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    No time to really post right now but wanted to start a new volume . Hope to hear from some of you all tomorrow. Will be gone part of this week and will be busy tomorrow. Hope I have some time to pack before going to see one of our DD's

    Julie - Hope you feel better tomorrow.

    Love you all,
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    Julie - I understand what you are saying when you live on a farm. Maybe I could have handled it when younger but now I just hurt way to much to be doing that stuff. When I have to get out there and weed or work on the outside I really hurt. I know when I was younger I did a lot of things I didn't want to do . I do enough now that I really don't want to do but glad I don't live on a working farm. I don't know how much stuff you have to do that has to do with farming. You do enough watching babies and lawn mowing for all of us :)!!!

    Hope your Head, neck and shoulders are feeling better, at least a little bit. My mom came to the U.S. when a child and lived with relatives years after her parents died. She said she always hated it and after that never wanted to live anywhere in the country. All she had was work growing up and no friends, no time for that. Your loving family lives close by so I know that is wonderful for you and you all help each other out which is great.

    Had excitement the last couple of days. We are going to see one of our daughters on Wed. till Sunday so that should be good. Se is having a stress test done today and had blood work done before and goes to cardiologist tomorrow to tell her what he thinks. She has been having arrhythmias and irregular heartbeats so they are checking it out. Hope all goes well. To make another story short - DH dropped his glasses out of his jacket pocket after church in the parking lot area. he didn't notice it till we got home and started searching. We ended going back and finding them under a car, partially sticking out. The wire frames were a bit mangled but both lenses were OK except a few nicks in one of them. Brought them back to Sams where we had bought them. When she tried to fix them the screw broke and she had no more of the same glasses. So, she made a phone call to the next closest Sams optical and found they had one pair of frames. So we ran up there and she put the lenses in. If she had not been able to fix them we wouldn't have been able to go to our daughters as I wouldn't be driving.

    Jam - I did a little bit of CO Oil Pulling. I out the CO I had bought in the refrig. and it really gets HARD. I had a hard time scrapping it out to get about maybe 1/2 t. Will it hurt it to keep taking it out and putting it back into the refrig. if needed every day. Probably need to remove it from the refrig. awhile before using. Hope all is well with you.

    Spring Water - Hope things are going well at your house and you get a chance to do your meditating and housework . Hope your big. bro. isn't feeling to badly with the chemo. How often does he have to go?

    Gotta run for now. Tomorrow will be a busy day with washing, packing and trying to get ready. Spent so much time with DH and his glasses getting gixed and all and then home and yard work I didn't get anything done other than one wash, I stuck that in the washer very early this morning.

    Love to all,
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    What a lovely story to have a farm and land in your family for so long. I know that is how those things go. Glad the girls like it and want to continue to. A friend of mine's husband, now deceased came from a long line of farmers in Iowa. I think it finally sold after all the brothers and family members died. It is a hard job I know but probably just gets in your blood . Enjoy your bread Julie, sounds good.

    Have to go take a shower and start thinking about what I am going to take on our trip. Luckily daughter has a washer and I can wash.

    Will try and pop in tomorrow before we leave the next day.

    Love you all,
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    Hi all

    Julie - I would love to live on a farm. The time
    we lived in the country for two years when I was nine and ten...
    Ooh lovely memories..inspite of it being when family was

    the trees, grass, wildflowrs, long sunsets, bamboo groves,
    fresh wet earth, spicy fern smells, the rushing brook and
    little fish in quiet clear water, crabs on white sand,
    dragonflies of every hue, butterflies in the fields....

    It was heaven and I didn't need friends, spent so much
    Time outdoors just roaming....:)

    we had chickens and ducks..who I used to feed.
    Sadly a fox ate some of them...

    Granni - have a great time at your daughters!
    I wish I had family I could visit out of town.
    But my maternal aunt n cousins live in the
    city in India. And it's like 110 degrees f now
    Maybe more...

    Jamin - my skin is definitely benefitting
    from the oil pulling..my facial skin is like
    firmer and smoother. I wish my teeth
    would get whiter, tho.

    I had a terrible down day yesterday.
    Early, son came rushing into kitchen n told me
    One baby pigeon had fallen onto ground,

    I went and in the interval between DH
    going into bathroom and me being in kitchen
    both parents had gone out and left their
    Chicks alone where they got attacked and
    both died. Out of fear I guess, there were no
    flesh wounds.

    they just had few days more before they
    would've been flying.

    What a waste!

    Anyways related or not, I got so down,
    I couldn't move my limbs. Whole day.

    At four evening I took a shower with
    one kg salt and some lavender oil
    some immediate relief but it didn't

    My help too. Girl is gone to village
    For some work. What a time!

    Fed DH and son out of packets.


    Take care. A pile of work for me


    Granni - brother is weak but trying

    to move around. Another round of chemo
    Due after two weeks.

    God bless
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    I'm going to pop in here with a few ideas for those suffering.

    I dislocated my jaw about 20 years ago (dental trainee glued my mouth shut) and the pain was horrendous. Lasted off and on for about 6 months. The ENT I saw after xrays said it just has to go into place by itself......just have to concentrate on relaxing the muscles. By the way, very common for FM people. It's so easy to dislocate your jaw, even opening too wide for a hamburger. No chewing for about a week, just soft food. Mine still pops out off and on so I guess once it's damaged you always have to be careful.

    And I've been using coconut oil for oil pulling. I keep some in a juice glass on the counter covered with a baggy, not frig. My big container is in the pantry. I heat up water in a mug in microwave, then put in juice glass and it starts to melt. Do NOT heat oil direct in microwave. I've taken a few tbs. of the oil off and on for months but this oil pulling is a new thing for me. I was reading today how it's a detox for everything bad in our system. I'm all for getting a detox this easy way.
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    Hi Everyone,

    Thought I had better get on and say hi and remind you I will be gone till sometime Sunday. I had started to get on early this morning and DH got back from the store and needed a hand putting things away, etc. Then I got busy washing, trying to pack, etc.

    Wait ting to hear back from DD#4 to hear from the cardiologist if she needs to ear a monitor to do some more checking on her heart. She did well on the stress test but still had some episodes before the test, no pain just arrhythmias.. Goes to the cardio this afternoon to find out what he thought of the test she has yesterday and if anything else is needed. Good to get it checked out I guess but I know she is worried especially about the cost of everything since insurance isn't paying for a lot these days. I know I will giving her some money when I get up there but it won't be a bunch for sure.

    Haven't been doing much with the OP as I had put it in the refrig. and it is as hard as a rock. Next time I will leave it out and if I get a big container I will keep some out for whatever I need and store the rest in the refrigerator.

    Julie - How was Diane's bread? Not that I am going to make any? Actually haven't been eating much bread lately anyway. When we do it is wheat. Hope the chiro helps you. I wish you could take my body along with you. I am sure he could find something wrong :)!!! What does the vinegar soak do to the veggies and fruits, clean them better and make them last longer?

    Spring Water - So sorry for your big brother and what he has to go through. I was sad that I couldn't go and assist my daughter when she had chemo but them I believe his may be longer and maybe stronger. How long does he have to go for the chemo? How is your NRG coming along. Hope it persists for you . Hope it isn't too HOT for you all there. It is warm here but if on the porch in the shade it isn't to bad ,esp if there is a bit of a breeze.

    Hi to JAM, SUNFLOWER, DIANE and everyone else peaking in. Nice to hear from you Sunflower on the Porch, you too Jam. Love also to all our old MIAS - JOAN, GEORGIA, CARLA, and so many others.


    Packing awaits me. May check in later after I finish packing, etc.

    Love to all,
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    Julie - Enjoy your peace and quiet tonight or should I say today !! How funny that Lorraine wanted to tie a string to her trike "to pull" the kittie. I am sure that the poor kittie wouldn't want to be pulled around like that. It is funny how little ones think. They don't always think things through like an adult would of course. Sometimes I know they love the animals to death and squeeze them to hard or something. They just want to play and love them most of the time. I am guessing you might be a busy lazy tonight if David is not home, getting those little ones to bed. How are the twins doing sleeping through the night, if no teeth bothering them, etc.? How old are they now? I surely have forgotten.

    I am almost packed and I know I brought to much but you never know how the weather is going to be. Better bring a light jacket too. I can't find my one with a hood on it if it rains. I love a hood for many reasons my ears and my hair.
    Speaking of hair I have that project to do. I just hate to fool with it and I am wearing the sides a little longer now and now brushed back, so when I sleep I wake up with flat hair. So before bed I have to curl or put clips in it or a roller. To much bother. I wish I had naturally curly hair. I know some who have it hate that too.:)!! I wish I could just wash my hair and just comb it or put some moose in it or whatever the way some people do and go off.. My hair has gotten so straight. I do not look good in straight hair as some do, especially young people.

    Waiting to hear from my daughter. Forget when her appt. was I think in the afternoon, Nothing else exciting. Take care of the Porch Julie and makes sure no one makes a mess of it :)!!! LOL !!!

    Love everyone, and I may pop in for a short one if I have the time tonight before the hair project, and if I hear from my daughter.

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    Hello all

    Well, mostly Julie! Lol.

    Sorry for being a bit tardy in posting.

    My lady help who swobs has done something to her back.
    Out of action and lil girl who helps out morn and eve
    Is gone to her village to make citizenship papers.

    On top of that I got a tired spell.

    Right now need to put fish in oven to bake
    n make DHs tortillas and our veggie curry.

    Julie - nice to hear about Lorraine's giggles
    n entertaining her grandpa Ernie. Now
    that name reminded me of Sesame street.

    Hope Granni is having a good time at her daughters.

    Jamin - sorry Ty hear about yr friend in CA.
    Hope he feels better soon and things improve.

    I will try pop in later. Scared lights will go
    Off if I don't bake soon.

    God bless
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    Hi Julie, SW and everyone,

    I am at #4 daughters home. All is going pretty well. Her heart doctor consulatation after her stress test went well. He said he thought all was OK but he wanted her to do some walking every other dy to build up her indurance and to go back after 4 months. If she continues to have the "flutter" he said he ight put her on something, I think he said a beta blocker.

    Nice to see you both so busy as usual. How nice also for JULIE to take her Amish friend to the produce auction. They seem so sweet and reciprocate in many ways for you Julie and family. We are going out tonight to a nice restaurant. Haven't ha to cook much which is a good thing for a change.

    Hope everyone is doing well including Diane, Jam,and whoever may be peeking in today. Using daughter's computer. Not sure if I will get on the computer tomorrow or now. Will bre back sometime Sunday afternooon . knoiw DH is ansious to get home and has to bring the car in for tire rotation and other stuff on Monday morning. Seems like there is always something. Very nice weather and getting warmer.

    Thinking of you all.

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  11. loveslilacs30

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    I am here, Granni! Thanks to my son, he figured this out and got me on the porch!! I am so glad to be here. I thought that I was domed to ever get to see all you friends again. As usual, I am near the bottom. I will come back to see you but now.........I am just so happy to be here!:p:)

    Gentle Hugs to all of my friends,
  12. springwater

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    Hello All

    Joan, so glad to see you made it, pls thank your dear son for us. And come
    back soon.

    Granni - hope you are enjoying your time there.

    Julie - thanks so much for letting us know about Rock, our dear old friend.
    was so happy.

    it seems so exciting all yr plans for the new building!

    im busy as ever. managed to get a nice bath tho, yesterday and make
    a good dinner for the men.

    i used half a kilo of salt and a few drops of lavendar in my bath and
    feel refreshed today. but then i did a few intensive exercises (breathing)
    too early this morn so dont know which it was. maybe both.

    also hv been doing oil pulling religiously and my hair is feeling very
    healthy not at all dry like before.!!! wht a relief.

    my legs did hv this horrible ache in them past few days, tho not
    just now...we will see hw tht goes. whether there is any improvement.

    its been raining a lot. and getting to see a lot of green grass, i mean really
    green not dusty greysh green, lol.

    also some rainy weather flowers budding on trees. a pink clustery one
    and those orangish belloflower creepers that grow up trees.

    we hv many wood doves this year. the crows could na get them all,
    it seems.

    God Bless
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    Hi, Everyone. I'm just popping in from the Lounge to say Hi to y'all. Glad the Porch is going strong but, like with the Lounge, I wish everyone would pop in to let us know how they are doing. I'm just now starting to post a wee bit more. There is something about typing on my laptop which causes my shoulder to hurt. So, I'm not here as much. Also, I still have to learn the moderating software. Oy! I'm starting to believe that technology has passed me by.

    Granni, I've had your daughter in my prayers. Hope she is doing well.

    Julie, I am not sure that I'm allergic to gluten or just wheat. I think I'll try to find a loaf of pumpernickel bread, which is rye and which contains no wheat. You have to read the labels because the first thing on the list of ingredients on a loaf of "rye" bread is often wheat flour. According to the book, "Wheat Belly," it's not the fact that wheat is now GMO that makes us sick; it's the fact that it's hybrid and no longer resembles the original heritage wheat our ancestors ate. It would be great if I could have a "normal" sandwich on rye bread. Rye contains gluten so if I can tolerate it, I'll know it's the wheat which causes problems. I have some Vann's gluten free waffles for breakfast and they are wonderful.

    Well, better get going. My love to everyone on the Porch.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Granniluvsu

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    Joan- I am so happy to see you sweetie. Hope you are feeling well. Glad your son helped you find your way back :)!!! We miss you so much as well as Rock and some others too. Almost time for me to fix dinner so I can't stay much either. I had to ask Julie where to find YOU too. So happy to find you and that you found us again on The Porch at Pro Health.

    Went to the docs and having another blood thyroid panel done. We'll see about the b/p meds. My b/p is so crazy - usually fine at home and goes crazy at the docs office. I am already on pretty hi meds so not sure he can do much more. I will up my magnesium citrate caps but it can still go crazy. Don't know how to stop that. That surely helps with constipations. As a child I ways always having problems with it and I remember all those enemas I had to take - not a good thing but they do work. - ugh ):!!
    Love to everyone,
  15. Granniluvsu

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    Jam - I also go as little as possible but when it was popping up at home I was getting concerned but it didn't happen to often. You don't want to know what it was at the dr.'s office and worse at the Rheumy's. I have to learn to meditate somehow.

    Talk to you later.