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    Prickles; and all who responded to her article on Static Therapy.

    I got a good laugh out of it; as many did.

    When i went offline last night; to turn off puter and watch the 11 oclock news; a Static station came up.

    I thought; ok. ; I'll try ; what if it really does work?? There's always hope, correct?? We are always loking for "the answer"!

    So I sat in front of a static station for 4-5 minutes.

    I saw.......... A wildflower field being blown by a heavy wind.

    I saw...A swarm of bees.
    I saw...A frame going around the static area.

    Enough is enough..and i turned it off.

    Yuck; I got sick.

    Very nauseus, dizzy, headache, "edgy"; "nudgy", like i was PSM-ing. Even tho i haven't PSM'd in years!!

    Decided to go to bed and sleep it off.

    Woke up today.........feeling "NORMAL"!!??!!??!!

    Haven't been out of the FM fog in years.

    Got busy in the house; and didn't realize until a few hours later; I WAS ACTUALLY FUNCTIONING IN A SOMEWHAT NORMAL BEHAVIOR. Got scared, did not know what was happening to me. I kinda felt "good".
    Comeon ;I haven't had a good day in a few years.

    Than i thought.....THE STATIC!!!!!!


    I need some comments,..... please.

    ( For those that don't understand this letter......put TV Therapy in the search engine. )

    Hugs, A clear headed Carole.

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    I have been using it on and off... I find it doesn't do anything while i'm in a migraine. But it is good even with a slight headache, seems to 'calm' my brain!! Like my brain goes into 'rest' mode.

    I find it only works as long as i have got the static that sort of turns into buzzy bees while looking at it... they also get a green tinge... then I know i am on the right channel... THIS SOUNDS SOOOO WEIRD hahahaha!

    But it works for me enough to keep using it!! I hope this is helping you too... its one of the cheapest and easiest therapies I have heard of! Tis weird, but hey if it works for us - who cares??

    Good luck and i hope you keep getting responses like this, enjoy your clear head- as i know you will

    maedaze :eek:)
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