Turning on the porchlight for vol. 590 !!

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    Well, I'm back again and figured I had better start a new volume before I run off to the store.

    Please check back on the old one for news from Julie, SW ,Gail, and Rock I think and others. Bad memory :)!!!

    I need to leave and get to the store.

    Love to everyone,
  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Nothing interesting happening here. Watching the storm on TV some in between running to the store ,etc. Everyone is either busy or not feeling well. Hope to see some more posters tomorrow.

    Sorry to hear that Diane and her DH is not feeling to well, URI. She is trying to get better.

    Hope that Frieda will be feeling better soon too. Miss her, Diane and so many others when they don't post.

    Spring Water - Sorry you are having so many problems with your brother's sickness and your neice and the new baby- oh dear !!

    Georgia - Hope you and Grandpa are doing well and he enjoying his job, as much as one can love their job :)!!

    Rock - You too. Hope to see you soon on the Porch and that you are feeling OK and your computer working :)!!!

    Gotta run for now and figure out what to make for dinner before I go off the choir practice. Probably see you all tomorrow !

    Love to everydobby,
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    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thanks for turning on the new Porchlight. What would we do without you?
    You are a comfort to all of us when we are beseiged by this and that.

    Yes, lots of us dealing with so much stuff. You too. I know. Mind you dont
    go catching whatever poisono us stuff it was when you go weeding.

    Julie - your neighbours and you seem to hv a nice relationship helping each
    other out. I hope everything goes well for them with the funeral and all.

    Also that the twins start sleeping soundly again and Lindsey is able to rest.

    Georgia - i woud hv been frightened too with all the rustling in the dark,
    when Rottie pulled that whole string of bags behind her.

    I justlove dogs and their antics.

    yesterday i was lounging around unable to get up the energy to do much
    when SIL called and said big brother had had high fever for three days
    with burning sensation while urinating. It must hv been the kick in the
    butt i was waitng for to rev up my energy levels. I called the nursing home
    talked to his doc and then went downtown and waited for them to come get

    At hospital aftersome tests, doc said as a precaution he should be
    admitted at least for that night, so i stayed with bro in his room while
    SIL went off back to get clothes and bedding utensils etc.

    Poor SIL. Its such a long distance. So day went pretty much that way.
    Its a urinary infection and hes been given antibiotics.

    got home late at 8pm. luckily there was leftover food.

    today i will send them lunch but cant go myself. hv another errand to run.

    i hv a couple of things to attend coming up and groaning inside.

    DHs golf tournament after event ball in a couple of days. will be a dressy
    affair. he has invited some of his business friends and wives so i guess
    i cant opt out.

    then dhs aunt has informed me she will be giving a surprise b day party
    for her youngest daughter, (the unmarried one). it will be around time
    brother will be again going back to hospital so i told her i wasnt sure.

    its the last thing i want to do, celebrate something and act all happy
    but i love the girl to death, she is one in a million and i guess i will make
    an effort. goodness knows she has slaved over getting dinners ready and
    organizing functions and inviting us, enough. I can do this much for her.
    Turn up.

    It seems my MIL and her son visited my brother somedays back. That
    was nice. Kind of strange for me if they didnt go even once.

    Well, take care all

    God Bless

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thanks for stepping up to the plate, Granni, and getting us off
    on the right foot toward the field of dreams with our shoulder to
    the wheel and our eye on the ball.

    I'm not posting much 'cause I'm energy-less. Think limp noodle.
    Damp dish rag. Pool of stagnant water. I have been waning
    too long. Can't seem to get to the wax stage. (But we did
    have a full moon here last night.)

    Granni, Springwater is right. You are the glue that holds us
    together. How was choir practice? I used to go to choir
    practice about 6 decades ago. Sang in the school chorus
    too. And had a lousy voice. And a short range. Isn't that ridiculous!

    Remember when ovens with a timer were new? They
    used to advertise you could got to church and when you
    got home, your Sunday dinner would be all ready.

    Springwater, your English is amazing. Anyone who can
    use "besieged" is fluent with a capital "Flu". You sure
    have a lot of family obligations. I have very few, but am
    not doing too well at the moment.

    Been trying to send my nephew a check for a week, but
    am not making much progress. I was stunned to see in the
    hometown paper that an ice cream benefit was held last
    Sunday for his wife. The couple is in their 20s, has 2 little
    boys. She has breast cancer and will have surgery in a
    few weeks. I've never even met her.

    Julie, looks like the twins are keeping everydobby on
    their toes. I am reading an English mystery. Two
    detectives are talking. The one says that when the
    twins arrive, the house is going to be bedlam for
    a long time. I 'spect you would endorse that view, yes?

    Did you folks see the story about the Today Show? The
    producers want the new female host to wear flats
    so she won't tower over Matt Lauer.

    So I posted, let Matt wear high heels too. Maybe a
    nice pair of Ferragamo slingbacks.

    When I checked to see I was spelling Ferragamo right,
    I found one can buy used ones on E bay. They have a
    pair of men's black oxfords from 1990 for ten bucks.
    One little thing though. The size is not mentioned.

    If you gals are interested in buying some of these
    treasures (they look very ordinary in the pics) the
    prices are $20 to $100. But I'm not too clear about
    E Bay. Does that mean the sale price or the latest bid?

    And that's another thing that drives me crazy.
    Shoe size is missing. Just general
    incompetence all over the place. Only yesterday I couldn't
    find a book of short stories because the library has the
    wrong Dewey Decimal number on the spine.

    And there was a news item about a new TV Sony is
    introducing. It looks as big as a bed in the picture, but
    the article does not mention the dimensions or the

    And when I clicked on the news page for an article about
    Alzheimer's, it turned out to be about Parkinson's.
    Such goofiness! Well, better go finish the dishes.

    Ha det bra
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I figured that I had better send off this note to all before this holiday starts. We aren't doing much of anything for the holiday. We are going out to dinner with some friends tomorrow night but nothing really this Monday. We'll probably just hang out and eat some shrimp. Not sure what we will have to eat except that ( cold boiled shrimp). That is great with red sauce.MMMMM

    Hope everyone is feeling OK and has an enjoyable and safe holiday this weekend.

    Julie - Hope you have a nice holiday with Keira, Amy and Clinton and of course your family at home. It will be a busy time with those children especially. Hope everyone stays well so you all can have a fun time.

    SW - Hope you are feeling OK with everything happening in your family.

    Frieda - Hope you feel a little better sweetie.

    Thinking of everydobby but to tired to think and write to everyone separately.

    Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

    Love to awl,
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - i too hope you have a wonderful FULL DAY OFF when the girl
    comes in to help. Glad to know you all got 'adjustments'. Lol. Chiro.
    I wish i could go to one. it sounds so good.

    Granni - well i think the Full Moon played a number on me. i was out of
    energy most of the time. but still had to move. will tell in a minute.
    Hope you hv a good weekend.

    Rock - lol. How i love reading your posts! they are like a bright multicoloured
    painting; blobs of this colour and that, enlivening, enlightening, entertaining.

    I hope Gail, Jole, Georgia, Teacher, Joan, Elaine, Diane and all others are
    good where they are. Sending them good thoughts.

    The brother is back home. Son and i went to get him yesterday. He is
    so beat with the treatment this time. because of the extra strain with
    getting urinary infection. He has high BP but his body salts were too low
    and they gave us two little containers full of salt which they said to feed
    him. Appparently he got so cranky - SIL told me she had a mind to abandon
    him, ask someone else to take care of him and go rest herself for a day or two.
    Poor poor lady.

    My heart gives a wrench when i see brother this poorly. The stoicism he
    usually displays was completely missing, didnt even want to come to the
    Buddha temple he loves to go on our way back. but did come.

    SIL is looking for househelp. Hope she gets it. She seems done in. As are
    we all.

    The good thing is we got some monetary aid. US$3300.00 forthcoming
    from first cousin on dads side. he is a high monk and also makes feature
    films. The Cup was one such.

    sent son to hospital take them their lunch and i myself went off to the monastery
    to collect the money from the carrier. so grateful. its about a third of what
    we really need but what a help!

    i also attended meditation at Pranic healing on Full Moon night, last eve.

    Had to walk back in dark. The govt has demolished the pavements outside
    our home area and the DH and son hav to park their cars in a neighbours
    place for some days.

    Such a mess. Huge cranes outside of my window, buzzing, grinding, groaning.
    Piles of earth everywhere. and slush with the rain. However, i dont mind the
    rain and the cool it brings.

    My younger brother is coming just now. I tld him to hv his lunch here. His
    daughter is still in the ward. She isnt violent but not lucid yet. Must go see
    her but, trying to recover from yesterday. Hv to go out to a function tomorrow
    eve and dont want to overtax myself with the energy levels i hv.

    just popped out and bought some chicken which i am pressure cooking. i will
    try frying it in butter and put some different herbs. Sage thyme instead
    of usual curry poweder cumin, etc which i normally use.

    Yesterday the ride to the hospital with son was great. cool. overcast sky.
    no rain. We hv to pass airport and the road is below with airport area above.

    The green grass was interspersed with these white feathery wild things all
    covering the grass over big swatches of green airport area and all swaying
    in the breeze and in the forefront over the wired fencing were clambering
    a jumble of wild flowers creepers, morning glory, etc.

    With a blue gray overcastsky above in the backdrop, it looked like heaven, with the chaos of earth below, cars honking, spewing diesel smoke, crowds of people, makeshift little shops on the sides of pavement, noise.

    Well, all take care

    God Bless

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in before leaving for church. Nothing to exciting going on here. Found out the DGS, the one that lives in NC and has some LD's but has graduated H.S. this year and JUSY got his drivers license. I know he is very excited as s his parents. His mom is the one that just had the bilateral mastectomy. At least one of our GS, that havel LD's will have his license and that sheould help him to be somewhat independant. My daughter is doing pretty well after her surgery. She says that her nerves are now starting to "wake up in that area" after the surgery. So, that can make it uncomfortable. Wonder if she made it to sleep in her own bed the other night when I spoke to her. She had been sleeping in the lounge chair in the den.

    Julie - I know what you mean about excitment comes in many different forms. I know how much havoc one baby can cause so I can imagine how many twins would cause, esp when both want to eat or whatever at once. it is hard when you have only one person there to do the feeding and both are crying. I had most of my babies fairly close but not as close as Lindsay. The 4 girls were about 2 yrs apart and that was hard enough, then almost 5 till the son came.

    I can imagine how scared you were when your dad had his v sugar episode but glad he got back to himself quickly even though very tired.

    How cute that was about those big girls helping you with dinner. Kiera sounds so grown up and still likes to be rocked. How old is she now, I have forgotten and what grade in school. Has she started kindergarten yet?

    Spring Water - Sorry your brother was feeling so low after his treatment. Hope he gets to feeling better soon. How often does he have to go for his treatments. That is always so hard and sad for everyone trying to help.

    Hope someothers will pop in this weekend. We will have a quiet one, not much going on.

    Teacher - Hope school is not driving you crazy :)! and hope that you aren't feeling to badly.

    Rock - Hope all is well with you and your computer behaving.

    Gail, Diane, Joan, Jole, Carla, Elaine and so many others are being missed and hope you are well. Would love to hear from all of you ASA possible.

    Have to finish getting ready for church now.


  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - ferragamos for 100 $!!! those are considered bargains dont u think?
    i remember seeing model Claudia Schiffer modelling ferragamo bags in 1990.
    and im sure they werent cheap then either. Beats me how some people have
    so much money as to be able to spend thousands on designer bags/shoes.

    Me I would take a nice vacation. lol. Im sure we all here would.

    It was good of you to try send your dear nephew a check. I hope his wife
    is able to hv the surgery and treatments necessary.

    Julie - yes, what a scare for you with your fathers black out episode. I suffer
    from low BP and used to hv these dizzy spells if i got up too fast. Not nowadays.
    Some of my health issues like the occasional sick headache and low bp seem
    to hv resolved themselves over the years, as the tinnitus in my ears. of
    course new ones hv cropped up in addition to the ever present energy crisis,
    like sore insides and stiff shoulder.

    Granni - its good to hear your GS got his driving license. my, what a headache
    it is to hv to be dependent on someone else to take one around. i regret i cant
    drive. too much of a scaredy cat.

    did u hv a good night out with the friends. I hv never had shrimps but guessing
    they must taste like prawns?

    yesterday tried to recover from being woken at 2am by help, their living
    quarters flooded knee deep with the heavy downpour. i couldnt do anything,
    but did go down with an umbrella to check and also down to the streets.
    all flooded with bad drainage and too much rainfall. nothing to do for them
    but keep throwing water out and wait the rain out.

    thankfully, rain had stopped and the waters receded. Sun came out and
    they were able to dry their stuff out. not just us, the whole street where
    houses are built at sides.

    then i called up my Chinese friend because we hadnt spoken in days, and
    she advised me to go for a facial before the evenings golf gala. so i did,
    and glad i did, saved me some energy, and also got my roots touched up.

    i did cringe when doling out the money but decided i hv to save energy.
    and time.

    i joined my dhs uncle aunt their daughter, and we went to the venue.
    My husband was one of the organisers of the tournament so he had invited
    them as well as some other friends. Im glad i went. his best friend had come
    with his wife, but the rest of the golfers wives werent invited by the sponsors.
    the ones my dh invited, didnt turn up,only their dhs did. so i was able to keep
    best friends wife company. she is such a sweet lady.

    i had prayed for energy and my mood to be okay during the event and it looks
    like the prayers worked. I did okay. was able to circulate and talk to some
    people, regular players as well as some business associates of dhs.

    my dhs BIL too was invited and he drove us back home, since we cant use
    our car till the pavement outside is made.

    well, i hv today to mess around at home. lets see what the day brings.

    Take care all

    God Bless
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here is the latest news from the Republican National Convention.
    Eddie Calvo, the Governor of Guam, was interviewed by none other than
    Dave Barry. The only question Dave could think of was, "What's the time in

    The Governor said, "We are 14 hours ahead of you. I am from the future."

    I think I told you before the economic picture at our local strip mall is not
    good. There are 6 stores. The big one is Ralphs (Kroger). Three of the
    other stores went outta business last winter: the DVD store; Round table
    pizza; Baskin Robbins. Last summer KFC closed. And all of the stores are
    still vacant. Uff-da!

    On the other hand, prices of stuff have gone through the roof and still
    climbing. I bought 3 cookies last night from the supermarket bakery. I did
    not buy any cupcakes as they were $1.49 @ The fancy cupcakes were

    I have no idea what new Ferragamo cost, Springwater. I just know I can't
    afford them. Thank you for your kind words comparing my posts to paintings.
    I sometimes think of them as finger paintings done by very young children.

    Sounds like your golf dinner suited you to a tee. Was you home
    damaged by all the rain? Seems like everywhere nowadays has way too much
    or too little.

    Granni, that's great that your grandson got his drivers' license. What is the
    area like where he will be driving? In the village where I grew up we had
    no traffic, no traffic lights, traffic cops or parking meters. People drove their entire life back there without ever having an accident.

    Julie, sounds like the Lorraine-Keira assembly line turned out excellent pizzas
    w/ a little help from Grandma. When I was a kid we used Chef Boyardee and
    put hamburger, tomato sauce and chedder cheese on it. About as Italian as
    a turkey dinner. But we liked it. When I went away to college and discovered
    the real thing, I thought it was even more wonderful.

    Io amo la PIZZA!
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am eating as I type. Have to get off very soon and get dressed as I gotaup late. The cleaning lady andher daughter are coming here late this morning to start. It should go quicker than usual since her college age daughter is with her. Don't know how long I can keep her, haven't had her for that long but it sure does help me. If things gets worse financially I surely will have to stop with her help.

    Rock - your pizza that you used to make when a kid sounded interesting. When it ( Pizza) came to NY, I fell in love. It is a food group you know :)?!!That chef boyardee pizza you had sounded pretty interesting too.

    Julie - I know you had a very busy day and it will continue to be. How long are they all staying till today or what?

    SW - Glad you were able to enjo the event you went to and get things done for yourself. Even going to get a haircut, color etc. makes me feel so much better Hopee you are feeling OK today.

    Sorry gang but I have to run and get dressed before she comes and do some more getting ready for her. More later if possible !!

    Love, to all my Porchies,inc mias and those not mentioned.

    edited for lots of typos and errors :)!!

    [This Message was Edited on 09/03/2012]
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni- we love your posts whether there are typos/errors or not. not to worry!
    I hope the cleaning lady and her daughter did a good job. You must be relieved.
    A break from this monotony that we housekeeprs endure.

    Also good to hear your DD is recovering nicely from her surgery.

    Rock - cant believe baskin Robbins and KFC closed in your area. But i guess
    there are too many of them competing. Our KFC here too is closed down,
    but because of labour strike.

    On the way to the hospital once, i caught sight of a big eating joint,
    (big for us, in the US most restaurants seem to be huge), it had
    KFC written in front. and in small letters KWALITY FOOD CENTRE.

    Big brother and smallest came on their visit. So relieved to see big
    B able to go around again. His last episode had me worried. I made
    some chicken and veg noodle soup for them.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - Thank you so much for your sweet words about my daughter and my typing errors :)!!! It looks like we are talking to each other and Rock too. Julie has been so busy with all those gkids I know. So, hope she can catch up with us soon, Rock too.

    How nice that your big brother is doing better and that you made them all dinner. Home made soup sounds so yummy. Haven't done that lately, maybe in the winter. What kind of noodles do you use? Are they packaged? I know home made is probably best but I have never made any in my whole life. Not sure if my mom did either and she made lots of things from scratch, including lots of soups.

    We don't eat lots of fast foods so don't eat at KFC but it is ashame that many of them and other restaurants and businesses are closing or have closed. One of our nice discount malls really fixed up everything a couple of years ago, probably making the leasing stores even harder. Then we had the downturn and there are SO MANY empty stores. It is so sad. To bad about Baskin Robbins. They have some other ice cream or yogurt places here but I would think Baskin Robbins would be one of staples in life for ice cream lovers. I do know that many aren't eatingout as much any more. I know we aren't. Just hope things get better, everywhere !!!

    Our small singing group in our subdivision starts practice again this afternoon. I have to remember to go and I'm the one who sent out the reminder e-mail :)!!

    I forget who else posted awhile ago . I think Julie and Rock were here a few days ago.

    Hi to Julie, Teacher, Gail, Jole, Carla and so many others. Missing so many of you !


  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got back from practice. Have to go start dinner but am happy to hear that all is well with you and all. Glad Rottie is behaving :)! Hope that you ( or grandpa) have gotten out to get some more doggie food. You wouldn;t want her to go to long without food. She might eat up something you don't want eaten.

    Gotta run and fix dinner but was glad to see you post, Georgia.

    Hope all is well with everydobby !

    Love to all,
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I had a feeling that something out of the ordinary has been going on since we hadn't heard from you in a few days. I know it is crazy there under normal circumstances with so many young ones .

    Take it easy dear. You don't need to go to the doctor too. Hope Lorraine feels better soon aand Lindsay too. That stuff can just spread like crazy.

    TIP - You might want to start taking Grapeseed extract, if you have any at least 100-200 mg. I take it all the time aand take extra when I think I am feeling like getting something. I really do think it has helped me besides my blood pressure too.

    A month or so ago I felt like I was getting something. Withme it starts with either a sort throat or larngitis and then progresses. This time when I got laryngitis I started taking more GSE and it really seemed to have helped. All the symptoms disappeared within a couple more days. When I get a URI I am in trouble and I am not supposed to take regular decongestants and have to get a shot of steroids.

    ******Actually if you haven't started taking it you might want to take it 2x a day or 3 if really feeling bad. It is a great antioxidant. You may have already heard Jam talk aboaut it but it seems to be a great help to me. I get mine on line for much better deals than the healthfood stores. Of course Vit C is good too.

    ******If you haven't started with symptoms it would be good to start taking it to hopefully keep it away from YOU and might help Lindsay too.

    Den is a gem. My DH was /is a good husband and father but he never did rock the babies that I remember, or for very long.

    I take 200 mg 2x a day with my problems (b/p and all )and try to keep bad germs from attacking me . When I was starting to feel bad I happened to have some 100 mg GSE and I took it at lunch as well as the 200 mg in am and pm.

    Need to leave for now but hope to check back later. Hope to hear from some other dear Porchies soon - SW, Rock, Georgia , Joan and all.

    Love to everydobby,
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its seems a wonderful thing this grapeseed extract. wish it were available

    we really need to strengthen our immune systems especially during times
    of stress.

    Julie - these respiratory infections, colds are so common when there
    are little ones around, hope Lindsey recovers soon enough and thngs
    will get back to 'normal' around there.

    good to hear your neighbour was able to come over and help some.

    last eve dh and i went to this chinese restaurant at this hotel. we were
    invited for the opening. i only went because i thought some of the wives
    were coming. and because i didnt want to let my dh down. however,
    most of the wives kept away, and the ones who did come were seated
    at different tables and there were partitions so i couldnt even see who is

    so i was there with five men including my dh listening to some political
    talks and some banking talks which went over my head but one of
    the gentlemen had family in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and it was interesting
    to hear of the goings on there, the junta, Aung San Su Kyi (they said she
    spent two years in nepal when she had finished college), and some other
    random stuff. i wasnt bored at least.

    today again was spent recovering. i think socialising somehow on a subconscious level takes the wind out of me. theyre all (at least on the
    surface) all such healthy energetic people, and here i am pretending
    to be one of them and once i reach home, it just hits me, how different
    i am.

    but im working on my thought processes. and hw not to feel negative.

    middle brother phoned and said should he visit big bro, i told him yes.
    later eve i phoned big bro and he said middle bro came but didnt ask
    how he was, and hw should he help, he just went to kitchen and helped
    himself to food.

    i told him middle brother had his own problems. and not to mind his brusque

    actually, i had told middle brother nt to tell the big brother about his
    daughter being in hospital with serious relapse. it would only make big
    bro more ill.

    so a lot going on.

    i wonder whether we once were really all kids and playing around, not
    a care on our shoulders, except school. or was it all a dream? a sweet
    sweet dream?

    Take care

    God bless
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I started writing this and DH came in before and we had to go to our Bible Study , etc. I still don't know how to copy this and put it somewhere else. So, I lost it !!!! grrrrr !!!

    Sorry about your brother's vctions. Some just don't have any common sense and what to do amonsgt sick people. Sorry the meeting/dinner you had to go to yesterday or the other day was not as pleasant for you as it oculd have been. Not well thought out, I would say. Sorry there weren't more ladies there for you to talk to and all. Sitting amongst mostly men can sometimes be rather boring, I would say. They don't always have the same interests as us ladies. Also if it was a business meeting I'm sure it was really boring for you :)!!

    Got some bad news from DD who had the surgery. It seems now that the tumors that they found in the sone breat they now think was one bigger one. So, she will be having some chemo and also possibly hormonal therapy. Luckily., she got in touch with my dear cousin who is a retired prominant pathologist. He has or will be researching what he thinks would work best for her. There are two types of chmo and one is more aggressive than the other. So I guess she will have to decide on which one to take as well as the hormonal therapy.

    Glad that my dear cousin is there to help her . I know quite a bit aboauat medicine but chemotherapy and hormonal therapy is not one or two fo them I know much about. I know they can make you really sick sometimes and reduces your immunity alot but if it helps her, I guess she needs to go for it.

    Hope to see some more Porchies here soon.

    Julie - Please try and stay well and hope those babies don't get it. I tis bad enough that Lorraine has it. Hope she isn't to cranky !! Cranky and sick 2 year olds are not fun :)!!

    Have to go start fixing dinner but it won't be much today since we had lots of snacks at bible study :)!!

    Love to everydobby,
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I hope you guys had a better day yesterday than I. No
    catastrophes. Just a lot of annoying events. I was extra
    clumsy; kept dropping and spilling things. Ran into the
    newel post. Uff-da!

    Left the hose running for an hour. Knocked over the fan. The
    grid came off, and I couldn't get it back on. I have the same
    manual dexterity as a tortoise.

    Then I went out to walk Zippy and found a ten foot frond from
    the neighbor's palm tree had smashed my windshield. He's
    too cheap to keep them trimmed. When we had a big wind storm
    a year ago, the road was full of palm debris. He piled it up at
    the end of the street. The stack was bigger than a pick up truck.

    Those fronds are a menace. Often 12 feet long and weighing
    several pounds. It's kinda funny. There are many kinds of palm
    trees. Can't find any labeled wrist or finger.

    Life would be so much easier if events of this ilk were spread out
    a bit. Anyhoo, Granni did you get to the singing practice that you
    reminded yourself of? Sorry you lost your post again. Ya think those
    posts are flying around somewhere in space? Maybe puzzling
    the folks in UFOs who are listening in?

    BTW, I read some English novels from the 1920s. The term
    "listening in" referred to listening to the new high tech device:
    the radio.

    Srpingwater, I started a novel by a writer new to me. Her main
    character is a vegan chef. There's a recipe at the end of every
    chapter. Does this sound like something you might cook?
    Chick peas, spinach, tomatoes,potatoes plus cloves, tumeric,
    garlic, curry and coconut milk? Sounds good to me, but
    I'd leave out most of the spices.

    Kwality Food Center sounds like a good place to shop.
    Does it sell high quality Kiwi, Kippers, Kale, Kidney beans,
    and Kit Kat bars?

    Julie, hope Lindsey and Lorraine are feeling better. It's
    kinda ironic when ya go to see the doc and she's sick too.
    Have you ever tried grapeseed extract? I took it at the
    recommendation of Jaminhealth. Seemed to give me a
    little more energy, but after a couple years the effect sorta
    faded away.

    And now I must fade away. You know that saying about, "Old
    soldiers never die. They just fade away". Doesn't make a
    bit of sense. I looked it up one time. The line comes from
    an old song British soldiers used to sing.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry you had so many little problems yesterday. Tha tis what seems to happen to me from time to time. It is never just one bad thing happening. Glad you got to post today. Was beginning to think I would have to start talking to myself AGAIN !!!

    Guess everyone is busy with the weekend. We went into the city to see a couple of daughters. Gave some money and advice to the one without a job, still. Wioll she was talking to eldestr daughters friends, both are lawyers trying to help her clear up a finacial matter we knew nothing about, eldest daughter and I went to the store trying to find a dress for DGD who is up at the U of Alabama and neededing a white dress for initiation into a sorioty. We never had to worry about sororites when we went to school - no money :)!!

    Julie - I hope you are hanging in there with all the sick kiddos and didnpt ger sick yourself. Yes, again I did find that GSE has helped me to keep from getting real sick when I was starting to try and get something.

    Hope all of you are having a peaceful and fairly painless weekend. Miss seeing you all when you are not here.

    Love to awl,'
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - sorry to hear your daughter needs chemo now but im sure it will
    be all right. Some people do get sick a lot but others do all right.

    It was good of you to help out yr dear daughters & i cn imagine how happy
    yur GD must hv been with the white dress. what an exciting time for her!

    Rock - lol, sure sounds like things we would make here, those recipes in
    yr book! coconut, turmeric.

    sorry about yr windshield. will the neighbour pay for it or wil it come out of
    yr insurance? what a headache! but i do love palk trees. do u remember yr
    dream of the palm frond growing out of ur big toe? I bet that wud put even
    Freud in a spot to explain that one.

    Ive been hving a busy few days of it. Day before had to go to this
    hotel in the city where my lil cousin in law had put up a stall in
    the Thai exhibition out there since her decorating office also supplies
    Thai brand of furniture.

    my ever busy body aunt had phoned me and i wanted to go support her
    daughter. good i went saw some really intricate designer fruit and
    vegetable carvings, and ate some very different thai snacks and dessert.

    besides checking out dhs cousins home deco. it was lovely but expensive
    as hell. i could afford to hv those furniture in my home maybe in 20
    years time if i were able to save only and not spend.

    i got sick backhome from eating the unfamiliar stuff but not too badly sick. a big dose of antacid did the trick.

    I also was able to pop in for a quick visit to ma in law. prayed for no
    tension and was answered, visit went by with no unpleasantness. we didnt
    hardly talk about my brother. tho i did thank her for visiting him.

    yesterday, I took my brother as planned to this big big almost resort type monastery out of town; he had been hankering to go, its his fav
    spot so i arranged for the car and my helps dh had saturday off so i called all the brothers, and nephew and we went. took some potato curry
    and pancakes and stewed fruit for sick bro and good, because the veg
    dumplings we ordered there were too hot for him.

    this monastery is open to the public on only saturdays andis popuated
    with only nuns. the nuns were even operating the two restaurants.
    which was an eye opener, i hv never seen nuns do anything but pray.

    ive heard theres a nunnery where the nuns are taught self defense classes as a means of self help as well as exercise but i hv not been
    there. and aptly, that nunnery is opened and run by a 'singing' sun.
    yes, she is a buddhist nun with a sweet voice and talent who went against the norms and has sold several albums. of devotional songs as
    well as nature songs. it was a deviation from the usual and there was
    lots of criticism of her which she just shrugs off and smiles.

    anyways, this monastery i went to is almost like a resort, wonderful
    scenery, and the infrastructure is so good,lots of aid from Taiwan
    buddhists. Its like a sprawling five star hotel. Atop a mountain.
    Two restaurants. parking space for some hundred motorbikes and twenty

    No entrance fee. and only veg food. and very organised. the gardens are
    very lovely, landscaped. i say the nuns living there are lucky!

    when we came back down to the valley, it had poured. I was tired after
    reaching all of them back to their respective places, but had to
    go out again, after a rest, to get gifts for dhs cousin sis and my chinese friends lil sis who is also my friend.

    im happy because the walk in the cool dark night was lovely, and i was
    able to get stuff within my budget. got the wrappers, cards and all.

    i hv to go to cousins place today and so wil be sending only my son
    to get big bro and take him to hospital for blood tests etc. usually i accompany them.

    he gets admitted again tomorrow for the same ole cycle of three days.

    i hope we al get thru this unscathed. last time did a number on SIL
    and me. and of course brother. so cranky and tired everyone.

    well, take care, all.

    God Bless

    [This Message was Edited on 09/08/2012]

    LEFTYGG Member

    I have a new baby! The final one of the 3 amigos is here! A whopping 9 lbs 7 oz! Mama is tiny so c section. He was also transverse which I think he was facing to the side. He looks so much like my sonit looks like someone photoshopped his head on a baby's body.

    Granni I hope yourdd gets the right chemo. Great your GS got his license. My 1 GS has a LD. He quirky I say.he marches to his own beat. Not athletic more artsy. He loves designing metal things. He's 13. I worry he will be bullied.

    Julie hope everyone is recovering. That is ironic the dr is sick.its great you and your neighbors help each other. How do the Amish travel far distance?

    Rock that stinks about your windshield.it does seem like things all happen together. I try to think how fortunate I am and when my kids complain I tell them to count all the good things they have.

    Spring water you do have a lot on your plate. All the walking! Our houses are around 500 ft apart and I avoid walking back and forth. They usually come to me.your poor DB and SIL I feel for both. Being a caregiver is exhausting. I also hope your niece gets out of the hospital so.

    We all do have our issues to deal with. All different but all stressful. Each of our issues and situations are important to us. That why it's good to vent here.

    My nephew who's 32 said the other day if he say another negative post on Facebook from a family member he was blocking them. I told him I don't do that on FB but I have a site where I do. He said well that's probably what that site is for. True true true.cause only here do others know what it's like living with this DD.

    Everyone be a pain free as possible. Love gail

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