhs aunt. Took a roast chicken.

    It rained so hard!

    Monsoon well and truly here.

    Take care

    God bless
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Julie, et al,

    I knew you were super busy and was wondering how you faring with so much happening this week. I figured that I had better get this new Porch volume started last night. Hope you got to sleep later this morning :)!!!! Or are you used to getting up with or before the birds there on the farm?? I envy you being able to do what you do with the grandkids but I know my body just won't tolerate it.

    Some possible good news is that I have been taking a lot more magnesium, about 500 mg 2 x a day and hoping that will also help my b/p. I got a book that told me some of the things to do and take. I new about the Mag but really didn't know the dosage. It said 800-1000 mg a day or 400 - 500 mg 2x a day. Today I woke up and it was very good ( before my meds) 129/84. I will take my first dose in a bit. They say to take it away from the calcium. I am also experimenting with spices they say is good for pain, . Hoping it will help at least the OA in my head and neck.

    I need to get off now and use the rest room. Will try and get back later. DH wants us to go work in the yard before it gets to HOT. I am not to thrilled with that idea.

    Hugz to everyone,
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Sorry to hear about Lorraine and hope she is doing better. Wow you surely had a very busy day. Glad you didn't have to fix dinner for everyone at that point. How long will Keira be at your place.

    Oh, I remember the days of diapers and hanging them up outside when I didn't have a drier. Did you hang them or put them in the drier? With 2 babies they can go through diapers really fast !!! Hope no one upsets your applecart ( as they say) next week.

    Guess I need to start supper. It will be a quick one but even that takes prep work.

    Bye for now.

    Love to all,
  7. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi Everyone!!

    Now that I can sit up I definitely will be stopping in just to check on you guys.

    I mean …….. you never really know what is happening on the PORCH or when there is going to be a Porch PARTY!!

    We need to have a Porch Party some time soon & it seems like it might be a good idea to try & schedule it in advance so more people can stop by.

    ROCK ==== You mentioned having problems with your back. Sorry didn’t know you were dealing with that. It is very frustrating. Oh, yes, absolutely if you have back pain it does affect your ability to go to the bathroom. Lower back pain will give you more severe problems similar to the ones I had in the past. If you drink Citrucel every day that will help. My doctor ended up having to put me on medication basically for IBS because I wasn’t able to go to the bathroom no matter what we tried. (Reglan is the generic medication and you take it 30 minutes before you eat.) Glad to see your sense of humor is the same. Puts a smile on my face.

    MIKIE ===== Hey there! So glad to see you. Are you working part-time anymore?? I know that was a few years back. I also remember you were painting in your condo / townhouse. Oh, and snacking on almonds to help fill you up when trying to diet.

    GRANNIE ===== (AKA …… Marilyn Monroe) Sorry it took me so long to come back to the Porch. I wasn’t able to sit up until recently. Also, I was struggling with such extreme exhaustion from the surgery. Just breathing …… was a work out for me! Yes, this recovery has been brutal. Mostly because my Surgeon left the Practice and they did not have anyone else filling in for him. Then the doctors didn’t know what to do with me, so they …… tired me out and I in return …… made sure I tired them out!

    The decision to have the surgery was to take care of the pain in my FEET and it’s a bummer it came back 5 weeks after the Surgery. I think it may be “Neuropathy” related and if it is then I will probably have no choice to take medication for it. I’ll solder along!!

    I did see you emailed me and I replied back to you. If you tried to get in touch with me again, I apologize I was not able to check email accounts. Prior to my Surgery I should have sent out a message to all of my Contacts that I will be off line for months. I haven’t heard from CARLA in a long time. I will send her an email and check to see how she is doing.

    Granni, the Message Board changed so much and due to the change, they might have lost people. I find it really difficult to navigate. I don’t understand it just yet. So far, I only know how to get to the PORCH. I think I might need to read one of those books ……. “Learning To Use ProHealth’s Message Boards ------ For DUMMIES version”.

    SPRING ===== Hello! Funny you mentioned the movie Madagascar. I just finished watching Madagascar 2 and I really liked it.

    JULIE ==== Yes, Happy Birthday to the twins! Boy, I love the energy level you have and can’t wait until I can get back to managing through my days like that again.

    JOAN ======== Hi there dear! I saw your message on the last Porch and hope you come back more.

    GORGIA ===== I’m almost positive I saw you. Hello.

    OK, will I’ll be gently hopping off the Porch and try to get some things done. I move sort of like a ……. Snail.

    Shesh, Luish, I am going to have to ask JEROME if he can get me a SNAZZY motorized wheel chair to I can zip around faster!

    HUGS to ALL,
    == Elaine
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi dear Elaine,

    I sent you an real e-mail and hope you get it. You sent me the answer to my last mail which was awhile ago. So glad you are here. We all could use some excitement around here :)!!

    Julie I am sure is exhausted and Spring Water may be too. Haven't heard from her today and not sure about yesterday. Think she has been trying to find some NRG for herself with what has been going on in her family too. She needs to go and find out all about healing and meditation and tell us all how to do it.

    We are so glad you are back, even if it is part time. We were all worrying you know. I need to go and get ready for bed so I will be ready for church tomorrow.

    Hope all are having a good weekend. Thinking of SW, Joan, Rock, Diane, Mikie and so many others.

    Love to everydobby,
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I could sure use some choc chip cookies, Granni. They have an article on Yahoo news once or
    twice a year about the best and most decadent chocolate chip cookies. I think the recipe on the
    Arm and Hammer Baking Soda box is just fine. Worked for my mother and sister. Better
    than those over priced mall cookies from Mrs. Fields with the unbaked centers. (And I
    wish they'd stop talking about cookies as being decadent.)

    I can remember the days of hanging out the wash to dry. It was especially troublesome during
    those Minnesota winters. A century ago it took 2 or 3 days to do the laundry. The modern
    washer and dryer have done more for women than all the expensive designer clothes and
    imported shoes of the last half century.

    Julie, hope Den and Lorraine are better. Does she have asthma? I was reading about the Nebulizer and
    metered dose inhalers. Too technical for my failing mind. Granni could probably explain it
    better. Are you going to do more jam making, canning, etc.

    This morning I had some of our own produce for breakfast. Two colors of cherry tomatoes
    and zucchini. The zucchini plants have huge yellow blossoms; very cheerful.

    Elaine, funny you should mention Citrucel. I have a bottle, but purely by chance. I asked
    Gordon to pick up some Metamucil while he was at the drug store. This is what he got instead.
    And, it's the SECOND time he's got the wrong thing. Apparently this task is way outside his
    area of expertise.

    That's rotten when your doctor goes AWOL. I had the same thing happen with my attorney
    some decades back. This was with the largest law firm that handled this sort of litigation. Anyhoo
    he retired, and the firm assigned no one to my case. Another reason the public doesn't
    think much of lawyers.

    So I gather your health is better in some ways and not so much in others. I agree with you
    that the new board takes some getting used to.

    Mikie, I have been trying to post more lately, but not doing so hot. Saw the chiro again
    this morning. My back is slightly better. Mostly I just slouch around the house. After three
    weeks I am grumpy as a bear with a sore paw.

    Springwater, Chickens seem to be the unifying theme on this thread. You and Julie
    mentioned birds and Granni mentioned farm birds. Of course "farm birds" might be
    ostriches. Did you know those things can be deadly? Weighing over 300 pounds with
    a front claw like a railroad spike and a bill like a pick axe, they can dispatch a person
    or a predator without much trouble.

    Hope the monsoon season is mild this year.

    Better go before I lose it. After all, I've lost so much already. SOL
    Smilin' out loud.

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Oh Rock - so glad to see you. You make us all so happy and make us laugh. Keep it up will you :)??

    You too Elaine !!!!!

    Gotta go get ready for night night !

  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    I posted yesterday late at night and found I had lost the sever
    connection AND my post

    Granni - we hv been having to cut the grass more often due to more rains
    - more pesky are the mosquitoes, can't stay in garden without getting bitten.

    Hope your BP stays stable, my DH too takes meds for high bp.

    Julie - hope you hv a rollicking time at the balloon races with your dad.
    Wish we had some of those events here.

    Rock - it takes two days for clothes to dry right now. Incessant rain :D
    And the living room carpets giv off this musty smell. Combined with wet doggy hair smell.

    Elaine - so good to read your post and feel the old bounce and energy. We had been missing

    I went to the Healing center yesterday to volunteer at their Free Healing Camp.
    Due to my gastritis, I didn't giv healing, but manned the desk to free the girl
    there to heal.

    About 16 people came. And there were like nine healers. After 2pm I and
    my friend went to hv some snack with two other healers. And had a rollicking
    time laughing at their jokes. They are both young men in their mid twenties
    and I was hoping my own two kids too would one day be like them, wanting to
    help others feel better in their free time while also making a living and doing
    everyday stuff required of them during the rest.

    At home, found DH in happy mood, pottering about in kitchen delighted to find
    the fish I had stuck in oven before leaving in morning.

    The son came home after attending another session of poetry workshop and actually
    enjoying it..who would hv thought.?

    Take care, all

    God Bless
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to awl,

    Got ready for church and ate breakfast so figured that was a good time to check in on the Porch. A special HI to Julie and SW who posted this morning ( or last night). So happy to see ROCK and ELAINE and hope they will be here often. We need some laughs and things to keep our mind working :)!! Rock may not think his mind is working but it is :)!!!

    Got my hair cut really short the other day. It is great !! Just have to learn to take care of it. I could let it go completely straight like some girls/ladies do but somehow don't think I look that great with straight hair esp. with my very oval facial structure. Thank God for curling irons. If I curl it the night before it is flat by morning after sleeping on it. Also DH is n, The back is just short and straight :)! Not much for straight hair esp on me. So I suffer and try and curl. I just do the sides and top. What we gals don't do for beauty :)!!! LOL I feel so much better with short hair . The beautician didn't cut much in length but she gave me a good razor cut. Not to many use the razors any more.

    Nothing exciting happening today, just church and maybe go to work out again. If DH wasn't so gung ho I probably wouldn't do it so often. We try and do 2x and he wants to start 3x I think. Wish I had more NRG. I do mostly treadmill with a couple other weight machines.

    Julie - I hope Lorraine and Den are doing better with their coughs and breathing problems. That can be a worry esp with little ones like Lorraine. Hope it is allergy related and that you don't catch it or ansyone else.Also orry your dad isn't feeling well and hope he gets better soon.

    Well, have to finish getting ready for church. Hope to check back later. How old did you say your dad is??

    Sorry no time to address all separately.

    Love to awl, :)
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon Julie and all,

    What a crazy afternoon. I have a tuna steak marinating that I have never cooked before. It sure was expensive even on sale. However, I found a very good recipe that I am going to try today. The reviews sounded so yummy on line.

    Haven't done much else except spoke to our #3 daughter this afternoon, the one with all the problems. Poor kids, she is the one who is divorced. She decided I'm not sure how many months ago that she too was having problems with alcohol. I never knew that but of course don't see her that often . Alcohol was a problem for her x husband . Hopefully he has gotten better. I know his dad has given him lots of good advice about taking care of the boys. One son, thank God is old enough to work and graduated H.S. and living with the other grandfather The second son has been living with the dad and he has learning problems and now the decision has been made to let the dad have the youngest , going into 6th grade, I think for the next school year.

    My daughters car almost blew up and caught on fire a couple weeks ago. I just found out about it. Luckily she was close to a gas stations. The car will cost $600 plus and she can't get it till it is paid in full. She doesn't have that kind of money. We will give her a little but who knows when she will get it paid off. Someone is bring her to work and she is paying some gas money. Oh, she also going to AA, which is a good thing. Poor kid it seems like she has made so many poor decisions. She even mentioned that to DH. She has had such bad luck too with men and everything it seems. She is really a good person but very gullible but she may be starting to wake up after all of these problems.

    Well, enough blabbing and venting to you all. Hope she can get some things started to straighten out for her.

    Hope everyone is having a nice day to day and less stressful than mine - ugh !!

    My stupid b/p is still all over the place . Not sure when I will contact the doc again. I am probably stuck with the Armour Thyroid dosage for almost 2 more months. I don't think it is going to work. I may try some more cinnamon too but hate to take to much of to many things at once.

    Julie - you wear me out girl !!! Glad you had a nice visit with your Uncle and all. MY DH is 75 and I am 72. I could be your momma :)!!!! Can I adopt you :)?? I would love to adopt a few of you SW too? That would be interesting from al over the world.


  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks JULIE for your sweet words. Actually I knew about the AA some months ago when she shocked me. She used to have a glass of wine with us all when she was here for different occasions. She was starting to come along I think and then her stupid car almost blew up with her in it and is costing her $ she doesn't have. Hope all goes well with her youngest son staying with the father. He has his faults but at this point hopefully it is the best thing for her and her youngest son. When he had leukemia it was she that took care of him going to all the doctors downtown for treatments,,etc. I don't think she drank a lot but was effected in a not very good way with wine. That is all I had seen her drink but what do I know ):!! She had some learning problems as a child but not to bad. Now they have a learning disabled not so young child. I think he will graduate H.S. next school year. Not sure what he will do after that. Hope he can get in some kind of program that can help him develop even more and perhaps even pay him a wage

    Pass me some strawberry jam please. Sounds pretty good to me right now. Hope you have a good week JULIE with all you have planned. I can't even think of being so busy any more. Drop in when you can and inspire me please :)!! LOL

    Spring Water, Joan, Rock ,Diane, Elaine , Mikie and everyone hope to see you soon again.

    Love to you everyone,
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - So sorry to hear that Lindsay is sick again. Oh dear, she is so worn down I think that any bug flying around will attach itself to her. Poor KID. She is a kid to me and so are you my dear friend :)!! I envy you being so close to your family but I doubt if I could do half as much for my family as you do for yours. Yes, those babies will soon be so grown up and won't need you as much. Can't believe our twins are 15 years old. It seems such a short time ago they were born but they never lived that close. I guess with my problems maybe it is just as well.

    I am guessing that the babies are still being breast fed. Curious how long she will breast feed. I am sure of course they get plenty of supplemental bottles . Does she have enough to pump also? I think for 2 babies would be drinking a lot. How are they with eating table food? You did mention they like pancakes for breakfast :)!! I hope she starts feeling better soon and doesn't pass whatever through the house to everyone else.

    Hi to Rock, Spring Water, Joan, Elaine, and any others old and new. We worked out a bit this morning and did a little trimming outside and did a load of washes but no hanging. No place to hang anyway. However, now I probably wouldn't hang that much if I did have a place to hang anything. Most likely it would just be sheets. I love the smell of freshly washed and hung up sheets. Oh well, the drier works for me right now :)!!

    Hope to hear from anyone able to stop by today.

    Love you all,
  16. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    I am here!
    I have had an awful time getting on here. They didn't like my e-mail address!! How can you get a new e-mail address? Finally after about an hr. I am here.

    Yes, Granni---a razor cut is the very best. The beauty salon is just next door ro me and she is the greatest. She works with my "wierd hair" as one hairdresser called it. i have always had the bunch of hair on gthe top-back that just has no where to go. In high school, I let it grow and braided it, made a circle and pinned it with a bobby pin. at me age, I don't think thaat would look too great!:confused: Sometimes I have jokingly said that I might tie a ribbon around it and let it stick up in the air!

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Joan/Lilac,

    So glad you found us again. I know what you mean about not being able t get on some sites and boards. For some reason I haven't had to much trouble with PH but I have with others. Talking about weird hair I was thinking of one of my daughters who when very little had hair that just used to stick up and I would take some of it and put it in like a pony tail but it would stick up. I called it the palm tree :)!!!

    Did you draw yourself a road map so you can find your way back :)!! I hope so !!

    Hope you had a nice weekend. It is pretty hot here so not doing much outside. Did do some trimming outside this morning. Hope Julie isn't wearing herself out with Lindsay now sick and all those little ones. She does love it I know but can wear one out, even if a youngster like her :)!!!

    I have been having some problems with thyroid and b/p and trying out a new dosage so may go and take a little cat nap.

    TTYL sweetie and everyone else peeking in.

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    joan - i just hate having to make a new email ad; i hv no patience
    i would like to see your hair tied up with a ribbon, im sure you would
    look beautiful anyway

    julie - poor den, now got the allergy thing and the kids. is lindsey lil
    better. i guess you will hv to wait it out. like im waiting out my stomach

    granni - sorry to hear about your daughter, im thinking most of our aches
    n pains are caused by stress over our loved ones. you hv always been
    supporting your daughter with advice and financial means, when she
    needed it, i guess julie is right ....she is responsible for herself in the end.

    i hope your bp stabilises. i too love the smell of freshly washed n dried
    clothes straight from the washing line.

    today i got another healing. got soaked in a downpour when i got out
    of the cab. the wind was strong and the rain came sideways in torrents.
    i hope the healing is working somewhere. my stomach isnt as bad as

    at home i stuck my houseplants in the rain to get some lovely natural
    water. what a difference in its appearance. the plants look so happy
    theyre standing straighter, and so green and fresh. so more alive.

    i must do this oftener.

    all take care

    God bless
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - sorry you got soaked but hope some of the healing got through to you :)!! I am sure the plants loved the water :)!!!

    I think I will go take a little nap or at least try too.

    Love you and everydobby,
  20. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member