Twitching, jerking, tremble, seizures?

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    I am going to a neurologist in 2 wks for an EEG and an EMG on my left arm & left hand, what can I expect in these tests? The issue is my constant jerking, my left arm is numb a lot, I have considerable diminished strength in my left hand, I jerk almost constantly, even at my waist area (where my waist used to be) my whole body gets in on it, even my jaw & mouth occasionally. Anyone else? Any advice?

  2. JaciBart

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    I am going to a neurologist in 2 wks for an EEG and an EMG on my left arm & left hand, what can I expect in these tests? The issue is my constant jerking, my left arm is numb a lot, I have considerable diminished strength in my left hand, I jerk almost constantly, even at my waist area (where my waist used to be) my whole body gets in on it, even my jaw & mouth occasionally. Anyone else? Any advice?

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    Did that to me. Its gone away some, but some of the effects are permanent.
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    12 yrs on benzo's and now zoloft may be the cause, it certainly looks like the ssri's can cause that.

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    I had these promblems before any meds I took. I still do! I am still having test done. It drives me crazy!!!!!!!!
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    Being, as my daughter angrily said last eve, I've been a doctor, a vet, an engineer, a lawyer etc. because in her opinion I am a "blow-hard", and accepting my responsibility as head "blow-hard" of the Cactus Commune, I shall proceed! Ha-Ha!

    I have taken whatever psychiatry has had to offer since the age of 13. (I am in my early fifties.) I have taken almost every SSRI known to mankind as it was developed. Never had a problem, so continuing to take them after I was finally convinced I had FMS, I ASSUMED (mistake) the reaction or adverse reaction I would know. WRONG!

    For atleast 3-4 years I had just what you described. My my dear friend and used-to-be responder on here, could hardly believe her eyes when she returned from a three year visit to Mexico! I had facial tics, drooling, trembling ect. I never thought it could be related to my SSRIs.

    Well, I started Inderal et al. for migraine preventative and the painful numbness was relieved and most of the facial tics; Well dear Rose started an SSRI. She had an immediate reaction where her tongue would fly out her mouth, her legs or arm would suddenly jerk, even throwing her to the floor! She had a gut feeling it was the Prozac! I laughed but then investigated what her doc told her about Tardives Dyskinsia being a rare side-effect of SSRIs.

    By this time the dystonia had me quivering and shakey voice so I quit the SSRIs and overnight almost all these symptoms stopped! I had Tardives Dystonia, a rare but reversible side effect of SSRI's; a common side-effect of anti-psychotics AND lastly beware. IF you have this side-effect given Thorazine it is irreversible! Caveat Emptor! Lil'

    PS: I back to deseryl and xanax; my shrink has yet to release my taking of celexa (it does not interfere with other meds I am taking) 40mgs. but I have had no reaction in six months but I do intend to drop it, with doc permission. They get horsey here in Texas! CactusLil'
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    I have in the last week or so been having problems with my hands and arms. I mean they hurt all the time. I am a dog groomer and do overuse them at work , plus being on the pc and sculpting clay. Majorly overusing them. But something different has been happening lately. My hands seem to tremble and it is hard to grasp things. When holding something in my hand, it shakes like I am really nervous. I also kind of suspect I might be getting carpal tunnel syndrome. What does that feel like. I am taking zoloft and just been recently upped to 150mg instead of 100. Also occasionally take xanax, hydrocodone and otc meds like orudus.
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    what do we do? I really need the zoloft as I am a raving angry wench w/o it, cannot take xanax as I took librium for 12 yrs, had a really hard time getting off of it, very serious problem for me, do you have a suggestion???
    My Doc is pretty good about listening to me, what should I ask for or try?

    Any suggestions out there?


    I really do not want to got the provigil route as my heart beat speeds up now sometimes, have anxiety now.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    but i haven't taken an SSRI since i came off Seroxat,known as Paxil in the U.S.nor will i ever take then again,to see why read my thread entitled...Panorama U.K. t.v. programme on Seroxat/Paxil,

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    I have the twiching. when i try to sleep my body keeps me up by jerking. sometimes I sleep in the recliner just so I won't bother my husband. I can't relax my neck muscles at all. Lately when I lie down it feels like little aliens crawling in my muscles. I haven't slept in three nights.
    I think I'm going nuts.
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    I'll be sitting watching tv and wham jerk, flinch..ouch!
    Last night I jerked so hard i strained something in my chest. I lay in bed trying to go to sleep and can't.
    If I take a xanax it seems to help...

    I take zoloft, soma, oxycontin too. I have stopped everything for a while but no change.

    Warm Fuzzies
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    I knew I had seen your name here somewhere that applied to me. Me, the nose wrinklier, me, the eyebrow frowner. Hmmm, help me out here with a direction to go for more research. I'm at Seattle based Alaska Flightattendant. And Furthermore , my loverboy is from Richland and his mom has been in a wheelchair for 25 years ue to MS. We are on the same page buddy. We are comming to the Tricities for Turkey day. Love it there. Hope my post on the Vicodin helps you. Double up , it wont kill you. Get rid of the pain.
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    Twitching, jerking, tremble, seizures I have had these for 8 years now. The DR. tried me on all kinds of different meds. but nothing helped. I hope that others are helped my meds.
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    OMG! I thought I was going crazy for sure! No one believes me...they imply I am "twiching and jerking" on purpose!!!!!!! OMG! This "side effect" or whatever it is certainly isnt something ANYONE would "makeup" for attention. Geez I am glad I read this post....I was seriously wondering if I should stop wasting the air I breathe. Now, I realize others have this problem too! I just wish I knew WHICH drug was causing it and if it will stop if I stop the drug........
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    Twitching could be my middle name....and I have never used any of the meds mentioned. For me it is one of the weird neurological symptoms of this DD--before I ever had pain, I had tingling & twitching, still do. Some others here are way more knowledgeable about various meds & have lots of experience with the effects, so you have some good advice from them---but I can just tell you that for me the twitching/jerking isn't med-related, I've just always had it with FM/CFS...

    Good luck at the neuro, hopefully you'll find some answers...

  18. sybil

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    as well as my balance gets scary walking outside when my legs wobble like jelly....or jello for people in the u.s.......hehehe!

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    This problem (or set of problems) has been going on for many years, but is definitely getting worse. For me, some of it is related to Restless Legs Syndrome. I only recently read somewhere that restless legs can even involve the arms and upper part of the body. It always acts up when I start to get sleepy, and not only do my legs get jerky and weird, but my arms do too. It is not just that I can't be still, which is part of it, but it is also involuntary movements. It seems to affect my whole body...that is why I call this part the Heebie Jeebies. It does not prevent me from falling asleep, in fact, it gets worse the sleepier I get, to the point that, as I put it, "Well, I gotta go to sleep, I am getting the screamin' jerks or the heebie jeebies, or the twitchies." I do not know if this is the reason I wake up so often at night......never had a sleep study.

    I also have an increasing fine tremor in my head, sometimes my entire upper torso and head, and in my hands. At this point, it is not obvious........only someone who spent a lot of time with me would notice it. My head will just give this suble "no-no' shake, or even a "wobble-wobble". Sometimes is is, like I said, head and shoulders. The tremor in my hands is worse in my left hand, and most noticable when I have a glass of water in my hand. It is worse when I hold my hand out away from my body, like to set the glass down on a counter or the chairside table. Just a slow wobble, not like trembling. Also shows up when I hold the remote control in my left hand, and hold it out to point at the tv. Also, fingers have a jerky tremor in both hands when I am at my hand tries gently to make a fist, but not necessarily all fingers at the same time. My right hand tremors in a sublte, but jerky way when my hand is resting on the mouse, but not when I am moving the mouse. Sometimes when I am about to write with a pen, my hand will just twitch the pen right out of my hand. And things just slip out of my hands all the time.

    And then there is the almost always present twitch around my left eye. It comes and goes, can last for weeks at a time, or only a couple of days. It can be a tiny twitch at the outer corner of my eye, or in can be so bad that when I blink it causes my eye to spasm shut. Maddening!

    I have also noticed lately that I make lots of grimaces with my mouth, and clench my teeth worse than ever. My sister said I better watch out, cause the next thing I know, I might start screaming obscenities?!?!?

    I used to take Neurontin, and it calmed this stuff (and some other issues that my Doc referred to as mini'seizures) down a whole lot.....but the Neurontin made me so sleepy and tired during the day, that I gave up on it after about 6 months. And I quit it cold turkey.......MAJOR MISTAKE that lasted about 4 was awful.

    The Knonopin seems to help, and my Doc just increased my Klonopin from .5 mg to 1 mg at bedtime. It works most of the time to help me sleep, but (obviously) not all the time.

    From what I have read on the Ultram site, it could very well be part of the reason this twitchy tremor-stuff has increased.....and could be why the Klonopin isn't working as well. It is weird, cause sometimes the Ultram makes me sleepy as hell, but twitchy at the same time. Almost the same way Benedryl affects me, but not as bad. I hate to think that it could be the ultram, cause it is the only thing I have tried that helps with the FM pain. It even helps some with the attacks of Facial pain (TN).

    I don't take any antidepressants anymore. The only SSRI I ever took was Effexor......and it just about put me through the roof with anxiety and insomnia.

    I found a really informative site called We Move. Good information there about this subject. Seems to be a pretty common problem with us, whether from meds or not. And, by the way, I had the RLS/Heebie Jeebies since I was a kid, but the other tremors have only been going on for about 10 years, and have gotten progressively worse since I went on Ultram.

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    There is another possibility! Because I have it! I was doing this same thing quite a lot too and my Rheumy sent me to see a Neurologist. After having an EEG I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. He said my EEG showed alamost constant seizure activity. I have Partial Complex Seizures and a lot of jerking is caused by this. Of course they had to put me on seizure medicine (my seizures can turn into Grand Mal seizures) and the seizure med causes me to tremble a lot. The doctor said it was normal and not to worry. I am also taking Effexor XR but for me it was epilepsy causing it.
    Just get it checked out.