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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Didoe, May 4, 2007.

  1. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    Did I tell you my 2nd opinon-highly-recommended Rhuem wanted a psych consult? 2 weeks ago? And I dropped off a list with a note in an envelope?
    Then I emailed after 5 days asking what's up?
    THe response was she didnt know who the list was for and impled she tossed it, please drop it by again.
    2nd trip into city and her office, with a copy and a note clearly asking if she expected me to make an appointment or would she be doing it?
    Received an email 30 minutes ago, she doesnt know any of the psychs (they're all affliated with her hosptial) so its probably best I find someone I like.
    Excuse me, but she specifically wanted a consult and withheld confirming a diagnosis until I saw one.
    I emailed back and stated that, it was my understanding this was a request on her part for a consult and that she was not making a diagnosis until then. Had that changed? Is she having second thoughts about being my doctor? I told her I am totally confused by this situation now.
    She emails me back, might be good to make a follow up appointment to clarify.
    I already have an appointment coming up with her. I feel beyond betrayed, I waited 2 weeks for her to make a selection she specifically asked me to bring her a list of docs who accept my insurance.
  2. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I think SHE needs the shrink consult ... lol
  3. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    I swear I'm under a black cloud or something. If I hadn't worked, paid my dues and taxes, just sort of sucked up the oxygen around me, I could possibly understand the black karma going on.
    I'm asking for a clear medical diagnosis, nothing more. I haven't even brought up the subject of LTD or SSD disability with any of the doctors treating me, accept to ask my chiro to help with with STD so I can get some rest and medical treatment after what I went thru during the last year.

    The fact that you work, is held against you.
    If you have psychiatric issues, it's held against you.
    If you want to apply for disability, its held against you.
    You look for clear instructions, guidance from lawyers, no one will talk to you as long as you can do any kind of work.
    THere's no support from family and you've all heard it already so I'll end it here, 1 foot forward, 10 feet back, it just has no end except ongoing misery.
  4. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    For all the reasons we know, this goes on every day.

    Doctors do not like to diagnose ANYTHING for ANYBODY.

    The most you can get is "rule out" or "possibility of".

    We know a lot of the reasons that doctors are so lousy -- time is money for them so they rush, rush, rush (my doctor books 15 minutes for a complete physical!). The insurance companies pressure them not to have patients coming back (this is true; the HMO's want you to sign on with them but not come in often), etc. etc.

    I believe, however, that the bottom line on all this is LEGAL. They don't want to say you have something and then you sue them down the line because you decide you don't have it and it's in your records and you can't get insurance or something.

    It is a lot harder as a doctor to get sued for not acting than for acting. Especially if there is nothing that can be proven. That's just a fact.

    Or, like with disability they have to turn their charts and notes over to be scrutinized -- my doctor is a nervous wreck about this as she never follows through on anything, doesn't even know what meds I'm on currently, etc. She's a bad doctor and doesn't want anyone to see that.

    And you can feel even crazier when you read their notes in the chart. I've noticed that everytime they want me to take Lyrica or Cymbalta or whatever (things used for these conditions off-label) they want to write down "depression". Why? Because that's what the medications are labelled for. Nevermind that you have to carry that diagnosis to the grave with you.

    It's a very tough game to "work" with doctors on these things. I nearly had a nervous breakdown doing it, especially deathly ill.

    You might appreciate this -- I wrote a three page letter of support for my doctor to sign for my SSDI last month. Then I had to apologize a hundred times for needing an appointment to have her read it and print it on her letterhead. I've basically had to fill out every single form for work and STD, LTD and not SSDI for her.

    Of course, I have to do all this in a way that she doesn't feel I'm pushing her around OR pointing out what a lazy good for nothing doctor she is.

    Doctors have to be twice as cold-blooded as the rest of us, otherwise they could not treat people like this and sleep at night.

    Didoe, I know it's hard but try to get settled with a doctor. If you read the fine print on the SSDI website they state that longitudinal relationships with doctors is very important in decision making. My lawyers said this too and also that they frown on "doctor shopping". I got lucky on that one because I was too sick to go to the doctor for two years while I was still trying to work but just the insinuation nausseated me.

    Best wishes.
  5. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    you always have some tuff love, kick in the pants, straight facts. i may find it hard to swallow sometimes, but its pretty much on target. i think louise was making a point from her experience and you know i've been struggling with physical illness also since the 80's. docs have generally tried to be helpful but when drugs or diagnosis dont always check out and symptoms persist they sometimes push back and throw their hands up, like its my fault in some way.
    this new rhuem gave me wellbutrin, its seems to be working, which is really amazing for me. she's just too busy, she teaches, does conferences, research studies and patients get squeezed in. i didnt know she was this busy, i went to her only because she was mentioned on this board.
    i dont want to doc shop as louise mentioned, thats not my intention. I have been diagnosed by a reputable rheum with FM, I refused his single protocol which is Elavil because ambien works great with tramadol.
    What I was pursuing with a new rhuem was clear support in obtaining work accomodations which was already proposed to my employer. when employer came back with 'give us a treatment plan' i didnt know what to do except see another doc to make that happen. i'm flailing around trying to find support to make my work day possible, that all i need. i dont need to be on disability or to quit working thank G-d, but I need some adjustments to my schedule and responsibilities. My employer has made this an issue by playing games.

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