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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi everydobby,

    Not much time here on this new computer, just checking in to see if you are all behaving :) !! Glad to see Rock back again. YAY !!

    Please check the old volume for new posts. Also please check out Elaine's new thread on her coming to the end of her treatments, hopefully !!

    Bringing all kinds of yummy breakfast treats today with coffee's teas and hot chocolate. How about some marshmallows too??

    So, have a seat, graba a cup of whatever and let's get going - - -! Today and tomorrow are bad. See you as soon as I can !

  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just wanted to pop in and say hi, we had great weather all weekend and I spent most of my days out taking fall foilage pics, then exhausted the rest of the day.

    My Dr took me off my RA meds and I am starting to feel the effects, they did me more good than she thought. I am still the jammies I wore to bed night before last, wore them all day yesterday and right back to bed last night.

    So that is why I have been gone. I am going to call her and go back on them but see if she wants to run blood work while I am in pain, all my blood work was normal while on the meds.

    I see our Rock has returned, I know you are glad to have your puter back and hope it is fixed for good. I can't imagine what I would do without mine, well maybe more housework-lol.

    Thanks Granni for turning on the light and you will get the hang of the laptop, I love mine as i can kick back on the couch while on it.

    Julie I hope you are hanging in there, there has been so much going on I don't see how you do it everyday. I hope Keira is better now, it is so hard when they are sick and yep she is a smart girl.

    Jole how have you been? did the kids come for the week end?

    Teacher sorry the co-workers are being a pain- I hope it smooths out soon.

    Elaine how are you doing girl are you about done with your treatments? Got my fingers crossed for you.

    Pip sorry I missed your birthday and glad you had a good one.

    Well folks that is about all I am good for right now- hello to everyboddy else I didn't mention -take care awl- Carla
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I have never had a marshmallow in my life, being as how they dont grow here, but i might
    have tasted a bit in those biscuits which come from foreign shores. What does it taste like
    actually? I love the sound of it ....marsh-mallows.

    Rock - youre back...yay! and with a lovely long 'Rocky' post...missed those..as all of us have.
    Potato pizza sounds fine..i love potato in all forms..there is no potato dish i do not relish.

    Jole - i got your Friend request on FB; unfortunately when i press 'confirm' nothing happens...
    sigh...i will try to go outside to a cyber cafe and see if it works from there...why do folks let
    viruses loose; what kicks can anyone get from doing something like that.

    Joan - i too need to clean my fridge..but it has been getting proscastinated and procastinated.
    Anyways, tomorrow is another day.

    Right, cant remember more....since i didnt copy the old volume.

    Today, my two brothers came bringing a lot of vegetable produce...so we had fresh green
    mustard leaves curry for dinner. With kidney bean soup, chicken and rice. Ive been eating
    a lot of junk lately and trying to keep to eating homemade fresh food. My son wants to put
    on weight and is downing eggs and cheese slices and sausages..been tryng to get him to drink
    his milk regularly..

    i went to town on an errand too...and took my Chinese friend some calendula seedlings which
    my sis in law had sent me thru brother... these will bloom in December Im thinking..if the frost
    isnt too bad.

    Poopsie my female japanese spitz got a bath and hair cut by my help; she is looking like
    a little white fox now...really sweet but my DH was disgusted....he doesnt like the way she looks now.

    My daughter had sent my son a birthday card and we are receiving it NOW..ah the joys of the
    Nepalese postal service...

    Hugs all around

    God Bless

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thanks for getting us going, Granni. Haven't had
    hot chocolate w/ marshmallows for eons. Sorry
    you lost another long post. These computers
    will drive us all around the bend and then some.

    Springwater, I read a recipe years ago for how to
    make marshmallows at home. Maybe you can
    find same on the net and whip some up when you
    have a little extra energy.

    Glad to hear Keechu is better.

    Teacher, sorry your coworkers are a pain. I just
    heard from sister in MN. She got fired last Spring
    because a co worker complained about some
    jokes my sister e mailed her.

    Then she (my sister) couldn't collect unemployment
    benefits because she was terminated for cause.

    The latest is this absurd Orwellian saga is that
    the co worker is now suing her for emotional
    stress and loss of wages. Sounds like she got
    fired too.

    Who would have thought befriending a new
    coworker from S. America would be so dangerous?

    Re: potato pizza, here's the skinny. ("Skinny" is
    derived from skin sheet. My aunt, the librarian,
    told me in the days before fingerprints, the cops
    wrote down a prisoner's tattoos and scars.)


    6 potatoes to make the crust. Peel and
    slice thinly.

    Put some cooking oil in a bowl. Coat the potatoes.
    Arrange them on a cookie sheet &
    aluminum foil, slightly overlapping.

    Bake till tender, about 18-20 min.

    Now beat (or vigorously scold) an egg w/ a TBL
    of water. Pour over potatoes. (This will glue
    them together.)

    Now put whatever you like on top and bake
    another 6 min.

    Can't give you the actual recipe as I can't find it.
    It is not listed in the cookbook's index. Well, you
    know poor old Betty Crocker is 88 this year. She's
    probably a little gaga just like me.

    Elaine, are you raising a ruckus again? Remember the
    movie "How the West Was Won"? I think it was Debbie Reynolds
    who sang "Gonna Raise a Ruckus Tonight."

    I think Debbie was the last big star from the days
    of the studio system.

    Now how is it we should pronounce your name?

    Good to see you, Carla. Hope you and Missy
    both get your limbs back in order soon.

    What do you mean you're not a real artist?! How
    could anyone look at your website and not say,
    "Gee, the artist who did this was sure talented!"
    Of course you are an artist!

    Well, I'd better post this and come back later.

  5. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Sorry today and tomorrow are bad. I have missed so much and there is so much I don't remember so-------are you ill? I do hope not. You are too sweet to be ill.

    I sometimes buy a bag of marshmallows just to eat for a snack. At WM I found a bag of pink ones, strawberry i think. I took them along when I went to our last wedding in June just to snack on in the room. Well, the whole gang got together in one room with all kinds of snacks so I took over my pink marshmallows! Well, since they were all my kids and grands, they completely ignored this senior citizens idead of "good". more pretzels, chips, etc.

    Recently at WM I picked up a bag of carmel marshmallows. I opened them with son and DIL and D and hubby. They taste so good but------they were just one mass of gooey!!!! Had to pull a piece off to eat. Don't suppose they will be on the market long. That reminds me!!! Where are they????

    Anyone old enough to remember burning raked leaves in the fall, getting a long stick and putting a marshmallow on the end and holding it over the burning leaves. I always got the outside brown, pulled it off and ate it, then put what was left back over the fire. Oh sometimes simple old time things sound wonderful!!!

    I think that is enough about marshmallows. I wish I could clearly explain marshmallows to you, Spring. Or even send you some!!

    Carla: I have missed you. I would love a laptop - love to sit in my recliner and use it. But with a new comp, I think that is out!! Our kids all have them for work and I think most of grandkids do too.

    I have missed alot about Kiera but do know she has been sick. It is so hard to see your little one sick and really can't explain just how she feels except to cry. I do hope that she is getting better. I need to go back too old vols. and see what is going on on the porch. Have missed so much-----and all of you!

    Teacher: I knew you were hopping mad but I guess I missed out on why. I hope you can get settled down. How is the flu in school? It seems to be everywhere.

    Do any of you people have those Asian lady bugs??? They are about to drive me crazy! we hadn't had them in years. If you have an old house, you have lady bugs in it! They are everywhere. They like light so are on the ceiling above my chair! Once in a while I will feel something in my hair and swat at it. Lady Bug!

    Lady Bugs continued.Thought I had better submit. The worst of it is that they just smell HORRID. You don't dare pick one up with your fingers.....have to scrumb hands. Last eveningt when I went to get my glass of water from the frig, there was one on MY GLASS!!!! It must have flown in while I was scrubbing the frig. I bet I spent an hr. this a.m. either flipping them into the sink and disposal or down the toilet.
    Enough of bugs.

    Spring: I love mustard greens, just cooked with vinegar on them! So does your kidney bean soup. Hubby just loved kidney beans ---I would open a can, add a little milk, heat them and that was part of a meal.

    I also think that calendula is the Oct. birthday flower. Never seen one though.

    Rock: the potato pizza sounds so good! Have never had it. I love pizza once in a while but don't go to a pizza place alone - just too lonely. Rock - have you ever had vegetable pizza? or fruit pizza? Oh my, how delicious!

    Today was "change the sheets day". Just wears me to a frazzle trying to get them back on! Harly and I used to do it together, he on one side and me on the other. I just seem to go around and around, sit down and breath awhile, then get back up and begin again.

    I think that I have gone on a little long. Sorry. Try to get back to the porch sooner. Today has been a "feel good" day and not certain why. Guess because it didn't rain.

    My love to our sweet Elaine. So anxious to hear what you dr. says. we pray for good news!

    Gentle Hugs,


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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Am back from the market. Vons musta spent a
    lot on redecorating. They sure have raised their
    prices. And the prices at the new deli dept. are
    what you would expect in an elegant neighborhood.
    Not where I live. I find it hard to believe many folks here
    will pay $6-9 for a sandwich.

    Joan, when I was a kid we used to toast marshmallows
    on a stick too. Had to peel the bark off first.

    It was an activity generally reserved for
    picnics. And, of course, we had the gourmet treat, smores.

    I see they have granola bars labeled smores. They
    seem to have granola bars in various flavors, but I suspect they
    all taste the same: like
    a bowl of stale cereal and peanuts.

    I have never seen any flavored marshmallows though.

    Pippi, no, you didn't tell us about your brother's
    parrot. Smokey is a good name for a parrot,
    or a bear. Or a gray, long-haired cat. I've heard
    of potato candy, but never encountered any.

    Re: Emotions Anonymous, I think I will put a post
    about it on the Depression Board. Okee dokee?

    Georgia, did you get hurt in your fall? How did
    it happen? I mean, you were going to turn on a light and then...?

    Reminds me of that 1940s song, The Old Lamplighter.
    I think they used to climb ladders to
    light the candles in the early street lights.

    Hope you and Ursala are benefiting from your
    walks. Back in the 80s, there was a period of a
    couple years when I could walk an hour a day.
    Now around the block is more than I can usually do.

    Joel, if you put my last 3 posts together, you'll
    have a "full blown" report. I hope your grandson
    is making a swift recovery from the Swine Flu.

    Yes, the computer instructor at the library said
    a mouse could be attached to a laptop. Of
    course, over the centuries, mice have been
    attached to many things. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother
    attached some to a pumpkin.

    This idea was later modified by the Ford Co. and
    introduced to the public as the Edsel. The
    public response was a big yawn.

    Mickey, is your mom better? You have 4 family
    members w/ Swine Flu?! Wow! Do you think they
    all were exposed at the same location?

    I hope things calm down for you soon. We sure
    miss you here on the porch.

    Well, time to tackle my daily chores.

    Regards to anyone looking in: Linda, Barry, etc.

  7. jole

    jole Member

    It's so good to see you back Rock, and Elaine (or whoever)!!! You are both soooo missed when you're not here!

    Rock, I hear you on the price of those sandwiches in delis. It never ceases to amaze me what people will pay when they could make up several for the same price at home...easily! When did making a sandwich become an all-day job?? Lol... Although, to be honest, in my "before" days, I would occasionally eat at Subway with my daughters when we were on a shopping spree (or looking spree), 'cause their sandwiches were so dang good! And we'd usually share so it wasn't too bad a price.

    Yes, my grandson with the swine flu is much better. Should have been back in school yesterday. His fever finally went down some on Saturday, stayed down on Sun. He was sick for 5 days, then had to wait another 48 hours there before returning to school. Some schools say 24 hours, some 48 hours. Some parents send them back when they're still running a low temp. Crazy!

    Elaine, you're soooo close!! And you've done so well...and we're all soooo proud of you!! Praying the results will be perfectly fine.

    Granni, that new computer sounds fairly confusing, but bet you're really enjoying it! We debated about a laptop, but I'm just so used to this one. Our kids tried to talk us into one but guess I'm a little too afraid of change anymore.

    Carla, hope you get things straightened out with your meds. It sounds like you've really been miserable...and we all know it's not like you to lay around and do nothin! Jammies for a couple days means you're really, really not feeling well! Get better, sweetie! Hope you can get those meds back that you need.

    Springwater, your Poopsie sounds so cute...like a white fox! Would love to see her....Also your homegrown greens sound wonderful!

    Joan, you were talking about the Asian Ladybugs...I'd never heard of or seen them until a few weeks ago. My daughter/hubby were telliing us that's what they were. The same as the orange/red ladybugs, only yellow...is that what you're talking about? We had them outside, but not in the house. And since the freeze, I don't see any of them now. We had a lot of spiders outside also, and thankfully don't see them either!

    I heard on tv about the color of caterpillars being a sign of what kind of winter we are to have. Can't remember if it was the black or yellow ones that meant a hard winter. When I was a kid, we had so many caterpillars. We loved to put our finger down on the ground and let them crawl up our arm. They were pretty sticky..I remember that! But pretty! Now I rarely see them. They are a real treat to the grandkids.

    Better post....
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  8. jole

    jole Member

    Joan, I had to laugh at the picture of you changing your sheets...that was a perfect picture of ME!! I too ask hubby to help whenever he can, and like you, it's one of the hardest chores there is to do. When the kids are home they always bring the linens up to be washed when they leave, and tell me to just put the clean ones folded on the beds for them to make up when they come to stay...but I just can't do that. So he helps me. BUt if I were alone, they'd be making them when they come I'm afraid!

    Julie, wishing you well...and wishing you could get some much-needed rest! Maybe when Amy feels better she can spend some time helping you catch back up on a few things? Sorry to hear about David. Such a bad time to be thinking about deployment. Sending you ((hugs))

    Mickey...where are you?? We miss you here!

    Teacher, hope all is well with your "problem". Sounds like it was a doozey.

    Georgia, I hope you get a good report on your MRI. Although an answer of any sort is better than no answer at all...at least to me.

    Pippi, hope you're feeling okay and your anemia is better.

    Everyone else, sending my love...

    I'm finally back to half a person. Had eye problems...return in a month for diagnosis and new glasses. Then had three teeth pulled on Tuesday. Very dry mouth causing my teeth to decay....I'm beginning to wonder about Sjorgerns. Perhaps the eye doc is too, not sure yet.

    Today my throat is sore and I have a slight cough. Hoping it's from all the dental work. No, I wasn't around my grandson...but who knows, this flu stuff could be picked up anywhere these days. It's really strong around here, but I think beginning to die down some. Lots of sickies...

    Will stop...I'm really sleepy after being up all night Tues. and can't seem to get caught back up, plus everything FM wise goes up, as you all know. Shouldn't complain, after all Julie's been doing, should I? Wish I could help......................Jole
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just back from performing at a local church. They have a wonderful program there called the Gathering Place, for people with dementia,alzheimers and their care givers. We did a fun program all about Halloween and Pets. They also had a group that come in with their pet pals. They were cute little doggies and some not that little but dressed in Halloween costumes. That was to cute. We performed and also got some audience participation. Then we stayed for the rest of the program which included ringing handbells where almost everyone particiate . It was exercising and following what the leaders were doing to music. We all had a great time. Afterwards we stayed for lunch, some of which was donated. Everyone really appreciated it & we all had a good time.

    It looks like a cool front is coming through soon. We have had rain off and on today with some brisk winds.

    Sorry I have not been on here lately. What with the computer problems, our company before, and other stuff going on here with myself and DH, I have not been ablae to do much on the computer.

    I have to write something this weekend to have someone else send out the next week or two to remind our ladies in our ladies club and area that we are having a pickup for the Food Bank for our county, in early November. Then, I will have to start thinking about Christmas. = oh dear me !!! Yep, lots of the decorations are already out before Halloween, and some getting ready too. I'm tired already !!
    Sweet SW - I do not know how to explain marshmallows. They are a soft , often times gooey confection of sorts usually white & very soft, it melts in your mouth almost. They are usualy white but as Joan said they sometimers come in different colors too . There are the larger ones and the minis for melting in hot cocoa and such. When they melt they also get very sticky !!!! However, they still are yummy but haven't had one in eons either.

    Joan - or whoe ever was asking. I am using a mouse right now with our new laptop. One of these years I may learn to use the pad. Sorry to hear your weather has been so yucky and that you have been feeling so badly lately. Making beds s not always alot of fun, I hear you but usually struggle through it somehow.

    Can someone show me another way to tag onto the volume? When I do it with the laptop I can't find anyating to click on the bottom to get to the other posts, the way I used to do.

    Georgia - good luck with your MRI or whatever else test you were having. Hope they find the problems oon and can help you out easily with your symptoms

    Carla - How there kiddo. I see you have been busy too. Always glad to hear from you.

    Julie - Sorry Kiera is still feeling sick. You must be totally worn down and out. I wish you could rest some, my dear. You need a might big break. Hope you do not collapse soon with all you do. Try and stay well.

    Hi also to Jole, Rock, Pip ,Teacher. I had better get outta here and hope this submits. I can't remember what everydobby else postyed about either.

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  10. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Not having a good week.

    The drama at work continues. Based on what happenend today, I exspect more tomorrow.

    Whacked someone in the parking lot a the the docotr this afternoon.

    I just want to cry, so I'm eating my dinner and getting ready to call it a day.

    Will try and fill youse in this weekend.

    Thanks for the potato recipie Rock. Maybe I'll try it this weekend

    Hugs to everydobby.
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thanks all for the marshmallow explanation.

    Carla – I hope you will be able to post those pics..fall is heavenly in your country. Also
    Do hope you will feel better soon…I hate to think of you housebound when you are such
    An active person normally.

    Joan – nice to read your lovely long post; I have to say changing bed sheets is one of my least liked chores. Especially since the beds are all set against the walls. I like dishwashing; when the weather isn’t too cold. (By hand, no dishwasher). I can do that

    Rock – I think ive read a poem about The Old Lamplighter. I think its very romantic
    To have street lamps which need to be lit up by men climbing a ladder and setting
    Fire to a wick.

    Elaine – cant wait till you get to the end of your treatment. We shall have another big
    Party here on the porch to celebrate!

    Jole – I am thinking of taking a picture of Poopsie before her hair grows back. I have
    Hardly seen a caterpillar here in our garden, is it too hot here or what? But in India I used
    To see these lovely bushy fiery orange ones on the flower leaves and some other very
    Pretty coloured ones. Of course, if some of their hair touched your skin, that part would
    Break out in a extremely itchy rash of bumps.

    Granni – just loved your activities at church…what a wonderful time. I do hope you
    Will master your new computer soon..

    Julie – I hope Keira gets better soon and things get more relaxed. I had to laugh at your
    Asking Georgia if there was any place at her place of work for you…just cant imagine.

    Teacher – I remember getting into skirmishes at work; they were very stressful. I can understand how bad you are feeling. But this too shall pass. I know you wouldnt believe that
    right now,being in the middle of it. Youre a good person. And deserve good things to happen. Hope everything goes back to normal soon.

    Pippi – if I remember you said you had a relapse; I hope you get better soon.

    Mickey – four family members with the s flu! No wonder we haven’t been seeing you on here…we are missing you. And hope all recover soon.

    Georgia – how are you now? Hope the doc gets to the root of the balance problem soon.
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yesterday for me was UN productive. Yes. With a capital U. Got into one of my slumps
    Again. No motivation to do anything. And ate junk again. I think I treat it as comfort
    Food…these readymade packet noodles. Even though I have rice and other foodstuff
    Ready I reach for the noodles, cut some onions and tomatoes and boil them along with
    The packet ingredients. It tastes heavenly to me…although I know and have been told
    It is NOT healthy for me. No but SO comforting to the palate.

    My son was asking me if I had some passport size photos of his. We asked why and
    He said his friends band was entering a contest, and its mandatory for every band
    To have a manager…..DH and myself looked at each other and guffawed. I asked
    Him what were a band managers duties and he said, he didn’t know but would find out
    Soon enough. LOL! I just hope that contest isn’t held anywhere nearby, I just couldn’t
    Stand the noise they made last time.

    Son showed me the birthday card his sis sent him. It was a Bart Simpson card.

    She had written…”18!...when did this happen? With this age comes great responsibility.
    Not only can you vote, you can legally get married!!

    When you do eventually get married, remember that I am way more important than your
    Future wife.

    Party with Caution.

    Eat veggies for a good dump.

    Never ever smoke, But look smokin’.

    Learn to cook. Sausages and readymade noodles don’t count.

    Study a little every day.

    Don’t fall on your bike this year, your accident quota was reached a year ago.

    Say sorry and thank you and mean it.

    Stay yourself. Youre a good one.

    Love you to the core Baby Bro.

    From the greatest sis in the universe”

    God Bless
  13. jole

    jole Member

    Wow, either this thread is going slow or I'm bored...lol...

    Springwater, I loved the advice your daughter gave your son! Your family is so wonderfully close and caring...you are very lucky! Or rather, you were a very good mother...........

    My one daughter and her two sons suprised us last night and came for an overnight stay. I love it....they haven't been here for quite a long while now. They don't mind if the house is perfect, and she always brings food for meals so I don't have to cook, and we can just enjoy visiting.

    The only problem is I'm back to not sleeping, so don't know how good my visiting will be...lol...They're still sleeping, and when they get up I'll probably be ready to go back to bed....what a backward life we lead!

    Today is my second youngest daughter's/SILs 5th anniversary. He wrote her a sweet note on FB, which I thought was nice. Apparently he had to work today.......he works for the railroad and they've been very slow lately....appreciates every day he's called in. Times are really tough for him right now.

    People are moving from California to Nebraska and anyone with senority is bumping off the ones from Nebraska. It doesn't seem fair to me.......but that's life, I guess. So he's not sure how much longer his job will last. Just depends on how many more with senority move into the area.

    Whoops, a grandson is up so I need to go. Love to all..............Jole
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have already been shopping this morning and went with DH to a friends place who works for a used car company. We wanted to get a good idea of what my car is worth. It is a 2002 Explorer DH is talking about selling it, possibly to the granddaughter who is just getting ready to get her drivers license. I hope to the use the money or at least some of it for some upgrades on the house like for our kitchen as well as the Master Bath with the horrible wallpaper I had spoken about before. I am sure it was expensive wallpaper but it is not my colors for sure and is OLD.

    One thing I can say is that the original owners loved GREEN. We also have green carpeting in a lot of the rooms too. Oh dear, one thing at a time as they say. Our oven is also a small on, Wish the cabinet holding it was wider so I could get the largest over but I can't. It iws just a little to small so I will have to get a 27 inch. I guess that should at least hold more than the old 27 ". I would sort of like to get a double oven (we now have a microwave above the oven. However, I hardly ever use it as we have a bigger and stronger one also that I use musch more.

    It is suvch a big decision what to do, to get a single or a double. If we get a double oven it will need more carpentry work and will cost more., I also will not use it that much except for big dinners which are getting less and less these days. I guess I am very spoiled since for years I have had a double oven. Now,the one I have is so small it doesn't hold that much. I got a big roasting pan some time ago and I cannot even get it in the oven now.

    Does anyone here have a newer (in the wall) 27" oven ? If so, does it seem to hold a good amount and a good sized roasting pan??

    Then, we also are hoping to put possibly granite but other counter tops and splashboards in the kitchen. Then, there is the yucky bathroom a change of wallpaper and some new fixtures (cabinet handles, toilet paper holder, faucets, etc.) We will have do little by little if I do get what I want because unfortunatly we cannot afford to do all this good stuff. It will have to be piecemeal and hopefully we can afford to go on with the next step, if you know what I mean. Our retirees $ is not as abundant as it used to be. Also, as you all know we have no idea of what is to come.

    Sorry for all this gabber of trying to fix up my house. I sure we can do some of tghis. Some of it has been bugging me for quite awhile.

    Georgia - Hope you are doing OK.

    Jole - Glad you had some company here for a visit. I am sure you enjoy them. I know how it is , the extra work and all even if they are helpful. Have fun.

    Sweet SW - sorry you were out of it yesterday. Hope you are feeling better and more UP today. You are too sweet to be down.

    Going out for our Birthday Bash up at our club. They have it once a month and the birthday person gets a free meal, no alcohol of course. Then we have season tickets to go to the Performing Arts shows. So itshould be fun. There are a couple of couples that are coming with us to both the dinner and the show. I will let you know about the show afterwards. I think they are singers.

    Think I had better sign off or it will not send. it is already to long. Will try and check in tomorrow.

    Love and happy weekend to AWL,
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Another quiet day at the ranch. That's about
    all I have these days. Hasn't been any excitement
    since 3 years ago when the upstairs neighbors let their bathtub overflow.

    Am reading a biography of Toscanini. He was
    born a couple years after America's Civil war
    ended and was still conducting when I was in
    High School.

    Elaine, I read your chemo update. Will you have
    to wait long before getting the latest test results?
    You know everydobby here is rooting for you.

    Jole, I used to like Subway sandwiches too. Their tuna
    salad was better than either I or Gordon could make.

    Haven't had one for some years though. Not
    enough teeth to chew one anymore.

    BTW, according to MN folklore, it's not the color
    of the caterpillar. It's the width of the band
    around the middle that indicates the fierceness of the
    coming winter.

    The most common caterpillar in them thar parts
    was brown w/ a black sash around the middle.
    The children of the cabbage moth (white), however,
    were a pale green w/ some spots.

    Granni, I got some dogs in costumes only today
    in the mail box. And pix of pumpkins carved to
    looked like dogs. (But I suspect it was done
    w/ electronics. They look too perfect to be real

    Teacher, what do you mean that you "Whacked
    somebody in the parking lot?" If I were reading
    a thriller, I'd think a murder had been committed.

    Springwater, I wonder if the Old Lamp Lighter
    was lighting gas fires instead of candles. Anyway
    it was a nice song. Great birthday card your
    daughter found.

    Hugs to all including our absentees, (great timing,
    here comes Gordon), Carla, Barry, Georgia, et.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    This will be quick since I have to run and get dressed before DH gets back from the store.

    Julie - Oh dear, that is a stumpiong question about Kieraand her naps espoecially if she had akways done pretty well with them. At her age (about 2 or their abouts) I amj thinking she still needs her naps. I know all mine loved their naps until about age 4-5. However, I did have one that persisted at about 4. She was my hardest kids in all ways when a little one, very hard headed and stubborn plus sensitive too-some combination, huh :) !!

    I wonder if she had some bad dreams while napping or a bad experience at day care or what. I know some kids put up such a fuss that their parents give in and so they get to stay up. When did this happen or start happening ? Has she been napping at all in school or do they have naps, I guess not since you say you bring her home to nap.

    All I can think of right now is to be persistant and keep trying as you have been and hopefully it si subside and she sill finally give in. I know as they get older they might not need to sleep but even just resting and reading , etc. would be a good thing. However, at her age I think she still needs it. What is her exact age? Plus, I think you need it too:)!!

    Maybe she thinks she is missing out on something. Do you usually lie down with her for naps? If not you could try that. Hopefully she will fall sleep before you , not that you couldn't use it yourself. Hopefully she will fall sleep first. If you keep telling her that you need to sleep to and both go together she will want to do as you do (as usual). If you have already been doing that I don;t now what else to do except just keep trying and tell her you will be napping to and you are SO TIRED !! That would be no lie either I am sure.

    I have had other moms tell me they couldn't get their kids to nap and some were very young. At times you need to just say forget it, it is not worth all the fuss. However, I think most times at her age she still needs one. Keep on trying !! Does she go to sleep right away at home or what?

    How does she go to sleep at night ? Is she in a big bed or a crib still at home, and at your house. Don't know if she is scared of something or IF she is just trying to stretch her wings and be more independent. Mine just loved their naps Some kids give up their naps at age 3 or 4. It is an individual thing but many kids will be so tired they can't stand up straight but protest till the end screaming and yelling that they are NOT tired.

    More later ! Have to go now and get dressed. To much to do.

    Love to awl,
  17. jole

    jole Member

    Elaine, you have me totally intrigued by your new med....hope it works for you, and you can share the name with the rest of us! My upper back/neck area are my worst also, and there are times I feel as though my neck will simply break off below my head....been that way for years and it never has broken yet though.....although each day I just know "this is the day".

    You have me totally worn out from the rushing around for an hour trick!! I'm trying the 10 minute rush here, and making no headway...lol...I wish you good luck, and hope you are back to your "normal" by July. Great idea to have a goal! I really need to do that, instead of just "settling".

    See, you continue to be an inspiration! Can't wait to hear the results, and pray they are good for you!

    Rock, softer foods are a way of life for me also these days. It sure leaves out a lot of good stuff, doesn't it? Although when my hubby got his teeth all pulled and dentures nothing slowed him down. It was during the holidays and everyone was eating peanuts...he loves peanuts, and had just had all the lower teeth pulled. He ate them with his upper teeth and a spoon! Crazy guy........

    Granni, I hope you can do some decorating, even if it is a little at a time. That's how we always had to do also. It may not be as rewarding as seeing the finished product in record time, but it works. I know nothing about built in ovens.....is there any way you could remove the lower section of the cabinet so you could get the size you want? I know it may not be feasible, but just an idea.....And green carpet! LOL. That's what my parents had in their house also. Think that and gold were the colors of choice a "few" years back! Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it!

    Julie, I had the same trouble with my kids and grandkids when it came to naps, although usually around the age of 3-4. I used reverse psychology on them...told them I didn't want them to sleep, that we'd just lay down for a few minutes and rest our eyes with them closed. Nearly every time they would be asleep in just a few minutes. Some kids just don't want to give up no matter how tired they are, and I agree they still need a nap.

    As granni said, sometimes nothing works and it's not worth the hassle. The bad part about letting them stay up is they're usually asleep in their dinner/supper plate...haha. Poor little tykes anymore seem to be so busy they can't relax easily. Honestly, I don't think kids get to be kids long enough any more. Preschool, etc. does put a strain on them.

    I wish mothers were able to stay home with their little ones until they "had" to start school. Unfortunately, that's living in a dream world....

    The past few days were fun for me with my daughter/grandsons here. The kids didn't have school on Friday, so they came Thursday evening and stayed until late last night. I didn't do a darn thing, just enjoyed them.

    My daughter helped me get all my pictures that were on my computer cropped, sorted, and sent off to be developed. I had sooo many on there it took forever. I'm not kidding....all afternoon! Couldn't have done it by myself...not enough concentration anymore.

    Hubby drove to town and picked up pizza for supper last night so we didn't have to worry about stopping to cook anything, and of course kids love pizza anyway. It's always sad to see them go.......although the quiet is nice :)

    Nothing going on today, which is good. The weather is absolutely beautiful...in the 60s and NO WIND, which is such a rarity for here, so I think I'll get a shower and head outside for awhile to sit on the porch. I was out for a few minutes and saw a couple bumble bees...maybe I'm silly, but they fascinate me. Also the red/orange lady bugs. Unfortunately, there are still flies that lived through the freezes we've had.

    All for now...........hugs to everyone.........Jole
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - Sounds like you enjoyed your kids and grandkids coming over. I know what you mean about enjoying the quiet afater they all leave though. Glad you have nice weather today. Can you believe it was 43 this morning and is supposed to hit 72 or 3 this afternoon. I can't tell inside. I am still bundled up. I cannot stand the the cold and dampness either
    Elaine - Yes, the back of my head, shoulders and neck is always the worse. I also have arthritis there but would be interested to find out more about that new drug and if it helps your FM at all. Gee, all that hopping up and resting is wearing me out. Let us know how it works for you both the med. and the routine. Will be thinking and praying for you for a good report wednesday.

    Hugs to everydobby - Teacher (hope you feel better).Rock, Joan, Georgia and AWL !!

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  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Just woke up. Been sleeping most of today. Not hurting so badly now.

    Elaine - glad to hear from you. Your new regimen of 5 minutes rest and then 1 hour of rushing around is making me tired! Carry on!

    Georgia - I'm sorry you've been struggling so lately. I'm glad you don't have MS though. I don't know what to tell you about the balance thing. I have trouble in that area too, but I always thought it was because I'm clumsy. That's one reason I teach elementary school. We're all clumsy! I hope everything gets sorted out soon.

    Keira not wanting to nap - Baby was that way from DAY 1. Fought sleep all the time. Sometimes Mom would hold her just right, sometimes rocking and singing worked, sometimes nothing worked. grrrrr!

    We played music a lot or story tapes as she got older. Usually Bible related. She liked those. She had to go to bed, but she didn't have to go to sleep. She had to stay there and rest. Sometimes she went to sleep, sometimes she didn't but at least she rested.

    We started out with one of those kiddie tape recorders. The ones with the big buttons for OFF and ON. The parental buttons were lockable (good thing, esp. for volume!) Be aware though, if you get one, that they use a lot of batteries. It's constatnly on unless the parent turns if off because the OFF button is more like a PAUSE button.

    When she got a bit older, we found a very simple regular tape recorder. She learned how to use it and the battery consumption got a lot better. She would put a tape in and go to bed.

    Also, we started using lavender essential oil in her bath water at night. It's very calming for anybody, but it works wonders on the strong-willed. Johnson & Johnson makes a bath wash called Sleepytime or something like that. It's in a purple bottle. It's got the lavender already mixed in. New moms swear by this stuff.

    I'm glad to see that everyone is enjoying the childeren in their lives right now. That's very good. It seems that you don't get to have them very long, does it.

    I'm settling down some now. Don't have the engery to relate the tale right now. I'll try tomorrow.

    Rock - whacking someone in the parking lot means that I hit someone's car. They have a lovely dent in their rear bumper. Ain't life grand? Let's just say that that did not help my week go along in the best manner possible.

    So, anyway.

    I'm going back to doing nothing. I'm getting really go at that.

    Hugs to all on and off the Porch!

    P.S. I just thought about it. Some adults I know use the Johnson bodywash themselves. They have very sensitive skin and if it works for a baby.........
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  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I couldn't sleep anymore so I'm up. 5:45 a.m. I hope I still have energy later. I'd love to go to church, but we'll see.

    My week. How do I explain.

    Well, let's start with what you already know. I'm shy. It takes a lot for a shy person to speak up, even in amidst a group in which they are comfortable in.

    I'm also a Pollyanna. I know that the world is not all black and white, there are many shades of grey. I spent a few years of my life trying to rid myself of the rose-colored glasses. It didn't work. AND I got sicker. I decided to go back to what I was. Evidently I need to be a shy Pollyanna.

    You needed to know that so you understand why this was such a big deal to me.


    Plans were made on the first day of school on procedures for the Cafeteria, the hallways, assemblies, and the morning holding pen, oops, I mean the Gym in the morning.

    Morning procedure is as follows: students come in, eat breakfast, and move to they Gym to await their teachers at the start of the school day.

    Not a problem. Except that the people that made the rules are not the ones that have to make them stick. Someone decided that the children have to sit in that Gym every morning for 30 minutes and be absolutely quiet.

    Oh, I forgot to say that I was not in the building when these rules were made. All the Specialists were at our departmental meetings. Guess who has to man the Gym in the morning? Correct. Two Specialists and the ESL teacher.

    I decided from Day 1 that I was NOT going to make 500 children be quiet every moring. They have to be quiet from the time school starts unitl lunch and then they have to be quiet again. It's unreasonable.

    Posting, be right back.

    I'm back.

    For the most of the year, yours truly has been the only one to show up on time. The other two stroll in about 15 minutes later.

    Even if I was amenable to making the children be quiet, one plays and jokes with the students. They are no help at all, so I sent them out to monitor the bathrooms.

    Bathrooms are really cool places to play dontcha know. There are toilets to stand on doors to lock, partitions to look over and crawl under, sinks to stand on and water to throw. A veritable fairyland.

    The other teacher decided they needed to harass the 6th graders every morning while they are doing the locker thing. I tried to get that one to get into the Gym with me, but it was more fun in the hall. I gave up.

    So it's now me alone with the darlings. I figured it was time to pick my battles. I pulled up a seat on the floor, just as we were demanding of the children and did crowd controll. If you were sitting in your assinged group and not hitting anyone, we had had a good day. I did not waste energy on not talking.

    One of the 6th grade teachers started complaining to me about the harassment in the hall every morning. Like I can control that person!


    Teachers were not coming to get their children on time and that was in turn making the Specials begin classes late. I have a full day and I need every minute of my time. Hall nagger thought that getting on the P.A. every morning to call people out by name was a good idea. I told them not to do it, but what do I know.

    I also told them that all they needed to do was get their first class, take them to their room, take attendance, do the lunch count and get on with it. Nope. Said it wasn't their job.



    I'm back.

    So, people decided to strike back, except that I was the one hit.

    It was brought up at our building council that the morning was not happening as the procedure was laid out. The other two ducked behind my skirts. I had to face the principal's wrath alone.

    She was angry that I wasn't following the procedure. I had to rebut that the procedure was set without my input and I didn't think it was right that I was being told that I had to make children be quiet for a half an hour.

    After a lot of digging in of the heels, it was decided that we needed to make them whisper.

    I also told her that I couldn't do all that was being asked by myself. I stated that I was usually in that room by myself. That I was dealing with hall nag and bathroom mointor.

    I had found out, after the fat hit the fire, that bathroom monitor wasn't monitoring the bathroom.

    I told her that a half hour before school was too early in the morning to fight when I had an entire day left in which to teach. I wasn't going to stress about that time of day. I was doing good to have them come in and sit down. BY MYSELF.

    She kind of backed off some, but then Hall Nag got started. I wanted to smack her.


    I'm back.


    After that it was some new fight the rest of the week. I also found out that although the procedure was set with most of the staff present, most of that group did not agree with the no talking part. They told me so, personally, all week. They were upset with Hall Nag.

    Friday was the cake. Hall Nag and Bathroom Monitor were finally in the Gym. Our school volunteers hadn't shown up yet for hall duty, so I went in the hall.

    Hall Nag starts nagging me that I was needed in the Gym. I ignored her until she repeated herself in front of another teacher who was indignant along with me. I stomped off to find the principal.

    I told her that I would do that duty alone. Just get Hall Nag out of my face.

    The truth finally comes out. Hall Nag does not want to do that duty and the principal is trying to make her do it anyway. I said fine. Send her outside at lunch time. Get her out of my hair.

    All of this fuss over something easily remedied! She doesn't want to be in the Gym in the morning. Fine. Put her outside in the fresh air. Don't make the rest of us miserable!

    The bottom line?

    I still do not know who submitted the complaint in the first place. All I know is that no one new has stepped up to join us in the morning. I also know that I still have to work with Hall Nag and Bathroom Monitor.

    So, I don't know what I'm going to do yet. Am I going to be a team player and remain in the Gym or am I going to turn into a Nagging Bathroom and Hall Monitor? Only the Shadow knows![This Message was Edited on 11/01/2009]