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    First..I had another grandson born last night! This one is healthy, mom doing fine. She was 6 days over due, did an ultra sound, and yes, her water was, they started her at 6:45, she had him at 10:00. All natural. I give her credit. I did natural, and then my last, whew...that getting started thing is tough!
    He weighed, 6 lbs. 15 oz. 20 inch long. Lots of hair. They live up North, so won't get to see him for a while. I'm waiting on some picture in my e-mail. They were trying to decide on two different names, now that he's here, it may come to them easier. chicks spent their first night out last night in the coop, which isn't all the way finished, but is enclosed..nice to have them out. I did put a light out for them. When I went out to check them before dark, they were all huddled up together against a wall. When the light came on, they all headed for it. More to be done, but they can be put in their old bin while the noise of the building goes on. Need to get some windows/vents in, and chicken wire up over the top of the fence, so the hawks don't get them. Getting close to be done. Yeah!

    How is everyone enjoying these spring days? Come in and share what you have done lately to enjoy this beautiful time of year. Or, what you have done, or something that has happened that makes you happy, thankful. Planted? Driven around looking at the sites? Has anyone seen any new baby calves, or horses...sheep? I love looking for the babies.

    Today, my son discovered a nest of Robins in our big Apple tree out back. I heard him yelling, mom, mom, come here..hurry. He had heard them peeping, thought it sounded so cute. They were quiet when I got there, but then, he looked up on a different side, and up popped a baby's head. It was almost like it was trying to see what the noise was down! Those little baby things sure are homely, but cute in their own way when they are that young. lol... I thank the Lord for all the beauty around me, and for all the other blessings that I enjoy at His hand!
    Love, Cynthia
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    The greatest miracle in the world, and you have a brand new one! Congradulations, grandma! I'm sure you just can't wait to see the precious little guy! I have a new granddaughter a month old now...was there with her big (2 y/o) brother when she was born..weighed 6-7 and dropped to 5-13, but at a month weighed 9 pounds, so is doing great....and of course, soooo beautiful!!!! Those grands are what keep me going! (BTW we are papa and nana to ours.)

    I sit outside every morning and listen to the birds sing....yes, aren't they wonderful....and look across the fields and pastures. Some mornings I see phesant and deer walking right across our yard, and of course bunny rabbits playing. I love country life!

    Used to plant a huge garden, but now I have two tomatoes! Haha. And some perineals that only need watered and a little some wildflowers planted that I do nothing for but enjoy! ;)

    I do love my flowers! They remind me of people....some so strong and able to weather anything, some so fragile and needing more loving care, yet all beautiful.... from the large leafed ones that don't bloom, to the delicate blooms and flowers of all shapes. Right now I love my lilies and sweetpeas and tall purple ones (forgot the name right now) that are in bloom. My daylilies and daisies will be next. Oh, and my pansies in a planter are going great also. I sit on the other porch in the evening and enjoy the flowers!

    Yes, isn't it just so easy to see God's hand in all of nature? I can't imagine all of nature without Him. ***Jole***

    PS: Your little chicks sound like so much fun...we had them when I was a child, and the grew soooo fast...then turned into these chicken things that we ate! lol I wasn't so crazy about that part, or cleaning out the coop!
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    A beautiful grandson. What a wonderful addition to your family. Children are a true gift to us all. I hope you can hold him soon.

    Both you ladies are lucky to be grandparents. I am excited about the experience. I would like a little break though between the time my youngest leaves home and being a grandmother.

    I agree with you and Jole about the wonder of nature. It is such a blessing to be able to enjoy it. Many people who are sick aren't able to or don't have places to go outside.

    Jole I liked your analogy between flowers and people. Your garden sounds lovely. I have scaled back on my yard and plants, due not only to no rain, but to no energy (mine that is). I still like my yard though, especially the sitting and looking at it part.

    I have a lemon tree with about 10 fruit on it. It started out with many more and I' not sure why it lost them. I told my BF this morning that if we had to live off what we produced we would really be in a bind. None of our fruit bearing plants or trees have done well; not many tomatoes, figs, or black berries either.

    We do have a ton of chili pequines though. This is just one of many different names for them. They are a little oval pepper that grows on a small bush and goes from green to orange to bright red. They are pretty hot too. Just eating a tiny one gives me the hick ups.

    Chickens can be fun. Aren't you glad the health experts took back the bad stuff about eggs? I love them. Love eating fresh home raised chicken too but I'm not willing to do all the work to butcher them. My husband did a few times.

    hugs to you all,

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    Jole, you painted such a beautiful picture of your flowers, I can almost see them!
    You and Vivian both have mentioned not only flowers that I wish I could have here, but trees with fruit, or bushes. I would love to have a blackberry bush. Strawberries do well here. Rasberries..hmm, wonder if a blackberry bush would do well if babied.?
    Daylilies, haven't seen them planted here, Daisies yes. Pansies yes.
    I'm with Vivian on how you compared plants to people..that was great. :)
    Today, I saw some big beautiful clouds move in, then out. Some were pretty dark. Some were high, and bright with the sunshine that could get through them. I've always loved clouds. Here in Utah, there is always constant change in the cloud shapes when it is cloudy, or partly cloudy. I love it.
    I'm hoping and praying that I get to hold this little new sweet spirit soon also! He sounds beautiful, but of course, what newborn isn't??
    Love, Cynthia
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    wow, another are going to be a busy grandma in the coming years handing out treats and candies and playing with them :)

    I loved hearing about the robins nest, we dont have robins here in nepal....but i love friendly birds and robins are supposed to be that arent they?

    Talking of nests, i have one in my bathroom...pigeon nest with two sweet fluffy little chicks now...trying to spread out their wings...they make such a noise when mama and dada come to feed them! it makes it very dirty with all the droppings spilling out and when these two young have gone, i am going to modify the netting so they cant build any more. With my cfs i figure i dont need any more additional work!

    God Bless
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    Now wait. You have a pigeon nest in your...bathroom? You're going to modify? Can you clearify? lol.. Aren't baby things cute, no matter what? Some people say no. Baby birds really aren't the cutest, but they are babies. I personally think that baby elephants are darling. Those cute little stubby baby trunks. Those ears that are out of proportion at first.

    Anyway, I was trying to think of why you mentioned me being busy with grandchildren. Then I remembered asking for prayers for our last grandbaby, who is doing great now. Well, I'm already a busy grandma. My husband and I combined a family. His wife passed away...I have been married twice before him. I finally found my man!! We have 12 children between the two of us. (The, His, Mine, and Ours thing going on.) I have 27 grandchildren now, and two more on the way. That makes it sound like they are all having these huge families, but when you have 12 kids, it adds up. I love them all. Don't ask me their birthdays. lol.. Oh, that's why the screen name...Doznclan. :)
    I will be announcing another new baby on the 10th. She has to have C sections. She just won't start, go into labor. This will be her third and wants to be finished. 1 girl, has a boy, and a boy on the way. This one, I will get to hold soon, she just lives in the next town over. I love holding those new babies! Precious.
    Take Care, love, Cynthia