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    Did you watch the semi finals last night on the Americias Got talent show? It's so great! I love the girl named Butterscoth that does the (B Bop Microphone thing and sings),,,,,Not sure if that is what you call it!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,And the Bodasious Babes! also the Sideswipe Guys ,,,,Do you Have any favorites in the show? ,,,,,,,Sis
  2. sisland

    sisland New Member

    The Movie is called Premonition,,,Definetly want to see it! Sandra Bullock is a great actress! if it's edge of your seat,,,Gripping,,etc,,, I must see it! lolo

    And she's Married to the Jesse James guy that makes the cool hot rods and Motor cycles!

    The girls are called the "Glamazons" But i like Bodasious Babes better! lololo,,,,,Sis
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