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    I was just reading an old post about prednisone and lymes(sp) and I was wondering if you could give me some more information about how prednisone shouldn't be used with people who have Lymes Disease. my brother woke up last week with Bells Palsy and so far he has been on 60mg a day of prednisone while waiting for western blot test to come back. He just got results yesterday and his levels are showing that he is still positive for lymes (which he was treated for about 9 months ago with a 30 day oral antibiotic)Im afraid that his immune system is already being compromised with lymes and prednisone and I dont know if he will really listen to my advise. Do you think that when he goes to the infectious disease Dr. on Tuesday the Dr. will know that he should stop with the prednisone? I have been on this support site fore many years b/c of FM and CFS and everyone has been so helpful. Thanks for your help. Peace, Susan
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    Thanks so much for your quick reply. I will give this info to my brother and hopefully he will share it with his Dr. Unfortunately when he was prescribed the prednisone they didnt realize at the time that he still had lymes. Hopefully his Dr. will take him right off of it. Since being sick is all new to my brother he doesnt realize that Dr.s dont have all the answers/information that we seem to be able to get from everyone on this site b/c of their individual experiences. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. His name is Tom. Thanks again! Peace, Susan
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    Just wanted to let you know that my brother started IV therapy for lymes yesterday. I don't know what meds are in it but at least something aggressive is being done. He also has less nerve pain in his neck and arm. He is taking 300mg of nueorotin(sp) 4x a day for about 1 week now. His Bels Palsy is looking better too. Hopefully he is on the right path towards healing. We can only keep our fingers crossed! Thanks again for listening and advising. Hope you are having a good day. You are in my prayers. Peace,Susan

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