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    types of exercise wich are beneficial in cfs , i need some examples please.
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    I have FM, and to help relieve my stiff muscles and to increase my energy I do yoga. It helps relieve those symptoms somewhat. It also helps me to relax and while I'm doing it, my mind doesn't run a mile a minute because I can really only focus on the movements and the deep breathing. I have a couple of yoga DVDs for beginners. I hear swimming also helps. Anything that doesn't take too much out of you will be helpful. Walking is also a good exercise. Pacing yourself will also help so that you don't overdo the exercises and feel worse afterwards. Hope this is helpful.
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    Hi Ergo:
    I agree with the other post I also have FM and try to practice yoga with meditation several times a week. I have found that learning how to breathe deeply from the diaphram helps with relaxation and decreases muscle tension. I walk about 20-30 minutes on good days. You want to start slowly dont't overdo to the point of fatigue which might make your symptoms worse. On bad days or when I'm in a flare I still do some type of gentle stretching to relieve the discomfort and for me at least I always end with a warm shower or better yet a leavender bath to relax any sore muscles. Hope this was helpful.
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