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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pumpkinpatch, May 6, 2007.

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    Just wanted to compliment you on your photo in your bio. Very nice & mirror image. Was that photo taken recently? Funny how we can look so great and yet be feeling so crappy. I told my husband that "I'm the healthiest sickest person around" with all the vitamins and supplements I take!!

  2. pumpkinpatch

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    So glad you saw my post. I think it's probably the antibiotics. I was on them for 1 year. They made me so nauseated and just had no appetite.

    My body was so dry especially after my bath. I found a product that is by Johnson. It's baby oil gel. I think it's a combination of baby oil and Aloe Vera gel with Vit. E. I put all over my body and what a difference. Really moisturizes. For my face I've been trying the Neutrogena Healthy Skin at night. I think the fine lines on my face are less noticeable. I also use cleanser and freshner.
    What about you Molly? Do you get dry skin? I used to have really bad acne on my face when I was younger. Finally 9 years ago a dermatologist put me on acutane for 4 months and my skin totally cleared up. Luckily my sons didn't get acne. I was worried they would have that problem.

    Take Care

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    Hi there. What a nice post! Thank you for the compliment! Molly and I are very close, we talk everyday. She is my best friend!

    I don't have so much dry skin these days. I just put Aveno on after my shower and I'm good to go. Molly does have some dry skin still though.

    Your pic of you and your son is very nice. What a handsome guy! I bet you get a lot of people saying "but you don't look sick!" We get that sometimes and it can get annoying!

  4. pumpkinpatch

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    That's so nice that you are so close with your sister. I also talk to my sister every day. She is 2 years younger with 2 sons. I have 3 sons.

    Jed (the one in the picture) is indeed very handsome. My youngest son Lee and Jed look identical. Exact same features. Believe it or not I gained 70 pds when I was pregnant for Jed!!! I couldn't move the last month and went overdue by 3 weeks! He is now 6'3" size 13 shoes! I knew I was having a big one.

    Nice to talk to you. I don't get to talk "girltalk" around here so I appreciate your posts.

    By the way: Are you better then you were 1 year ago on the abx. I compare by months and years instead of days now. I think back to how I felt last year at this time. I'm much better but far from perfect.

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    You both are v.pretty!!!

    It is good that you are so close.I have 3 sisters one died of Cancer in /02.

    One lives close by,the other 2 live in another prvince.But we talk at least once a wk!!!

    They are special to me!!!:>)

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!!
    Take Care!!
  6. Fmandy

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    All of y'all are just as cute as buttons :)

    (that is an old saying here in the deep south, lol. it means y'all are pretty)

    I put my only recent photo up because GigglePoet wanted all to upload their mugs. I will take it down soon I promise...

    Cheers to all and have a great day ya good looking people,

  7. mollystwin

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    Thanks for the posts!

    Jordane, sorry to hear about losing your sis. I have 5 sisters and I don't know what I'd do without them, especially Molly! I'm happy that you are close to your remaining sisters. I love your pic in your profile! Very cute!

    Fmandy, thanks for the compliment! Your photo is great, don't take it off! I love to connect a name/post with a face. I wish everyone would post a photo.

    Cindy, My screen name is just too confusing! I should have chosen a different one. Because people on this board shorten to Molly and then I don't know if it's really for me or for Molly!!!

    You really do have a large son!! And you got to carry him around in your belly for three extra weeks, how fun!!

    Take care all,
    Dar (Mollystwin)
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    Dar thanks so much for the compliment. Makes an old man feel better, lol. I just need a pic with my gut covered up. Will make one soon.

    Molly, the Phoenix is mojestic-eh? Yes the wife and I moved there. It was very hard for her to get a job there teaching, as you would suspect. I like the area very much. It is a well kept secret, lol. The Redneck Riviera they call it.

    Y'all come :)