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    I am a pragmastist and have gone thru scores of alternative "treatments" or "cures" for over 20 years for cfs and fibromyalgia not to mention 40 years crohns and cancer about 12 years ago osteoarthritis. I have also developed an extreme interest in the self - noticer (observer) of how my mind reacts and have come to notice and conclude over the years that the current thoughts in the mind are extremely powerful in what is going on in my life or my perception thereof - to the extent when i am initially starting and into the next "treatment" i am not a good independent judge of what is really gong on with the treatment. That is why i developed a two year after the treatment is over rule - that is what i am or others are saying about the treatment two years down the line about it. (i maybe only found a couple of things that helped over the years including NUCCA chiropractor and a fibrous diet for gut). So i am extremely interested in hearing from people only after two years after the major completion or breakthrough in the therapy (the high point of it working) (people on groups take u along for the ride but then invariably leave u hanging on the long term assessment put into the total perspective) and hope this will start a thread to hear from those people. thx.

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