Two And Three Word Song Titles

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    We have already posted a lot of two word titles on the one word thread but I think maybe we're ready to find a few three word title songs! Also, be sure to post more two words titles as you think of them. :)

    "In The Gloaming" An 1877 Song.

    "For Your Love" Recorded by Peaches and Herb.

    "O Holy Night" A beautiful Christmas song, especially when sung by Josh Groban.

    "Shall We Dance" From The King And I.

    "Over The Rainbow" Sung by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz.

    "Blue Suede Shoes" Elvis.

    *(Note to those who like old movies about famous composers. Tonight, on TCM, there are several to DVR. It starts at 6:00 am, Tues.)
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    Hi GB, Just checked TCM. More movies about composers. Sad to say
    most composers didn't have very interesting lives, so the movies about
    them are pretty dull or highly fictionalized. Or both. Most of the films
    were rated 2 stars (outta 4).

    The best of the bunch is Till The Clouds Roll By, the life of Jerome Kern.
    MGM had many of its musical stars perform. Jerome Kern himself
    died during the production. He suffered a stroke while walking in New
    York; he was 60.

    Two three word titles in the film are Old Man River and I Won't Dance.

    More 3 worders:
    My Blue Heaven, Beyond the Sea, Too Fat Polka
    Home Sweet Home, Frankie and Johnny, Blue Spanish Eyes.

    Hello, Ma Baby, Good Night Irene, Good Night Ladies,
    Old Black Joe, Marching Through Georgia, America the Beautiful.

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    Rock, I agree that most of the composer movies are not very good but sometimes they have pretty music in them. Till The Clouds Roll By is a good movie and I also liked the one about Sigmund Romberg, Deep In My Heart.

    I was going to post My Blue Heaven and Beyond the Sea last night! Great minds again! GB
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    "My Gal Sal" From a 1942 film, Rita Hayworth and Victor Mature.

    "Be My Love" Sung by Mario Lanza in the film The Toast of New Orleans.

    "Roses Are Red" by Bobby Vinton.

    "Let's Be Friends" By Emily Osment.

    "John Brown's Body" Song about an abolitionist.

    "Side by Side" A 1927 song..

    "Million Dollar Baby" From the 1940 Bing Crosby film.

    "No Other Love" Sung by Jo Stafford".

    "The Drinking Song" From The Student Prince".

    "Buttons and Bows" From a Bob Hope movie of the same name.

    "Two Different Worlds" A 1956 song sung by many artists.

    "Little Girl Blue" Sung by Julie London.

    "Round and Round" By Perry Como.

    "My Little Girl" By Tim Mcgraw
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    Yup, GB, I agree. With what? Oh, you know. What you said.
    I guess it's to be expected we would think of the same songs since
    we are the same age more or less and grew up in the same
    country, culture, etc.

    I saw part of that movie "My Gal Sal". It's the story of Paul Dresser
    who was played by the horribly miscast Victor Mature. Paul wrote
    some good songs like Banks of the Wabash Far Away. I used to have
    a cassette tape of songs by him and Stephen Foster.

    Dresser's brother was the novelist Theodore Dreiser who wrote
    An American Tragedy which was later made into a movie
    w/ Liz Taylor titled A Place in the Sun.

    I was trying to think of that Perry Como song Round and Round
    earlier. I think it was popular about the same time as Find a Wheel.

    The Impossible Dream; Ireland, Mother Ireland; The Spinning Wheel.
    O Sole Mio; God Bless America; St. Louie Blues; The West's Awake.

    Some Enchanted Evening; Younger Than Springtime; I Feel Pretty.
    Off to Philadelphia; The First Noel; Morning Has Broken; Born to Lose.


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    Beautiful songs and posts. Loved reading this thread. I'm a bit younger (born in '58); I do enjoy TCM and musicals. :) And I agree, it was a less turbulent world that we lived in. :)

    Here are some additions to the thread (you may remember some of them):

    THIS DIAMOND RING, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, 1964

    THIS MAGIC MOMENT, The Drifters, 1960

    BIG BAD JOHN, Jimmy Dean, 1961

    HELLO MARY LOU, Ricky Nelson, 1961

    And here's one to get your toes tapping:

    MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC!, Teresa Brewer, 1950

    Later friends!
    Hugs, Diane
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  7. ConfusedInPA

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    P.S. -- I almost forgot to post one of my all-time favorite songs! Duh. :oops:

    SOMEWHERE OUT THERE, Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram, 1986

    Enjoy! :)

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    Diane, Those are all beautiful songs, thanks! You are only one year older than my oldest daughter! Just a baby. :)
  9. gb66

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    "Somewhere In Time"

    "Sing a Song"

    "Follow That Dream"

    "Young and Foolish"

    "All Of Me"

    "Let It Be"

    "Michelle My Belle"

    "Rain or Shine"

    "My Favorite Things"
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    Well, I tried to use Diane's opus morandi, but it didn't work. When I
    tried to post 3 videos, I got the same one 2 times. AACCKK! as
    Mikie says.

    Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin); Maple Street Memories (Statler Bros.);
    Sounds of Silence; Scotland the Brave; Old Lang Syne.

    The Strawberry Roan; The Green Door; Irish Soldier Laddie.

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    "Around the World"

    "Just in time"

    "Just a Gigolo"

    "Moonlight and Roses"

    "Follow the Boys"

    "All By Myself"

    "Don't Walk Away"

    "We Three Kings"

    "Deck the Halls"

    "I'll Be There"

    "My Old Flame"

    "Under the Boardwalk"

    "Where is Love"

    "Sweet Rosie O'Grady"
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  12. rockgor

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    Three Blind Mice
    Tea for Two

    Alice Blue Gown
    Waltz Across Texas

    The Trolley Song
    This Old House

    Bed of Roses
    Isle of Innisfree


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