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    Don't forget to check the end of the last volume for Julie, Spring Water, Jole and others.

    Bringing some nice hot drinks for all and some warm from the oven choc. chip cookies. BTW, these have no calories or sugar in them. Oh, DH loves choc. chip cookies and his a1c went up a few points. So, now he has to try and be good again, not that we ate that much sweets. I know so manyother things have sugar in them to and carbs. chanage to sugars and the lllist neer ends, it seems.

    Spring Water - glad you got all or most of what you wanted to do yesterday. That is a good feeling, isn't it? I am thawing the frozen turkey now and chopping the onions for the dressing or stuffing. Then I need to chop the celery. I will put it all together tomorrow and probably cook it then as I only have one oven. The bird will go in the oven very early in the morning. Somehow we seems to always be waiting around for it too cook. It is usually in by 7 a.m. and I usually cook it on 350 instead of the 325 they tell you. I have anew oven but don't know if it will do any better or not.

    Rock - Is Gordon going to make a turkey or some other yummy delight for the holiday?? Hope all is going well at your house.

    Julie - Take it easy (ha) my friend. I know how busy you are on normal days and with the holidays and all the problems with both your parents, it has got to be awfully streeful. I know it is somewhat for me and I don;t have parents that are still alive with all the problems your parents have. Try to just enjoy yourself but you do so much of the cooking. Hope you get some help.

    Georgia - Hope all is well with you. Haven't heard from you in a bit. Hope you back is doing better.

    Joan - Hope you are keeping warm. Where are you going for Thanksgiving? Is someone going to come get you ?

    Carla - Hope all is well with you. I need to check on you in FB since I now can get back on.

    There are so many that are MIA and I miss so much. Hope everyone has a nice stressful holiday. Not to much to do tomorrow exept make the stuffing. DIL is bringing the desserts or two of them, one sugar free. I bought two pumpkin pies. You can just thaw them or bake them for 1/2 an hour. Not sure how many I needed, if at all. I think the kids liked them. I do too

    May peel the potatoes the night before. I am getting wore out thinking of it all :)!! Trying to get on top of things. The last minute things bug me and I still wish I had two ovens like I used to have, even though I do not use them much except for holidays.

    Love and Happy Thanksgiving to all if I don't get back here again

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    The big T-day is almost here! Granni, you sound so busy, and I can smell your kitchen from here.....yummy! The stuffing is soooo much better than the turkey, as a matter of fact, it's my favorite part of the entire meal. But this year we're going to be here by ourselves and I don't have the energy to do the big meal, so will just throw a couple chicken breasts in the oven, do mashed potatoes and a veggie.

    My mom used to make the best date cake....and IF I had some dates I'd make that. Have any of you ever had it? Sooo moist, and add some whipped topping and mmmmmm. May have to grab a couple extra choc. chip cookies, Granni, and save them for dessert.....lol.

    I sure miss having the entire family here, and even miss all the cooking because that's just part of the tradition, isn't it? But I never miss the dirty kitchen or stack of dirty dishes that went with it. I always did my turkey at 325, and added a couple hours to the time it said, especially for the big birds. If I were to do one now, I'd do the salt brine. They say the turkey is so tender and juicy done that way, but don't remember anyone doing that years back.

    Today I'm pleased that I got my dishes done, kitchen counters nice and clean, and floor swept. Was going to mop the floor, but the energy is now gone. Maybe later....or tomorrow. Need to go get groceries sooo bad. Hubby had to go get a loaf of bread at our little store the other day and it's so expensive there, but this weather, crowds, and I do not agree. Another 'maybe tomorrow' item....lol.

    Anyway, if I'm not back before then, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving day with whomever you're with, and we'll all continue to feel blessed with whatever we have! Hugs....Jole
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    It's circa 7 AM here. Gordon is getting ready for work and his
    brother is making corn bread for a pot luck at his POE. POE
    is "place of employment". He works for an upscale grocery

    Picked the last tomato a few minutes ago. Every post I say
    the "last tomato" and then a day or two later, I find more. What's
    even more amazing to me, is that the plant has dozens of tiny
    yellow flowers. Got more pep than the Energizer bunny.

    You realize, of course, that the Energizer Bunny is a real
    person. He started out at Disneyland playing Pluto. On one
    memorable occasion, during an epidemic of woopsatitis, he
    had to sub for Snow White who was stuck on the Long Beach
    freeway and missed the parade. Well, there was just no one else
    who could do it.

    Alas, after this triumph, there was the unfortunate incident
    where his tail got snagged on a woman's purse strap. His
    was abruptly terminated. That evening, after taking some
    medication at a local watering hole, a vision came to him and
    shortly thereafter, the Energizer Bunny was born!

    The first Mr. N. R. Gizer passed away at the turn of the century.
    His grandson, N. R. Gizer III carries on the family tradition.
    He says he loves his work. "I still get a real charge outta it."

    Just checked the mail. The library has more cookbooks to
    pick up. Last time I was there I picked up 4 cookbooks for
    Gordon. Three were huge coffee table sized books that weighed
    about as much as Zippy. One was a little book w/ the modest
    title of "Chop Suey". Is that the same as chow mein? I'd look
    it up, but I'm always looking up stuff which I promptly forget.
    Slows down my posting too. Ha Ha!

    Guess you're all set with your stuffing preparations, Granni.
    I had stuffing/dressing with sausage once, and it was delicious.
    Tried to make it myself a couple times, but it turned out to be only OK, nothing special.

    Yes, you're right. Gordon is going to make a big chicken this
    year. I told him to wear his Superman costume. That way
    he'll have a capon.

    Jole, wonderful to see you back. I think the motel Thanksgiving
    sounds like fun. If nothing else, it will be a learning experience
    and a topic of conversation. I remember reading some years
    ago that Prom parties at ho- or mo-tels were becoming popular.

    Gordon and I tried that brine-the-turkey business some years
    ago. We musta had some of that salt that had lost its savor.
    Didn't make a jot or a tittle of difference that I could see.

    I'm sorry to hear your sister has ALZ. Not too much you can
    do except go with the flow. Just have to accept she will
    remember less and less. It's kinda like the brain has a teflon
    coating. Most things don't make much of an impression.

    Springwater, that's great that you got all your stuff done in
    one day. Seldom happens to me. Just checked my e mails.
    The Tin Tin book is waiting for me. I am eager to read read
    Tin Tin. Ha ha!

    Rock Rock
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My stuffing is done and now I have to go wash all the dishes and prepare the turkey - rinse it out and make sureit is all thawed. it felt warmish this morning so I put it in the refrig. I thawed it yesterday in the sink filled with water, changing it often.

    It will be interesting to see how it tastes in the end. Actually my recipe was a cross between one Laura from the boards posted and another that I got online with 2 apples in it and sausage. I will do things a bit differently next time, if this comes out good. I only have one oven which will go to the turkey tomorrow. So, I have to bake it today and reheat it all tomorrow in the microwave, probably.

    I really need to go and wash al the dishes it took to make the stuffing . Plus trying not to use the dishwasher as I will need all the main dishes and silverware for the dinner. I thought I would have all afternoon to take it easy but DD called to say they were coming early so have to make dinner for them - well good old spaghetti and meatballs and some meat sauce. The meatballs are the small frozen ones and they are good enough. I have just enough sauce to probably stretch it out.

    Spring - glad your post got moved over. That chop suey sound interesting. I think I have had it years ago in NY. Forget what it even tasts like but I am sure it is good.

    Georgia - glad to see you back again. MMM lamb sounds yummy. DH and I used to have it alot at holidays upnorth, a roast. It was so good. I do not know why some people don't like it. It is not so easy to come by here and is not cheap when you find it.

    Julie - Try and rest if you can but enjoy your day. I'm sure there will be many around you.

    Everydobby, enjoy your wonderul Thanksgiving day, even if it is just with your DH or SO. If you are by yourselves may you have a lovely quiet day to do what yu enjoy doing.

    I am again thinking of all the MIA's - miss them all.

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    Julie - Oh, how exciting for Lindsay and David, another baby. Oh, how I wish our son and wife culd have ne of their own. That is probably our last chance at another grandchild but they want one so bad. I try not to bring it up to them for the most part. I know it is hard for them to see their siblings and friends having babies fairly easily. Still thinking aboaut adopting and possibly the Foster to Adopt program but they still have her dad with them, and is rather self centered, does little and has many health issues. He would just as soon be the only one there to get their attention.

    Sorry to hear about both your dad's. Hope Den's dad comes home soon from the hospital and sorry your dad seems to be going so downlill.

    Hope everyone has a happy a day as is possible for your situations. My turkey is cooking in the oven. I need to check it soon again and baste and posibly take the alum off it to brown more. The stuffing just needs to be heated. I got up super early this morning to put the turkey in and then I peeled the potatoes so that is done. Debating on sweet potatoes from the can, with butter and brown sugar. I will make gravy and frozen corn. Have some shrimp and and snacks to eat before hand. DIL is bringing desserts and roasted veggies.

    Have to run for now. Wish everyone could stop by for some goodies. I ama tired from the dinner last night , cleaning up and cleaning up the mess from cookies SIL was making. More later on that.

    Getting ready for the rest of the clan to arrive in an hour or 2.

    Love to awl,
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You dinner sounds delicious, Granni. Wish I were there.

    Gordon went to two different cemeteries this morning to put flowers on
    the graves of his parents and brother. Now he's sleeping away the afternoon.
    When he get up, he'll cook the chicken.

    We had rain predicted for today, but it never showed up. Only 60 degrees here.
    We'll be back to sunny California w/ 70 plus degrees in two days. Oh yeah, picked
    yet another "last tomato" today.

    Hope to hear from y'all tomorrow and that everydobby had a good T. Day.

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hope all had a good Thanksgiving!

    I got the 'curse.'And its cold inside the house.

    need to bathe my hair which ive oiled but feeling shivery. trying to shake off
    this blue-sy tired feeling and hope i get some chores done.

    Gail, Teacher, Mr Bill C, lots of others thinking of you guys

    God Bless

    PS Julie - congratulations to Lindsey and David
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    The afternoon before T-day my DD rushed her hubby to the hospital with severe pain...they did emergency surgery and got an extremely inflammed and swollen gallbladder. The surgeon said it wasn't in his 'top 5' category, but definitely made his 'top 15', and that he (SIL) wouldn't have made it until Friday had he decided to wait. He's doing well.

    Then Thanksgiving day my youngest DD/family went to her hubby's family for dinner....and had people show up intentionally with the stomach flu...too ill to eat, with kids that wouldn't leave the other kids alone. So DD/family left. Their baby is 2 months old and they have a 2 year old. So two of our kids/families missed dinners this year.......

    They both said it was okay, lots to be thankful for without the meal, although the dressing sure sounded good...lol. It's funny how many people have turkey just because it's tradition, and not because they really like it. We had roasted chicken and it was great.

    Rock, wishing I had some of your 'last tomatoes'...lol. Okay, back to bed.......
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - I am so glad your DD decided to get her husband to the hospital and he had his surgery in time. Most of us love turkey so we always have it for Thanksgving and sometimes on Christmas. However, this time I think it will be ham for Christmas. This is the first time in years I have hosted both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Out son and dil will be gone, and they are usually the ones that have Thanksgiving or Christmas. Everything was realy good and we will have lots of leftovers tonight. Not that there was really that much leftover, except the turkey and stuffing.

    Hope you and others aren't now to pooped to participate (in anything).

    DH is at the store and it is raining. My #4 daughter and her DH left early this morning. So, I am busy washing and trying to clean up and probably get rid of most of the Thanksgiving decorations and maybe start with some of the Chrtistmas stuff going. DH is one for put it up early and get it down as soon as it is over with. At home with my mom we used to keep it up till Jan. 6th which was called Little Christmas and was also her birthday.

    Back to work. SOOO much to do - still !

    Love to you AWL, (inc. all of the MIA's)

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I surely could use you for cooking. However, I don;t think you need to be helping anyone else. Sorry that you now have the crud. Hope it is all gone by the time you have the party for Den's dad, or even before that. I know there must be so manythings to get ready for it. Plus, so many thing you have to do already. How old are your mom and dad??? Hope your Dad is doing a little better with his dementia.

    I just made a call to a friend of mine who used to live close to me in the neighborhood in Houston. We both sang in the church choir together. Now she lives in our neighborhood up here. She and I usually get together for Christmas and take a gift and then she used to either make lunch for us or we would go out to eat. She has a problem where she is so sensitive to so many things in foods, additive and all plus any kind of drugs or supps too. Some docs don't believe here and think she is crazy and it is all in her head. It isn't. She tries to stay out of hospitals and places with crowds or people that are sick. She cannot take antibiotics now anymore.

    When I called I found out that her husband has been verty ill, a very long story with a misdiagnosis at first and a meds. that probably made him sicker. Then he got fluid buildup in his legs and his doc were afraid of giving diuretics and thought it would cause problems with his heart. To make a long story he also had some kind of septicemia caused by something internal. He was in rehab. hospital where they gave him massive doses of antibiotics.

    Then they sent him home even though he looked worse, felt awful, lost a bunch of weight andhe is in anoather hospital now. He is being assessed at this point on whether to give him the open heart surgery they think he needs to live. However, not sure if he can stand the surgery right now. I told my friend to let me know what they decided to do and if things worked out some we could meet for a short visit to exchange presents or whatever. Hope she doesn't get sick from having to go to the hospital to visit her DH. Now I am so worried for my friend having to go through all this with her DH and for her DH who sounds very bad. He is on the brink or was of Congestive Heart Failure. Hope things look up for him soon. She also has hi b/p and can't take anything for it.

    Well, I hope all are well on the board and hope Julie gets better soon. Hope baby Raine gets to feeling better soon.; Hoping mom Lindsay isn't having morning sickness !!

    Glad you are getting to have help with getting ready for the party, JULIE. Sound like you are having so much going on in your life with the family.

    Well, you guessed it we will have leftover turkey tonight and yes our SIL ate a whole bunch of my favorite white meat yesterday for lunch. Well, I couldn;t tell him not to eat it but I felt like it :)! We do have quite a bit of turkey left over though. We will make a dent in the leftovers tonight - yummy. It somehow is better the second night as I won;pt be exhaused from all the cooking.

    Well, we had some nice rain today and it is supposed to get much colder tonight , in the 30's I think or low 40's and it will be very cold for a week or so , at least in the early mornings. it will warm up to the 60's I think, not sure. BRRRR- my body has enough problems with warm weather, it can't take the COLD !!

    Thinking of everydobby !!!

    Love to you awl,
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee Porchies, where are you all hiding :)?? Hope all are feeling OK or should I say not to badly. JULIE, try and take it easy some with Den's dad's party coming soon as well as everything else that needs to be done. Hope that surgery for was it Den's sister, comes out OK with the least hassle possible.

    Just trying to start getting a handle on my Christmas projects before next week. Our small group will be singing 2 days with choir practice in between. Thank Goodness that our big County Choral Society program will be over on the 9th. Then the big one for church on the 16th. We are doing two contatas and a few other things to, that he hasn't told us about yet, I think. I'll be so glad when they are all over with. Chorale practice is tonight.

    We put up our fake tree but it really looks nice with the lights already on. I just have to put all the other decorations on it. That will take awhile but won't get to that for awhile, maybe this next weekend, we'll see !!

    It is mighty chilly out today but at least it is not with the heavy North wind blowing like yesterday. Tonight or early morning will be in the low 30's I think as it was today or last night.

    Thinking about so many of you - Julie, Rock, Gail, Spring Water, Georgia, Diane, Carla, Linda, Elaine, Mickey and everydobby else I can't remember right now. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving doing whatever you like to do on that day.

    Hope to see some of you on the Porch soon.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Those left overs are delicious, aren't they, Granni. Had a midnight snack last
    night which I shared w/ Zippy and the feral cat. Actually it was closer to 3 AM,
    but we had a good time anyway. Which reminds me, I haven't had a
    turkey sandwich for years.

    You folks remember Dagwood Bumstead? He was always making sandwiches that
    were the approximate size of his head.

    When I was a kid I read all the comics. Now I read 2 or 3. Funny how almost everything was better when I was a kid. I certainly didn't realize then how good things were
    and how bad they would be in the future.

    I looked on the net this morning to see the price of a Cadillac. I wanted to use the
    expression "enough money to buy a Cadillac", but I wanted it to be accurate. This
    afternoon I got spam from General Motors. You suppose they checked my bank
    account to see if I could afford it? Won't they be surprised.

    Ha Ha! I bought my last car 23 years ago. Will never buy another. Hardly drive
    the one I got. Average about 15-20 miles per month.

    Springwater, hope you are over the bluesy feeling. Do you have jazz or blues
    music in Nepal? Oh yeah, I got the Tin Tin Book. I am so disappointed. I can't
    read it. The print is too tiny. Even with my reading glasses.

    What corporate idiots are responsible for this? And speaking of stupid things,
    I was looking at interesting places to visit on a Time Magazine site. One recommendation was for Carhenge which was assembled from a dozen or so
    cars, all painted grey. The Time writer said the structure was modeled after
    the Medieval Stonehenge.

    This from Time, once the greatest news magazine in the country. Does nobody
    proofread anymore? Did they lay off all the editors? And in keeping with the
    times (small "g") Gordon and I went to separate doctors in the same building
    for several years. Now they are a couple blocks apart.

    So one told Gordon to consult Dr. L and said he would send over the medical
    records. Even did something w/ his computer to make this happen. So today
    Gordon went to see Dr. L who said he didn't have the records.

    So Gordon called the first doctor's office. I heard one side of the conversation.
    Sounded like he was talking to the janitor who didn't speak English. He had to
    explain 3 times. Yes, yes, yes, he signed a release. So maybe it will get done or maybe
    there will be more delays and phone calls. Oh, yeah. Still waiting for the ham Gordon
    paid for several weeks back.

    Well, I think I will post this and come back before it all goes Poof. Anydobby
    remember Stopette Deoderant. The first modern such. Came in a spray bottle.
    In the ads the announcer said in cheerful tones, "Poof! There goes perspiration."
    Just another of the modern products that appeared during the days of my youth..
    Things like ball point pens, TV, Hi-Fi, Stereo, plastic ice cube treys, silly putty,
    Cake mixes, aerosol cans, automatic transmissions, computers and the atom bomb.

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Jole, sorry to hear your kids had disrupted T-days. Sounds like SIL got to the
    hospital just in time. I had a boss who told me the results of his latest medical
    exam. "Everything was fine except the gallbladder reading. But that's OK. Mine's
    always high." Two years later he needed surgery.

    He's the guy who used to say to me, "You're slipping back into your old habits."
    And I used to say to him, "I don't have bad habits. I have a disability." I admit a
    certain amount of schadenfreude some years later when he developed some sort
    of inner ear problem.

    Eventually he admitted he'd developed a brain tumor. And finally he couldn't work at all. Didn't change his opinion about me though. (He still owes me 15 months salary.)

    How 'bout those guys?! Showing up w/ infectious stomach flu. Musta been raised
    in a barn. Two bad Turkey Days in one.

    Hope you are over your cruditis, Julie. We have a Good Sam here too. It's
    in downtown Los Angeles. Came outta work one day decades ago. Found a
    drunk bum (nowadays we would say "homeless person") leaning against my
    car. He was mumbling about being sick, so I drove him to Good Sam.

    They took him to the ER. I thought they'd try to make me sign an agreement to
    pay, but they didn't. Even worse was when my coworker went to the parking lot
    and bound a drunk female UNDER his car. He came back to the office (where
    nobody was rude enough to tell him to just get OVER it) and called the cops.
    They gently pulled her out and took her away. Just part of charm of living in LA.

    Sparking grape juice sounds good. Here's a kawinkydink. I am currently enjoying
    a glass of non sparkling Welch's peach and white grape juice. Better than
    champagne in my opinion. Well, let's call a spade a sour beverage. All wines
    taste like some variety of vinegar to me. I don't throw away my spondoolicks
    on alcoholic beverages.

    George Raft (who was a dancer before he was an actor) was a millionaire. He
    explained what he did w/ his money. "Part of it went for gambling; part for horses;
    part for women. And the rest I spent foolishly."

    Found a big book of quotes and anecdotes that belongs to Gordon. Never saw it
    before. Anyhoo, here's one about Jack Warner. Jack took a nap every afternoon.
    The rule was: Do Not Disturb.

    One afternoon Warner Brothers' most famous tigress Bette Davis came bursting in while he was asleep and began to rant about some script. Without opening his eyes, Jack grabbed a phone and called his secretary.

    "Come in and wake me up. I'm having a nightmare." Bette couldn't help laughing
    and the crisis was shortly resolved.

    And I hope you all have your crises resolved so quickly.

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Everyone finished digesting their turkey finally? Lol.

    Jole - sorry to hear about your daughters dh. glad they got it in time. i have
    had my own gall bladder taken out; for me, it affected my digestion of different
    food items, like chicken. its a little more difficult now; and things like iron
    tablets. my stomach protests immediately.

    Granni - have you got down the TG decorations and started on the Christmas ones?
    I think i too would rather have decorations up sooner than later. what with
    unpredictable levels of fatigue, much safer that way.

    Julie - sometimes I think of you as one of those nurses during World War I
    and II. Run off their feet attending to everyone. Bless your dear heart for
    having given a good TG to your parents.

    Hope your FILs party goes off well. he must be feeling sort of perky if he
    is looking forward to it.

    Rock - your 'last tomato' sounds like the story of 'the Last leaf'. have
    your heard of it? a lovely story.

    Im sure Gordon whipped up a delicious TG dinner. I didnt do anything after
    all. I think other things turned up to do be done but mostly out of energy
    and motivation.

    Rock - how disappointing that Tin Tin print is too small to read for you.
    Can Gordon read it to you or something? I did enjoy those comics so much.
    Isnt dagwood Bumstead the husband of that beautiful 'Blondie"? i love their
    comic strip. it used to come with the sunday newspaper here.

    Nowadays i try not to miss the TV show Big bang Theory. it is such a
    funny show based on these three young nerdy scientist bachelors who stay
    together with another almost savant nerdy scientist who is so obnoxious
    in the most hilarious ways! Its all over utube too so if i miss something
    i try and look it up on utube. funny stuff.

    I have always found Stonehenge incredibly ingtriguing. just looking at pictures
    of it transports me into some weird mind space. to think of what went among those
    great slabs of rock in such ancient times. Druids and rituals and what not. Scary
    but appealing.

    Havent done anything much but decided to drop in since porch is looking a
    bit lonely. i guess most people caught up in their own stuff.

    My sons friend went back to Thailand, the one who was tutoring him in
    Economics. and i could see him moping. tho she did come online in
    evening last night and he was chatting i guess. i hope he isnt in love
    with her and vice versa. she is such a beauty but he really needs to
    be more mature before plunging into any serious relationship. I would
    hate to be young and go thru all this roller coaster of emotions.

    Much better to be done with all that and live in peace.

    Talked to daughter on phone. Someone is coming here from her college
    and i asked her to send me lip plumper. i just read about it and
    decided i would ask for that rather than a book. She wold have to go
    looking for said book and dont want to put her thru that.

    visited the monastery yesterday. the one to the south with the big
    stupa. very crowded with the faithful.

    God Bless

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey, where would one find a lip plumper? I never heard of that other than having minor surgery or botox or whatever they inject into or should I say around the lips? Just curious, what you were talking about :)!!!!

    Hope all is well. Not to much here just putting up some Christmas decorations, etc. Have to go practice this afternoon at our small singing group. I think next week we will be having some performances at NH, etc.

    Was surprised and got an e-mail from my daughter whose eldest son is going into Air Force Basic Training on the 13th. She just got a call from her x saying that his dad was wanting to give Daniel a going away party. They must have talked aboaut it at Thanksgiving time. Well, now it is the Christmas season , people are going crazy with places to go and do and he wants to have party on the 10th. It is not in our neighborhood, but like aboutr at least 4 hours drive and we would have to spend the night. Also, we had a special party that we are going to and had put our money down already and probably couldnpt get back. I feel badly that we probably won't be going. I also doubt if any of our kids will be going due to busy schedules,etc. Actually, one of our daughters and her husband live probably not to far away (not sure where) but the closest of all and they probaably won't be going knowing my SIL.

    I am guessing that there may only be one couple that MIGHT go , my eldest daughter and family and they are always busy. We have known for some time when he would be going but men don't always think that way. Also, his wife had doied a few months ago and he has probably been very distracted by that. Perhaps we could have changed our plans had we known earlier when he wanted to do it. Of course Christmas season is also a hard time to get people on the last minute. I feel badly though esp since probably most or all of our family won;t be there. Haven't heard from anyone else though as yet.

    Going to a friends house this afternoon after practice to talk about when and where we will be going for our anniversaries this weekend. Theoir is like the 43rd or something like that and ours is the 50th.

    Need to get off now. DH needs the puter NOW.

    Love, Granni
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I hope your dear GS s party is a good one; even if you wont be able to attend; seems like
    you are going to be very busy; hope you have a good time

    Happy Anniversary in advance!

    About lip plumper i read about it several years ago but i know we probably dont have those
    around here. and i didnt bother. i myself dont know too much about it except that its like
    a lip stick with chemicals in it which temporarily bloat your lips. if it works im sure it must
    be so much cheaper and more hassle free than injections and surgery. surgery or injections
    would be tempting if they were permanent but ive read you have to go every four months or so; ooof, who has the time, energy, money for that?

    well, i managed to make a visit to the Animal rehabilitation centre yesterday. On way back
    I had to change three buses and mighty pleased i avoided having to take a cab.There
    were two lots of little month old puppies there. One batch of seven! good lord. and cute
    as cute as cute!

    The weather is stayng nice and sunny.

    Elaine, Teacher, Mr Bill, Georgia, Joan, Gail and all, thinking of you guys

    stay warm

    God Bless


  17. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Wrote a note, and it ended up on another board.

    Hope everyone is doing as well as can be. I started doing stretching in the morning, and it seems to be helping my back.

    Hope everyone had a happy T-Day. We had the lamb, and just stayed home where it was safe and quiet. I hate traveling during the holidays.

    My little gr-neice was born on T-Day. She is really cute. Found out from my SM, as SIL couldn't be bothered to tell me.

    I have orders for socks, a vest, and another shawl, so have been busy with all that. Good things my hands don't hurt--maybe due to all the exercise they get.

    Very cold and windy today.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry that your SIL couldn't let you know abouat the new baby. We have some of that too and it is hurtful and frustrating.

    I imagine you are just knitting away. Wish

    Going out tomorrow night with another couple for our 50th anniversary tomorrow.

    I could see the pictures of what you have made and are trying to make. Gotta run. DH needs thte computer.

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    In a few hours it will be time to go see the chiropractor. Gordon always refers
    to him as Dr. Frankenstein. There is no good reason for doing so. He just thinks it's funny. Who ever heard of a Frankenstein from the Philippines?

    Well, I woke up a couple hours ago (which is the norm). Have done the dishes and fed Zippy and the feral cat and played bridge online. When I'm done here I'm going back to bed and read some more of a detective story from Sweden.

    Granni, congratulations on your 50th! Maybe this thing will work out after all. SOL I read the appropriate gift is gold and the official flower is the violet. So I guess the ultimate gift would be a violet pin made outta gold. (Dipped in gold?)

    I was in college back then. You remember some of the big hits? Travelin' Man; I Fall to Pieces; Crying; Moody River; Exodus; Are You Lonesome Tonight?. All great tunes.

    Julie, that was a great idea to move the party to the hospital. It will seem extra cheerful since hospitals are such dour, antiseptic places. BTW, what is a swing bed?

    Do you still sound like a man? that's pretty funny. Noel Coward and Edna Ferber were friends. Here's an old story about them; might even be true. One never knows.

    Seeing Edna is a new suit, Noel said, "Why, Edna. You look almost like a man
    in that outfit." Said Edna. "So do you."

    Georgia, Nice to hear you are busy knitting away. And without developing pain in your fingers. Gordon hasn't done much knitting for the last couple years. A few nights ago he got out some slippers he'd knit years back. They were just flat pieces. He shaped and sewed them into the proper slipper shape in just a few minutes.

    Springwater, Yes, I know the short story "The Last Leaf". Great story. We read it in high school. Haven't read any O. Henry stories for years. Have to see what the library has. You can read about Sidney Porter on Wikipedia.

    One thing I found interesting.
    A writer has suggest he took his name from the O. H io state p EN itentia RY.

    Hard to type that. It needs Bold letters or Italics or something.

    Why were you at the Animal place? Surely you are not looking for more dogs?

    Joan, Jole, come back when you can.


    LEFTYGG Member

    Im still alive but too much stress due to family things as usual.thanksgiving was very nice and peaceful.
    I'm getting another grand baby in may so that's exciting.when my ds was 26 he got divorced and said he was getting a vasectomy.i told him that wouldn't be good. Ecause he would probably marry a younger girl and she would want a baby.well a year and a half ago they were married. She's 28 he's 37 and now we are having a baby.
    Happy anniversary granni! Julie glad fil birthday is working out.georgia the knitting sounds fun I need a hobby but I think it's to late to learn to knit.
    Rock your sleep patterns sound like mine.im trying to get up earlier but I feel horrible in the morning.

    Spring water I would love to win the lottery and start an animal rescue. When I see animals mistreated I want to go get them. Puppies are addictive!

    I bought a heated mattress pad and it does help my aches and pains.

    Everyone take care. Love gail

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