Twitches ????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 6t5frlane, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. 6t5frlane

    6t5frlane New Member

    How bad do you get them and where ? Mine can be anywhere but my calves are the worst. Looks like worms running around
  2. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    I get them in my arms,legs,eye,face and back,but the one that gets real bad is in the arch of my foot! It twithches when my sciatica gets bad.
  3. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    It generally means I'm overloaded with stress. I have them other places, but not so much as my eye will twitch. Been this way for years.

  4. heylerner

    heylerner New Member

    I usually have twitching every night as I am lying in bed ready to go to sleep. Most of the time it's my whole body, some times it's only my legs. I had a twitch in my upper thigh the other day for hours, it seemed! That was the first time it happened in only one spot like that.
  5. corkyebony

    corkyebony New Member

    Oh yeah!!!I get them so bad that they wake me up in the middle of the night,scares me to death.
    I do get them during the day when I sit in my recliner watch tv but they aren't so bad.
    My eyes jump around a lot too! I can't seem to keep my eyes open either.
  6. mesmall

    mesmall New Member

    I also had twitches and muscle contractions,I took magnesium and it helped a little.I'm now being treated for lyme and the contractions are gone.I've been on antibiotics for 9 months and still have a little twitching now and then,but thats getting better too.Please consider seeing a lyme literate medical doctor(there arn't many of them).I tested negative for Lyme as most people do,but I'm almost completely healed of my Fibro symptoms due to the antibiotics.
  7. addictedtobrew

    addictedtobrew New Member

    I get them mostly in my arms and legs but sometimes in my face too. Its really annoying.
  8. julieisfree05

    julieisfree05 New Member

    Hi 6t5frlane,

    What you are describing sounds like "Restless Leg Syndrome". It's a neurological problem that is very common in PWFM/CFS. Klonopin and Mirapex are the two most common medications prescribed to treat it, and it is VERY treatable!

    My neurologist is on the medical advisory board of the National RLS Foundation, and he recognized this problem when I described it right after I got sick in '91. He put me on a low dose of Klonopin before bed (the only time it was a problem for me) and it has not been a problem since then.

    Twitching and that feeling of something "crawling" on you are also symptoms of RLS and it can happen at any time - not just at night. It is more common at night, or when you are trying to relax and/or fall asleep.

    Hope this helps,

    julie (is free!)

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  9. jujubug

    jujubug New Member

    I have muscels contractions constantly.during the day or night. i do have degenerative disc disease, and have had spinal surgery done 2 yrs seems like the contractions(that are in my calfs and sometimes feet) seemed to start after i started taking colesteral meds. leg cramps were terriable. but i did go off these. now the muscel seem to contract or twitch. the doctors are a little stumped by this. i was told to take Q co 10 suppilments. it does help cut the contractions down by half. i take 100 mg once a day. suppose to be good for circulation. anyone else with this type of problem? Jujubug
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