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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Wow, that last volume seemed to go awfully fast.

    Please go back and check for Julie, Rock , me and others ! Watch those fingers and toes.

    Got bad news from our son this afternoon. DH called them and our son said that our DIL lost the baby. I am so sad for them. Just pray for their healing ! They have gone through this before but it is never easy and they have been trying so hard and for some reason she cannot keep the pregnancies. They are still planning on the adoption but are waiting to hear from the agency. They have been doing a lot of that lately.

    They were planning on calling family tomorrow I think and going to the doctor I think. They weren't telling people on line or posting about the pregnancy due to what they were fearing.

    Please no one mention on FB or other media not that anyone knows any of the pertinent info. Just a few here know of the situation that might go on FB . They don't want anyone to say anything yet. It is a terribly painful thing, I am sure.

    More later. Just wanted to get this volume started.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh, Granni, so sorry to hear the bad news. If I had a magic wand, I'd make sure that only folks who
    wanted children and were able to rear them would have same. Hoping the best for your son
    and family.

    Just got back from grocery shopping. We went to Food 4 Less which is a Kroger store. Kroger has
    thousands of stores with lots of different names including Ralphs. But Ralphs produce costs 3 times
    as much as Food 4 Less.

    Anyhoo, the store we went to (which was a Ralphs store for decades), is huge. After 10-12 minutes my
    back gave out. I didn't really have pain. It just felt weak. I went and sat in the car and let Gordon
    finish shopping. I'm almost as much trouble as the old Chinese lady he took shopping yesterday.
    He reported on same:

    In the produce dept. Gordon picked up a couple of pink grapefruit. So she asked what they were.
    Decided to try them. Put two in a plastic and bag and tied it with a big knot. Ten minutes later she
    pointed to the bag and asked Gordon, "What is this? Who put this in here?" Then they got separated
    and he went all over the store looking for her. While they were standing line to check out, she turned
    around and said to him, "Oh, THERE you are!" Funny and sad.

    I think it's nap time. I seldom have any remembered dreams anymore. Still, I hope to dream of
    finding money, flying, and a big party on the Porch with all my pals. LOL

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - Thank you so much for your sweet words. It is just terribly sad for both of them.

    I like grapefruit but haven't had any in a very long time. They are not good to eat when you are taking some medications. I think some b/p meds are not good to take when you have eaten grapefruit. It changes the dosages of whatever you are taking. It either makes the dosage much stronger or weaker, not sure. Of course maybe you can eat it far away from taking the medication. I haven't really checked it out.

    Have a good nap. I probably could lie down but I am afraid that I might have trouble sleeping tonight. I had been having some problems but once was coffee when we ate out was supposed to be decaff. and I do not think it was cause I was up all night, DH too but I was worse ):!!

    Julie - That is so sad about the way your SIS apparently controls Grandpa. She really has him under his control and makes him feel guilty with all her whining and complaining to him , probably about how mean everyone is to her and doesn't understand her, etc. etc. Yes, she is a control freak, as they say.

    SW- Hope you are doing OK. Miss hearing from you.

    Bye for now.

    Hugz to all,
  4. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Granni stopping by to say how very sorry I am to hear of your loss....all the imagined hopes and dreams gone.

    I dont want to get too personal but have some medical knowledge to the subject of recurrent miscarriage and wanted to mention that there is a rare auto-immune condition that can cause recurrent misses, get ready for the name......

    antiphospholipid antibody syndrome.

    If she hast been checked for that I would strongly advise she see a reproductive endocrinologist. There are many other causes for misses that a specialist can evaluate for.

    Being the MIL it may be too sensitive a topic to discuss w her but wanted to mention it anyway

    Rock too funny about the grapefruit.
    You should drive one of those electric carts the stores offer, save your back (but maybe not the other customers)....LOL

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your sweet words and advice. Not sure if she was checked for that. Don't think so. She is already either 40 or close to it and not sure if they're ready for more heart ache. I think she should have been checked a long time ago and our son says very little about it or anything. I will mention some of this later on to her. It is to fresh and hurtful right now. No one else right now even knows. If it were my daughter I would have stuck my foot in my mouth long ago :)!!

    So glad to hear from you Linda. Wish you would pop in more often :)!!!

    Hugz to awl,
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Yes, my dear you need to start taking care of yourself for a change. Listen to me - he he ! Yes, you have been grieving probably in many ways with all that has been happening with Grandpa, Den's sis, plus just trying to take care of everyone including those kitties and Red Mittens :)!! Glad that she is an attentive Mama to her babies !

    Gotta start making dinner but wanted to answer your post Julie. We love you and we will miss you if you are not here every day but you have to do what is good for you. That is weird about your hair. I didn't know that you were or had been having that problem or were. Hope it subsides for you,

    Take care of yourself my dear. I will start the chiro probably in a week. Then it will be interesting. I wrote a nte to my music director about the situation and said I would not be a choir practices but would be there on Sundays. Am waiting to hear from him now. Don't think he will be to happy as there aren't many of us Sop. I around ( that sing the hi part). We will see what happens. That was my DH's idea not to go and for me to rest more and not have to drive out at night. I will still have some other things but I do not know how I am going to be after all these treatments.

    Love to you and all,
  7. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Can you believe its me again....gone for so long and now back for as long as I can when I can.

    Julie, I wanted to mention to you hair loss can be a sign of thyroid problems, have you had your levels checked lately?

    Granni I think I agree w Rocks chiro, 3x week treatments seems like a lot to me.
    Maybe a second opinion is in order. You could also call around and ask about pricing.
    Chiros near me ask about $40.00/visit if that helps you at all

    Also to let you all know, right next to the Porch is the virtual healing pond, head over there and take a dip and all your pain, fatigue and woes will disappear..

  8. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Granni, just wanted to say I'm so sorry about the baby. That is sad.

    Hope the new treatment with the chiro works for you. The arthritis in my neck has gotten much worse, but will have to go to my HMO for PT as it doesn't cover chiropractic.

    Julie, you are still a busy little bee. I saw your post about calling Social Services RE: you FIL. Out here, adult protective services is pretty useless unless the person wants help. I would think this would be different, however, if the person reported has dementia, etc.

    I'm still busy with genealogy transcription, etc, and am working two mornings a week at our local archives. Really interesting stuff they have there. Right now I'm logging in the contents of old files. The last I worked on had letters to the County Assessor denying they owned any property in the county. Some of the letters were really funny.

    My car got pranged yesterday in a store parking lot and the gal then drove away as fast as a wildfire. Unbeknownst to her the store has security cameras, so they are trying to find the culprit. Filed a report with the police dept. Hard to get away with things nowadays due to cell phones and security cameras.

    My DAR application was approved by the chapter I am applying to, and am waiting for final approval by the DAR national office. (This is Daughters of the American Revolution.) My SIL and I worked on the application for a good 7 months, then finally found all the info linking us to my patriot. Was very interesting what we found.

    bis später--

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Georgia, great to hear from you. And Linda's back. And we have some new folks on the porch and the lounge.
    The more the scarier. I mean merrier. Sorry to hear the arthritis is worse. Hope you can find something
    that helps. My back is worse, but I don't know if arthritis plays any role in that. I've had deformed knuckles
    for decades. (Had to give up my lucrative career as a hand model.)

    Every now and then I look on the computer for news about ancestors/relatives. Found a couple things
    this year. One of my relatives is a pro golfer. Won the PGA tournament last February. Is there a DAR
    branch near you?

    I hope the miscreant who pranged your car is promptly apprehended and put in the pranger. (I read that's
    a Deutsch word meaning something like the stocks.)

    Bis spater
  10. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Rock, it is so good to hear from you! I love your sense of humor. So sorry about your back--does going to the chiro help?

    That's cool that your relative won the PGA! Do you like to watch golf on TV? Never had much luck with that sport--never could get the ball off the ground :(

    Yes, the DAR chapter is close by. The ladies are so nice. Hoping to make some new friends.

    I'm afraid the miscreant probably doesn't have insurance. Witnesses said she looked to be in her 40s and was in a red car. Lots of people of that description about.

    bis später--Georgia
  11. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Rock, Granni, Julie, Linda, Georgia! Have I missed anyone?


    I am so sorry for your son and DIL's loss. Such a sad thing. My condolences to you. And my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. It's heartbreaking.

    Loves, Dar


    Linda may be spot on with the thyroid comment. I have hypothyroidism. Diagnosed years ago. It took them 10 years to figure it out. They, (different doctors), kept running T-3 & T-4 tests and telling me I was within the "normal" range. I said normal for who?! My entire family is on synthroid! It took me 10 years and 5 doctors to finally get one to run a THS test on me.

    (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). Normal count was 4. My count was 9!! I had all the classic symptoms: Cold extremities, dry skin, leg cramps, hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, a family history of the disease including mother, father, sister, brother, neice, two daughters (and one son I've been told by the herbalist who is already showing predisposition).

    And, sometimes I can't always afford to get my meds filled. I have minimal insurance and a 37 year old daughter who needs her diabetic supplies to live. I am sole support for her. I've had to do without them sometimes for 6 months at a time.

    Not a good senario, but that's life. When that happens, I go through another bout of hair loss. The hair loss could also be due to stress. Or if you've been given a new medication recently, some medications have that effect. My BFF has that problem with meds.

    Sorry to hear the update on gramps. SIL still being her usual "charming" self I see. I am so sorry for you and for Gramps. This is just such a heart wrenching situation. I know how much this is killing you and Den inside.

    I hate to say it, (and maybe it shouldn't be said), I don't know. But as a human being, as a reporting entity, as someone who cares for elders daily, I really do think it's time to report her. He is obviously in need of intervention by someone other than family.

    Just my opinion for what it's worth. He's suffering. And that is wrong. And you and Den can't fix it, family can't fix it. Somebody needs to fix it. No offense to you and Den. You've done all you can do and beyond. You've been so good to Gramps. But this bat s***t crazy SIL needs a wake up call from people she cannot fool or argue with.

    If that nurse hasn't contacted the authorities on his behalf by now, then I'd be looking in the phone book for a number for elder abuse and call it. She's making a prisoner of him. I'm so sorry you and Den have had to go through all this mess. You are such dear folk.

    Wishing you peace and a good solution,
  12. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    Love the grapefruit story. How funny! I deal with people with dementia daily. I keep saying someday I need to write a book. I have seen and heard some of the funniest things in my line of work.

    As an example: I have a resident, a dear man. He's very happy go lucky and always acts so delightfully surprised whenever anything good happens. Just the sweetest soul. He thinks the world of me and likes to talk to me. He also likes to discuss any problems he's having with me. He's very deaf and speaks really loudly and everyone in the lobby can always hear whatever he says.

    One day, last winter, I came in from outside bundled up like Nanuk of the North so that all you could see was my eyeballs between the hat down to my eyes and the scarf around my face. He looked at me, as if about to say something, then looked somewhat unsure and sat back in his chair again.

    When I pulled off my hat and scarf, and he could see it was me for sure, he loudly announced "Oh it is you"! "I didn't recognize you with all your clothes on"! The staff in the lobby were rolling and it wound up e-mailed to all the department heads in the building because it was just so cute and funny.

    I was saddened to hear about your poor back. I find grocery shopping a chore and a grind. Between the FM and the Arthritis in my hips, it really hurts. Sometimes my legs tingle and hurt from the knees to my toes. I think some neuropathy is beginning.

    I resisted those store provided electric carts for as long as I could. But no more. After trying to work 40 hours a week at a fairly physically demanding job, I just don't have any legs or back left after work or on the weekends. So when I go to the store, I do use one. I hate it. But I do it because I know if I don't, how I'm going to feel later. And it makes it harder on the next work day.

    I find it particularly distasteful when I run into people I know, or who knew me before I adopted the habit of using the carts. Sometimes I feel embarrassed. But not embarrassed enough to beat my body up any worse than it is. These "Super stores" are just too much walking for me anymore.

    Don't feel bad. You're not alone. Hope you feel better. Maybe some time we could have grocery cart races. You know, like those "souped up lawn mower races? Wouldn't that be fun? :)

    Health and laughter to you,
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni. So very sorry about the loss of the baby. I know they really looked forward to her carrying the baby full term. And I know you're very disappointed too.
  14. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Granni...I also feel badly for your son and his DW. I also know how you must be affected, too.

    I had problems getting and staying pregnant so after 7 years, we went to a fertility clinic. They now have a name for my condition...PCOS, but they didn't back then (polycystic ovary syndrome). We had a lot of disappointments, but I did eventually have a son. Then, after he married, they lost their 1st baby. Although I'd been a step-grandma for years, I was so disappointed and grieved with them. As I'm sure that's what you're doing now.

    I do now have an "official" granddaughter.

    My heart goes out to all of you!

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick hi and good morning to everyone. Thanks also to all to are thinking of our DS and DIL. I think they will be calling everyone tonight about their awful situation. I am so sad for them and for us all.

    DH just got home so will need the computer. Will try and get back later.

    Julie - Good luck on your SIL situation and hope that your nephew will stand his ground and let granpa ago.

    Our #2 daughter is having a hysterectomy today. Hope all will go well. More on that later too.

    Gotta run and get dressed.

    Love to you ALL,
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang

    Was listening to music last night. Recordings made in the 1920s - 40s. Great sound because they
    were digitized. I guess that means the computer guys fingered them. SOL* Anyhoo some folks say
    they prefer the "warmer" sound of the old LP records. Not me. CDs got rid of all that surface noise.

    Yes, indeed. So often things that are wonderful can also be a pain in the gizzard. Things like:
    computers; marriage; kids; cars; TV; birthday parties, romance, pets, neighbors, et. al.

    So Windy, you have two grankids, is that right? Do you see them often? I have a granddaughter, but
    I haven't seen her in more than a decade. BTW, "Bell, Book and Candle" was on Turner Classic Movies
    a couple days ago. I turned it on just as it was ending. A couple of times I've started to watch old
    movies that I liked, but discovered that they had somehow lost their appeal. "The Manchurian Candidate"
    for instance.

    I did see most of "The Ladykillers" yesterday. Even after several decades that was still delightful.
    The stars were Alec Guinness and Herbert Lom. The latter went on to play Inspector Clouseau's much
    put upon boss.

    All the best wishes for your daughter and her surgery today, Granni. Hope the chiro can help you. Gordon
    has suggested I try Acupuncture for my back. Well, I tried it about 25 years ago. The chiro was from
    Pakistan or Persia or some place. He claimed it had helped his wife who had CFS. Maybe it did, but it
    didn't help me and at $70 per, I wasn't willing to undergo an extended test period.

    Lilac, hope you are feeling better. What is going on with that great grandson of yours? Little kids are
    just so wonderful. Well, not always. Like when they conducting an experiment to see what happens when
    you put a cookie in the VCR or feed the dog half a pound of sausage.

    Springwater, your tummy settled down? How many festivals, birthday parties, and anniversary
    gatherings are you going to this week? Ha Ha! You'd be a rocket on wheels if your ailments didn't slow you
    down a little. Hope you have some time to mediate and rest.

    Better go before I lose this.

    *Smilin' out loud.
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni. Hope your daughter comes thru the operation with flying colors. Does she have children? I know that you have some....hence the name. A friend just had one, she had just turned 50, and she says she's feeling GREAT now and so glad to have gone thru it.

    Rock. I had 22 sessions of acupuncture last year. It helped a lot at first, but then it wasn't so I stopped it and tried the PT, but had to stop that too. I feel so bad for you. Have you tried ice on your back? Recently I was at Marshalls in the exercise equipment dept. and bought a wide belt for the back which has a pocket to insert a frozen ice pack. I've gone thru a lot of unrelenting pain for years, but recently I'm trying gabapentin. It has it's pros and cons as does any medication.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick hi to awl. Just finished dinner and now I need to go do the hair project again. It is so bad and I hate to do it but I can't afford to have it done all the time like some do.

    Daughter #2 came through the hysterectomy really well. She even called me this afternoon. She will probably be home tomorrow. She was lucky they let her stay over night. Other daughters were not allowed ):!! Haven't heard from the other DIL and son yet today.

    I have spent a lot of the day trying to figure out my stupid insurance. Now my Armour Thyroid is not being covered so I had to call around for a good dear. WM wins !!! I hope next month my blood wk will be OK to stay on it.

    Hi to Windy, Rock, Julie , Sun and anyone I missed !

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  19. I am new to this I don't know where else to turn I got my Blood work Back and I am Positive for ANA 31% and I have an appointment with a specialist on the 22nd for more blood work they say I might have Lupus but i wont know anything until the 22nd my family dr prescribed naproxen and flexural Ive been in the er for flare ups 3 times in the last month
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Shantellkaye, sorry to hear about your situation. No doubt your doctor has told you that lupus is hard
    to diagnose and the ANA test frequently gives false positive result. We don't have any doctors here. Just
    patients with various problems, mostly chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

    You might want to visit the Lupus Foundation of America Message Board. The folks there are sure to
    know more about this disease. If I understand it correctly, it seems to be a problem with the immune
    system that can cause many different symptoms. I see there are also other message boards that discuss
    lupus. Hopefully one or two of them will be a good fit.

    Best of luck to you.


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