Tylenol Hepatitis/Chronic Fatigue ?????

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    I was once diagnosed with Tylenol Hepatitis about 6yrs ago, with pheumonia and a sinus infection...I was so so sick and sent home with antibiotics. I never forgot how sick I was then, my GP, said I was lucky I mad it. Well, if I was so dam sick, why did the hospital not keep me in and give me antibiotics the IV way, and look after me properaly...I myself felt like I was going to die. Nevertheless, at that point of my life I was also going through alot more stress, my two kids had to hospitalized for major depression...not one but two!!! my reltionship after 9 yrs was breaking up...my best friend died of brain cancer...and I was just so so sick to do anything about anything...Do you think this is what might have brought on the Firbomylgia and th chronic Fatigue....cause after that I have never been the same...I was actually diagnosed after all this...but no one ever listened to my story, Well I mean in the medical field...Just curious?? Guess you can say I am still trying to figure WHY? I have this...or maybe I drank my way through life before...as I am a recovering alcoholic...and have been sober for 9yrs now...and now I have to feel every dam emotion, so thats why I ended up with this....Who knows? no one wants to take the time out to listen to me, cause you know why? no one really gives a dam....just treat the symptoms and send me home...and really fast...that is what they do!!! sharon5650..up here in cold Canada...burrrrr !!!
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    hi sharon,i am hcv positive insulin controkked diabeties and high bp with many kinds tablens and geyying tired every day.i live in northof uk,anyone out there got answers for me and sharon please
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    This may offer some explanation for you. This is taken from Dr. Mercola's website.

    Tylenol (Acetaminophen) and Alcohol Deadly Mix

    Excessive use of the pain reliever acetaminophen may lead to liver failure and death, especially in alcoholics. Rates of coma and death were highest in those admitted to a Dallas emergency room with accidental -- rather than suicidal -- overdoses of the analgesic. A higher frequency of chronic alcohol abuse among the patients with accidental overdoses may be one explanation.

    When acetaminophen is ingested at excessive amounts, toxins form which can lead to life-threatening liver damage. However, the liver normally secretes a toxin fighting compound called glutathione, which counteracts the poison. Chronic alcohol abuse over time causes "depletion of glutathione" -- breaking down the body's defense against even slight overdoses of acetaminophen. The researchers note that other victims of accidental overdose had been fasting while taking the drug. They speculate that starvation may lead to reduced liver glutathione levels, raising toxicity risks.

    A spokesperson for McNeil Consumer Products Co., the makers of Tylenol, says Lee's study "underscores the need for more consumer awareness, which we totally support. You've got to read and follow the dosing instructions." Those label instructions include an "alcohol warning" which reads: "if you generally consume 3 or more alcohol-containing drinks per day, you should consult your physician for advice" on taking the pain reliever.

    The New England Journal of Medicine (1997;337(16):1112-1117)

    COMMENT: As mentioned in a previous newsletter this toxic liver reaction can be completely avoided if one were to take the supplement N-acetyl Cysteine or L-Glutlamine (usually about 500 mg one to three times per day). These amino acids are two of the rate-limiting components for the formation of glutathione. If one needs to take acetaminophen for any reason on a regular basis it would be wise to take these two supplements to limit liver damage. This study emphasized the importance of this recommendation if one also consumes alcohol on a regular basis. This is not an insignificant observation considering 10% of our popluation are addicted to alcohol.

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    thanks so much to you for giving me the info on the alcohol and tylenol, I never knew this...I will print it and keep it close. I have not drank for so long however I should remember that my liver is somewhat damaged still...

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