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    Everyone , please check out the OLD PORCH thread for news , I think I did a lot of talking to myself too.

    Just wanted to start up the new Porch. Tomorrow will be busy with church and all but hope to get back in the afternoon anyway. Didn't want the old Porch to get to large. Good and bad news from me on the Old Porch thread , Granni and kitty news from Julie and Red Mittens. Hi from Spring Water.

    Rock is probably trying to rest after his ordeal at the hospital getting tests done. He chatted some on the Lounge this evening or late afternoon.

    We did get some good rain today and expect some more tomorrow. Church will be in the morning to hope to catch some of you in the afternoon.

    Love to awl,
  2. Darrae

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    Lydia1, it's Darrae. Figured out where to find porch. Sounds like you had a majorly stressful day. Sorry to hear it. I now understand why you mentioned being "wiped". Thank you for responding to my request for friend to chat with. Appreciate it. I wish you well. Hope you can get some quality sleep . Sounds as though you really need it. I'm still waiting for my sleep meds to "kick in". Well wishes From the "Newbie".
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    Hello Kids,
    Sorry you had a busy/stressful/tearful day, Julie. I had one Thursday.
    Maybe it's that Mid West connection we have. I sometimes order
    some stuff by phone from a place in N. Dakota. It's so nice to talk to people who are friendly,
    know what they are doing, and speak English-with a Mid West accent.

    Well, look at the silly font. If I live to be 70 I will never understand computers. Anyhoo,
    never had stromboli, but I read about it on Wikipedia. Sounds delicious. Stromboli is
    also the name of the puppeteer in Pinocchio.

    That sister in law of yours is too much for color TV. That's what one of my neighbors used
    to say. Never made any sense to me. Maybe Den should drop by and give her gentle hint.
    He could tap her on the head with a pillow that has "Minnesota Nice" embroided on it.

    Hope you have a nice time at Church, Granni. Church used to be such a big part of life when
    I was a kid. Sunday school and church. Our village had 3 churches. They were all pretty much
    filled every Sunday. Thursday night was choir practice. Nothing else was every scheduled for
    Thus nite. And there were often pot luck diners after church. And a couple times a year each
    church would raise money with a supper. I think they charged 75 cents. Great food!

    For 5 summers I went to a one week church camp on the Mississippi River. And we had a
    summer program for little kids. I remember one summer I helped by painting wooden
    building blocks. One afternoon the minister came in. A young couple wanted to be married
    immediately. So we had a service with the minister's wife and two neighbors as witnesses. I
    played the organ. (Not very well.) The groom tipped me ten bucks. Big money when I was
    a teen.

    Joan/Lilac, drop by when you feel well enough. Sending good vibes your way.
    SG and SW, Big hugs. Hope ta hear from ya soonest.


  4. Mikie

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    Granni said to check out the Porch so I decided to pop in. So many of us visit both. To everyone else here, I send my love, hugs and prayers.

    I'm praying for everyone having problems, including myself. I have a raging UTI so will have to call the doc tomorrow. Of course, these things always get worse over the weekends. We have a walk-in clinic but it costs more, you sit in the waiting room with people hacking without covering their faces, and the last time I had to go there, the doc almost killed me by prescribing a drug which my chart clearly stated I was allergic to.

    Oh well, that's about it from me. I've been sleeping most of the time so have no news.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Thanks for stepping out to the Porch :)!! So sorry to hear of your UTI. I know personally that they are not fun !! I have had so many in my life but less since I have had some surgery A and P repair etc. The pain for me was usually awful but I know some who have no pain with it, very strange. Get well soon !!!! Yes, and you have to watch these docs that they don't give you stuff that you are allergic too or you know is going to make you feel worse than you were in the first place.

    Julie - Hang in there. I think you are doing the right thing. Don't bug sis just bring the stuff and see what happens. If it bugs her and then she bugs her that is a different situation. She may eventually start to feel jealous of get guilt feelings about it. Take it one step at a time. You are only one person and if you get little help from her that is unfortunately her problem but he is letting her stay there . He is just being to sweet to his DD. However, no matter who says what to her it is likely to cause some kind of raucous eventually. Just keep bringing from Grandpa and if she says anything you can tell her what you think - you have my permission :)!! Wish I could have helped my parents more but living thousands of miles away and having health problems is not good. MY SIL probably thought I was uncaring like your SIL.

    Getting ready to go to church is a little bit so this won't be long. I think you, like I, Julie feel a little better when you type out and vent some of your problems instead of just getting them fester, even if there isn't a whole lot you can do other than just bring the food. Yes, not everyone feels the same way about things and it can get maddening. Try not to worry so much about SIL and do what you think needs to be done- if SIL says something than you can mention it about it being for the health of Grandpa. You have so many that depend on you. You are going to get yourself sick if you work at it so hard and worry about SIL being so spoiled, which she is. Just do what you can as you are for your dad :)!! If you don't do anything I know that will make you sick, too. HANG IN THERE SWEETIE !!
    Hugz to awl and hope others stop by if even just to say hi or luck :)! No need for a dissertation on what everyone is doing unless they want to that is :)!!

    Granni ;)
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Welcome Darrae ! How nice of you to stop by and if you need to vent please do. Look forwards to chatting with you hon.

    Julie - Don't feel bad ! I think I am going to do my share of venting too pretty soon with problems with the usual daughter who has no job, is now coming out with her problems with alcoholism and lack of money. We all knew about the money part. We will be having a meeting with her probably sometime this week at Son and DIL's home, the one who just got pregnant - yay ! REMINDER PLEASE DON'T MENTION ANYTHING ABOUAT PREGNANCY I FB !! SHE WANTS TO KIEEP IT A SECRET FOR AWHILE UNTIL THINGS LOOK BETTER FOR HER AND THE BABY. I DON'T BLAME HER OR THEM ONE BIT WITH ALL THEY HAVE GONE THROUGH WITH LOSING PREVIOUS PREGNANCIES.

    DA- - N IT !!!! I just lost a long part of this post explaining a BUNCH of stuff. I give up and sending this now before this disappears too. A meeting will be set up this week probably to discuss this matter with our DD (sibling) . I think she is desperate cause she asked for this meeting. Wish I won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes so I could send her a bunch but she also needs to help herself a little more right now. Eldest daughter who will call today is a wonderful caring person but also SOMETIMES SAYS THINGS harshly at times. Not good when dealing with a sensitive person with lots of problems. I used to be able to take stress more but this pain and my age stinks :)!! I know eldest daughter means well and is a great person but sometime she loses her patience. I do understand that part !

    Gotta run for now. When I get to typing especially fast no one knows where the words or phrases will end up.

    BTW, we are supposed to go to an outdoor or mostly outdoor party tonight and it is pouring down rain. I am guessing all will have to be stuck in the house or on and off. The mosquitos may also be out in vengeance. Hope they don't have to cancel. There is supposed to be a fairly large group in a BIG home. Glad it is not mine.

    Hope to talk to you later on.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Welcome to the board, Darrae. I didn't see your post last night. We were posting at the same time.
    Anyhoo, as you can see, there are lots of nice people to talk to here. Over the years the board has
    provided me with information, support, friendship, and lottsa laughs.

    Mikie, I hope that infection clears up pronto. If you have no news because you've been sleeping, you
    can always post about your dreams. Speaking of which, I don't remember having any for a long time.
    Couple years I think. Wonder why? Would be fun to dream of flying again. Haven't done that
    since I was a kid.

    Sorry part of your post went poof, Granni. Worse than dropping a sheet of cookies on the floor.
    Hey! That reminds me. "Cookies" is some kinda computer term. Rain or not, hope your
    party tonight is a good time.

    Julie, Red Mittens reminds me of the old verse about the three little kittens who lost their mittens.
    Haven't heard it in many decades. Hope you can get some rest

  8. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Thanks Granniluvsu for the warm welcome. I'm not really a "group" sorta person. But after 18 years of the FM, I felt the need to have people to converse with who actually "get it", but don't dwell on it like a dog with a bone. It may change your life forever, yes. But I have things in my life to be thankful for too. When you talk to friends and family though, they have no concept of what you experience on a daily basis. Cannot possibly grasp the all-pervasive nature of the disease and the control it exerts over every aspect of how you live. My younger daughter doesn't understand why I don't want to stop over after working 8 hours for a grandchild's birthday party in the middle of a a work week. Kids, noise, bright lights, etc......And why I beg her to do this on a weekend when I am better rested. She guilt trips me and calls me "bad grandma". It hurts. But if I do go, I go home so stiffened up and spasmed out and have to get up and go to work on even less rest, and that hurts! Normal healthy people just do not get it. The only one who does "get it" is my oldest daughter, who is an 8 time cancer survivor, stroke survivor and brittle diabetic. In that she is no longer able to work and awaiting SSI to kick in, she lives with me as of a year ago. I support both of us and our needs. We take care of each other. Thank the Lord for her! My oldest son is obilivious and self-absorbed, the younger of the two boys is sympathetic and caring but lives in Missouri and has a tough life of his own working very hard to support his girl, himself, her son and their son together. He is a dutiful boy and I'm proud of him. Thanks for your patience and allowing me to vent. Warm wishes to you.
    Darrae (And you can just call me DAR.)

    Thanks Lydia1. Don't sweat not being up for a chat. I totally understand "wiped out", over stressed, and not being up for things at times. I went from total disability for 6 years, to trying to reclaim my body for 4 years, to being back in the work force for the last 8. Anything "extra" in my already difficult, " just trying to get through work day", can throw me completely out of whack. Stressers are a drag. Hope you feel better. For what it's worth, you did the right thing. Bless you. I am priviledged to work with elderly people daily in my line of work. I've seen things that would curl your hair. For myself, my parents died in 95' and 98'. So my "flock" of elders are just new 100 or so new parents and extended family. And that's the way I treat them. And I would hope someday, people will treat me. Thank you for directing me to the porch. I am grateful. Rest up and be well.
    Darrae (Or Dar, if you wish)

    Mikie, Hello from a "newbie". Sorry to hear about the UTI. Horrible to deal with! Never had one in my life until a couple of years ago. Then I had 3 in one year. Miserable and downright painful! I'd never experienced such a weird sort of pain feeling before. One of the nurses at work told me that when you have to urinate, to "bear down" like you're giving birth to ensure your bladder is fully empty. I actually sorta bend in half. Sometimes your bladder doesn't empty entirely and the urine becomes full of bacteria and "voila" UTI. She also told me to get some cranberry tablets and take one every day with my usual plethora of homeopathics. Haven't had another UTI since. Once you're done with the antibiotic I'm sure your Doc will or has put you on, you may want to try this to prevent another one. Hope you feel better soon.
    Darrae (Or just Dar).

    Hi Rock. We have something in common. I grew up fishing with my dad on the Mississippi. Midwestern born and bred. Hope you are feeling much better ASAP after your hospital experience and pain issue. Will pray for your swift recovery. Looking forward to getting to know you all.
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DAR - Please call me Granni and I know you understand what I (we) are going through. People look at you and think you are fine and dandy, at least you LOOK that way. I look some younger than my years or so I have been told so people think you are just fine and doing fine and maybe sometimes looking for excused why not to do something or another. I get tired of saying how I really feel so I usually don't. Many times it is family who lives a distance away that you rarely see who think you are just lazy or looking for a way out of family obligations. Some of this was years ago but some may still apply :)!! BTW, my hi b/p stinks too. I think is the constant pain a long with some genetics.

    I read some of the posting on the FM/Depression board. I do not think I have actual depression but do have constant pain related feelings of sort of depression. It just gets so old after over 30 years. I was dealing with it when I had teenagers and problems and a FIL with alz/dementia living with us and so many things inc a teen that is still giving me some problems ( and herself too). She is no longer a teen though and in her 40's. I am like you and try to look on the bright side and try and not to complain. It gets one nowhere and no one likes to hear someone constantly complaining so I try not to. I worked at home at that time so was not to bad. I can't imagine having to go into work every day feeling like - - - - !! You are right when you say that no one understands at all. Even my DH says he does and he tries but he really doesn't, poor thing.

    Joan /Lilac - Hope you will pop in some- time soon. Miss you and all that don't come visit often..

    We will be leaving soon to go to a party that was supposed to be mostly outside. We will see with all this rain.

    Hugs to SW, Rock, Julie and anyone else peeking in. I know that Julie must have been busy today as per usual.:)!

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello Everydobby

    and a warm welcome to Darrae..interesting handle! i havent been to chat in long...i used to
    chat on yahoo when i was just new to the internet and had me share of fun...posing as a
    sixteen year old and have some 20 year old try to impress me with his sense of 'cool'
    on the other hand i also did join a religion group, went as my real self and met some
    really nice fun people and some not so nice ones too. well, that was then, and ive matured
    or lets say gotten over that phase, i dont masquerade as Lin from China or Raj from India

    Granni - sorry about your daughter, sigh...imagine if everyones every kid was doing
    just fine, i bet there would be a lot more happier people around...we parents feel more
    for our kids than ourselves and hurt like anything when they hurt...
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - wow, that is some dominating and insecurity your SIL is showing!
    a real chip of the old block...she seems to be huh? taking after her own mum.
    you just keep firm. and do what you think is right and if she says anything
    you can always give her the correct picture and ask her what would she have
    you do? let Dens dad languish among those rotting stuff in the fridge?

    Mikie - its always good to see you on the porch. I remember my own UTI.
    aaargh...my back! on top of that i was preggers three months with my

    Rock - your Minnesota Nice pillow had me rolling with laughter. How do
    you come up with such things????

    Its so nice to have you back and posting away, yay!

    Yesterday i went to the center in evening for a meeting and meditation.
    These days i cry a lot when meditating. The tears just flow as i sit
    there and since now we are all known to each other i dont even feel
    embarassed even if someone else is in the room and healing a patient.

    and it feels really peaceful and still afterwards.

    im pretty sure this is a cleansing process. Lord knows i need it.

    We had so much rain last night this morning a beautiful big jacaranda tree
    had fallen down in the front yard. i felt a pang but also knew this was coming.
    we hadnt planted it right andit was bending towards the sun at an almost
    45 degrees angle. Its just that i love each n every one of my trees...and this one
    was like ten years old. you tend to get attached. specially since my house is
    now surrounded by houses and buildings.

    God Bless
  12. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Granni,

    I hope your day was good. You sure are right. People I work with usually have no idea how old I am either. I run circles around girls young enough to be my daughters and younger. They are always amazed when they find out how old I am. And, most of them do not know about the FM. When they find out, they ask "How do you work like you do"?
    Then I attempt to explain how I push the pain back all day, keep a smile on my face and deal with it until I get home and sit down and feel like I've had a wrecking ball dropped on me. LOL.

    I am 59 years old in a couple months. Half the staff think I'm in my 40's. Like yourself, I look younger than my years, so they tell me. Constant pain can do a lot of weird things to a person. Sometimes, like yourself, I get "blue". But I know if I allow myself to give in to that it will only get worse. It is hard, dragging myself to a job every day. Getting through 8 hours of working in pain, yes. So I push it away to the back burner of my brain (this is the only way I can explain it), and paste on a smile. I leave it there all day. It's amazing how just smiling all day, (even when you don't feel like it), makes you feel happier. The elders I work with do not need to have a grumpy, whiney, depressing person around them. Their problems are bad enough. They're all sick.

    I joke with them about me fitting right in. Between the short term memory issues and cognitive difficulties I experience during the FM fogs and medications at times, they see me as somewhat of a "peer". They like me too, because after having been disabled for that first 6 years, and fighting for 4 more to be able to tolerate work again, they know I understand them, their loss of independence, the loss of the things you love to do, feeling like a burden to your family, seeing no light at the end of their tunnel......and can empathize with their feelings perhaps better than the "healthy" staff that work there because I've lived in their shoes.

    I just got lucky when I found alternative methods that worked well enough to give me this luxury to work. God is good. Life is good. And, like most of us with FM, I have other issues. Hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, heart disease, (an artery that goes to my right leg with a 50% blockage), an inoperable back deformity, (the lower 5 of my lumbar grew "fused" together without the "cushy" stuff in between).

    My chiro is the only reason I can still walk all day and function as I do. I kept complaining to my mom about back pain when I was an adolescent. She said it was just growing pains. Found out later from the back specialist that I should have been in a back brace when that was going on. Sorry to hear about your poor BP. You are likely right about the pain factor and the genetics. My oldest son has high BP and he looks healthy as a horse and in good shape. But his grandpa had high BP and was just like him. Like you, also, I dealt with teenagers through this crap too. It, you should pardon the expression, sucked! Thank the Lord they're all grown up now. Hope your party went well and you had a good time. We all need good time. :)

    Wishing you well,
  13. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hello Springwater. Thanks for the welcome. Darrae is a play on my own name, and yes, it is an odd handle. LOL
    You can just call me Dar. After reading your post I've concluded you have a real twisted sense of humor. I like that!
    Funny is a good thing! I meditate also. It helps. Though I don't do group. No time. Work all day 5 days a week so it's then a race to my bed. Weekends I try to rest and recharge so Monday I can do it all over again. Glad to meet you. Looking forward to knowing all of you. I liked Rock's pillow comment too. Funny. Sand man is kicking my rear, so I guess I should go to bed so I can be "perkie" tomorrow for my residents.

    Warm wishes Springwater. :)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, so much more going on over here. I'll try to keep up.

    Dar, welcome to you. I am just so amazed at your ability to keep on keepin' on. I did it as long as I could but when Sjogren's hit, I had to retire. I think your positive attitude is wonderful and inspiring. BTW, I took the liberty to add some paragraph breaks to your post. Some of us have a difficult time reading posts without them. Just hit the Enter key twice to put a space between paragraphs. So good to have you with us.

    Granni, thanks for the invite over to the Porch. I think the UTI is better today and I'm Herxing so I'll see how it goes before calling the doc. I also feel depressed at times when I've just been dealing nonstop with my health. Of course, it's not so bad since the injections but even little things like this UTI can make me feel depressed if I have to take to my bed. That's why I made yesterday one of my "spa" days. At least, I look better :) That always lifts my spirits. Sorry about your DD's problems. Prayers going up.

    Julie, I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with SIL. It certainly doesn't make things any easier when you are trying to help and have to deal with her at the same time. Bless you for your kindness and hanging in there with GPA. Prayers going up for you too (actually, I pray for all of us because we have so much on our plates. We have problems just like "normals" but have to deal with them while trying to handle our illnesses. Not an easy life. Our kitties, Tweety and Sylvester, have lived outside their entire lives so they don't have litter boxes here or in their other homes (they are neighborhood cats who kinda belong to all of us). I love the name, Red Mittens.

    Rock, I posted more about the UTI on the Lounge. It's better. Funny, I've dreamed of flying all my life, off and on. Some shrink on TV said flying dreams mean we are trying to get away from something in our lives. Maybe it's a good thing you no longer dream of flying. No wonder it's so hard for us to keep up with technology with terms like cookies and clouds. My younger, hipper and more technologically advanced DD asked me what the cloud is. I actually knew because of my Kindle. I think they pay people to come up with these metaphors just to keep us in our place as non-geeks.

    Springwater, thanks for your good wishes about the UTI. I can't imagine having one while preggars. Yikes! Speaking of which, I just heard that Kate is in labor so another little royal is on the way. It's exciting and interesting how they do things which involve the royal family. Kate and William may be modern royals but, evidently, some of the traditions surrounding royal births will be followed.

    Feeling well enough to shop today for some much needed groceries and more vitamin C for the UTI. The sun is shining, a first in a long siege of rainy days. It'll probably rain later, as is the summer custom, but waking to gray skies can get old fast.

    Love to everyone. Hope I didn't miss anyone. It's more difficult to keep up over here. That's a good thing, though.

    Love, Mikie

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Oh my, between and Amy and Lindsey you don't get much of a break do you :)! You are so wonderful to help out. It just seems to go on and on with transmitable things and little ones are hard to keep things septic as they say or sort of.

    DH said he would take me for a hamburger so we will leave in a few minutes. After lunch #1 DD will call and talk to DH . I will let them iron on part of the plans anyway and hope we all keep the sanity at our meeting. I do not think DD#3 has much common sense. especially with kids gone and by herself. She did an awful lot when her X wasn't helping out.

  16. loveslilacs30

    loveslilacs30 Member

    I scanned the porch but didn't really read it. My mind isn't with it---sorry.

    This morning my DIL took me and and my best friend, Maggie, for our second trip to a wonderful vet. Maggie hadn't eaten in 12 days....i knew she was in pain. So I watched and loved her while he sent off to cat heaven.:( I was certain for those 12 days that would be the answer so I held her and cried over her for those 12 days already. Today has been so hard. She was my true friend and had been there for me thru Harley's time in the nursing home, his death, the time following and our move to the assisted living. It seems so lonely.

    And July has also been a disaster. For 5 days, I had no TV. It happened over the weekend, the gal in charge said she would contact my provider on Mon. On Mon. I found out that she would not be back until Wed. Finally, on Wed. a man from the server came and get me started again.

    THEN, on the next to the last no TV day, my cell died. Contacted family by e-mail. My son, who is in charge of my phone happened to be out of town for 5 days. No phone. He got home and I got a new phone which I am still trying to learn.

    During that time, my bath stool in the shower collapsed while I was showering. I got out as fast as possible. D came later with a new style.

    Then my Maggie got ill. And on and on it went.

    I also have 3 sessions a wk. (1 hr. each) on arm therapy. And also 3 sessions a week on leg therapy. I am tired.

    I glanced quickly at the porch as I ran through it and saw a new friend. Welcome. And i quickly saw my friend, Rock's name. And Julie, I kind of gathered that things are still busy and worrisome for you.

    I will read this again---you may be on a new porch, hope not. And I will try to write more up beat news.

    Gentle Hugs to all,

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Joan,

    So glad to hear from you but so sorry for all the problems you have been having, especially for the loss of your dear Maggie. I know that is a very hard one for you. She was with you for so long and through so much.

    I too have been going through stuff, some good and some bad !! I wrote about it probably on the last Porch. If you want to go back and read do so. I will bring more up later. Some of us with be gathering for a meeting with a DD with problems. More on that later perhaps after we meet this weekend sometimes. Don't think she is acting very realistically for her problems with no job and now supposedly alcohol problems or misuse. SS#1 is also looking into possibly some mental health help she might be able to get in the area. Enough of that for now.

    Also good news for DDIL and SON who were working towards becoming adoptive parents due to lots of infertilitity problems and losses of pregnancies.


    DO NOT MENTION ON FB AS THEY HAVE ONLY TOLD CLOSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS.. Hoping she will carry this pregnancy to term with a healthy happy baby. Then if so I think they may also continue the adoption.

    Sending hugs and love to you at the loss of your dear Maggie ! Hope to talk to you soon again .

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh Lilac, Joan, July has been such a tough month for you. I am so sorry to hear that Maggie
    is gone. I am crying with you.

    I'm sure you've read "The Rainbow Bridge". Here is the link to an especially beautiful version that
    has music and photos.

    You write with upbeat news when you have some. If you want to talk more about Maggie, we
    will listen. So many of us have pets too and remember the ones we lost. (The font is doing
    silly things.)

    Yes, it would be wonderful if you could visit Julie and pick one one of Red Mittens cats. It would be
    wonderful if we could all visit. But we're lucky to have the porch. Bestus to everydobby.

  19. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Mikie,

    Thank you for the kind words and welcome. Around 5:00 a.m., I wish I could retire sometimes. But I have my daughter to take care of. Thanks for the "space" advice. I'm so used to keyboarding at work, I forget that I'm not at work. I will attempt to make my posts easier to read.

    As for keepin on, well.....we do what we gotta do. I figure I'll just keep doin it til I drop. LOL I just keep smilin'. If I didn't there's a likelihood I'd go nutzoid. (Not that I'm saying I'm not somewhat already there some days).

    I've told my kids, if I "go down" at work, just have 'em stick me in my room. I like where I work and it wouldn't be a bad place to live when I reach that point. Anyhow, thank you. It's good to be here.

  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Julie,

    I appreciate your sharing your story with me. Sounds like you had it pretty rough. And still do. I don't blame my mom about the back thing. She just didn't know any better. Back then people were not so quick to seek medical help and sorta "blew' things off. And, heaven forbid, one should see a psychiatrist back then. OMG!

    People thought it shameful to seek help as often as not. Congratulations on your new faucet! It takes so little to please some people. LOL. I'm one of those as well. Stick to your guns regarding G'pa. It's the right thing to do. My hat's off to you.