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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, May 28, 2013.

  1. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Everyone,

    Not much time to pop in and say hi. have to go work out with DH and maybe do a little bit of yard work - ugh, not a fun thing for me.

    Julie - Glad you had a good trip and got some good buys and are feeling better. You wear me our girl :) !!

    Jam - Used some of my CO to make my salmon. another recipe kinda doctored up and DH loved it. It kepts saying before he ate it that he hoped it didn't taste to coconut ! I also put lots of to her spices and garlic on it so it covered up some of the taste I guess. He said it was WONDERFUL. Therefore, I will do it again. I thought it was great too with a minimum of effort.

    Have a great weekend. I will try and check in later.

  2. jaminhealth

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    Great Granni, it all worked out with the CO and cooking the fish....great for sure.

    Julie, you had a great trip to these wonderful markets, good there too...

    I had a great massage and a good TALK about getting back on green juicing and will start tonight after I head to our Coop and buy a couple of their drinks they make fresh and I'll buy some orgranic greens and make some drinks at home starting next week....hoping to clean up the liver, etc. and eliminate some pain, HOPE HOPE....it takes motivation and I feel motivated right NOW.....jam

    she also brought up Coffee Enemas for PAIN reduction...I know about them but still have not done one YET....

    These are all part of the Gerson Therapy for healing.
  3. springwater

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    Julie good to hear you went on your trip and stocked
    up on healthy foods

    I've been able to keep up my oil pulling.

    Granni salmon in coconut oil, mmm must try
    that for the men here. dunno bout salmon
    but whatever fish we get, mackerel I guess

    Jamin let us know bout experiences with juicing,
    I tried it few times some years ago n I know
    It gave me energy ...

    Yesterday was stressful , son went got
    Nephew and reached him to pranic healing
    for his course on Soul illumination..but
    got call from son at 9:30 am. He had reached
    His cousin to third floor to show him centre
    and lost bike keys meantime. Dropped it
    he said. Uff. I sent two people from here
    to help him find it in the frikking rubble
    that was the road construction and rain puddles.

    No luck. Went myself, searched. Then the
    two men dragged the bike which was locked
    About 100 meters away to downstairs garage and
    I asked permission to keep bike overnite.
    Son was going to call locksmith next day
    since yesterday was holiday.

    We were handling helmet when out popped
    Key. Had fallen into helmet and got stuck.

    Woof. Relief,

    Son went to get him evening and reach him
    and luckily doesn't seem put out.

    He is about to leave to reach him for 2nd day.
    It's a two day course. Hope nephew imbibes
    what is taught. He really needs meditation skills.
    To handle all that he faces.

    God bless
  4. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Spring, anything cooked in CO tastes lovely...delicate and just plain good. My opinion anyway, I use it exclusively now for all cooking. Do you have CO over there, I would think so...

    Going to do my best to do the green drinks for a while, hopefully a couple weeks, or one week, for 2 meals per day. A friend says when she does this the arthritis pain is reduced...

    Meditation can do so much good for everyone, sad my sil who is very ill with cancer did not get into the spiritual life...can't force anyone, everyone is on their own path.

  5. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Julie, you PUSH yourself way way too much in my mind...glad you slept in, you need good sleep more than church...sleep is a good church for me, been that way for a long time, used to be a nice day at the beach....St. Beach....that was my god in the sun....jam
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Julie - Yes, I do think you push yourself way to hard. I hope you haven't really hurt yourself where it will take a long time to heal. Try some heat on it or hot bath or shower with hot cloths on it or hot pad. I know that I have literal pains in my neck and shoulders most of the time and sometime it is just a very hard place to get heat onto.. However, some heat on it for awhile might be helpful. What side is your pain on? Is it from jaw to left shoulder and side or what? Hope just muscular and not heart related.

    You wear me out girl even if you are a kid ( to me anyway) ;) My eldest daughter turned 50 in April and I am guessing you may be somewhere around there. Try and slow down a bit PULEEZE. If you missed church due to sleeping I know you needed it. Speaking of church. DH dropped his glasses, not in the case of course, outside the car when putting his jacket into the car. When we got home we were going crazy trying to find them. We weren't going to go on our trip to see our daughter on Wed. for a few days if we didn't find them. So I was upset too- aack !!:(

    Went back to the church about 10 miles away, and started looking in between the cars where we were parked before. I actually found then under one of the cars but sticking out just a little ways. So I went and got them. One of the lenses had fallen out but I found it and put it back in. The frames are a bit out of shape and there are a couple of nicks in the one lens . Whew - now have to bring to the eyeglass place to have them try and tem fix it of have them put in the lenses into a new frame. I don't like those light wire frames as they bend so easily. I had them years ago. I can do without excitement like that.

    Had a very hard rain this morning which was good. We really needed it.

    Spring Water - Sorry for the bike key fiasco happening at your house. We had the DH glasses fiasco and it drives one crazy I know. Glad he finally found it. Have to go do some veggie prepping for my grill stir fry later on.

    Hi Jam and everydobby else who may be peaking in. Please all take it easy and stay WELL !!!

    Diane - Hope you are doing better too.

    Love to awl,