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    I've been suffering from most of the symptoms of candida for years but I kept having them looked at individually. Dermatologists for skin problems, psychologists for brain fog, depression, and anxiety. Nothing was working, it felt like things were getting worse. Finally I decided to put several problems I was having into Google to see what popped up and it ended up being all sorts of articles about Candida. Granted they all vary in strictness of diet and supplements to take but for the most part they all seemed pretty uniform on the symptoms and causes of Candida. I was so ecstatic that I had maybe finally found a solution to my general just not feeling good. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to discuss it with her and to see about getting tested and her news crushed me. She told me that candida really only appears in cancer patients and people in the intensive care unit or who have hiv. She said if I had systemic yeast that I would be non virtually non-functioning and that there was really no blood test to find out if I had candida. No where did I see in any of the dozens upon dozens of articles I read did it ever mention cancer or hiv patients being the majority of people afflicted with this frustrating problem. On top of that, I have 95% of the symptoms listed! I guess my question is, is my doctor's claim correct? She says all my blood work for other tests came back healthy but I know I'm not healthy. I would love to hear from other people who had the same symptoms I have too see if indeed the diet change, cleansing, and supplements actually helped and led to a change. It would be especially nice to hear from someone who had brainfog and all this helped clear it up. For me, that one symptom is the most debilitating one I have. Thanks so much!
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    I don't have Candida, so I can't really help you. But we have a CANDIDA board here and it may help to post this message on that board and I'm sure you will get answers. Good luck and hugs.