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    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed how often this illness goes after the Type A personality? We know that no matter what the personality that stress makes it worse now. I know exactly when this all started and it was when I was in complete overload with a very ill Dad, my Mom just passed away, I had the worst flu ever, plus I was trying to work full time, be a mom, a wife...the list goes on and on. It was all in February, 1998. My body finally just said "no" and this awful illness set in. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Can you pinpoint the exact time, pretty much and were you in overload? I still don't know how to "let it go" and just relax.
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    Mine started when I moved into a new position at work, but was still doing my old one while transition took place. Then, my niece died from cancer. And, I still insisted on doing everything else as well. I have also noticed that a big flair will happen AFTER a major event, happy or sad. For instance, being new to CFS/FM I insisted that I could still work, bake, buy gifts and do all of the holiday things at Christmas. I ran on shere adrenelin, will power what ever until the afternoon of Christmas...then colapsed and was in bed for 2 weeks until I could slowly start to rebuild. I'm afraid my "Type A" set in again though when my son came home from overseas and he and his family stayed with us for awhile. When they left, I crashed. You'd think I'd learn by now.
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    Always wondered if we knew more about the brain. This link doe`s it have to do to our wiring to begin with being type A. Klutzo, gave a test at group once. All but 1 was type A.

    So is the avenue we should be looking at???? I had a gal friend she was so darn layed back. Always late, at tennis not in the perfect little outfit. Still great player, but always a mess. People liked her just that way, she could care less. I was actually envious wishing my brain could do that. I tried and she was wired that way and I was stuck this way. I have relaxed alot. Still love order in my life that has been totally out of order. Her mom was not like that. Mom was even embarrassed at times. This gal was also super smart. Never cared what people thought.

    That really grabs a type A person. Have to work on it daily. Now most times my battery is just wore out.

    PS> I would be shocked if she ever got fm.
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    Ican't remember giving a Type A test, but I'm sure I must have...it sounds like something I would have done in group!
    I do know several people with FMS who are definitely not Type A. They are, to put it bluntly, lazy slobs. They never do any work they don't have to, everything gets done at the last possible moment, their cars look like rolling garbage bins, you know the type. In every case though, they have very mild FMS. One of them has a Type A mother with FMS, and the mom's FMS is much worse than the non-type A daughter's is. I see this as the interaction between the inherited endocrine weakness and lifestyle/personality type.
    Pushing ourselves can lead to adrenal fatigue in those who are genetically susceptible, and I believe this is why so many more Type A's get this.
    Collapsing after an event in which you "ran on sheer adrenalin" is a classic example of what happens to people who are in adrenal fatigue. We have been sick for so long, some of us have forgotten that normals don't need adrenalin for "events" unless they are life-threatening. If you need to run on adrenalin, your cortisol reserve is already gone, which is severe adrenal fatigue.
    I am not going to push the adrenal fatigue websites again, since you have all heard me pushing websites on adrenal fatigue ad nauseum. I don't believe any of us will get better until we deal with this, however.
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    Hi, welcome to our world. Another type 'A' here too. Have always been a go getter, fast worker, doing three things at one time type of person. Even when I was a child I was never sitting still unless I was reading a book, which I could carry on a phone conversation, watch a movie on tv, all at the same time, and never missed a beat :)

    I still want everything in 'order', even though I can't do it all anymore. But the remnants of how I liked the 'house' is still more or less in place, like different colored clothes hangers for the same colored clothes, shoes in boxes with the size of the heel/color written on the boxes,etc! I never leave the house unless every hair is in place and my clothes match, needless to say I don't go out often anymore. Much too much stress.........

    I had my whole life organized running on a couple of hours sleep at night. But I crashed about five years ago.

    I did have FM for over 20 years and just keep going like the little 'pink bunny'.

    I have learned to control myself pretty much since then, but its like any addiction, I take it one day at a time. I learned to just drop my clothes/shoes/stockings etc. when I come home from out and put them away after I take a nap now. Same goes for groceries, they just sit in the bags untill I relax and calm down. Its not easy to teach an old dog new tricks, but if I want to live without all this horrific pain, I 'force' myself.

    I had to laugh at Klutzo's description of those layed back people, man I sure had some friends like that. You had to clean a spot to sit in their cars, clean off a chair to sit on in their houses, and wash the coffee pot if you wanted a clean cup of coffee, lie to them if you wanted them to be ready for 10am, tell them 8am to be sure they would be ready when you got to their homes!

    But to be honest, they are the 'happy' people in this world. They just don't care and are not stressed or pressed about anything. No one expects any better of them so they just go with the flow, and we all love them anyway.

    By the way, I do not know anyone in real life that suffers from FM but myself.

    Yes, it was stress when I first got this too, my Dad was very ill, a hurricane hit our area, I was the only one I knew that didn't have water in the house, so I was washing everyones clothes, babysitting kids, doing the shopping (most people lost their cars) for others, running a daycare center, just had a baby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and boom I got pneumonia, that was the beginning of this crazy illness, but I keep going anyway untill five years ago.

    I went from high gear to low. My husband always tells me now, that I have two speeds, low and stop. It takes a lot of self control when I do feel good not to go back to my oldself, just for a little while. When I do, then I am screaming in pain.

    My daughter is moving right now, and all I can do is let her use my car. She will NOT allow me to go near where she is moving her personal things from one house to the other. I could not just sit by and watch her work, so here I sit while this little person is doing all that work alone....

    Again, welcome to the board, and I am not usually this chatty, I promise................

    Shalom, Shirl

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    and I wasn't under stress either when I became ill. Was never an A type, of course I know people who are and subsequently know how differently we function. My son became ill at 14, no stress other than a growth spurt, and he's definitely not a A type; in fact we both fall somewhere between the two extremes.

    In the UK too much credance has been given the the theory that patients with cfs were 4 star achievers trying to push themselves into 5 star performance. Hence the graded exercise programmes that led to the cbt which is still about all that their willing to give us treatment wise.

    I ran a large regional group and among those who had clear cut cfs there was no personality type that stood out.



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    caregiver is a deginite yes.

    I tend to agree with aquarose on a lot of points.

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    I don't think we are saying you have to be type A to get this illness, just that because of the way type A's behave, they will make it worse. At least, that is what I am saying!
    I'd also like to add that I do not think being Type A is bad. We make the world go round. We Type A's are the ones who get things done. We are not children running around in adult bodies, feeling entitled to things we have not earned.

    To Shirl: You are far more tolerant than I am, dear lady. I used to have friends like that, but can no longer tolerate them, and am not willing to put up with what I consider to be irresponsible, immature behavior. The only reason those people are happier than we are, is because they have no shame and they continually foist all their reponsibilities off on people like us, who have to do the work of two or three to make up for them. I have zero time or patience for that nonsense now. I do not "love them anyway" as you do. On the contrary, I have no respect for people like that. I wish they would all go away and stay away! See, I really do need to live way out in the boonies like you do! Maybe if you lived in a neighborhood full of these "laid back" types (translate "bums") like I do, you'd be as tired of it as I am. Look at it this way: Who would you rather be stranded on a desert island with, one of us, or one of them?

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    was that we know stress usually surrounds the onset of the illness. Type A people are happily wallowing in stress and don't even know it. Just keeping things orderly and the world ticking along nicely. With all this in mind, it just follows that there would be more Type A folks with the illness. Sorry if I offend anyone. I think genes can also play a part and heaven knows that any child raised in a house with an alcoholic parent would be stressed inside their little head and would not even know it. I think I was doomed to have this illness with a type A personality, an alcoholic Dad and a Mom who could barely get out of bed everyday but had to, of course, with 6 children. I now understand that she probably had FMS but there was no hope for a diagnosis back in her day. She used to say to me that she was just so very tired. Like she had water instead of blood running inside her veins. She was wrapping her hands in warm rags because they "hurt" so much. I understand that my personality may be a reaction to my upbringing. I needed to bring some order to the chaos created of being in the household of an alcoholic father. I might add however, that my Mother was a fanatic about keeping her house clean, clothes ironed perfectly, vacuuming everyday etc., etc. So, that brings us back to the type A personality?????

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    I could be called a Type A.....I always had the house tidy, car tidy, grass cut,kids bathed when they were small, meals cooked.....

    Sadly the FMS has made the house messier car untidy and grass takes longer to cut and I eat out more......

    FMS takes over the Type A during a flare up especially.........Maybe I could be called a lazy bum during these times.......????

    However during periods of energy all gets tidied and organised...it lasts as long as my energy does......
  11. itscarrie

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    I could be called a Type A.....I always had the house tidy, car tidy, grass cut,kids bathed when they were small, meals cooked.....

    Sadly the FMS has made the house messier car untidy and grass takes longer to cut and I eat out more......

    FMS takes over the Type A during a flare up especially.........Maybe I could be called a lazy bum during these times.......????

    However during periods of energy all gets tidied and organised...it lasts as long as my energy does......
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    I had symptoms for years, but in January it hit hard and I haven't been well since. I am a nurse I was working two jobs, did all the little activities at work, had two boys at home (one was 21 other 19 and they moved out on their own recently)my youngest was graduating this June and did, Everything here to take care of. Then it hit me like a brick hitting pavement. I caught a virus at work and had to call off from work for three days. Have never been felt like that in my life. I tried so hard to keep working until my Unit Manager told me that nothing was wrong with me all I needed was to use some hand lotion on my hands and I would be better........ Needless to say, I haven't been back since.......
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    I don't consider myself a type A because I'm not a perfectionist or what you'd call a go-getter (I'm more of an introvert and shy type) but I worked long hours because I wanted the OT and because my job required it. When I got hit with FM after an on-the-job injury, I also had the stress of my mother dying of breast cancer, empty nest syndrome, being perimenopausal and dealing with a rotten boss, which I'm sure all contributed to it. I used to the most mellow, laid back person until the FM kicked in 4 years ago. Now the anxiety overwhelms me sometimes...I just can't get used to it.

    However, my daughter is just the opposite of me and also has FM so I believe that if you have the gene that makes you prone to get FM, it doesn't matter what kind of personality you are, you just need the right circumstances to come along to do a whammy on you. The only reason Type A's get it more is that they have more everyday stress!