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    Thank you for all the information on gallbladder testing. No I didn't know about the adhesion's. YUCK Thanks for letting me know.

    Today at 8 in the morning I had my ultra sound-no stones so that's good. At 1:00 this afternoon I had my Hidascan.

    Oh, man did that second part of the Hidascran hurt. When they add the drug that makes your gallbladder work. 15 min. of EXTREME EXTREME pain. It copied the pain I'm having x10. Man I don't ever want to take that test again!

    I finally got to eat and drink at 3:30 this afternoon after not eating or drinking since midnight last night.
    So like clock work 30 mins. after eating and drinking I'm in pain agian but...nothing like that test pain!lol

    Thanks for listening. Guess I'll hear from my doctor tommorrow I'll let you know what he says.

    Happy Holidays,
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