Twin sister has anorexia, Myself fibromyalgia due to mean Father

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    We arre both 36. My twin still lives at home with parents. Mother is a doll. Father is domineering and controlling. He picked out my major, never told us we were beautiful growing up. He yelled a lot and made mean faces. If a man abused us, he never told us we were worthy. Mother keeps sticking up for him saying "he is a good father."

    By a miracle, at age 31, I married the most wonderful man. I kicked Dad out of my life earlier this year. I told him I said the Rosary to help me. He became livid, and was willing to yell at me one last time. That's enough.

    Now my twin is emotionally handicapped, has only dated 2 men in the past 10 years (very casual dates). She is anorexic and very depressed. Her teeth are yellow, she refuses to whiten them with Crest. Her hair is strangled and needs coloring. She is afraid to take any risk. She works PRN in home health. She refuses to get help. Last night, my husband and I confronted Mom and asked her to stop being in denial. My mom always makes excuses and I don't think it helped at all. Father won't show the love of a father to her.

    Is it OK to kick Father out of my life?
    What shall I do about my twin?

    Thank you friends. I am a devout Christian, BTW
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    God bless you.
    Jesus loves you.

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    I agree with Jam. You cannot control what others do, but you also cannot let them control you! I have no contact with my one sister who is very controlling and a habitual liar.....she is still my sister, but I avoid her because she causes such stress in my life.

    We don't need any added stress. I feel terrible for your sister, but in all truthfulness, she is an adult and could get out of the situation if she really wanted to.

    Wishing you peace***Jole***