U of Miami study - if u qualify, u might get free transp in SE

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    I got this in a newsletter; just thought maybe some of you might be interested and could qualify:

    "The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome blood volume treatment study that is ongoing at the University of Miami requires bimonthly visits to receive medications, blood test and physicals exams. Unfortunately, the National Institutes of Health are not funding our study to support travel from other states or to do a multi-site study across the country. This year we had an enormous response to the media coverage about our study and many people that inquired were unable to participate because of these travel requirements, but the Angel Flight Organization may be able to help.

    Angel Flight Southeast, Inc. is a non-profit volunteer pilot organization involved in "public benefit flying." They provide a variety of services to the community, but mostly, they arrange free air transportation by private aircraft to distant medical facilities when commercial service is not available, impractical or simply not affordable.

    The instructions go on to say that you need to fill out forms to determine eligibility and to submit these forms before contacting Angel Flight. If you have any questions, please contact Alex Gonzalez Project Manager at Behavioral Medicine Research Center c/o VA Medical Center, Miami FL

    You can probably 'google' the appropriate words to find website of the above.

    (Mikie/Shirl-- was not sure if phone and FAX #s or address were ok; I can put them back in if it is)

    OK here they are - hope this helps somebody:
    Alex Gonzalez
    Project Manager
    Behavioral Medicine Research Center
    (200 BMRC)
    c/o VA Medical Center
    1201 NW 16th Street
    Miami, FL 33125
    FAX 305-575-7173

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    Go for it!

    Love, Mikie