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  1. gtpgirl

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    Hi, can anyone tell me what the difference is between tylenol 3 and norco 10/325? Thanks.
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    . . but it has been on here. You can do a search for pain meds and it should be in one of those threads. Someone posted what a lot of the meds had in them and listed them by strength.

  3. tandy

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    I asked this awhile ago....... and can't remember exacts but,.....
    I think I remember someone saying that the Norco's would be stronger than the Ty#3.

    I sometimes get the Ty#3 but wanted something a little stronger for my worse days. I was told the Norco's would help me alot~ And they have less tylenol in them so they are less damage to your liver~ A big Plus!!

    I wish I could've convinced my cheap chintzy Dr.....
    He would'nt give me any Norco's !!! said they're too strong for Fibro pain!!!?? yea! I think this dr. needs to have a few Fibro days,...don't you?? lol

    Hope they help you,....think of me when your pain is eased ok? teehee :)
  4. MemoryLane

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    I hope this helps:

    Norco 10/325
    C18H21NO3-C4H6O6-2 ½ H2O (Hydrocodone)
    Hydrocodone bitartrate 10 mg
    Acetaminophen 325 mg
    Hydrocodone is a synthetic form of Codeine and not derived from Opium

    Tylenol with Codeine 3 (aka Tylenol#3)
    C18H21NO3-H3PO4-2 ½ H2O (Codeine)
    Codeine phosphate 30 mg
    Acetaminophen 300 mg
    Codeine is derived from Opium

    The primary difference is that some people may tolerate synthetic codeine when they may not be able to take codeine without severe reaction.

    I personally cannot take Tylenol#3, but have taken Vicodin in the past without problem. That was many years ago and six years prior to that I had taken Tylenol#3 without incident. Somewhere along the way I developed an allergy to Codeine and Morphine, and possibly now I would not be able to take synthetics.

    With me this appears to be a familial trait - my mother is also allergic to these, as is my son.

    Love and Care

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  5. Greenbean7

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    Does the fact that hydrcodone is synthetic, not an opiod, mean it won't show up in a drug test if I have to have one for a new job? I take vicidon.

  6. MemoryLane

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    They are both opioids and both are controlled substances - one is synthetic and one is a plant derivitive.

    Their chemical structures would give them away and would not escape detection.


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  7. gtpgirl

    gtpgirl New Member

    Thanks everyone. Still a question though. If Norco is 30 mg and tylenol 3 30mg ,Isn't tylenol 3 stonger?
  8. RxAngel

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    I'm having a fairly good brain night, so I will try to list a few more than I have in the past. I would say skip the Tyl. 3 - the natural codeine tended to really give my patients problems, from upset tummies to allergic reactions ranging from mild itchies to the severe.

    Plus, I've really never had good feedback as far as pain control from my patients either, especially for chronic pain. For dental procedures or things such as minor injuries, it's been fine. For our pain, it hasn't touched it.

    And as long as I'm mentioning things, stay away from the Darvocet - as far as feedback, according to patients, it's like taking a pretty pink sugar pill. Plain tylenol works better.

    I am abreviating Hydrocodone (HCD), and tylenol is acetaminophen, and the common abreviation for that is (APAP).

    From weakest to strongest (according to the literature, not patient feedback, as patients have far better success with the Ultram and Ultracet than with the Darvocet and Tylenol 3):

    Ultram 50mg: tramadol 50mg
    Ultram 100mg: tramadol 100mg

    Ultracet: tramadol 37.5mg/apap 325mg

    Darvocet N-100: propoxyphene napsylate 100mg/apap 650mg

    Tylenol #2: codeine phosphate 15mg/apap 300mg
    Tylenol #3: codeine phosphate 30mg/apap 300mg
    Tylenol #4: codeine phosphate 60mg/apap 300mg

    Lortab 2.5: Hydrocodone (HCD) 2.5mg/apap 500mg

    Norco 5/325: HCD 5mg/apap 325mg

    Lortab/Vicodin: HCD 5mg/apap 500mg

    Vicoprofen: HCD 7.5mg/ibuprofen 200mg
    ******NOT for daily/chronic use**********

    Norco 7.5/325: HCD 7.5mg/apap 325mg

    Lortab 7.5: HCD 7.5mg/apap 500mg

    Lorcet Plus: HCD 7.5mg/apap 650mg

    Vicoden ES: HCD 7.5mg/apap 750mg

    Xodol: HCD 10mg/apap 300mg

    Norco 10/325: HCD 10mg/apap 325mg

    Lortab 10: HCD 10mg/apap 500mg

    Lorcet 10: HCD 10mg/apap 650mg

    Heavy hitters (Percocet, Percodan, Oxycontin, Duragesic, etc - my wrists are tired!) in a later post - someone might have to remind me to post about it, but I will be happy to do it.

    Gtpgirl - tylenol 3 has 30mg of codeine in it. Norco, depending on the strength, has an entirely different chemical in it. You are probably thinking about the 325mg strength of hydrocodone, a man-made type of codeine. In the books, they say they are about the same at these strengths at relieving pain. Whoever wrote this has probably never been in pain, and has probably never taken these medications and compared the pain relief.

    When I was practicing pharmacy (before I became ill), my patients who were on Tyl. 3 on a regular basis tended to be my "complainers" and looking back, tended to bug me more for early refills, which tells me now that they probably weren't getting the pain relief they needed and were having to take more of the T3 than they were "supposed" to and running out quicker.

    My patients on the hydrocodone products were a completely different type of people, and looking back with a different viewpoint, I can now see that they were probably getting much better pain relief.

    Also, from a personal standpoint, I've also taken the Ultram and had very good success with that, until my pain progressed past that point. I do feel that it works much better than the T3s. If you have not tried it, it would be worth a try, and take it on a regular basis, give it a chance to get your pain under control, at least a week of taking it regularly, before deciding one way or another.

    If you HAVE already tried Ultram, then I would suggest the Norco, as the Tylenol load is much less per tablet, which decreases the stress upon your liver. I am taking that and have had great success with it in combination with the muscle relaxer Zanaflex (which must be started slowly, and in very small doses, but which is a marvelous muscle relaxer, esp. at night).

    Good luck -


    ***No class time was spent learning these - our prof. called out to us as we were leaving - "quiz tomorrow on the differing strengths of the narcotic pain relievers - enjoy your evening!" Ah, the joys of pharmacy school! And to think I wanted out in the real world - if I had only known what the real world had in store for me.****

    If anyone notices typos or an incorrect dosage, please do not hesitate to call it to my attention![This Message was Edited on 11/04/2004]
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  9. gtpgirl

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    Thanks RxAngel, you've helped alot!!
  10. granmama

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    Ahhh, the good stuff. The only true pain killer that ever worked for me in oral form & didn't knock me out.
    BUT...I BECAME ADDICTED TO T3. It took 6 months for me to quit feeling the effects of not having it & I went cold turkey. I was so miserable. I had taken it for 3 years.
    The only thing I could find OTC way back then was Tylenol pm. Of course it was not even close to what I needed, but the doc said no more T3.
    BUT...I made it!!! That was 14 years ago.