Two sets of Ultrasound Results ?

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  1. thysis

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    I had a ultrasound of my thyroid done .
    Ill have the first set of results tommorow .
    Then on the 30th of this month i will have the 3D Reconstructive thyroid ones .

    What is the difference between the two ?

    Is the 3D one a better way of looking at something ?

    I will post first results tommorow ..
  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    Hi thysis and welcome. ProHealth provides no doctors for these sites so you are speaking with regular people just like you. I have no idea about the scans. So I did look online and the site below discusses the 3D ultrasound reconstrive on thryoid.

    Apparently it provides a doctor with a best view if surgery may be an option and then how to go about that surgery--and may even show that surgery is not needed. Read the link and see what it is all about and perhaps it will give you info to better understand. I found it an informative link.

    Also, if after you read the link and are still unsure, research further online. Then make a list of questions and contact your doctor and ask those written necessary questions so you understand completely, understand what ailments you have and what the doctor is using the scans for, and what he may be looking towards in the future. Good luck.

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