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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cstout, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Has anyone seen the new TV commercial about depression? I believe it is from Eli Lilly about cymbalta.It says in the beginning did you know depression hurts? It also shows what I would call the fibro pressure points .....not sure weather to be angry or what to feel.I feel like it is kind of saying with out saying that we are haveing depression and not fibro.What does everyone think? Has anyone seen the commercial?I have seen it on the Hallmark channal several times.
  2. gottagetbetter

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    haven't checked out the website yet. I'll do ore research.

    ~P :O)
  3. fivesue

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    saying FM is all in your head. There are physical symptoms that go along with depression...and many of them are like FM. Since I have clinical depression, I know that I hurt, couldn't sleep, etc....especially my head...until my depression was under control. Sometimes it took a while as my life seemed OK but I had constant headaches. Effexor finally stopped them for which I am etermally grateful.

    Other symptoms are the same, also, so it is a hard call sometimes. I feel like I have FM, not the physical symptoms of depression. I have few headaches now but the body aches, etc. are haunting, the sleep is evasive, the mind is foggy. So, I wish it were the depression and that the aches could be controlled by AD, but I don't think mine will be, but that doesn't mean that others won't.

    So, I guess I'm looking at it from a different perspective...and Eli Lily is looking at it as a chance to sell more medications...profit motive, pure and simple. So if everyone with FM and everyone with depression use their medication, then Wah-Lah! $$$$$$$

    Take care,

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