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  1. Granniluvsu

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    Hope nobody got caught in the door. I brought some cookies and assorted coffee's and teas for you awl !!

    Please check back on the last volume for my post as well as Julie's ,Pippi's and everydobby else I forgot to mention.

    Love to everydobby,

  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Elaine - so glad to hear from you again. My company has already gone. Theyere wee only here fromwed to saturday, to see us that is. He has to be back for work on monday. DD has doctor appts. with D grandson to see if he will be having some kind of surgery this week to move his lower jaw forward. He is having orthodonitic work done as well as this major work.

    They had to remove teeth, do some other stuff, I forget before this surgery. There is a 10 day recouperation time and school starts right after that . It has been put off and put off and now he has some congetion when he coughs. He has no fever and he really doesn;t feel that bad so I told her to try and get an appt with his real doc before he goes to the surgeryon adn orthodontist on monday. Hope he gets it done soon. There is so mcu time of recouperation that he cannot afford to miss much school. He is a sophomore in HS but does have some special needs.

    Yes, some of those rules for your male friends,' before JS, were a bit rough but you have to do what you need to do :) !!

    Pippi - you will know what to do but like I said Elaine has lots of experience with guys and rules and how they had better act with you :) !! She was a tough cookie but as you see she hooked somehow into a really great and supportive guys. SO, if you really like Jesse then go for it kiddo !! Hope things are also drying up for you after all the flooding you have had not to long ago.

    Georgia - you shouldn't have to put up with the BRAT. She really ceases to amaze me from what you have said. Mayube you should get ELAINE and PIPPI to go get her :) ! Work shouldn't have to be so full of stress from young brats who think they own the world. GRRR!!

    Hugs to everydobby again. Hope to talk to you all tomorrow. I have been geting up early lately and need to get ready for nitey nite and hopefully an early baed time.

    Line up for getting tucked in, if any of you want to get tucked in and a story read. I know Mickey does but she is not here this weekend. If PIP wants me to tuck her in I will. So, go find the story quick like a bunny, sweetie.


  3. Pippi1313

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    On my last post, I laughed at myself for asking "what next?".
    I concluded by stating: If that's the worst thing that happens to me today, I'm OK with that.


    I'm gonna stop asking "What next?"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What happened next was, I got stuck in the elevator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mom took me to the store earlier. Instead of replacing my converter box, I just got a new TV. It's a nice, flat panel jobber. I hooked it up. It works great. Piece o' cake!

    Then I went to the elevator, to go down to the 7th floor & ask a buddy if he wanted my old tv (which is newer & better than the one he has).

    The elevator door opened & I had a funny feeling I shouldn't get on.
    But I was only going halfway down, & I thought (famous last words!): "What could possibly go wrong?" LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Naturally, I got on.

    There was 1 lady on the elevator. We started going down, but stopped at the 10th floor. The door didn't open, & neither of us had pressed the button for 10.
    We started pressing buttons (including 10) to try to restart the elevator. Nothing happened. we pressed the door-open button. Nothin! We pressed a button that rings a bell, but I didn't know if anybody could hear it or not.
    We'd been stuck for 3 or 4 minutes by then.
    I had my cell phone, & asked the other lady if she thought we should call 911, cuz I couldn't remember the phone number for the security desk, & didn't have it saved in my phone. (I do NOW!)

    I opened the call-box on the wall & pressed a red button.
    I heard a phone dialing, then a female voice asked something (I forget the exact words) & I said we were stuck in the elevator on the 10th floor.

    We spent a total of about 10 minutes in there.

    Suddenly, as I was talking to the fire dept (I discovered) on the call box, the doors slid open!!!

    I told the lady the doors had just opened & we were getting off the elevator.
    The fire dept cancelled the call, cuz rescue was already scrambling to come & get us.

    I sat in the 10th floor lobby waiting for the other elevator to come.
    Our broke down elevator sat there, dead, with the door half closed.

    After a few minutes, the other elevator arrived & Anthony (one of my fave security guards) stepped out.

    We told him what happened & he locked the other elevator, so nobody else could get on it & get stuck.

    SHEESH!!! What next???? (OOOPS!!!!!!!!)

    On the subject of Jesse:
    I agree with everything y'all said!
    Any "relationship" (or not) will be on my terms.
    A potential companion doesn't have the luxury of wanting to change anything about me! In fact, merely "accepting" me as-is, is not good enough. Any potential serious companion has to be amazed, amused & tickled to death with my every quirk!!!!!!!!!!
    It's a tall order, but I think I just may see if Jesse is up to the challenge. :)

  4. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I would be absolutely a monster if I were stuck on an elvator!!! I always think of thaqt when I get on one!!!! Pippi: I am so glad that you dind't go in orbit. I will not say "now what"

    I am only here just to check in. Was here in the afternoon and I have no idea how to begin another Vol. I wandered atound to the other boards and finally decide it was gtime to stlop.

    I hope tp see you all gtomorrow. Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite and my mom used to say.

    Will come again Sun. to have a long visit.

    Have a good nite's sleep and feel some better tomorrow.

    Good nite, best friends.

  5. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Joan: My brother Joe would agree with ya. & he's a big guy - 6-foot-4 or 5 & pretty darn tough. But his fear of heights includes my elevators.

    The other lady & I were laughing about it.
    Then, in the other elevator, I was joking about it & referred to it as "just another adventure in the Big City". That made the other peeps laugh.

    I'm not panicky by nature. I jump outta airplanes cuz I think it's grand fun.
    There are a few things that will send me into a death-panic.
    Mostly medical stuff. Like a spinal tap. I won't even let them TALK about it unless I'm seriously sedated!
    I've peeved off more than a few doctors by standing my ground on that count.

    But regular-life stuff, I just deal with.

    I only know of 2 people who have been in elevators that fell.
    1 is my uncle, & the other is my friends' grandfather.
    Both of them lived thru it.

    Getting stuck & laughing about it really isn't a major big deal.
    I even called Mom to tell her about it.

    G'Nite Porch Peeps!
    I can hear Granni telling me a story, & I'm starting to doze........

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni – thanks for opening up the new porchlight. I had UTI when I was expecting
    My daughter and wont forget the pain in my back..good Lord! And I was afraid to take
    Antibiotics in case it affected the baby. The doctor was so mad at me. I hope yours soon
    Clears up completely.

    Glad you liked the pics. I hope grandsons surgery goes well. I can imagine his mother and you would worry and on top of that missing school. Poor kid.

    Elaine – good luck with the eyeglass hunting..I have a rather large face so I normally go
    For triangular shape frames tho I had tried one rectangular smallish one which looked okay. My Dh and daughter hate these present ones of mine which they say makes me look stern. That is good about your bonding with your mum. Relationships can be hard
    Work, tho sometimes one just gets along. Ive had to work at most of my relationships.

    Those dating rules you laid out for Pippi were tough…but at least they let the guy know Not to pull any funny stuff and that this here gals not a walkover. Either give us respect or scram.

    Georgia – I too wish The Brat would just go away. Its such a strain having unpredictable
    People in the workplace. The ‘sock thread’ was hilarious. But what a real mystery. Honestly it needed to be addressed. I hope your back pain lets up soon. I have shoulder pain which flares on and off. Misery making it is.

    Julie – what a rough time you are having…all those trips back and forth and on top of
    Worrying about your mum, then the car not working…!!! I hope the stomach ache is
    Not the stress you are feeling expressing itself.

    About DHs sister, that is scary. Isn’t it unfair that when one does a good deed like
    Getting someone who is hurting others arrested, then that person themselves is put
    To danger. Over on the Spirituality board a similar thing happened….a lady tried treating
    An abused neglected neighbours dog nice and then when the animal control over, she was threatened, Shouted at by that neighbour ..its not fair. But..who said lifes fair.
    I hope things start calming down for you soon Julie. And that things start working out
    For good soon.

    Pippi – converter blowing up, getting stuck in the lift! Youre right, makes one wanna
    Ask “what next’! But youre very brave to remain so calm. I think I have claustrophobia,
    Just knowing I was stuck in a lift would send me into a panic attack…just the thought
    Makes me break out into a cold sweat.

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Today my ma in law is coming back from visiting her daughter for three months
    …it was So nice knowing I don’t have to worry about not having gone over and visited.
    Now I will have to pull up my socks again. I sent some tofu over to their house
    This morning thru DH so the help there could cook it, told her to make some meat
    And fresh veggies and rice…BR>

    Yesterday was DH’s cousins birthday. My DH and son had other plans
    So it was just aunt, my bro in law (who got the cake), and birthday girl and her
    Toddler son and later her elder step sister who dropped in. I stopped and got
    Some nice big multicoloured balloons and a basket bouquet. My poor bro in
    Law spent the whole time looking after and entertaining toddler..whilst we women
    Sat and gossiped. But he didn’t mind. Birthday girl and he used to go to school
    Together and they sort of almost grew up together, he was her baby brother and
    Theyre close.

    .since my bones creak a lot and I have shoulder
    Pain and a dull ache in the legs all the time, I must have been worried, last night
    I dreamt my one leg had swollen to the size of a tree trunk and iwas looking at it
    In despair…then before my eyes..it started deflating like a balloon…and went
    back to normal. But it spoilt my sleep.

    My son had a blood donation programme with his friends and from there he
    Went off to his formers schools reunion. He’s so thin I was worried about him
    Donating blood but thought maybe since so many do it, its okay.

    I have four horrible itchy spots where the leeches had bitten me. I didn’t know
    Leech bites itched so bad afterwards.

    Hugs all around

    God Bless

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  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Will post more fully when I've caught up on all the events of the week.

    You all have a lot going on!

    Love ya!
  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi ya, Peeps!

    Just a quick good mornin' for now, but I'll be back later to check on everydobby.

    Springwater: Is your son extremely underweight?
    Here, one can't donate blood if they weigh less than 110 pounds.
    I don't know why it's 110. That wouldn't be underweight for a short female, but for a tall male, he could be terribly underweight.
    Seems kinda arbitrary to me.

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I am sorry I have been gone so long but I have been in a long CF flair, sleeping 12-14 a days. I also had a art reception for our club and designing the new brochures for our annual show in the park in Sept.

    There have been days I haven't even kept up with my daily chores let along come here and read. My brain is not working and just can't keep focus for long.

    So I just wanted to say hi and that I miss you guys but the last few months caught up with me and I just need a mental break.

    Elaine my thoughts are with you as you go threw your treatment and hope it doesn't affect you to harshly.

    Everydobby else I will just give a big wave to all and hope to be back soon-Carla
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It seems like it is going to rain here but t just may miss us as it has alot of the times. It is thundering outside and getting dark but so far nothing is happening.

    Carla - how nice to hear from you. Sorry that you have been in a CF flare. I know that is no fun. Of course when you are by yourself (except for those pups) you can go t sleep whenever you like. Oh, I guess I could to but DH would panic and say what is wrong with you, oh nothing just same old stuff that I have had for 25 years or so. It is more pain for me but I think that wears me out and I don;t feel like doing anything either. I just push myself, as I am sure that you do alot of the time.

    Hope your art reception went well and that all will go well in September for your show. Hope you get to feeling better soon and come back when you can. We surely do miss yoiu.

    Elaine - wel.l glad to hear that your still your perky little self, all things considered. Hope all will ge well with your chemo and that it will not take to much out of you. Glad you have John with you to help if needed and for support.

    Pippi - Oh my, so sorry you got stuck in the elevator but guess it was not for to long, so that was OK. Gee, you surely have had your share of bad luck or dumb things happeneding to you lately. Let's hope that this as the last thing for you.

    If you have any problems with Jesse I am sure that Elaine can give you some pointers. However, if you give him the list or talk to him about it, hopefully he will stick to your rules. All I can say is I had to date again I would do almost the same thing the way things are now with guys (not that some of the girls are that sweet and innocent any more).

    Julie - I just cannot understand how and why you are so tired all the time (NOT really). Don't you ever slow down. Of course your family lives so close to you (or most of them) and you are always doing so much for everyone. Don't know if I could do that anymore even if I wanted to. I hope you get to feeling better soon and get SOME time to rest and for YOURSELF !! In a way I feel good that my family is all not super close to me cause I don't think I could do a lot of that stuff and I would be sreoly tempted to do so.

    Teacher - Glad to see you on your quick visit to us. Hope you are getting some NRG back. When does school start again for you?

    Joan - Julie showed you how to start up a new volume. It is really easy and you could do it. I know I felt so inept when I first did it but it worked. The worst thing that can happen is you or someone else will get caught in the door (or two people will start it at the same time). Inw ehich case one of them will just delete their starting post.

    Hope you are doing well and have had a good weekend. I am atrying to get over our visitors but I really didn't do to much while they were here other than washing and went shopping one day with them while the guys played golf. However, I am still tired, got up earlier than usual. We ate out a few times so that was good for me too.

    Sweet Springwater - I see you have been super busy again. Sounds like things have been going well and hope that things continue and you stay UP most of the time. Those relataives of yours surely keep you busy.

    Well dar Porchies I need to go and starat the roast beef. I haven;t made that in a long time. It has been quite a while in the freezer. So, I need to cook it.

    Sorry to all the peakers and bush dwellers, if I didn't mention you.

    Love to all of you,

  12. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    We-in this part of the midwest haven't had 90 weather this summer. That is a record. I really enjoyed the weather that we had been having.

    i was so excited. D called to tell me the G-Son had received his degree to be a physician's' Assistant. It was so much hard work - he got his Bachelors degree, then had 2 more yrs. of intensive study. I am so proud of him and excited and I wanted to tell someone. I instantly thought I must tell DH. Suddenly it hit me! hopefully he knows. it seems to get more difficult as time goes on. Most widows say that too.

    I made something that was successful! Imagine that! I made the cuke, sweet onion, sour cream, Miracle Whip (and a little vinegar and sugar) salad. Oh my, it was soooo good! One meal I ate 2 helpings and decided that really wasn't necessary! Will get more cukes and make more.

    I tried to make some dip with rest of the sour cream. I added dill weed, (it had been kin the freezer for a LONG, time) I couldn't even smell the dill or taste it. Guess I will have to add something else to it.

    Thanks Julie, If the occasion ever arrives again, I know that I can do that.

    Pippi: It sure would be a major deal with me. I don't like heights at all. If I look out of a tall building window, I feel as if I am going to fall off the building!

    Sweetspring: Like that name!! I just couldn't get your pictures! Loved to have seen them. Your little story about the area in which you live was just beautiful! I could just picture it and even smell the sweet aromas. What a beautiful area you must live in. Your description was quite poetic. thanks.

    I also understand yours and everyone Else's pain. I had a lot of pain in my back and shoulders yesterday (the reason I didn't write much yesterday was that I discovered that I was dozing off here on the comp.!!!) I decided that it was best that I go lay down on the bed. Maggie joined me (that's my cat) and I ended up napping for almost 2 hours! must have needed it.

    Carla, when you get back) I am so sorry that you are suffering. It seems if we try to play, we must pay sometime. You work too much. Rest!!!! I know when I push too much. Getting groceries bought, brought in and put away does me in. And that is so simple! Then yesterday i cleaned the bath, (I don't do showers, it is too hard bending over) But by the time I had it all cleaned plus the floor I was exhausted. Maybe that's why I needed a nap!

    Granni: You told Carla That since she is alone, it doesn't matter what she does when. I know that is true for me but I just can't get it into my head that I can do that. i am always expecting DH home!
  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    My message just ended after I submitted but there was nothing under it to continue of my letter to all of you. I think it was because I used the Google spellcheck. Has happened before. I hope that this ends up somewhere and not where it is supposed to be.; Sorry if if does.

    Now I guess i had better bid you goodbye before somethiung else odd happends.

    Luv you all and do take care of yourselves. I do so enjoy all of you and it means a lot to me to be able to share with you.

  14. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I just lost a long post....addressed to each of you too. I guess it takes me too long to type them and I get logged out before I finish.

    Oh well, I'm thinking of each of you and I will try again another day.

    Take care my dear Porchies.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    For those of you (JULIE, PIPPI, MICKEY and others) who have joined Facebook or other sites/boards, some of you mentioned before, the changing of some of the info given to join for safety reasons and not using all their correct info. Does that include your name too or is also fictitous? I am debating about checking into FB. I do not know why may need birthda dates and all that.

    JULIE- I know you used the name JULIE H since you mentioned that.

    Sweetie - So nice to see you but sorry you lost your big post. Yes, that is so frustrating especially you put so much time and effort into it. Been there - ugh !! Hope all is well with you and the family. Please try to come back soon to visit us.

    Well everydobby, I need to go check my roast. Haven't had one in sooo long since it is the two of us. However, we will have leftovers whcih we love and it is great for me as I do not really have to cook that much that day, just reheat.

    Love to everydobby,

  16. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Yes. My Yahoo e-mail, tripod websites, etc...
    I give ALL false information, including my name!
    I don't want cyber-strangers to know anything that could identify me, & maybe enable them to find more information. It takes SO little for the bad guys to do serious damage these days!!!
    Even with just a name, so much of our lives are a matter of "public record",it's scary!
    With just a name, & my city, anyone can access all kinds of info about me. And the tv news talks about identity theft, & how it ruined someones' life, almost every day...

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    If you only want those people you know via mail or those on Pro health to be your face book friends....then it is okay to put a fictitious name and inform your known ones that you are that person.

    If you would like to people you knew of old to find you on FaceBook like reuniting with school friends etc then putting a fictitious name will not help. They wont know its you.

    You could maybe give your real name and location but change the date of birth by a digit or something? Or change the spelling of your real name by a consonant so it still sounds like yourself? And also putting up a photo of yourself would help acquaintances locate you even if you give a not completely correct info? Just ideas.

    Joan and I Sweetie, Pip - hello. Joan, sorry you could not open the site..how lovely about your grandson..i honestly hope my kids too wil do somethng good with their lives too.

    God Bless
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, it was a busy day at the ranch, but it was
    primarily Gordon who was busy. We made
    potato salad. Then he made bean soup in the
    crockpot and corned beef and potato tacos and rice.

    He also made something Mexican for his lunch
    at work. It required red peppers about the shape
    and size of strawberries.

    You should see the refrigerator. Stuff is stacked
    3 deep. Looks a little bit like the great wall of

    We went to walmart early in the morning. I
    bought $50 worth of cat kibble.

    Gordon bought an insulated bag and "blue ice" so he can
    keep his lunch cold.

    They only have one
    refrigerator and it is full of salad dressing. Almost every
    female employee feels it is her
    duty to bring at least one bottle of salad dressing
    to the office. This adds up to some 20-30 bottles.

    Jole, I didn't know sweet peas had an aroma.
    But they are pretty. We had a fence full of 'em
    one year.

    Wow! A family reunion w/ 600 people. Some
    villages don't have that big a population. MN
    used to be almost all Scandihoovians and Deutcschers.
    Mein grossmutter war ein Deutscher. Her name was Rudnick
    and she came over around the turn of the last century.

    Julie, I would like to sample your 12 layer Jello
    concoction. I wonder. If you put a gummy bear
    in the center, would it look like a fly in amber?

    Mickey, paperbacks at the Goodwill are up to a
    buck here. Lindsay goes back to school next
    week. When I was a kid school always started
    right after Labor Day. Nowadays it seems to
    start any old time.

    She certainly made out w/ her babysitting. When I was
    a teen I would sometimes babysit.
    Got paid a quarter or fifty cents. Same as for
    mowing a lawn or shoveling snow.

    Linda, I'm sorry to hear that your hip surgery
    wasn't totally successful. Do the drs think you've reached
    maximum recovery now?

    I wouldn't want to see a rabid raccoon in my
    backyard either. Or a rabid anything. Couple
    nights ago mama raccoon showed up w/ four
    youngsters. They are cuter than Britney Spears
    or Paris Hilton.

    Springwater, I looked for photos of Nagerkot.
    Couldn't find any. But I did find a tour that goes
    to Kathmandu, Nagerkot and Pokhare. 7 days
    for two: only $1239.

    " Kathmandu is a living museum...is preciously
    beautiful...has been a cultural hub of Nepal for
    thousands of years."

    Well, I'm going to post this. More to come.

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You guys read the Sock post started by Georgia? Also funny
    stuff on "Some things to think about" posted by Daylight.

    Update on the frozen turkey breast Gordon
    brought home from the office. It is ham. Still
    don't know if it's in good condition. Kinda doubt

    Pippi and Mickey, here's a story from over
    half a century ago. I think I posted it before,
    but mayhap not everydobby has seen it.

    In the primitive times of my childhood, paper
    trash was disposed of by burning it in the back
    yard. This was one chore most boys performed

    But bottles and cans were driven by the home
    owner to the village dump which was a mile outta town.
    Used to go there w/ my 22 rifle and
    shoot bottles; sometimes rats.

    Anyway, Alma Sorenson drove out there one
    afternoon and tossed the trash. But she made
    a serious mistake. She left her car sitting w/ the
    door open.

    Driving home, she discovered that an inquisitive
    rat had climbed into the car. My mother asked,
    "Oh Alma, would did you do?"

    Alma said, "I drove w/ my feet on the dashboard."
    That was kinda tricky in the those
    days as the automatic transmission had not
    yet been invented.

    Pippi, glad to hear you are pleased w/ the new
    TV. I see big flat-screen TVs at Costco. They
    cost over a thousand bucks.

    Georgia, what 4-letter words was the man saying
    at the wash house? There are a lot of 4 letter
    words associated w/ laundry: soak, coin, load,
    fold, soap, fold, wash, spin, etc.

    Speaking of weddings, the place where I was
    a cave guide had a wedding chapel. Last time
    I heard, over 300 wedding had been performed

    Anydobby who is curious can search for "Niagara Cave"
    and see a picture. The chapel
    features 3 pews and a damp floor. No place
    to be wearing a gown with a train.

    Elaine, are you still hunched over? I have to
    see the chiropractor every month or I end up
    in bed, unable to walk.

    The orthopedist will prescribe pain pills and order x-rays.
    The chiropractor will fix me up,
    at least temporarily.

    No, I do not think you should throw golf balls
    at people. Unless if is someone who is really
    wicked like _________. (Insert whatever names
    you like.)

    Granni, is it your grandson who is having the
    dental work/surgery? Hope all goes fine.
    Did the big rainstorm ever show up.

    Springwater, just finished two books on scientists/explorers.
    The bugs and the leeches
    seemed to be the biggest problems. Nobody
    mentioned that leech bites itch.

    Carla, glad to hear from you. I hope your flare
    is over and that you are feeling ok for the upcoming event.

    Been able to take Missy and Twyla on their

    Congratulations to your nephew, Joan. I bet your nephew
    will be glad to get away from school. Work is easier than school.
    At least it is once you learn the job.

    Sweetie, sorry to see you lost your post. When
    I do one over, I always feel the zest of the
    original somehow drained away.

    Yes, I know what you mean about adjusting to
    the fact that Harley is gone. For a year or so
    after my mother died, I would often think, Oh,
    I'll have to tell mother next time I write/call.

    OK, folks, don't touch that dial. Stick around
    and smile. All for now.

  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I had a wonderful relaxing weekend except i got way too much sun. Sunday i was out at the pool all day and even fell asleep for about an hour and boy was that a mistake. I always put sunscreen on my face, but i guess because i was swimming first and got it wet it came off so now i have a red face. I have been putting lots of aloe on it and i hope that will help. At first i was reading for a while on my raft and then just closed my eyes and the next thing i know it was 3:30. Yikes.

    Other than that Lindsay and i just went shopping on Saturday and got lots of great deals with no taxes. Probably saved at least $75 dollars. She really needed clothes and tennis shoes for school.

    Rock, if there was a rat in my car I think i would have died. There is no way i could have driven with that thing in my car. I would have had to pull over and tried to get it out or called someone to come pick me up and i would have just left my car there. OMG

    Julie - so you were in my neck of the woods, gosh next time you do that you need to get a hold of me and i could meet up with you for a bite to eat or something. I know this was a wirlwind trip and you probably wouldn't of had time. I am so sorry about your Mom too. She is going through so much. You are all in my prayers.

    Spring - I am so glad you were able to see all my pics. There are some pretty funny ones in there, LOL. The ones that don't have a comment selection are ones that were "tagged. That means someone copied the picture to me so that is why there is not that selection.

    Wouldn't it be nice if everyone on the Porch was also on Facebook, but then I guess if that happened we may not have the porch anymore and I would be so sad if there was no porch to go too, my little safehaven.

    Well, it is Monday morning, beginning of the week, but only a 3 day week for me. Ashley's surgery is Thursday so i took off Thursday and Friday to take care of my baby, LOL. We have to be at the place where they will perform the surgery at 6:30 in the morning, so we have to get up really early and then Friday i will have to take her back to his office for a checkup.

    I hope they give her something for pain because i heard it is one of the most painful surgery's that you can go through.

    Well gang, must get to work so i will check back in later. Love you.


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