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  1. yellowbird

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    In addition to CFS I have symptoms of what I guess is hypoglycemia. Not the medically recognized one; I've been screened for diabetes and tested for pre-diabetes, and I'm told my blood sugar is neither too high nor too low. Still, I find I have to be very careful what I eat. I have balanced, frequent meals. I eat sugar just once a week, white flour just once a day, limited caffeine. Any more than that and I start getting frequent hunger, to the point of dizzyness and weakness if I let it go on.

    My question is: what is the difference between the kind of hypoglycemia that doctors pick up on and the kind they don't? How come my tests are all normal?And also, I seem to be getting worse: if I cheat, now, the symptoms are worse and last longer. Anyone know why this could be?

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  2. HeartsinOhio

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    I have Hypoglycemia also. I have read other posts that it is common with Fibro. Diet is the key to controlling it. Would love to hear more from others.
  3. deliarose

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    or diabetes insipidus or mellitus.. but I craved sugar and it got to the point where I was eating chocolate every day, sometimes two or 3 times a day.

    It has eased off considerably, and I'm not sure why, and I never had any tests to prove I had it in the first place.

    But I know that a guy on another list was convinced that his hypoglycemia cleared up when he managed to increase the levels of glutathione in his body.

    It seems like there are 2 ways to do this: 1) direct supplementation with glutathione 2)increase your intake of folate and B12 which can help some people use glutathione.

    The recommended folate and B12 supps include Folapro and Intrinsic B12. Check my earlier posts for other supps.

    This may sound out there, and I didn't know what to make of it when I read this guy's comments.

    All I know is that a lot of my symptoms, including very bad sugar cravings, are resolving as I get better.

    The three things that have helped are transfer factor, folate and B12 supps and glutathione.

    Get rid of the viruses and toxins, and the other symptoms seem to fix themselves. Just my 2 cents of course.
  4. revlcb

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    I was dx with hypoglycemia after a year of playing around with silly tests. Simple blood tests do not necessarily detect hypo.

    I'd go into the Dr.'s office and they'd simply test my blood. Well, if your blood sugar isn't high or low in that exact moment, then they're not going to find anything! This went on for a year. After ending up in the hospital with a blood sugar of 36 my D.O. finally sent me for a 5 hour glucose tolerance test.

    After testing your blood every hour, it will be determined if your blood sugar is high or low. The test isn't fun and you generally feel pretty ill during the second half of the test, but it's the only test that I've heard of that gets down to the nitty gritty. There is a 3 hour test but I've been told that it doesn't test for a long enough period. Your blood sugar may drop after the test is done.

    Good luck and keep eating tiny portions of protein with every meal.

  5. yellowbird

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    Thanks guys. The test I had was the one where you go in fasting, they take a blood sample, then you eat breakfast ( I had whole wheat bread, almond butter and lots of orange juice) and after another 2 hours they take another sample.

    Anyone else?
  6. hugs4evry1

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    I was recently dx as borderline diabetic so I started testing my BS 3 times a day.

    My very first test in the nurses offices was only 52. It pretty much went from bad to worse.

    I'm now eating every 2 hours each day and it seems to be helping although I've stopped testing since it was only upsetting me.

    I had readings as low as 29 so this really has been a problem for me.

    As someone else said, my sugar cravings had gone through the roof and although I didn't snack all day, by nighttime in bed I was eating like a maniac. It might have been my body craving the sugars to avoid the extreme lows I would have suffered otherwise.

    Now that I eat every two hours, things have calmed down quite a bit and I'm pretty sure I've lost some weight too. It's just not possible to eat much at all at these intervals.

    And my nightly sugar/carb cravings have all but disappeared, yeah!!


    Nancy B

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