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    I know it is important to heal and balance
    gut but how do you know if it you have an imbalance?
    I have reoccuring vaginal issues, I think due to
    hormonal flucuations (Im 46)(havent taken antibiotics for
    a long time) but do not suffer from thrush or any
    Second question is .... I have ordered a lot of
    formulas from Prohealth would it be advisable to
    get specific vitimans or supplements and take at
    a higher dose?
    Should I stick with formula as a "multi" and add on
    from there?
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    bumping for replies
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    Dianna, you'd be better off to get a probiotic to take, either a capsule or powder you can sprinkle on your food, should contain acidophilous or a biphidophilous mixture.

    These should be stored in the frig and not added to anything really hot, like real hot soup as it would kill the organism.

    These are live cultures that your gut needs. Usually your digestion and intestinal problems are helped immensely with the addition of this to your regimen.

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    Don't hesitate to ask questions, as having been there five years ago, knowing nothing, I can remember that it was kind of overwhelming.

    Lots of people here have had lots of experience in helping themselves get better, and lots have learned a lot from alternative doctors, naturopaths, etc., and trial by experience.

    I can remember specifically when it was suggested to me to get a probiotic powder or capsule, as I was trying to get what my husband and I needed from yogurt. I can remember it was like a lightbulb going off in my head, that I could get more probiotics, a lot more, by just using the powder or capsules, and I can remember when the altnernative doc told me about keeping it in the frig and not putting it in anything real hot.