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    I understand what you are saying about the translations. When I started feeling really bad months ago and right after the loss of my sister last year, I went and opened a business DBA Izzy's Bilingual Office Services. Even made my own brochures in English and in Spanish hoping that if something like this had me a little less mobile, I could work out of my home for small businesses and such, and then my whole world just started crumbling, and my husband took me to MMHMR emergency room where I was diagnosed with Major Depression. First two visits with the pshychiatrist and he fell asleep as he was trying to type. I felt desperate, I started falling for no reason, cracking my head open and many other symptoms alien to me.

    I have not been able to see her Dr. Salvato since my 1st visit and as you said the staff is just a mess. I have no meds no answers but she did diagnose me with CFS I'm trying to find out what cyclic amp is as my result was 25.4H pmol/mL and the limits are 12.0-22.0. She put me on ATP-47 and said she was going to try and see if it raises it to 30.

    I am at a loss, for no one can answer my question until I see her and she won't see mee until I take all the pills I was given which is 6 weeks (well about 4 now). I have no insurance whatsoever and my husband is trying to help and works really hard also. My 18 year old son just moved back in with us and he is a really hard working young man, but he is only 18. I try to stay up and be normal because I was a single mom for so long he's not used to see me laying around. I just need to understand!
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    I tried to send this to you earlier and got errors.

    At any rate, you need to go to The Harris County Hospital District, if you are in Harris Co, and apply for a Gold Card. That is almost like an insurance card, in that it qualifies you to see physicians at the hospitals and the clinics, and they will order and do labs from other docs.

    Often, they do a sliding scale for the uninsured. Call them and get the information you will need to take so you don't have to waste time, money, and energy. They can often approve it at that very time. Then, you are entitled to discount or free care, and discounted or free scripts.

    Additionally, if she gives you generics, WalMart, Sam's, Costco (you do not have to be a member to use their pharmacy and their discounted prices are superb and many generics are $10 for 100 pills), Kroger's, and some CVS pharmacies give discounts on generics.

    Use this stuff to make the load lighter financially and perhaps you will be able to afford the testing and things and even all the meds she orders. The district will work with you on a payment schedule, as well.

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