Turning on the New Porchlight Volume 618 !

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    Hi there Porchies,

    I just noticed that we were past our 30 Post point (34 I think) and so figure I would try AGAIN to start a new volume. Hopefully no one else is going to try and post another thread at the same time. it is difficult with the new site as we can't delete our own posts.

    Please check the other side for Spring Water, Julie, Jam, Georgia and myself. There are a few questions from me regarding the Oil Pulling. Please check if you can.

    I brought some home made warm choc. chip cookies and milk to go with it. Sound good !! I even brought some ice water for Joan if she gets here soon. Sure miss her, along with Rock, Elaine and so many others I named in the last volume.

    Better get out of here now before someone else starts another thread. and we have two volume 618's again.

    Love to all,'
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    Good luck Jam on your deal cleaning. I go for a perio cleaning every 4 months or so. Hope all goes well. Maybe the OP will help some. I have some gum problems so that might be a start. I am trying to remember the questions I had about it on the other thread - about how often do you do it and do you due 2 for 8 minutes one right after the other. Or do you do it later in the day or the next day? I have seem a couple of things one said 1 Teaspoon and another said 1 Tablespoon. Do you do it daily, at night or morning or what?? I think on the other volume I was asking everyone and what you felt it was doing for you all. SW was her skin I think, You your gums and mouth, not sure if anything else yet. Forgot what Julie had said some time ago.

    DH is calling but thought I would at least check in on the new volume. I noticed that you had posted, Jam . I went on line and checked some posts and sites and got some interesting info about the different oils used and what others had said about them. It was an older post/site but will try and see if there are other things also more current..

    I will be back tomorrow probably. Not sure about later. We'll see.

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    Hi Jam, et al,
    Maybe I am not supposed to be one here tonight. I keep losing posts before I am done, etc. I finally finished posting to the deleting your own post thread . Someone had asked about what was wrong with duplicate posts so I tried to explain about our Lounge and Porch threads and our numbering system and it can get confusing with two of the same number. Most of the time double posts might not be to much of a problem. I had to do some fast re writing - ugh !!!

    Then I started it and I kept goofing up and stuff was disappearing - geez.

    You have reminded me of dear Frieda who has not been seen since the new site. We are missing quite a few who might be having problems understanding and finding our posts and threads. I have tried to find Joan as I know she was on here a few days ago and was trying to find us. She posted on the Moderators area in the beginning. I hope they find us. I know it can get very frustrating sometimes. When you are sick, and not feeling well, and elderly too sometimes these machines don't make to much sense :)!!

    BTW, I beat you to it and did google OP and got some interesting info. I did that before you mentioned it :)!! I usually do that on things that are of new and of interest to me. Now I have to get the right kind of oil. Maybe I'll get brave and just use what I have till I find the other. If CO is one of the lightest or lightest oil that might be the best to use. I also know about lots of other things the CO is god for including memory I have read before, not necessarily with the OP but using it in other ways too and putting it in food or cooking with it.

    Julie - Hope you are feeling a little bit better tonight and get a good rest. You wear me our just thinking about everything you do for everyone.

    We sang for our last NH facility, very nice place today. That is it for the summer. Then came home and did some outside work, nice and hot - ugh even though not for to long. Tomorrow DH has a meeting to go to , thank goodness it is here and he can use the golf cart. Are car is being in the shop doing lots of body work and something else that we didn't l know was there, in connection with the body work. It will be a small fortune. Really didn't look that bad but something in the back end was ruined to even if the dent wasn't to bad looking. So, it looks like we won; be going to visit DH's cousin's son and family that live in Joplin, MO. We, and they will be disappointed. We haven't told them yet. Money, money, money - wish I didn't always have to worry about it :)!!

    Hugz to awl,
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    Glad to hear the great news Jam. Probably will be back tomorrow . Will check more on the OP later. TTYL ! Almost beddy bye time :)!!
    Hugz, Granni
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    Good Morning AWL,

    Hope things are going well for everyone, or as well as can be expected. DH is off t a meeting soon so I can be on here for a bit without being interrupted :)!! Already threw in a wash - horray got one thing done anyway.

    Glad no choir practice for awhile so I can just stay home and not have to go anywhere after dinner.

    Jam - checked out the OP Research page and signed up for the newsletters (free). and also saved the page or the site. It is very interesting. May try it later after DH leaves even though I don't have the coconut oil. Where did you sa you get yours. I will need to do a bunch of looking before I buy. I have already bought so many supps lately I am short of $, at least to buy the CO right now. When I go shopping, and get our car back from the shop I will do some looking around. Did you say that you sometimes get yours in bulk for a good price?

    Julie - So sorry to hear that Lindsay is again having a hard time when David is gone. I sort of know how that feels as I had 4 children fairly close together but I did not have TWINS, I know how it is somewhat with our now 15 year old twins. However, at that time we did not live close at all, and then they moved in temp. with the other grand parents till SIL found another job after he lost his. He tried for some time to find some thing in his line (salesman for heating and cooling systems) where they were living in NE TX . He is a wonderful salesman and probably could sell you anything :)!! He ended up back in Houston with a great job but keeps changing territories and now is doing well. They will move again, closer to his territories in the Hill Country when the boys graduated HS in 3 years. Wish we could afford to live there it is so lovely there but not to cheap for someone on a pension and who knows what will be happening with our healthcare . Things will settle down some when "your" twins get older and they can do stuff for themselves. Lorraine is at the age where she is so cute but is or can also be a handful,especially if she has a hard head or mind of her own :) . I know I had one that was like that too - a child!! Hope you or Lindsay doesn't get sick overdoing for these little ones. Have you even had the time to think about OP lately :) ??

    Spring Water - Hope you are feeling OK and your brother is not getting to feeling bad with the chemo. Have you been doing the OP lately? I know you said your skin seems to be benefitting. What oil do you use ? Hope you get to visit on the Porch today and also hope that some others Porchies old and new will find us here in this new board.

    Missing so many of us, Frieda, Joan ! Diane hope you will be back soon either here or the Lounge. The lounge seems to be quiet to with Mikie out for her surgery and others who may have been having problems navigating our new site.

    Love to awl,
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    Hello all

    It's raining outside. I got up after sleeping a bit but still

    Yesterday made a long overdue visit to middle brothers
    SIL to see her baby. He and nephew stay with her.

    Then went to nearby monastery

    I also went the other day to the doc with SIL and big brother.
    From there went to see friend from pranic healing.

    Had to get back my books and she called me over. She
    Fed me green tea, garlic bread and veg soup.

    Today was hectic, made lunch for big brother and SIL
    and sent to hospital. Banana pancakes for big brother,
    Veg soup, potato curry and steamed apples and pumpkin
    And chicken curry and rice and chutney for SIL and her
    cousin who was helping.
    To his college for end obf semester meetings.
    He has done wonderful. Came in 16th out of 220

    And they all said he was an exemplary student, no

    Luckily my help was there. The rushed off with nephew
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    Good morning everyone,

    Julie - Sorry that you have been feeling worse or not as good as before. Remember too, that you are also doing so much for Lindsay and that might contribute to the way you are feeling to. Hope you will feel a little better today.

    Glad you will get a chance to get away for a day for your anniversary, even if it is for a day and going to Trader Joes. I will be anxious to hear what they have there. We don't have one close by but there is one maybe 45 or so minutes away or more. There is a new Aldi market that is similar to that but I haven't been in it more than once or twice and with DH. When you go with him many times it is in a rush. I like to look around, especially at a new place where I am not sure what they have, or have what I want. Aldi is pay cash or check or debit card I think, no CC. We did a lot of CC shopping with the same card for airline miles. We pay it off right away each month.

    Sorry you are getting so much rain, please send some here it is getting dry again.

    Spring Water - Not sure who you were talking about that got such good grades, your son?? That is wonderful I would say and he should be proud and you too :)!! Hope your brother takes the chemo OK. It sounded like he was eating pretty well. At least you made a lot of food :)!! It sounded so yummy.

    Still hoping that our lost Porchies and Loungers will find us. Missing so many of them. I'll keep trying with Joan. Would love to hear from Elaine. May try and send her an e-mail and tell her about the change.. Hope she is doing better after her surgery sometime ago. Would also love to hear from Teacher, Jole, Rock and so many others......I am really worrying about Rock.

    Love to awl,
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    Julie - are you going to Trader Joes tomorrow or next Friday? I am confused, thought it was next week. We will be gone to see one daughter in Crowley, TX for about 4 days. Haven't seen her and family for awhile . She has been having some health problems too lately. She had some anemia and is on b-12 and iron but she has been some irregular heartbeats which she had many years ago. She had to wear a monitor and she was dxed shall we say with a NORMAL abnormal or irregular heart beat occasionally. She goes to the cardio. tomorrow.

    Gotta run and so some more stuff on the computer before lunch.

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    Hello all

    Sorry I confused all. It was not my son
    That got good grades (I look forward to the day
    I can say that of him, tho). It was my NEPHEW.
    Middle brothers son. I was even more impressed
    Because I knew what we couldn't tell the
    Teachers,that his exams came bang in middle
    Of his sisters episode of psychotic bipolar ism
    When she had gotten violent and had to be hospitalized.

    So he was dealing with that trauma as well, including
    A dad who was drunk the whole time. His mums out
    Of country working. So, yes, the boy is kind of special.

    I just came from my class of crystal healing.
    In morning rushed to make roast chicken for dinner
    And son reached me at 9 am. It finished at 5pm.

    It was a very stimulating class.

    On way back I bought 4 carnations to offer
    In the prayer room. I was just happy.
    For various reasons.

    The weather is cool and we are getting
    So much rain which means ,more
    Water and less power cuts. All my
    Lethargy has lifted after crystal healing class and also
    I got a call from my maternal cousin
    Who has sent $3500.00 as help for
    Big brothers medical expenses.

    Julie - hope the energy returns when you get back to
    The eliminating diet. Hope Lindsey recovers soon

    Granni - I haven't heard of Aldis but I just love the stuff
    One gets in your stores there, I have a Clinique blush
    I got there which I just cherish and an eye kohl pencil.
    And the cream I bought 40 carrots, just the
    Best for my skin! Lord, how I envy you all living

    Not just shopping, everything.

    Well, take care all

    Rock, if you're reading, thinking of you

    And Elaine, Teacher, everyone.

    God bless
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    Hi everyone,

    Spring Water - How wonderful that your nephew could do so well after all the awful circumstances surrounding him, poor kid !! Glad you are feeling pretty well nowadays . Hope it continues. I have only been to Aldi's with DH 2x and didn't really have the time to browse as I usually like to. Sometimes in these places you cab find some very interesting things at good prices.

    Actually found a Virgin Organic Coconut Oil this morning at our New H.E.B. market. It is a new store and has a lot of things, including international things It wasn't a really big jar so bought 2 of them. Not to terribly cheap but will test the prices against others I have seen on line and other places. I have just started looking. I wanted to buy something to try to also do the Oil Pulling. Am wondering if I need to put it in the refrig after opening, or not. I know some brands you do and others you don't. I do not see where it says anything on the jar. Also curious if it will help my awful brittle nails. I know it also helps hair from what I have read. My hair is pretty good and thick so I don't need it there. However, maybe it will help me some of what I feel daily as well as my b/p.. Oh well, I guess I am an experiment in progress.

    Julie - Let us know when you get back from that store you were talking about. I forget where you were going today but next week it is Trader Joes I think you said. Hope you are feeling OK or better and that Lindsay is too. It is not fun feeling bad and having all those little ones to care for. Also hard when DH is not around a lot due to work and all.

    Diane - In case you are peaking in. I hope you are feeling better and Kevin to. Drop buy when you are feeling up to it :)!!

    Thinking of so many Porchies and Loungers.

    Love to everydobby :)!!
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    Jam - Was thinking of doing so anyway. On one of the sites I was reading that in the hot climates where they get a lot of the coconuts and make the oil is warm and they usually do not refrigerate. However, I may do so anyway. Have you cooked fish or salmon with it? I have seen a few recipes I might do tonight. Normally I use EVOO but since I bought the CO and DH wanted to try it I will do so. Just hope it is a hint of coconut flavor like they say. I like coconut flavor more than he. I haven't tasted it yet or tried the pulling with it. Hope to do so tomorrow.

    Bye for now !

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    I'm giggling when I remember that when I was a kid we had to take castor oil for a laxative, I believe. Man that stuff tasted really bad. Hope it helps your feet Jam :)!!

    Hugz to anyone stopping by or lurking about !!
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    Hi Everyone,

    Not much time to pop in and say hi. have to go work out with DH and maybe do a little bit of yard work - ugh, not a fun thing for me.

    Julie - Glad you had a good trip and got some good buys and are feeling better. You wear me our girl :) !!

    Jam - Used some of my CO to make my salmon. another recipe kinda doctored up and DH loved it. It kepts saying before he ate it that he hoped it didn't taste to coconut ! I also put lots of to her spices and garlic on it so it covered up some of the taste I guess. He said it was WONDERFUL. Therefore, I will do it again. I thought it was great too with a minimum of effort.

    Have a great weekend. I will try and check in later.

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Julie good to hear you went on your trip and stocked
    up on healthy foods

    I've been able to keep up my oil pulling.

    Granni salmon in coconut oil, mmm must try
    that for the men here. dunno bout salmon
    but whatever fish we get, mackerel I guess

    Jamin let us know bout experiences with juicing,
    I tried it few times some years ago n I know
    It gave me energy ...

    Yesterday was stressful , son went got
    Nephew and reached him to pranic healing
    for his course on Soul illumination..but
    got call from son at 9:30 am. He had reached
    His cousin to third floor to show him centre
    and lost bike keys meantime. Dropped it
    he said. Uff. I sent two people from here
    to help him find it in the frikking rubble
    that was the road construction and rain puddles.

    No luck. Went myself, searched. Then the
    two men dragged the bike which was locked
    About 100 meters away to downstairs garage and
    I asked permission to keep bike overnite.
    Son was going to call locksmith next day
    since yesterday was holiday.

    We were handling helmet when out popped
    Key. Had fallen into helmet and got stuck.

    Woof. Relief,

    Son went to get him evening and reach him
    and luckily doesn't seem put out.

    He is about to leave to reach him for 2nd day.
    It's a two day course. Hope nephew imbibes
    what is taught. He really needs meditation skills.
    To handle all that he faces.

    God bless
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    Hi Everyone,

    Julie - Yes, I do think you push yourself way to hard. I hope you haven't really hurt yourself where it will take a long time to heal. Try some heat on it or hot bath or shower with hot cloths on it or hot pad. I know that I have literal pains in my neck and shoulders most of the time and sometime it is just a very hard place to get heat onto.. However, some heat on it for awhile might be helpful. What side is your pain on? Is it from jaw to left shoulder and side or what? Hope just muscular and not heart related.

    You wear me out girl even if you are a kid ( to me anyway) ;) My eldest daughter turned 50 in April and I am guessing you may be somewhere around there. Try and slow down a bit PULEEZE. If you missed church due to sleeping I know you needed it. Speaking of church. DH dropped his glasses, not in the case of course, outside the car when putting his jacket into the car. When we got home we were going crazy trying to find them. We weren't going to go on our trip to see our daughter on Wed. for a few days if we didn't find them. So I was upset too- aack !!:(

    Went back to the church about 10 miles away, and started looking in between the cars where we were parked before. I actually found then under one of the cars but sticking out just a little ways. So I went and got them. One of the lenses had fallen out but I found it and put it back in. The frames are a bit out of shape and there are a couple of nicks in the one lens . Whew - now have to bring to the eyeglass place to have them try and tem fix it of have them put in the lenses into a new frame. I don't like those light wire frames as they bend so easily. I had them years ago. I can do without excitement like that.

    Had a very hard rain this morning which was good. We really needed it.

    Spring Water - Sorry for the bike key fiasco happening at your house. We had the DH glasses fiasco and it drives one crazy I know. Glad he finally found it. Have to go do some veggie prepping for my grill stir fry later on.

    Hi Jam and everydobby else who may be peaking in. Please all take it easy and stay WELL !!!

    Diane - Hope you are doing better too.

    Love to awl,