Turning on the New Porchlight for Volume #515 !!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope I don't get caught in the door. All you guys have been so busy especially Julie.

    Don't forget to check the last few posts on 514 with Jam, Georgia, Julie, etc.

    I bought some nice warm choc chip cookies for all. Y'all better hurry before B/C gets to them first! Then you all will have crumbs :)!!!

    Gotta run for now. Not doing much bust some cleaning up around here. Hope you all had a great New Years Eve. I think I had better put some of the Christmas things away. Not much up this year though due to Thanksgiivng illness.

    Happy New Years to everydobby again !

  2. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hello everyone!

    I’m going to tap dance my way through the Porch & say ..... THANK YOU, to everydobby here!

    I need to express how much I care and cherish each one of you.

    So HAPPY with life and where I am at, I’m a bit giddy.

    JEROME ======= Wow, thanks for passing out Happy New Year hats, horns,

    throwing out confetti & HEY ====== who just pulled out the SILLY STRING CANS????

    Oh dear, I apologize for the Silly String. Heck, I mean I said it to Jerome, I just didn’t now he was going to get it for all of us to play with.

    Do you know the reason why I want to run around and HUG each Porch Peep????

    It is because you guys --------- “listened to me”! You guys ------ “heard me” and my cries for HELP!

    That is one of the biggest things I discovered from my Counseling. Nobody in my family was listening to me.

    My words fell on deaf ears with them.

    I am GLAD all of you heard me & kept pointing things out to me.

    Now, the dynamics of my Family has changed & I am being HEARD!

    OK ~~~~~~~~ .......... who just squirted me in the face with Silly String where I cannot even see a thing????

    SUGAR COOKIES ======== I love them and am leaving a plate full behind. Enjoy!

    HUGS to ALL,
    == Elaine
  3. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Glad to hear that things are turning around for you. Hopefully, this will be a better year for you, and for all of us.

    I am aware that this will be the year I lose my Dad. Through a lot of hard work on both sides, we have a good friendship. So, no regrets.

    I got hung up on a surname today, and after researching a lot of possibilities, I have to leave it for the experts to decide. This enumerator had atrocious handwriting!

    Am going to tackle one from the 1600s tomorrow--these are the ones I really enjoy. I found a site that lists traditional Scottish and Irish names, and that helps alot.

    Last year, shortly before I retired, I was clamoring for a volunteer job to do. Most involved working with people, which is too stressful for me now, other then my one client. So, am feeling satisified with what I've found to do.

    Had some pozole, and will eat the sugar cookies!


  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    How nice to see you pop in again so chipper. That makes me (us) feel so good. Yes, hope everything keeps getting better and better for you this year and for all of us !! Yes, many times it is others outside the family and people who don't SEE you all the time who can spot some of the problems and solutions for them .

    Julie - that was funny abouat the wedding and the silly string. Never have used it though. Glad Den got the water fixed for your Mom and Dad in the trailer. Yes, every little bit helps. Hope he can finish up the job again tomorrow !! Gee - 18 degrees that is awful having to work downstair-brrrr !!! Hope it is warmer tomorrow. Enjoy the movie with everyone tonight. Yes, I was going to look up pazole too. I sounds Italian. That is all I can say right now :) !!!

    Geez, now I am editing as it posted before I was even done. Don't know what I even touched that made it do that ): !!

    Georgia - So glad you ar e enjoyings. Oh, Whatis Pazole ?? your transcribing. That is something i would love to do too although I ned to do more of my genealogy and finish up what I have before working on other peoples.

    Rock - where have you been my friend?? Hope you aren't feeling to badly or really sick. We've been missing you for awhile here on the Porch, Hope to see you soon. Happy New Year to you and Gordon.

    Carla - How are you coming with all your poics from your trip? Missig you too sweetie.

    SW - Hope you are doing OK too and have at least a little NRG to get into the new year.

    We had yummy pork loin, zucchini, REAL mashed potatoes with gravy which I haven't done in a very long time. It was soo good. I went back for two portions of mashed potatoes and gravy.

    Julie P.S. - do you have a recipe for real gravy esp. when you have little juice from the meat? I have gotten bad and use the powder fro Sams and just add water. It tasts pretty good but I am sure it is full of salt.

    That chili sounds wonderful too and like to make it when it is COLD. Do you put red beans in yours? I guess I make it the untexn way the way we always made it in the east - with beans. Sorry to anyone BORN inTX otherwise I like most TX foods. Forget the mustard on hamburgers too but it has to have onions and catsup for me :)!!

    Jam - that sauerkraut sounds great but never actually made my own but we do like it. Thanks for stopping in on the Porch :)!!

    Love to everydobby, inc those MIA!!
    Granni[This Message was Edited on 01/01/2011]
  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    First one of the new year. Lets hope its a good year all round.

    Jamin good to see you pop in. Pls keep doing so. Its wonderful to have a hobby or past time like bridge which keeps one interested and entertained.

    Julie - lol. I predict you wil be busy all year round. But i read your posts and its so cheering to find out you always get thru whatever your are dealing with and the jobs on hand. Touch wood.
    Yes, 2010s been eventful for you hasnt it? with one daughter getting married and another delivering a bonny baby gal. Not to mention you getting all excited with all the things Keira was learning to do. Yes, certaibnly been a busy year for you.

    Gail - sorry to hear youre sick. Hope the bug leaves soon. No, i dont have to pay for the electricity if the power is switched off by the board. but the lights go off at such erratic timings, in the night sometimes we forget to switch off the lights because its gone off and its
    dark and one forgets. then it will have come on at 2am or something until 7am next morn, lol.

    Elaine - great to hear from you again and read your cheery post. Keep it up. Spunky one!

    Georgia - writing from the 1600s! good lord, thats history all right.! are the writings or copies of the writings clear or have they faded and its hard to decipher. I mean this is like 400 years ago.

    Well, Im afraid my news years didnt begin on to good a note.

    we had a good time at the hotel party but after leaving at 12:15 midnight after countdown,
    and going to get niece, her friend gave us directions to come somewhere instead of bringing her over. it was so jam packed the streets and the DH doesnt like driving like that. after stopping, son and i went over to the club they were at, and waited and waited and finally barged in, it was so crowded and ful of cigarette smoke. we found niece laying down on a seat
    with her friend trying to coax her to get up and it was apparent she was drunk. Oh lord. the freind was completely sober. I made him and my son help her down to the car where my DH gave us all the stink eye. She wasnt that bad. staggering a little, but sane enough to try and put the blame on her friends saying they forced her to drink; Hogwash. i know. she has learnt how to drink during her tenure at college and now cant resist.

    I had called up my maternal cousin in India to wish the family and found that aunt was having what i think is 'dementia'. she was alright when she came visited us two years back. now i could hear her raving and ranting talking to herself in the background and it made me afraid for my old age.

    Then the last piece of bad news. Last evening son called his dad over phone, and said there had been an accident. DH and i rushed to the emergency where we found son fine, but he had knocked over a drunken pedestrian and was in tears at the trauma of it all. The victim was lying with his head bandaged. we had to wait till he was ready to get up. he was still drunk. It was an old laborer who after having carried loads all day had been given four glasses of hard liquor by his boss. we couldnt get any phone number out of him so offered to drop him off ourselves. the hospital said the rules were that we have to pay for his CT scan and x ray and medicines. but since he was fine, except for the bleeding bump on his head, we managed to put that off. the scan and x ray. the hospital has our number in case the patient comes back to say he's unwell and they need to give him tests. Its infuriating. A drunken man on the roads and we have to pay. It wouldnt feel bad if he wasnt drunk and the son knocked him over while speeding or something I guess maybe some fault would be with our son, i dont know. Ifhe was speeding it would be a bit of his fault although the man was crossing where he shouldnt be. If he wasnt speeding, maybe he could have braked. I dont know. conjecture.

    what worried DH and me was our sons reaction. he just went to pieces. crying silently. he should be strong.

    I guess this is what the dream meant,. When i saw son covered with sores the other day and I went scuttling down to the monastery to do prayers. His motorcycle has been impounded and DH has gone to get it with son from the police station this morn. Hope it al goes smoothly.

    in the night, after reaching the patient to his place, i could feel a panic attack waiting to
    happen in the bottom of my stomach. This is what happens usually when too many stressors happen simultaneously. So i sat by the heater and did my breathing exercises.

    My elder brother has started his retreat and phoned to know about niece. he said if she gets drunk again to send her off to her fathers place. My youngest brother has just arrived with some greens from their garden which sis in law has sent.

    And middle brother phoned to find out how his daughter is doing. shes gone to the stupa with our helper girl. i sent her so she can pass the time. here she gets bored after a while.

    This morning the panic has passed. I dont feel queasy anymore. Ready to face another day, another year.

    Take care, all

    God BLess

  6. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    SW, I'm glad your son is OK, and also the man who was hit. I've learned through the years to pay attention to my dreams, also. If I don't, I have regrets. One of my best friends died in Oct. For about a month before she died, she was appearing to me in dreams to come see her. Didn't pay attention, then found out shortly after she had died. Same thing happened with other loved ones. I was so wrapped up in my Dad's illness, I didn't even think of going to see my friend.

    Most of the old records are clear, but faded in places, and you can't extract any info from these portions, so we have to mark them "unreadable." What is quite interesting is seeing how names formed--"Gullhium"--is the early form of "William", although there are many variations in the spelling. Another first name is "Jeudoine" from the early times. I work on some difficult records, then will do an easier record from the early 1900s, etc. The old writing can make you go cross-eyed.

    Cold this morning, and we are due for some fog.


  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jam - You're rich !!!! With all that money wyou are winning playing bridge you could go on a marvelous vacation :)!!! Or just put it in the bank !!! Yea, it will likely be gone pretty quickly with all the supps you have to buy. I do the same thing myself.

    It is pretty cold here too. This morning it was in the low 30's and might have been even colder over night. It was suposed to be in the mid to hi 20's I think. It is supposed to be in the 50's today. At least it is nice and sunny out. Gee, I love sauerkraut but I am not sure I could eat it for breakfast -- never have tried that.

    If someone has a keen interest like Bridge , music, etc. I believe that can help keep them/us on an even keel so to speak and help one to cope with feeling awful all the time and other problems going on like family, etc. I am lucky to have my music which has been very helpful to me.

    Spring Water - Sorry to hear about all your problems and hope things start to straighten out soon for her/you and the family. Hope she will get on the right medicine and then make sure she takes it every day. Unfortunatly, some refuse to take it or refuse to believe they have a problems and so refuse meds.

    My son, right after he graduated H.S. had his first epileptic G.M seizure. He went up to college and of course we were not arround to see he took them. However, he either forgot to take them some days or intentionally foragot to take them. Once he had a seizure, felloff he bed and hit his eye on the edge of the night table. He really hurt hsi eye and I do not think he can wear his contacts any more in that eye. He was lucky though. That age is so hard when they they they can do anything and have no problems.

    Oh, I know how to make gravy out of alot of meat juices even if I do not do so all the time. However, when you have meat or chicken that doesn't have much juice it is difficult and either buy the jarred or make it from the powder. They taste really good but have lots of salt in most of them.

    Georgia - sorry it is so chilly and rainy by you. I think it was you to besides Jam. Forgive if I am not correct.

    Geez, sorry but I forgot everyone else that posted. Since I got my new computer I haven
    't been hooking up with the colume so I can peak at what was said, so I know what to answer.

    Gotta run for now and go check my wash. My permaprest shirts are probably all wrinkled by now ):!!

    Big hugs and love to awl !!

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Im writing from a cyber cafe located the the supermarket. Its 12 noon and i and son came out here to give a leather jacket of his dads for altering to sons size. Unfortunately the tailor says he doesnt have the machine to sew leather. he did such a good job with my coat and pant.

    Luckily, the cyber cafe is located right here. So son and i got online since the power wont be coming on at home until after 2pm.

    yesterday was good. Sons motorcycle is released. But the Nepalese police being what they are, his new helmet and gloves are missing. it is no use going after them. I am just so eieved nothing happened to my son. Not a scratch. And Ive been praying that poor man is fine. he did seem perfectly all right when we reached him. but head injuries are such. one has to be careful. My son will be devastated if anything happens to the man. He told me the reason he was so distraught the other day at the hospital was because he thought he had actually been the cause of death of another human being. He said even in school, he doesnt remember ever striking anyone intentionally.

    ho hum. thats good but son really has to toughen up. life awaits him outside and there are many miles to go and we wont always be there to turn up when he hits a rough patch.

    About my posts on the other thread, I just dont feel its right for anyone to behave in an obnoxious manner and not hear about it. Im beginning to wonder and rather come to the conclusion there are mental issues involved but, where to draw the line? Its not right that anyone should be dissuaded from trying something that might even turn their life around, and at the least help them cope, just because of some persons weird mental processes.

    Its like dealing with my niece presently, im giving her a lot of leeway right now because i realise she may not be completely in control of her thinkng and actions but, where do i draw the line?
    yesterday i sent her with our helper girl to walk around the stupa but she sent the girl back afterwards and went and met her guy friend and he reachd her back in even on motorcyle. she invited him in to her room even tho i had expressly told her that she stayed on condition she didnt invite friends who were boys back to the house. she did come immediately up and told me and said he came to get his gloves which were in her bag, and could she give him coffee? My temper was flaring but i sure dont want her scuttling in a huff to his house or someone else's house because i shouted. so i told her to hurry up. I had a good point to convince her because even our son in all his years has instinctively not invited any friend who was a girl, back. not even when we were not there. so she couldnt argue with that. and thankfully took it well.

    she's been cheerful and we had a long chat after dinner about her experiences in college, and afterwards. she is speaking very coherently. now she is desperate to get a job because her b day is coming up in february and she says she wants to treat all he friends. when i told my son about it. he rolled his eyes and said he sure didnt want to be there when it happened. the sight of her lying drunk amidst all the smoke in that club seems to have unsettled him. he told me today he thought she was a tad selfish. he may have a point. after seeing first hand what drink put thier family thru , she goes and develops a penchant fr that very thing!

    but she has been thru a lot. maybe she will mature. she is very kind towards animals and has taken in stray dogs when she was younger. and she even seems to have recently taken a homeless street kid into a restaurant and fed him. the waiters were not amused. i think if that compassionate side of he can be developed . she has a good future ahead of her. because she is also smart and well spoken unlike my son who is so gauche and uneasy in social situations.

    sorry for boring everyone, if i did, i think im thinking aloud. lol!

    well i shall go back home now. i had entrusted niece with the responsibillity of making some potato curry.

    God Bless

  9. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Hope everyone has a good week.

    I was wondering if anyone here uses a laptop--I can't afford an expensive one, just a decent one for my transcribing. Sometimes my back gets tired working at my desktop, and it would be nice to be able to do it in my comfy chair.

    Need to do some errands this morning--am changing insurance companies for the house. The company I'm currently with is too expensive.

    Was sunny this morning, but now the clouds are coming in.

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Hope you got a little sleep before having to get up and do your super rounds for the day. OH, I remember those diapers with 5 kids and I didnpt use the disposables until the last one a bit but mostly on trips and such. Those disposables are great but surely not cheap to have to use daily ALL the time. The very first ones were terrible anyway and you had to use your own pins too, with nopleats in them and not to absorbant either.

    Have fun with Kiera. I'll bet you will have a ball with her. Hope your mom doesn't get jealous of the attention you give her. Maybe she won't at all and hope she she will just join in the fun, or try to. Hope Den got all his projects done for their house. He is wonderful to be doing all those things for them.

    Georgia - I have a laptop but it is a bigger one and you probably want the smaller one anyway (or should I say regular sized ones). It is a Toshiba. I like it pretty well but it takes some getting used to. Most of the time we have it plugged in and not using the battery very often.

    I suggest looking in the papers for sales or perhaps even on line. Not sure how cheap you can get them but if you look around for post holiday sales you should be able to get one. We got ours at Best Buy. You might even be able to pick up a good used one for an ad in the paper want ads too. I can't remember how much we paid but I am guess you might want one even cheaper. I know also these days every little bit saved is a good thing. Good luck !

    Spring - So sorry to hear about your son. I sm asure he was shaken up by the whole thing but as Julie said him feeling badly about it is a good thing. Sounds like it was just an accident and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time with that guy around. Hope he doesn't cause any trouble. Hope things go well with your neice. Yes she probably will need lots of help and watching till you are sure she is doing what she is supposed to (not hanging out with the wrong people, etc.) . That age is also so vullnerable !!

    Well everyone I gotta arun and start athinking about dinner as we starat back to Choral Society practice tonight.

    Rock - how are you doing ? We are missing you here !! Carla, Joan too and Joan. Gee, where are so many of our sweet Porchies???

  11. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Thanks so much--I'll look around a bit. I'm getting ready to go read, and will give myself and the computer a rest!

    I put all my insurance in a bundle with the same company, and am spending 20 dollars less per month for the house insurance. Every little bit does help. The agent shook my hand a little too hard, and I yelped--the hand that I fractured! I always shake hands gently with older people--this agent is young!


    LEFTYGG Member

    i wrote a whole rant on how i hate fibromyalgia and poof it disappeared. so wasnt meant to be.

    springwater id be upset if i hit a pedestrian even tho it was his fault. as far as your niece ive had dealing with teenagers and they know every trick in the book.id be worried boys will take advantage of her.

    julie sounds like things are getting better thank goodness.

    georgia i got a small laptop for under 200 at woot.com. they have daily specials

    dh and i are .trying to eat better.i feel no joy cause of dd. no zest .

    mom has a bad cold and coughing. i have no energy. love gail
  13. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Beautiful day today, and we are supposed to have a stretch of sunny weather all week, but is cold.

    Gail, hope you feel better. I've been having the achiness, too, but it is from the cold weather. Isn't getting older grand?

    Hope your mother is feeling better, too.

    I'm going to try and get in some OT so I can get a laptap. Saw one for under 200 at Office Depot. I stopped using credit cards about four years ago, so everything I purchase is with cash.

    How does it work with internet? Is it wireless? We are planning to do some travelling later this year, so would want to have the laptop.

    Rottie is back in boot camp. She has been stealing everything, so obedience is the only thing that stops it. She has to be invited to even be petted, and has to sit first. She is a very smart doggie, and needs to be reminded who is boss. She spent alot of her time yesterday in her crate--in lockdown. She starts the whining, but I don't respond to it. Poor baby! I'll ease up on her once she gets back to baseline.


  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got back from the docs and WM which is close by. I had run out of alot of little things and some thinngs I cannot do without , like potatoes for DH :)!! She wanted to discuss my thyroid labs with me and upped my meds and gave me a month's sample to make sure they do not give me a bunch of weird side effects.

    I nearly fainted that my high b/p was 140 /90 (I think) in the docs office . It always spikes soooo high and scares everyone even though they know I do that most times anyway. So we didn;pt talk to much about b/p this time but I gave her a small sheet of some of redings at home. I know they like that to give a good indication of what your supposed "normal" readings are .

    Georgia - Sorry the weather is still cold out for you. I know how that makes me feel. Poor Sophie, she sounds like a naughty toddler. You have to get on them right away or they will get you in the end :)!! Hope she behaves and gets out of lockdown soon so she can get some pets :)!!!

    Hope you find the laptop in Office Depot for a good price. If you want to order one on-line you have to have a credit card. I don't know the other options. So, good luck !

    Gail - sorry your mom had a cold and you aren'tfeeling well and have no energy. Hope you don;t get your mom's cold or whtever it is, not fun.

    Julie - How funny that Kiera wanted to sleep with or by Clinton. He's her surrogate daddy !! Take it easy sweetie and enjoy Keira with all you othr obligations and chores. Try and stay well and hope your mom behaves herself too. How old did you say she was?? and you dad ?

    Got some chores to do now too so better go and switch the clothes and see if I have any more I have to put in.

    Love to everydobby,

    P.S. Jam i(if you are still here) what adrenal supplement do you take and how much ??

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info on adrenal supps.. I haven't really looked into that at all. I know I also have to be very careful with anything I take lest it affect my blood pressure.

    What does it do for youk, give you more NRG !!!

    Thanks again,
  16. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Went to the thrift store, and found a book on the history of the English language--great for the work I'm doing! It is based upon the PBS series.

    I've been finding good historical books at this particular thirft shop. Also found an old coffee maker--the type for the stove top!

  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Laptop = Toshiba is good - comes already set up with wirelsee capability

    Bowling = got tow strikes! - as soon as can figure out how to download pictures from cilel phone, will post my first gmae score

    Burned tomorrow's dinner so am going to bed now.

  18. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Hope everyone has a good day.

    I think I've decided on a Toshiba--many people have recommended those to me.

    Teacher, here comes some silly string!

    Not doing much today except for my volunteer work, and going to my real job tonight. Have been working some OT, so am feeling a bit bushed.

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got back from a surprise lunch to a neat Mexican restaurant. They have wonderful food and enchiladas !!! We hadn't been there in some time. Also did a wahs and have to go get it out of the drier.

    Julie - Guess you are busy with Keira and everything else in your busy household. Drop by if you get the chance. I forget how long Keira was going to be staying. Hope your mom is behaving and enjoying Kiera too:)!!

    Georgia - Hope you have an easy time at your job tonight and that you find a nice laptop for a good price soon.

    I strill need to get going and removing the Christmas decorations I have left out. Actually, there aren't to many of them out since we really didn't put many out nthis year due to illness on Thanksgiving. Hard to get myself in gear lately. Talk about being lazy !!

    Teacher - you can bowl on my team anytime but then again you might not want me on your team - a great gutter ball :)!!! Good for you, two strikes in a row.

    Rock - How are you doing there my friend. We are all missing you and your sense of humor. Hope to hear from you soon.

    SW- Hope things are going OK in your house. So much with the young ones, your son and niece. There is always something to worry about with kids. Hope your niece gets everythig she needs so you donpt havae to worry. Yes, I would worry a lot about boys taking advantage of her, especially if the got her drunk on purpose.

    Gail-- Hope you and your mom are OK and that you didn't catch her cold. If you find some excess enery for yourself would you save some for me :)!! Spring too !??

    Hi again to everydobby !

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