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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by goaska29, Nov 28, 2005.

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    Thanks so much for the website recommendation. I went to drugdigest.org and it gave me a lot of info on all the drugs I'm on. Unfortunately it didn't have pregnenalone, but I'll call the FFC tomorrow.

    I'm so glad you liked "A Life Aquatic". Wes Anderson's the best. Also try "Igby Goes Down" if you get a chance. Not Wes, but very similar style.

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    Glad you found the website helpful. I know I will be using it plenty in the future.

    I am taking Pregnenolone, too. I take 25 mg/day. I split a 50mg pill in half. It is one you are supposed to take on an empty stomach, so I take it at the same time as my T3. I take both at my 4am get-up-to-pee time. I just keep a little Sun-Sat weekly pill box right next to my bed.

    I found Pregnenolone at Whole Foods (local health food store) for cheaper than FFC. I don't remember the price difference, but you should check around since it is OTC. Many of the supplements that FFC sells can be found cheaper elsewhere.

    Stormyskye posted an Herbal Guide a while back and I asked her to do a bit on Pregnenolone. If you do a search on Pregnenolone, you will find it a post by her. It's about 3/4 of the way down on the 3rd page. (It can be hard to find things in those long posts!)

    I'm definitely not taking BC pills. I'm at the other end of things--I take HRT for menopause. I take estradiol and prometrium. No worries about pregnancy for me! Twins are enough anyway!

    Did you know that Mark Mothersbaugh (sp?) did the music for Wes Anderson's movies? He was in the band Devo in the 80's. I don't know if you are familiar with them. They were a hoot. "WE ARE DEVO!!!" with flower pots on their heads. And their own version of the Stone's "I Can't Get No Satisfaction".

    Have you ever seen "Harold and Maude"? I love that movie. It's one of my all-time favorites. It's kind of a dark comedy with lots of great music by Cat Stevens. Anyway, Bud Cort plays Harold, and Bud Cort is also in A Life Aquatic as the Bond Stooge that gets kidnapped. 30+ years older, but there he is!

    I'll check out Igby Goes Down, too. Sounds interesting. Thanks!

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    Thanks so much for all your info. I think I'll try and get a lower dose at Whole Foods. The 100mg daily the FFC sent me seems like a lot. I'm just worried about screwing up my hormones since I haven't even had kids yet.

    Yes, I did know about the guy from Devo doing the music for A Life Aquatic and I LOVED it. So funny you mention Harold and Maude. It's one of my all time favorites too. I had no idea that Harold was the same guy kidnapped in A Life Aquatic. I did love Cat Stevens' music in that too...like Simon and Garfunkel in the Graduate...some movies are defined by their musical scores.

    Ok, I'm rambling off topic. Definitely check out Igby....if you liked the above movies, you'll definitely love it.


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