TV show: Plum Island, bio-ware fare, Lyme disease, viruses, African Swine

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    Jesse (the body and now the mind) Ventura looks into Plum Island and Lyme disease. This should be an interesting show after this week's announcement that the USA deliberately infected people in Guatemala with syphilis which is another spirochete infection.

    The Syphilis spirochete has fewer genes than the Lyme bug. The Lyme bug is a much more complicated bacteria and now they say it's a bio-film which makes it a more complicated to kill. Of course, I'm wondering if XMRV and some other viruses & mycoplasma which make up the infectious soup that we all have will be covered too.

    Set your DVR please...check your local listings for Friday Oct 15th.

    Conspiracy Theory: Season 2 Episodes on truTV

    Randy Sykes, (see links below) has been working with the producers of tru TV for almost a year and have given them several hundred documents on lyme disease.

    Randy says" "They could not believe what was happening with the medical system in our country. The show will air on Friday Oct 15, 10 PM on Tru TV.

    I am not sure how much time will be spent on Plum Island. My focus was on Lyme Disease poor testing and treatment failure. They have interviewed Gov employees so it should be interesting.
    See link below and click on episodes, Be well, Randy"

    Randy Sykes
    The Greater Hartford Lyme Disease Support And Action Group

    When too many minds think alike, not many minds are thinking.
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    I have a recent Lyme dx. Have had CFS for years. I see Dr. L. in NY state. Luvdogs.
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    Good luck with the new hip!
  4. munch1958

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    I'm glad you found something to treat. Can you share your Western Blot test results? Dr L is a great doc. Good luck with your treatment.
  5. munch1958

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    Tru TV is channel 204 on Dish Network. I just set up my DVR to record but the description for the 10 PM show does not match Plum Island. I'm going to record all and hopefully get the right show.
  6. victoria

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    if she ever got tested for Lyme, especially after this program... and especially since they've lived all over especially Minn., which is endemic...

  7. victoria

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    no surprise when you hear about all the things that have happened and still keep happening.

    I don't think Ventura ever said HOW his wife was treated in Mexico, that would be interesting...

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