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    Hi Julie -
    I see we are talking to each other back and forth with SW too:)! Nothing to exciting here, thank goodness or should I that. Daughter #3 called with lots of problems, mostly financial and still no job. She is trying to get just the right job but somehow she doesn't have that much common sense as we call it. We told her she has to take whatever she can at this point plus keeping feelers out for bigger and better things. I told her I would be cleaning toilets.

    How do you make Stromboli? Sounds very different and Italian which I like but does it take a lot of work :)!! Did you finally get your oven glass door put in? It took some time to get done, didn't it, after it exploded !

    Sorry Amy still has some pneumonia but glad they will give her desk duty for a bit. That stuff is hard to get rid of, I know !

    Not sure who she is talking to ):!! Sounds like you have done enough stuff Julie with all that wash you have been doing,

    Enough depression stuff to listen to ! Just did some weeding, all covered up so as not to get reinfection with more stuff, then to store, lunch and a partial wash done with what I was wearing outside.. I am just a bit rattled after talking to DD. This daughter is so sweet but has no common sense and can be a bit gullible. PLEASE PRAY THAT SHE SEES THE LIGHT AND LOOKS FOR ANY JOB AT THIS POINT. !!!

    Spring Water - that sounded like you had a pretty weird phone conversation there for awhile :)!!. That is frustrating when you can't figure out who it is who is calling. I don't have the thing on the phone ( home phone) that says who it is and sometime it is crazy trying to decide who the person is. Sometimes you feel so dumb afterwards :)!!

    Hi to all who may be peeking in but not posting. Hope to hear from some of you soon. Have a great weekend. Ours won't be much different just out to dinner with some friends tomorrow night.

    Love to awl,
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    Julie - I can't believe your SIL , not even calling about your FIL. She clearly has one thing on her mind - herself. and HER FRIENDS. I won't go on about it but especially living in HIS house she surely is being greedy about things. Sorry but I cannot think of another word that fits. He is bring much to nice.

    Got some wonderful new surprisingly last night which made my day after hearing from daughter #3 and all her problems and still no job.

    JULIE. SW and Georgia if you are peaking in. PLEASE DO NOT MENTION THIS ON FB our DDIL and son called last night to tell us the wonderful news- that she is about 7 weeks pregnant and they heard the heart beat. They were hoping that it wouldn't be the same thing as last time where the baby did not develop at all. Plus she has had a couple of regular miscarriages also. They are now trying for adoption and hope to continue with it some time after the birth. They have SO MANY FB FRIENDS. Although she probably told a few of them already - the close ones.

    *****Everyone who is so inclined, please pray for a successful pregnancy and birth for DIL and Son and any kind of a JOB for DD .

    DIL is obviously rather high risk and they only told family and close friends. She said no blabbing on FB about it :)! They are hoping nothing happens in the meanwhile to burst their bubble. I would guess till she finishes up the 1st trimester she might be OK. At least I hope so. She is really short and overweight and has little in the way of a stride, opposite of me. All my height ( not that much) is in my torso. She has little torso and looks pregnant now. We are so excited and hope all is well. They figure if all goes well she will be due the beginning of March. Our son was born in March at the end. She is probably about 40 yrs old or closed to it a few years older than our son.

    Hope all is well at your house with Miss Red Mittens and all the family of kitties and people. You have so much on your plate my dear YOUNG friend !! I wish I had 1/4 your NRG , even though yours is probably not to great with physical problems and trying to make everything right with the rest of your family. As I have said before, I was not able to do much if anything for my mom due to distance and my physical problems. Has Miss Lorraine found those babies YET ? Where did you hide them :)???
    Just wanted to pop in to share the good news. Please remember not to tell anyone else :)!!! Don't know who else on here is also on FB but certainly not there.

    My rash is coming along but the Prednisone I think is washing me out even more. One they way down on the dosages through. Have to taper down. DH also has some kind of irritation in the anal area which has been driving him and me crazy too. I just told him to take sitz bath in the tub. He has some meds with steroids in them from the doc. This heat hasn't helped and driving and sweating isn't good either. Between everything and waiting and watching in case it rains we are not going to the 75th b d-ay party we were invited to in the big city. So we will stay close to home.

    Hi to Rock, Spring Water, Windy, Sun, Elaine, Mikie , Diane and anyone else who may be peeping in. Have a great weekend and pop in if you can.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)