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    Have been missing you here - and wondering how you are. Greetings to Shelby and Cesar.

    Missing your posts!

    Love, Judy
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    I haven't been posting as often because I haven't been feeling as well. I've been seeing a lot of doctors lately, getting tests, and even saw another eye specialist about my bad eye. I've been reading books voraciously (but reading happy books) that are off the main track and enjoying it very much. So although things were not as good, the books were wonderful.

    The cats have been fantastic and my buddy Cesar the cat pushes his head into mine and makes me stop what I'm doing and kiss him on the top of his head then on the sides of his head and back on top until he has had enough "kitty love." He makes me smile with this "kitty love" routine and I have to laugh. He senses when I am not doing well, and now does this "kitty love" act that is hilarious. I've never had a cat that wanted their head and the sides of their face kissed so much and it makes me laugh every time.

    I saw the dentist yesterday to put the final crowns on two teeth, and I pulled up and there was a big flower box in front of my car. It had flowers with many stems that had tiny multiple yellow flowers. In the flower box was a crow that was walking through the flowers either getting bugs or eating the flowers, I couldn't quite tell. But the crow was working so hard in that flower box, that it made my day so happy. I thanked God for witnessing that crow and those beautiful flowers.

    The best part is that the crow and the flowers and all the wonderful things I see, I then write many letters about them to my Dad in Hospice. Dad LOVES the letters and says that he can imagine seeing all these fantastic things that I write to him about (like Lenny the Lizard and his family on my patio wall, the beautiful purple flowered bushes that act as daytime street lights to direct me home during the day, etc.) and it makes him very happy. Maybe that's why God makes sure I spot all these little flowers and birds and such, so that I can pass them along to my Dad in Hospice who is on the path to dying.
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    Oh, I am so happy and relieved to hear from you!

    That feels like a very sacred communication with your father - to be able to love him and give of the world to him in that way. And it is so much who you are! I was thrilled to hear that he loves the letters. Every time I pray for you, I pray for your Dad. So, so beautiful, TwoCats.

    I was separated from my Irish Grandmother and that side of the family for many years. A rift in the extended family. But I wrote her letters too towards the end of her life, and I am always grateful that we re-connected and had that special closeness.

    She had lost her sight, and was missing all the flowers and everything growing outside. She would ask my Uncles to describe things to her, but was frustrated by their attempts. I wrote letters to her describing everything - the forsythias, daffodils, purple rhododendrums - everything I could see and capture in detail.

    She asked whoever came to visit to read the letters to her over and over again. She told me that I painted word-pictures for her and she could visualize everything all over again. We both shared memories of when I was younger - I was able to tell her how much I loved the special outfits she always bought me for Christmas. And she told me that she remembered when I used to sketch my parakeet, Petie. Something I had forgotten.

    And I sent her cassettes of spiritual teachings I was enjoying. We developed, or perhaps recovered such a deep bond. I am always so extremely thankful for that loving connection.

    My two Grandmothers always prayed for me constantly, and now that they are in heaven, I know they still do, and will ask for their help, and prayers for other members of the family too.

    If you have any special prayer-needs for your Dad I would be so happy to join in with your prayers.

    I love hearing about Cesar, and his comforting butting his head against you to be rubbed and loved. It doesn't surprise me that he senses your distress and sorrow - both of your cats are truly healers. My dog used to bite my nose very gently to make me laugh when I was crying.

    Sending love and prayers to you, and your Dad, and the cats 'par excellence', Shelby and Cesar.

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    Thanks for sharing and I so appreciate it and you really understand me. My Dad misses many things from when he lived in another state and I can describe what I come across in Arizona and he is surprised at what I see and my letters bring it all alive in his mind. That to him is so important. My brother and his wife do not write letters to him. It's sad that they don't and Dad enjoys getting letters. I just sent him a silly card that has two cats on the front lounging on cushions and wearing a towel wrapped on top of their heads and wearing a green cream facial mask and the card says something about "we have to continue looking fabulous!!" I know he'll get a kick out of the card.

    Today I took myself again to Burger King and got those great Apple Fries (they are actually apple sliced into french fry shape and there are no preservatives, only calcium and Vitamin C--so they are good, very healthy and my favorite treat). They come with a packet of some sauce, but I never use it. I do use the time there to relax, unwind and read and I finished another book. It's by Lilian Jackson Braun and is called THE CAT WHO ROBBED A BANK. It was a good read and I enjoyed it so much.

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    TwoCats - I've read that book by Lilian Jackson Braun. Enjoyed the characters, Koko, Yum-yum and Quill, and the sense of living in a very Northern small town. I think this author wrote around 20 books with the same characters. So you're in for a lot of treats. Love the descriptions of the Siamese antics.

    Rain - I hope you had some comforting heating pads or rice-socks for your aching muscles. How are you feeling now? It must be hard working in such cold weather - we've been down to the 30's at night this week.