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    Hi Rock,

    Thanks for the welcome. I loved your post about flying in your dreams. I used to have those too as a kid. Can't remember when I last remembered a dream. I don't think I dream anymore. Wouldn't it be great if one could fly like that however? No pain. Just soaring happily through the air enjoying the wind and the rush?

    You're right too. There are a lot of really nice people to talk to here. I feel blessedly comfortable in this forum. Thanks for that. And thank you for your acceptance.

    I also loved your comment re: Minnesota Pillow. Poignant and funny. Too bad she's having such a hard time with the g'pa issue. Hope the "stresser" gives it up. Hope you are feeling better. Wishing you well.

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    Hi Granni,

    Hope your party was fun. Enjoy your hamburger out. What a nice hubby!

    I had to laugh at myself yesterday. I'm sure you know what FM Fog is, right? I've been stressing over some stuff at work, stressing over finances, and my daughter's health. We know what stress does. Well, I blew through a stop light yesterday upon leaving Walmart, and it didn't register red until after I blew through it. My daughter just turned to me and said, "You meant to do that right"? Then she laughed.

    Later that morning my friend, David, calls and says he's coming over to hang my new drapery rods for me. I thank him profusely for thinking of it and for being so kind as to come and do it for me. He says, "We talked about this at cards last night". "I told you I'd be coming over to do it today". The funny thing is, I do not remember one word of that conversation. LOL. Sometimes ya just have to look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, "Dumbbunny", and laugh along with everyone else. Even if it is a little scarey at times. God watches out for drunks and fools I've heard it said. I think they should add, "And Fybromyalgia Fog Drivers". LOL

    Have a great night. Have a great hamburger!

    Dar :confused:
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    Am so sorry to hear you lost a "dear" one. I have 3 long standing companions myself. 14 year old KoKo the snitty siamese, an older than dirt, somewhat toothless foundling Pywackett, (the social greeter Bombay), and BooBoo the 8 year old "baby' of the bunch, a black and white shorthair.

    I'd be grief stricken to lose any of them. They have provided comfort when it was nowhere else to be found. My condolances. It's so hard to lose a furry friend. They are family. And they are unconditional. And they have their own irreplaceable personalities.

    In Sympathy,

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    I just saw the video you posted for Joan, "The Rainbow Bridge". So beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes. So very sensitive and expressive. I've a dear friend, actually my best friend, I will pass that on to, if you don't mind. She lost her "baby" not long ago. Emmy, her rotweiler. She would love it. It's perfect. She' was never able to have children. Her pets have always been her children. She will appreciate it as well.

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    Hello All

    Joan - dear joan, you have been thru a lot. I pray to God to get you thru
    mourning Maggie. I know you know you didthe right thing but it is
    the hardest right thing to do in the whole world. I should know, ive
    sent off several of my sweethearts and the last one was devastating
    to both me and son. but i am recovering tho i still tear up when i think
    of him.(Hobbes)
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    Please keep coming to the Porch whether u have good news or bad. Im so glad you
    got your tv reception back. i dont now what id do if i couldnt watch some of my
    fav shows.

    Julie - not much of rest is there for you. Hope Lorraine is well soon. It really sounds
    like some thing like mold or some other poison is making everyone sick. over at the
    big house.

    maybe moving will be a good idea for a while at least, see if th health issues arent
    better in new place for your daughter and lil grands.Poor lil ones. But they do love
    you so and being nearby.Tough call to make.

    Granni - hope you enjoyed your lunch. I agree you look so much younger than
    your age. I love the first profile photo you posted of yourself and dh. and of course
    that wonderful photo of you in the dance costume!

    Rock- i notice you havent mentioned any books...you havent been reading lately?
    I cry very time i read the Rainbow Bridge...what a comfort for pet owners who just'lost
    a loved friend. Dear Joan.

    Mikie - You had to see it to believe it, the way i was into Princess Diana. I have like
    10 books on her!!! her life story, her dresses, her photo books, the lot! Luckily when
    she passed i was kind of over that intense fan hood. Was more able to look at her
    from a more balanced perspective and not all of it was nice(for me).

    Im not that much into Kate n William tho. Just glad william came out unscathed
    from all the bickering and mess his parents got into.

    I like the Queen tho. I guess admire would be a better word. hat discipline and self restraint.

    Darrae - hats off to you for fighting back against fibro and cfs and being able to work again.
    from your personal issues im sure you are a compassionate pillar for your patients, empathy
    is so much needed in dealing with the elderly. their emotional issues, their health problems.

    yesterday was a holy day for us, it was Full Moon as well. i went to the monastery and lit
    lamps for all. i dedicated a special one for all of my friends on this board and for judy/dh over
    at the spirituality board.

    i also went and ate at this restaurant; what a peaceful place with sweeping views over the
    hill on which the monastery is located. or should i say stupa.

    had me a banana milkshake and vegetarian dumplings. both delicious! also watched two
    black dogs navigate the steep grill stairs which wound up and down the restaurant to the
    different levels, just a small place it is, with maybe four tables to a level and three four levels
    perched on the hill. you would think an earthquake would send us all tumbling into the
    valley below peopled with monkeys, and lots of wild trees. also watched the monkeys
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    swinging from branch to branch and getting into peoples verandahs of the
    houses below...the next door was a sweet family with a flock of speckled
    white pigeons which seemed to be tame and didnt fly off when one of
    the ladies came out to rinse a pot or throw out garbage
    One ofthe ladies had a little toddler and they called out to the dogs in our restaurant
    who in turn wagged their tails at them and smiled widely. All friends
    it seemed like. (Like Julie and red Mittens).Very lovely place.

    Returning home, i was walking down the hill and there was this
    beautiful big rainbow, stretching over the valley. It was there every
    time i turned a bend and i just thought how rare are rainbows in
    city compared to when we lived in my little hilltown.

    God Bless
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    Once again--Wow! Y'all are
    a bunch of prolific posters on the Porch (how's that for alliteration, Rock :)

    Julie, prayers going up for all of you. It's horrible when everyone is sick. You are always so sweet to everyone when they need support. I hope everyone is feeling better.

    Granni, ooooh, a hamburger. I always took them for granted before the wheat allergy. I do have some GF buns but they can't hold a candle to those big soft white bread buns. I will also pray for this pregnancy.

    Lilac, I am so very sorry for the loss of Maggie. When I lost my beloved Mr. Big, the neighbors had a wake for him and toasted to "one hellova fine cat." I put in a plant in the outside stair atrium with a small stone under it with the word, "friend," etched on it. I think some kind of little ritual or rememberance helps, even if it's just lighting a candle. We have all been having all kinds of electronic disturbances of late. I would almost swear Mercury is retrograde in the Zodiac. Hoping and praying for you.

    Dar, I'm so glad you enjoy your work. I hated to have to leave my little part time job. It was just enough to get me out among people. I had regular customers who would line up at my register. It also hurt me financially because it meant I had to annuitize one of my IRA's. I had planned to work another four years. In that time, the S&P, to which my annuity was tied, has soared and I would have had hundreds more each month than I get now. Oh well, there's a reason for everything. I am happy for you that you have your job.

    Springwater, I've been into the royal family ever since I watched Queen Elizabeth II crowned on a friend's B&W TV. In those days, people were just getting TV's in their homes. I was just a child and it all seemed so magical. Later, I read about how the royal family stayed in London during the bombing and how then Princess Elizabeth was a mechanic in the army. She may be a bit stiff by today's stds., I have a great deal of admiration for her. I loved Diana but her marriage, and entry into the royal family, was a train wreck. She was a great Mum, though. I'm laughing at your term, "hat discipline." I don't think we here truly understand how important hats are to the Brits. BTW, I just came in from watching the full moon set. Last night, I watched it through the branches of the slash pine tree outside my lanai.

    Rock, you're a Cancer so the moon is your ruling "planet." Do you feel any different during the full moon? I usually have more energy but since I've had this UTI, my NRG is kaput. That was so kind of you to post the link to "The Rainbow Bridge." After I lost Mr. Big, a client gave me a poem and I'll see whether I can find it online. It made me cry but helped with my grieving. BTW, how are you feeling?

    OK, guys, I hope I managed to touch on all of you and your trials and joys. I know the folks over on the Spirit/Worship Board are wonderful but I think we in this Online Family are very spiritual too. What is more spiritual than giving support and true friendship to our loved ones online? I wish we could all sit down at a big table and share coffee and gluten-free sweet rolls. This is the next best thing.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning to awl !!

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit. Have so much to do and we have a workman outside working out garage lights that haven't worked right since we lived here, or for very long. We must have gremlins in our garage. Sometimes they worked a bit and other times not at all. It is more at the not at all stage. Hope this guy can fix it so we don't have to get an electrician who will be much more expensive. Others have worked on it on and off this time we bought new cases or whatever you call it along with new bulbs. They were pretty old the original ones up there.

    Julie - You continue to wear me out as you mention your schedule and plan to do each day. Good luck in your escapades. There was a special going on in our area with one of the newer chiros here and I am going to at least try and take advantage of it and see if anything at all can be resolved., It is $97 for a bunch of tests and then a follow up visit included. Of course the FM and CMFS may be a bit of mess in the mix for them..

    Trying to plan for that meeting over at our son and dil's home for our daughter with problems. Hope we can get some things resolved without having to hand out to much money.

    Mikie - Hope you are getting some help for you UTI. Have you seen the doc yet? Don't remember if I read anything about that this morning.

    Hi also to DAR, Rock, Windy, Joan and anyone else peaking in. Will try and peak in later.

    Love to everyone,
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    Hello Friends,

    Julie I hope your family recovers soon. Sounds like it's been the "pits" for you.

    Joan, hang in there. Maggie waits for you. You'll see her again one day. It's so hard to have to put down a dear pet.
    I had to put down my dog, Nanuk, several years back. The vet wasn't going to let me be in the room when it was done. I bristled at the vet tech and told him either I go in or I find another vet. She's been a good dog, she did her job, and I will not let her die alone. The vet relented and I held Nanny, petted her, spoke sweetly to her until she slipped away. To this day, I find it hard to think of without a tendency to tears. I relate to your loss and pain. But, as they often say, at least she no longer suffers. My prayers go out to you.

    Granni, glad you had a good time and burger was yummy. Sorry to hear about your garage. Home repairs are such a drag on one. I spent from September of last year until December fighting with rain coming in through a hole in my roof and the ensuing damage. Waiting for the adjuster and my insurance company to get off their duffs and honor my policy.

    Thank Heaven my home owner's policy covered all the damage. I got a new roof and the damage to the upstairs closet and living room wall are fixed. However, all my living room furniture is still on the porch. We just got the primer on the living room walls last week. Still have to paint the walls, the dining room ceiling, stairway, upstairs ceiling, upstairs closet and replace trim, shelving and clothes bars. Ain't life grand? LOL :)

    Springwater, I so love your imagry and vivid description. It's like being taken on the trip with you. Cool!

    Mikie, thank you. I love my job. I really do. But sometimes it can be so overwhelming. Sometimes it's very hard to keep the pain from inhibiting what I must do daily.

    Threw out a shoulder last week lifting stuff I know I shouldn't. Doc put the shoulder back in. I'm in a sling for a week to keep the arm from hanging and putting strain on the muscles. 5 lb weight limit for a couple weeks til it heals. Good news is, I didn't break anything. LOL :)

    Injury and re-injury are just part of the stubborn refusal to give up. I know I won't be able to keep this up forever. But I want to get to where I can downsize and get out of this big barn of a house and into something smaller, with no shoveling, mowing, no stairs to go up and down to do laundry. No home ownership or repairs to worry about. Hoping to get it all done and up for sale by spring. Looking for 2 bedroom apartment for my daughter and I.

    Rock, hope you are feeling better day by day. You are in my prayers. You have such a neat personality. Wishing you the best. :)

    Mikie, Thanks for the words of encouragement. They are much appreciated. So sad that your financial situation didn't turn out better. But I guess you're right. Everything does happen for a reason even if we don't understand what that is at times. It's hard. I know. I live from paycheck to paycheck supporting my sick daughter. But it's worth every single painful step I take every day, because I still have her. Buck up lil camper.

    The good thing is, though we may all be sick, but we're all still here. We're all still fighting. We have each other. We have so many blessings. Yes, pain and fatigue do rule our lives to a great extent, but we still have things in our lives that make life worth having and joys here and there that make it worth sticking around for. Most importantly, I think, laughter. Even if we have to laugh at ourselves!

    I pulled another "fog" moment at work today. Spent 2 hours obsessing over the Council notes for July. Couldn't find them anyplace. Couldn't figure out what I did with them. Then a light bulb went on and I realized, THERE AREN'T ANY COUNCIL NOTES FOR JULY BECAUSE TODAY IS COUNCIL DAY FOR JULY!! Just had to laugh at myself. What else does one do? LOL :)

    To anyone and all I may have missed, have a blessed night and a better tomorrow. Thank you all dear friends.
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    Hi DAR so nice to read your newsy post. However, as I mentioned before no need to do that all the time. I surely don't. I need to bring DH to his meeting before I can go to mine this morning. Only ne car now so have to do lots of planning in the transportation mode.:)!! Don't feel bad about your foggy brain. Mine seems to be that way more than not lately :)!! Glad you got your problems finally straightened out with hopefully little cost to you.

    The leak or potential for one was in the bedroom, big water stair in the ceiling and trying to get larger and we had new lights put in in the garage. Both seem to be holding up OK., knock on wood. Of course now we will have little while for some time.

    Julie - I don't know how you do it all but may God continue to bless all you do and keep you well.
    Gotta run for now but hope to get back soon, maybe this afternoon or evening. We'll see, with so much happening. Hope I survive the chiro apt tomorrow morning.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Granni, Sorry bout the "wordy" posts. Am just anxious to get to know you all. I will try to slow down. When I get home from work, I tend to babble for about an hour before I settle down. :rolleyes:

    Good news is, for all the work I only had to pay $300 deductible. Bad news is, I gotta pay for the paint, trim, shelving, hardware and new window treatments. Coulda been worse. Hope your water stain is an easy fix.

    Hope everyone having good day.

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    Hi DAR and everyone,

    The ceiling was a fairly easy fix paint wise, at least it doesn''t show very much at all. Trying to get away with as little painting as possibly, like the whole ceiling. Still have other parts of the walls in that room that had to be redone before. They will have to be done eventually. The guy did have to work outdoors though to fix the place where the leak was in and around the vent. Sounds like you had enough to pay for with your project but I know that every little bit they pay for helps.

    I love wordy posts so don't worry about that. Just mentioning, that there is no need to have to do big posts all the time if you are busy, don't feel well, etc. etc. I surely don't. I need to get dressed and get ready for my chiro appt. at 10:30. This should be very interesting. Don't expect any big answers today. Maybe some at the next appointment, Glad to see Diane back though and hope she is doing better. No time or patience thought for the games right now. My head is still really bugging me from the Prednisone. Thank God only a few more days left to taper off. It surely did help the poison ivy or whatever, though.

    Julie is busy with company so I guess the Porch will be fairly quiet unless a few more start posting I hate just talking to myself :)!! he he

    Hi to Joan, Rock, Spring Water, Windy, Sun and anyone else peeking in !! Will pop in later on probably after my appt. unless some great things start happening :)!! Hope Elaine is peeking in too, maybe Linda and other OLD Porchies ( not in age but having been here at PH for many years. !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Please post on #628 for now. I screwed up too DAR so don't feel badly :)!! Check out the newest one (not that new at this point) !