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    Haven't been around for awhile. Board seems like it's really slowed down alot??

    I was reading your reply on the coffee post. Please tell me more about your coffee. Cold press?? And where do you get your beans??

    I wasn't a big coffee drinker, but i really miss my cup of Joe, that i sometimes had. Sometimes Tea just doesn't cut it.

    I've tried the decaf. beans at the local health store, but it's flavor was week and seemed more acidy.

    Mixed it with some regular coffee, and the flavor was better, but to much caffeine.

    Are you still using your trampoline?? I stuck to it for about 2min. aday for a month. And i think it did help, but now i quit!
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    Thanks for sharing with me, do you just heat the coffee up in the microwave then?? I've never heard of making coffee for a week at a time! LOL

    I got you confused with TwinMa, sorry!! Had to go back and check my old posts.

    I think i'm going to try making coffee your way. I use the rebounder more for therapy than for areobics, only do it for 2 min. very lightly, help get the circultion going and lymphatic system.

    I was doing extremely light weights, only two excercise a day, rotating body parts, for a month. And i thing it really helped with my muscle pain, need to go back and do it again.
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