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    I was passed this from Action M.E. (UK). It's the first indepth programmed I've ever seen on ME/CFIDS/CFS.

    The email address is for the tv programme that has already been shown, NOT for buying or selling or advertising any product.

    It lasts about 15mins, shows severely affected M.E/CFS sufferers and has an interview with Dr Jonathon Kerr who is certain there will be a CURE and a DIAGNOSIS within a year.

    We have already had Dr Kerr' work on genetic differences printed on this Board.

    The UK government has given £11.5m around $18m on CFS but ALL of it has gone on centres to provide management and coping techniques, NONE of it has gone on research.

    Please watch this.

    love Rosie

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    Ye, think a lot of people will find the clip good.

    Dr. Kerr's research is supported by the CFS Research Foundation - they're one of the groups who have got support from Immunesupport/Pro Health. :)
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    I'll try to view this.

    Love, Mikie
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    Here's a link to another TV Clip that was broadcast recently. It's on somebody with severe ME (aged 20, bedbound for the last 6 years)

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