Type 1 Diabetic 2nd pregnancy

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Kihann, Jun 14, 2003.

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    Hello everyone-

    I have a couple of questions, first is there anyone in the Vancouver WA area who's also diabetic and has had kids? If so I'd love to talk either via email or something; I'm somewhat new to the area and would like to find people I have things in common with.

    My 2nd question is: I'm currently 8mos pregnant with my second child. My first was born healthy and completely normal with no complications during the pregnancy what-so-ever and is now 16 months old. But with this pregnancy I seem to have more complications, such as swelling in my legs and ankles, as well as constantly feeling tired. Is this normal or should I talk to my doctor? I hate talking to the man simply because he's one of those guys that just pushes his patients through like cattle. He barely listens to what I say, and its taken almost the entire pregnancy to even get him to listen. I've already been hospitalized twice due to his gross negligence in maintaining my insulin and I've gone into pre-term labor once. Should I be concerned about surviving this pregnancy?

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